Rossi’s Team Still Studying ‘Very Interesting’ Direct Electricity Generation [Updated]

Andrea Rossi is giving few clues away these days regarding the work he and his partner company is involved in, but once in a while he says something that gives some indication of some aspect of their work. Today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics he was asked about a phenomenon he has reported observing in tests of the E-Cat:

Steven N. Karels
September 10th, 2013 at 1:51 AM
Dear Andrea Rossi,

You mentioned some time ago about observing a direct electric generation within the eCat, or something similar. Can you enlighten us as to what you are seeing or observed?

Andrea Rossi
September 10th, 2013 at 7:33 AM
Steven N Karels:
Yes, this is a very interesting phenomenon, that we still are studying.
As you know, our work of R&D is in course and we are submitting our technology to a rigorous process of validation that includes also this effect. The results of our R&D could be positive or negative in any sense, and will be communicated when we will have final results, positive or negative. In the meantime, I cannot give specific answers.
Warm Regards,

There’s no way of telling how far the team has come with the development of this aspect of the E-Cat, but the fact that there has been an Electromotive Force (EMF) detected would be something that I am sure anyone involved the development of this technology would pay keen attention to.

If is the potential to generate useful amounts of electricity in useful quantities directly from the E-Cat, rather than using heat to drive steam turbines, I am sure it would be carefully studied — and from Rossi’s response here, it sounds like that could be the case. He mentions that the validation they are conducting includes this effect, which implies it is not being considered just a mere side-effect of little practical value.

It could turn out that this is the most significant E-Cat related discovery of all. An E-Cat that acts like a battery would be a phenomenal breakthrough.

UPDATE: I submitted a follow up question on the JONP — apparently this effect is under some scrutiny:

Your continued interest in direct electricity production from the E-Cat is intriguing. Without going into any detail, do you see the potential for this phenomenon to be significant enough to produce useful amounts of electricity?

Andrea Rossi
September 11th, 2013 at 8:19 AM
Frank Acland:
It is soon to say anything solid. We are studyinf the phenomenon: by the way, today I have to make measurements in this field, but , as I said, in this period of R&D and validation I cannot answer to this kind of questions.
Warm Regards,

  • Babble

    I believe that should be E=P*T Energy = KW hours for example.

  • Babble

    Given the amount of heat generated as the primary source of energy, my guess is that direct electric generation is not very useful. If that were used then all the heat would just go to waste except for areas of CHP. It is likely that the efficiency of electric generation is much higher when running a generator and the heat can still be used.

  • David Farnsworth

    I’d like to say in the next article that brings up no input for a lenr system is valid a system can operate like this with absolutely no input and I believe that the researchers that are doing work in this area bravo

    • BroKeeper

      David, you mentioned you discussed your max COP findings with Rossi and Defkalion. Have you thought about offering yourself as a consultant and/or partner with either group? This perhaps could answer your problem as a single target and contribute to expediting LENR devices for benefiting the whole world.

      BTW, I give my deepest sympathies for your enormous loss, especially family, at the hands of evil. You can still share final victory over it.

  • georgehants

    There is no fault in not having the answers to scientific problems.
    There is much blame in trying to cover-up that science knows not one single thing about the basis of our reality.
    There is much blame in closing one’s eyes to Evidence just because it does not fit the Dogma.
    There is much blame in attacking P&F and many other great people simply because of faulty or corrupt psychological thinking.
    Science is a science of Facts and opinion has no place in it’s method except for the usual housekeeping.
    The crisis in modern physics
    Axil Axil
    If you ask most theorists working on particle physics, they’re in a state
    of confusion.
    http:[email protected]/msg86212.html

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Electricity could be generated if the energetic charged particles emanating from the nuclear reaction are sent through a coil of wire.

  • Roger Bird

    I am thinking that the rest of you folks did not read this one. I struggled through it and I am glad that I did.

    This is worth a post all it’s own.

    • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

      Nice find, Roger.

      This works with no input power at all. Interesting and maybe something Rossi should know about.

      • andreiko

        There is always input power, think of making the components!

    • BroKeeper

      The WOW factor is from the following statement: “The potential drop concentrated in the junction region (at nano scale) reaches considerable values, higher than a megavolt per meter”.

      What I think this is telling us is nano size fusion junctions stacked in series one meter in length could generate over 1MV potential. Being one nano size in diameter, strings of these stacked junctions running parallel within one centimeter square could provide some serious amperage (even if a few micro amps) and therefore resulting in significant wattage. Is there another way looking at this?
      Perhaps the 3D printers at Rossi’s partner can construct such nano layered junctions.

