What’s the Google-Brillouin Connection?

One of the more interesting pieces of information that came out of Gary Hendershot’s interview with Robert Godes and Bob George of Brillouin Energy last night was mention of Google having been to see testing of Brillouin’s technology. They did not provide much detail of Google’s involvement, and Hendershot did not press for more information about it, but it certainly provides an intriguing connection.

Earlier today a poster here on ECW, Morgan, made this comment — “I have confirmed the Google bit. Google is aware of Brillioun and tests are currently ongoing.” Because of the anonymous nature of comments on blogs, one has to be cautious on how much stock we can place in them — but it’s interesting nevertheless.

Google is a company that has shown a good deal of interest in alternative energy over the years, and I have hoped that at some point they would show interest in LENR. They are actively involved in many breakthrough technological areas, and to me LENR would be a logical technology for them to explore. Google has an initiative they call Google Green in which they are committed to supplying their energy needs — which must be very high with all the computing power they need — from renewable energy, and they claim that they have committed over $1 billion to renewables.

The fact that Brillouin are still looking for funding suggests that Google has not (yet) backed them financially — perhaps that’s what the testing is all about. For LENR to become widely known it would be very helpful to have a well-known champion to bring attention to it. Perhaps Google will play a role in doing this.

  • Roger Bird

    Everyone who is sitting pretty will move slowly. Have you ever seen a lion sunning itself move into high gear suddenly. Only if human beings come driving up in a jeep are you going to see that. Otherwise, a lion might take 20 minutes to wake up and get moving. Oil/gas companies are doing just fine, thank you, and they still don’t hear the jeep coming.

  • AlainCo

    In free software we have the french difference between “libre” and “gratuit” : free like a beer, or free like speech.

    LENR is free like speech, and quite cheap.
    Oil was very cheap at the beginning and allowed our huge development of 20th century. However it is not so “libre” because you need huge capital investment, good geopolitical situation, long logistic, huge refineries to produce it.

    Wood may be more expensive than oil, but it is free like speech for most people in poor woody zone.

    LENR because it is “libre” (like liberty) may solve many problems in zone or contexte where bad governance, monopolies, pathologic markets, logistic, are challenging access to energy.

    It also add some freedom because of less refueling, less logistic.

  • Klaus

    why do we not see more money from oil co-orporations flowing in LENR they have the power and need to convert the Oil Dollar to the LENR Dollar after all you can not eat drink or F..ck money but if you have the most you can F..ck the whole world and with global warming over population and dewindeling resources I would think that the top of the Pyramid would acting fast.

  • GreenWin

    Georgehants will enjoy this bit of wisdom from the Bebe: Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013’


    BBC/American “climate scientists,” meet REALITY:


  • GreenWin

    Reply to Felix Fervens on September 16, 2013 at 12:13 am

    Recent R&D has lowered operating temp to around 500C – still VERY hot for home units. But with good engineering SOFCs will play a role in the Distributed Energy Resource roll out.

    Rossi’s E-Cat presently costs less than 1/3rd an equiv Bloom box. So, as infrastructure adopts the distributed model, it accommodates a rapid move to LENR at huge economic advantage.

  • Felix Fervens

    Thanks for that Andrew Ma.

    Curious that the efficiency table they present when comparing Bloom to CoGen shows 0 heat produced by Bloom, which is using half the fuel for the same power output as the Cogen. Looks like for some reason the waste heat isn’t being used on these Bloom devices?

  • Warthog

    Free??? I think not. Time (which is money) and energy had to be invested to harvest it, haul it to point of use, convert it (cut/split/season) into a usable form. Anybody who has ever actually used wood for heat, even in a recreational fireplace, would NEVER call it “free”.

    • Mike Cheek

      No, not free. But if we generally accept the assertions by the various investigators then there is the potential of low cost and abundant energy. This would be a great good. Low cost energy would first have a direct effect on manufacturing and the economy in general. Secondary effect would be a movement towards energy independence in this country. For the Europeans they could cut off their dependence on Russian natural gas. And other benefits as well.

      So no, no free energy. But the potential benefits of abundant, green and inexpensive energy are enormous. IF, if, if … this thing works out.

  • BroKeeper

    OZ, a name with respect I have as for many other wizards of thought contributing to this site. Another wizard behind the curtain is Rossi of innovative LENR survival, one who has learned from past persecutions with a shield of 180 degrees misdirection to set his opponents off balance and divert their blows.

    I see no deception in what AR is requesting, ‘new Sterling engines to couple with his E-Cat’. Not only would AR benefit from those ideas but his partner like DEKA would also benefit and perhaps acquire new ways to ‘couple’ its Sterling engines with a pure heat source. It’s all in the perspective of the one questioning another’s motive.

    I have no proof that DEKA is his partner. I only pointed out the circumstantial evidences stated in past post comments that appear DEKA to be the likely candidate. I would not be surprised if it is different company.

    Maybe I went too far asking DEKA’s operator for Rossi (curiosities got my cat), but provided possible evidence and excellence backing him, we all are curious about.

    Oh well, I attempted to reply to
    Omega Z on September 15, 2013 at 3:46 am comment.