Brillioun Energy Interview on Smart Scarecrow Show [Updated — Video Available]

We haven’t heard much at all from Brillouin for a quite a while, and now they have decided to come out of hiding and do an interview on Gary Hendershot’s Smart Scarecrow Show. They have mentioned on their web site that they have entered into a licensing agreement for their LENR technology covering three countries, and so it could be interesting to find out how the company has been doing.


The video of the interview is below — it starts at around the 30:00 minute mark. The audio at the beginning of the video is messed up, but it gets fixed!

  • AlainCo

    this is also linked to protected forest that burns not enough often.
    Forest ecosystems were designed to endure regular fires.
    With human protecting them from fire, the size of the pile of bush grows… and as you says if it is not cleaned…

    We have that problem in the south of france, and cleaning the bushes is mandatory… not working so well…

    See Taleb’s conce^ts of fragilistan against mediocristan for comparing protected forest against unprotected forest.
    Protection just make system more fragile, too big to fail.

    same as putting dykes, so people pile under the level of water waiting for katrina or xynthia.

  • AlainCo

    PESN say LENR-Cars/LENR-Invest visited Brillouin?
    any details?

    “They also recently met with a group from LENR-Cars and LENR-Invests, primarily of Switzerland, including my friend Nicolas Chauvin, who were impressed with the technology.”

  • Sanjeev
  • Warthog

    Your mountains were on FIRE, not because of “global warming”, but because of eco-stupidity and mismanagment of forests, which have allowed the accumulation of decades of undergrowth detritus, which, once ignited (and once again, the ignition has nothing to do with “global warming”, but simple lightning strikes) burn uncontrollably.

    These things are happening in every state that has federally-managed (actually mismanaged) forests.

  • Roger Bird

    I never like to engage in activities for which there is no purpose, although I do it far more than I would like. I have sworn off AGW debating because it serves NO purpose.