      • Buck

        Talk to Intel for their very new 14nm production process. They build billions of processors in 3D. Their knowledge combines practical and theoretical physics. And they are very familiar with quantum effects, EMF, and heat dissipation issues at the nanometer level.


      • Omega Z


        I think their speaking of the area where the reaction takes place. This is located in the apparatus.

        However this would allow for a MUCH smaller footprint compared to present systems.

        It captures the energy prior to heat conversion. No Boilers needed. No heat exchangers. No heat to speak of to be radiated away.

    • Omega Z

      Of Interest- Page 7

      It is important to note that palladium is not the only effective material to obtain fusion reactions. There are other possibilities we have yet to explore. We expect to find in the future other materials which may be even more favourable to the establishment of fusion reactions.

      Would have been more interesting had they mentioned any Amperage..

    • Enea Romagnoli

      And to think that this research was presented in 2008 to ICCF 14
      I wonder if these two researchers did further advances

  • artefact

    on JONP:

    “Andrea Rossi
    September 11th, 2013 at 8:22 AM
    I say what I can: as you know there is considerable speculation about the Rossi Effect highlighted in the third indipendent party report published on Arxive Physics (” Indication of anomalous heat energy production in a reactor device containing hydrogen loaded nickel powder “). While we test our work in a long term validation test, that probably will endure one year, it will be impossible for me to talk about what we are doing. Where there are discoveries to share, positive or negative, it will be done.
    Warm Regards,

  • mustermann

    from my point of view one big problem for Rossi is, that he does not have a big and sophisticated team.

    • Roger Bird

      How do you know? It would seem to be a completely open question as far as I can tell.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      If his partner is DEKA, he has all the help he needs.

      • BroKeeper

        Interesting Bernie: I remembered a previous post you said: “We need someone in Manchester, NH to walk into DEKA headquarters and ask for Rossi. (:”
        I just called DEKA Research and asked for Mr. Rossi. The operator looked up the person then asked “who may I say is calling?”. I responded “[first name]”, thinking I may actually have to speak with him; I immediately followed by asking “who did you say this company is?” She responded “DEKA Research”. I then said “Oh, I may have the wrong number, thank you”.
        I should have asked for Andrea Rossi to be surer. Maybe you could have a go at it? 🙂 

        • Roger Bird

          When she asked for your first name, did you say “Bro” or “BroKeeper” or “GooseKeeper” or “BroGoose” or what?

          • BroKeeper

            I said this was Roger Bird. 🙂

        • daniel maris

          You nearly cracked this story wide open but bottled it at the last moment! LOL

          • BroKeeper

            There are only two other male Rossi’s in Manchester listed in the white pages and one is 75 years old. What are the chances?

          • BroKeeper

            Population of Manchester in 2011 is 402,922. 🙂

            • Roger Bird

              This is what is going to happen. Either it is the wrong guy, or else he will get on the phone and ask you nicely to not tell anyone. And since he can be so sweet and vulnerable and is the most important man in the world, and since you are a good guy, you won’t say anything. So I wouldn’t waste my time and dime if I were you. Let it be. Let him keep his secret.

              • BroKeeper

                Your a good guy too Roger. Agreed.

              • Buck


        • Omega Z


          Nope. It’s not DEKA.

    • kasom

      sorry, but IMHO a really big and sophisticated team wouldn’t have the need to hide, so it must be a minor player…

  • Sanjeev

    Power equivalent to the Sun? – We already have it!

  • Jim

    Does anyone else remember the science fiction book “Skylark of Space” by E. E. Doc Smith? This thing has been reminding me of the metal X ever since I’ve heard of it. X just being a catalyst to turn copper into pure energy.

    • Warthog

      Yup… risk of dating myself, the “Skylarks” and “Lensmen” series were two of my favorites while growing up. I wonder if you can get a series package deal for the Kindle.

