Brazilian Company Building Claimed ‘Gravity Engine’ [Updated]

There’s not too much news in the world of LENR right now, so I thought I’d change subjects a little, and mention what I can only call a curiosity at the moment. There’s a company in Brazil called RAR Energia that has been building a massive device in a facility in Porte Alegra over the last year or two that they say is an engine powered by gravity.

Since there have been plenty of ‘gravity engines’ that have been invented over the years, and none of them ever proven to work, I wouldn’t give this much of a second thought — except for the fact that the company has released many pictures of this giant object in different stages of development — and it is obvious that there has to be a good deal of money behind it. Here’s one of many pictures that can be found on RAR Energia’s web site:

Gravity Engine

RAR Energia appears to be some kind of subsidiary of a Brazilian-founded soybean processing company called Incobrasa, which now is headquartered in Gilman, Illinois, USA. The RAR Energia site says that a demonstration engine will be built and operated at the Gilman site this year — and pictures show that construction is underway there.

There is no evidence provided at all that this motor works — but I am quite curious why someone would go to so much work to make something so massive and complex without having some reason to believe there was some value to it. The company’s web site states:

We have a small machine for experience and testing in our headquarter at Av. Pedro Ivo,933. The mechanic system was created under a special conception, to pick up and take the energy contained in the planet gravity, at any moment and place, without pollution or heat. Technology was completely developed by our Company and consists
in a continuos movement with some extra energy that can be taken, in a continuous and perpetual mechanic movement. This equipment is similar to a combustion engine, where a set of wheights represent the fuel and pistons that activate assemblies connected to a crankshaft. Another similar equipment will be built in the U.S.A. at the Incobrasa
Industries Ltd plant, a Company of the group, located in Gilman, IL. Both equipment are demonstration models with capacity to generate 30 KW, and will be ready in the middle of the next year. The technique allows the building of great power generators

Anyway, I just thought I’d throw this out there for people to puzzle over along with me. I am not too far from Illinois, so if they ever do announce a completed engine there, and they say they have it running — I might be tempted to make a visit.


Here’s a link to a number of patents filed by Renato Bastos Ribeiro,the inventor of this engine — which suggests that he has some inventing and engineering background:

  • LewisK

    RAR energia is a big hoax.
    A big hoax invented by a Brazilian student.
    This talented student works in computer graphics and design with a software of image. Very successful software.

    The machine does not exist. The workers are false.
    Really, the shed is empty.

    We shall not see a video. Never!
    Neither in a month, nor in ten years!

    The systems of lever (parallelogram of the strengths) by gravity are not overunity.
    In movement, angles and strengths nullify.

    systems of variable lever (vertical and horizontal), and PABB (Parallel
    Arm Balance Beam) with weights and to counter weight.
    These two systems are impossible for the perpetual motion.
    Cycles or periodic balance are impossible.

    In geometrical lever, the gravity does not work!

  • londo

    Beyond stupid.

    • clever boy

      Beyond stupid. but “Eppur si muove”!!!!

  • clever boy

    In every moment there are 9 arms to produce and 7 arms to counter.

    If each arm weighting 1 ton, so we have 2 ton result permanently available for use in rotary motion.


    In my calculations, if the weight of each arm is 1 ton, we have an engine running at 120 RPM and producing 13 HP forever.


    Can be achieved using 1/8 of the total weight at any time due to the constant change of position of the center of gravity in relation to the cranckshaft axis.

  • Asterix

    Unless one has conclusive evidence otherwise, gravity is a conservative force. Unless old Renato has some fancy math to prove how we can exist otherwise, I smell a dodge to get some energy investment tax credits.

    Remember that Incobrasa, up until about 2010 was getting a $1 US subsidy for each gallon of biodiesel it produced (30M gallons during 2009). The discontinuation of this subsidy has hurt Incobrasa’s operations considerably.

    I suspect that Incobrasa has a plan to get more USG funds and that this is part of it.

    I believe that Renato has his education in economics; he is not an engineer or physical scientist.