  • David Farnsworth

    I’ve been sitting here on the sidelines watching this for a long time waiting to see if someone would truly understand what this is about I know no one will believe this but I understood this back in 1989 when I first discovered it just before pons and Fleischmann made their announcement. At that time I was doing earthquake research and patented successfully an earthquake prediction devise that to this day no one has been able to duplicate with a verifiable record from state and gov’t institutions. I did this with the intent of saving lives and helping people.
    Now back to the issue at hand.
    I will give you a number of items to look at:
    1. Photonic loading and photonic induction
    2. Longitudinal Magnetics (extreme high frequency and low)
    3. Plasma loading related to terminal resistance within the circuit.
    4. Diode tunneling affect and diode directional affects internal and external of the device.
    Once these 4 simple things are understood it is very easy to take 100 W of plasma and turn it into many thousands of watt’s of energy output….(Even though I do not show this on my website anybody that is really paying attention could see evidence in my photos that what I’m doing is real I’m not gonna give it away but I will certainly try and help people point them in the right direction.)
    I find it very strange that the people at NASA and skunk works announced a year ago in a public forum that they are doing plasma work with a system that can generate up to 100 MW of energy and they will be coming out with a system by 2017 this means people that they already have that and they have had it for quite awhile(hello are the lights on is anybody home) I’m curious is anybody paying attention, they even put out information that suggest a very clearly what they’re doing but I don’t think anybody was really listening.
    I can do this technology in water of any kind or in gases of any kind as well as in a vacuum and in open air as well and believe it or not there is no pollution of any kind and the way I go about it there’s no toxic chemicals used in any way.
    And I understand how to make plasma injector systems and how to extract the energy from it.
    There is also no external radiation produced of any kind in any way shape or form just pure energy output.
    Back in the early days of this form I came out with a statement telling Andrew Rossi and Defkalion that they could achieve a COP’s that could go up to 250 are greater almost a year later Andrew Rossi announced on this web site that it was possible to go up to 250 but it was very unstable again is anybody paying attention.
    Just so you’ll know I know how to make it completely stable in all categories.
    I’ve been doing this for a long time and I do not intend to prove anything to anyone, the people who have seen my items work already know that they do. I just wanted to see if any of you will catch up.
    I am not a degreed individual nor have I ever claimed to be but I think some of you need to go back and get a refund for your degrees and the one’s that bought their degrees please just give the money back. If that upset some people so be it.
    I know that I will be laughed at and ridiculed by some of the scientist on this form and there’s a few of these people that I know but it is not me that is clueless it is some of you people.
    I wish you all the best.

    • pg

      thank you for sharing this, although I would be happier if you would come to the market with your machines and make billions for yourself and progress for the rest of us. From the sound of it you still have a hell of a head start… think about it

    • Buck

      If you can achieve these results, then you would do humanity and yourself a great good by building your own LENR device.

    • artefact

      was that your 20 million dollar laboratory that got destroyed?

      • David F


        • Buck

          Please explain. I am not familiar with this story of a destroyed $20 million laboratory.

          And, of course, my deep regrets for your lost laboratory.

          • David Farnsworth

            All you have to do is a little research to find out what happened it was all over a generator that I built they wanted it very bad and they never paid me for it and they never got the generator either when I finally got to Federal Court and I would like you to know I won my court case but I lost the war they destroyed my lab and everything in it and took all my money. What I’m saying is public information and record. I didn’t just lose a lab at the time I lost everything I had including my family and including years of lost work now it’s many many years later I will never put myself in that situation again. If somebody wants what I have they can pay for it up front I don’t build black boxes and the people that know me know this is true. But I will simply not give away any secrets on how my stuff works. I said earlier and many times in the past I don’t mind helping people by pointing them in the right direction.
            Once again best regards to all.

            • Buck

              If you are into LENR for more than just money, you should talk to the MFMP.

            • BroKeeper

              David, you mentioned you discussed your max COP findings with Rossi and Defkalion. Have you thought about offering yourself as a consultant and/or partner with either group? This perhaps could answer your problem as a single target and contribute to expediting LENR devices benefiting the whole world. “Two heads are better than one”.
              BTW, I give my deepest sympathies for your enormous loss, especially family, at the hands of evil. You can still share final victory over it.

    • Mike Cheek

      These are all far reaching assertions. If true you could become a very, very rich man. If you have no plan to commercialize this knowledge you could place all your knowledge in the public domain and everyone could benefit from your brilliance. I’m glad you’re so brilliant but if you keep all your knowledge to yourself then it is useless knowledge.

      • David Farnsworth

        With all due respect to you sir you really believe that getting rich is everything because it is not there’s more to life than getting rich. And if that is the way you feel I’m very sad for you.

    • Andrew Macleod

      You have posted before, I remember.

    • shipton

      Like Tesla, who lit up the world for us all. Now is your time to do something equally as great.

    • E_man

      David, have You any idea where energy in plasma is from?
      Do You mean, it is fusion?
      Works it on hydrogen base only?
      Could it explain it BLP(R.Milles) hydrino theory?
      Many thanks if You will decide answer to us!

    • Omega Z


      I find it strange that NASA & Partners fund Major projects that require/designed for LENR Technology that is not yet accomplished.

      I find it likely that the Government has been deeply involved in this research for years as a black project. Possibly Manhattan style. Possibly prior to P&F. Thus the reason to suppress them.

      Many don’t think the Government can keep secrets for long, But, The stealth technology that we all are aware of was developed over 50 years ago. First test flights in the mid to late 50’s.

      They have made no progress since then. I doubt that very much.

    • jdm

      You mention your website. Can you share the url with us as it doesn’t appear to be evident with a search of your name?

      • David F

        I have been on this form since the beginning and the few times that I’ve posted things here there have been people that have tried to claim that I’m a scam artist I’m not the one seeking money as all of these other people are including the trolls everything that I have works just fine and the people that I’ve seen my things work are very pleased that’s why I say to all of you that I have nothing to prove to any of you. I just stated some opinions and some facts and nothing more but one more time I will give you the website that I operate off of : / I find it completely funny but the last time I said anything on this form and people looked at the website the first thing they said was that all the pictures on their were from somebody else’s website what morons the majority of all those pictures are from my shop only and the money I put together for it was done solely by me. So I do not appreciate these morons at all. They need to remember just because they think their intelligent does not give them the right to speak.
        one more time I wish you all the very best.
        And have a wonderful September day.

  • georgehants

    New Scientist
    Strength of gravity shifts – and this time it’s serious
    Did gravity, the force that pins us to Earth’s surface and holds stars together, just shift? Maybe, just maybe. The latest measurement of G, the so-called constant that puts a figure on the gravitational attraction between two objects, has come up higher than the current official value.–and-this-time-its-serious.html?cmpid=RSS|NSNS|2012-GLOBAL|online-news#.UjCNl3_KTwA

    • Gerrit

      Rupert Sheldrake highlighted in his TEDx talk that the constants of nature are not constant.

      That talk was censored by TED for being unscientific.

      • Roger Bird

        The assumption of materialism is not provable and is therefore not scientific.

    • Buck


      this reminds me of a talk by Rupert Sheldrake. He spoke of Science Delusions and the possibility that Universal Constants, like the gravitational constant, may not be so constant. His talk was censored and initially taken down from However, there was such an uproar over the censorship, TED put it back, but placed it in a hard to find location. I think you will enjoy it due to LENR’s treatment by the broader science establishment

      • georgehants

        Buck, Gerrit, yes I am aware, it is good to see more of the holy dictates of the scientific priests falling like leaves.
        once scientists begin to get all of their knowledge from people like Sheldrake etc. and Websites like this one for Cold Fusion etc. then science may improve from the very low level that it now works.

        • Roger Bird

          But they think that they are right. In fact, they think that they have a monopoly on the truth, literally. They are so sure of this that they are even making moral and spiritual pronouncements.

    • Omega Z


      Not the Kind of news I want to hear.

      Yes, that Quarter pounder is smaller, but it still weights a Quarter pound.

      • georgehants

        Ha. it’s a Wonderful World if only we would not be afraid of the Truth.
        Science as with every measurement of reality has no idea from where it arises but they still continue to make out they know.
        The burger will hopefully still taste just as good if it is a result of a creator or ?

  • georgehants

    Sky and Telescope
    Glimpse of Sun’s Interior Befuddles Theorists
    Scientists sneaked a peek into the Sun’s interior, but what they saw contradicts the assumptions made by models predicting solar activity.
    And what the astronomers saw flies in the face of current models that attempt to describe the Sun’s behavior.

  • AlainCo

    by the way, does any italian speaker can comment about that:

    it seems Celani is fired from INFN, but not clear…

    • pg

      He is not allowed in his lab at the university any more. You may want to not read this Oggi Scienza articles, they are pure trash.

    • AB

      Sylvie Coyaud is a pathoskeptic. She regularly attacks cold fusion in any possible way. She also circulated a petition against Caprinteri’s piezonuclear research, misreporting the amount of funding requested in order to collect more signatures. I think she was eventually the target of a libeling lawsuit but apparently that didn’t stop her from continuing her activities. In any case, she plays dirty, so I wouldn’t trust anything she says.

  • Joe Shea

    President Obama’s Executive Order of last October directly encouraged devices that generate both power and heat. Andrea Rossi’s device, the E-Cat, is the best existing hope for this.

  • Enea Romagnoli

    This website contains interesting information on this topic.
    Self-Polarisation of Fusion Diodes: From Excess Energy to Energy

    • BroKeeper

      Wow! If the individual .5 V junctions could be aligned in series it would result in a single diode device like that of a single E-Cat with at least 1MV potential across the poles. What a boon to energy transference and implications for society this would provide.

      If a single E-Cat could capitalize on this potential it could easily meet all energy needs whether heat or electricity in any building and/or community if grouped. We are just in the infancy of this new paradigm technological and science. Perhaps the Star Trek USS Enterprise is not so far off to explore where no others have gone before. ***===>

      • Roger Bird

        Dear BrotherGoose, volts are not amps. Volts times amps is power. Power over time is energy. Your scenario of putting all of the diodes in series says nothing about how many amps are coming through. I haven’t read the article yet that Enea Romagnoli pointed out. I will do so now.

      • Roger Bird

        Wow is right!!!! This is special. I confess that I only read the Conclusion after starting to read at the beginning but finding myself falling asleep. But this is so special that I might even try to read the whole thing this time. If this is the truth, then this is a MAJOR breakthrough.

        The only problem I see, assuming that it is all true, is how is the metal lattice re-charged with hydrogen?

        • BroKeeper

          Honk! Honk! 🙂 You’re correct. I just didn’t get detailed (I’m dealing with engineers here).
          ‘If’ true, perhaps connecting multiple series connected fusion diodes in parallel could provide KW power requirements.

          Stay tuned….

  • Greg Leonard

    As a simple engineer, with virtually no knowledge of nuclear physics, it seems to me that Rossi has probably discovered an electric imbalance due to the nuclear processes going on.
    If that is the case, then the useful electrical energy is likely to be a minute fraction of the overall energy of the reaction(s).
    Concentrating on turning the heat into mechanical energy will probably be more productive.

    • fortyniner

      I agree entirely. EM anomalies during operation may provide a ‘handle’ on what is going on at the nucleonic level, but seem unlikely to be useful for harvesting significant amounts of energy from the reactors.

      I hope that Rossi is focusing on commercialising the ‘gas cat’ concept, which seems to be the only configuration with the potential to replace fossil fuels in the powergen industry. Sidelines can wait.

      • Greg P

        But what if electric force was not big enough to drive anything external except that it was useful and big enough to drive another ecat or even itself ?

        • fortyniner

          I think that as the e-cats seem to need an input power of up to about 30% of full output (thermal) this would constitute a significant output – which seems (as you said) rather unlikely. As yet we aren’t sure whether this phenomenon involves anything more than a static magnetic field, so we don’t really have any reason so far to think that it is anything more than an interesting observation.

          There is also a possibility that drawing energy from the field (whatever it is) might collapse or reduce the CF reaction in some way.


      Do I properly recall some past babbling about the observance of strong magnetic fields in the LENR reaction? Viola! Magnetic field passes through wire – bingo, electricity.

      • Roger Bird

        The magnetic field must be moving with respect to the wire.

        • CHARLES(SWVA)

          “Passes through wire” constitutes motion, I hope. I used this particular phraseology because the wire will presumably be stationary so the magnetic field must move through it. Relative motion is what is really required. Also, if wire passes through magnetic field it works. Thanks a lot to our good friend Maxwell.

          • Mannstein

            The magnetic field does not necessarily have to move to generate a current in a stationary wire. The field can also be just time varying for the same effect.

        • Felix Fervens

          magnetic field must be *changing* (magnetic flux) to induce current in a wire

          electrons in wire must be moving (or otherwise moving charge) to create a magnetic field around the wire

      • Jim Anderson

        Charles you are correct and it is more than babbling. Rossi has written about EMF (Electeo Magnetic Fields) being created. Defkalion which is a Rossi competitor has reported 1.6 Tesla magnetic fields being created by their LENR device. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imagining) uses a field in the range of 1.5 Tesla. This means that the magnetic field created by LENR is very powerful. A magnetic field can be created by the flow of charged particles like electrons but a magnetic field can also be created by aligning the magnetic moments of atoms. This is what happens in a regular old fashioned iron magnet. Some LENR theory suggests that the Lenr effect is caused by vibrating patches of atoms so it is a possibility that this is what is causing the magnetic field by alining atoms or particles within atoms. How that magnetic field is created will strongly infuence how and if direct electricity production will be possible.

        On another topic there is a company called Blacklight Power. They claim to create effects like LENR but has a completely different theory. One of the devices they claim to have is a battery that uses the Blacklight effect to directly create current flow. This seems to be very similar to direct electricity creation by a LENR device.

        • bang

          A simple question to Rossi:
          “Do you also measure a magnetic field on the gas powered E-Cat’s?”

          He said, he is working on such devices.

          With a Gas-Cat there is no electric heating, so the measured magnetic field can not be “produced” by the resistor heating.

          Then we really have a LENR induced magnetic field!

          Or, an E-Cat in selfsustained mode, where no electric energy is running through the resistor heating.

          And the information, if there is a magnetic flux or not, is also important.

    • georgehants

      Greg, you said, “As a simple engineer”
      The most important thing in science and life is to ask the right question, this can be done by anybody, bricklayer, dustman, farmer etc. who deal daily with reality and common-sense, usually can be trusted to ask the right question.
      I believe it has even been known for an engineer to do so on occasion. 🙂
      Unfortunately those who are tasked with giving the answers as best they can to those questions have in most cases failed and are failing in their professions.
      Are there unexplained UFO’s, that question with a clear answer to the positive has been around strongly since 1947.
      To this day science has failed to even answer that question Truthfully, far from moving on to answer what is the phenomenon.
      This is common on most subjects including Cold Fusion.
      The problem is general in the Human psyche, an inability to reason and to be side-tracked my pressures from many sides, that lead to a complete breakdown in the ability of a ” normal” person to any longer think clearly and they begin to start following the most bizarre lines of reasoning, mainly simple denial and abuse.
      One does not believe or disbelieve in Cold Fusion, one observes a possible phenomenon from scant Evidence or Theory and on all occasions attempts in the most open-minded and professional way to validate or otherwise the Facts.
      Any other action on any subject be it UFO’s or Cold Fusion etc. etc. is
      irrational and completely un-scientific.
      Qualifications do not seem to help the above problem at all, in fact they make the problem worse by simply giving misguided strength to the irrational thinking of those concerned.

      • Cliff

        check out rectenna solarcells. why can’t Rossi be doing something like that?

  • catbauer24

    BLP have been working on exactly this as well for a while (they have released a chemical formula to reproduce excess heat as in their initial work, I’m not sure to what extent this has been studied by others, other than Rowan Uni). They are not engineered to a high output, and haven’t met expected deadlines, but they are pushing forward and making some progress it seems. Though, no updates since May 2012.

    • AlainCo

      I was quite skeptical about BLP, not only because they were the only one to claim direct conversion, but also because they have a funny theory (why not ) nd they seems focused on it (best way to get locked in delusion. pet theory and experiments are enemies)

      Now with Rossi and Defkalion both claiming electromagnetic anomalies… it is less surprising.

      Rossi did not say much.
      Defkalion says more through Kim, but after some answers given to Abd ul-rahman lomax (see story there ) it seems probable that the 1.6T measured is an electromagnetic artifact, linked to less huge magnetic fields that troubled all electronics around.
      The fact that mu-metal shielding can protect from those trouble show that it is partially magnetic field, but not so huge.
      The fact that GSM network get troubled show that it is also non-stationary, and probably microwave, at least partially.
      It seems a mixed effect with slow magnetic field, and classic UHF.

      Assuming defkalion made measurement mistakes but not lie, it seems coherent with Rossi’s claims, and let me think that BlackLight Power may have met a similar effect, and tried to harness energy from it.

      • Jim Anderson

        I made a comment up the comment chain before I read your comment. Rossi’s comment on EMF is very terse and doesn’t address the strength or charecter of the EMF he reported. It strikes me that Rossi and Defkalion comments are not neccessarily inconsistent. Further research as to the size and nature of the field seems in order. Being sceptical of claims in this area seem wise. If Defkalion is lying it isn’t a very good lie. By claiming such a large effect there won’t be any very easy way out if they are proved wrong. Rossi and Defkalion seem to be doing things that are similar but there are large differences in their devices so a different level of a mutually observed effect seem possible.

  • catbauer24

    BLP have been working on exactly this as well for a while (they have released a chemical formula to reproduce excess heat as in their initial work, I’m not sure to what extent this has been studied by others, other than Rowan Uni). They are not engineered to a high output, and haven’t met expected deadlines, but they are pushing forward and making some progress it seems. Though, no updates since May 2012.

    • KD

      BLP long time ago claimed that, they have four different working devices producing exces heat or electricity.
      So far nothing was realized.
      I think, the most important thing we should see why reading their statements is, to see the most repeated words they use. “We believe”, “We expect” and others words of similiar sense.