MFMP Presentation from ICCF-18

As we have been talking about open source LENR development I thought it might be a good idea to post the slideshow that the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project team presented at the ICCF-18 conference in Columbia, Missouri. I found this presentation to be very informative — a nice concise summary of what their mission and goals are.

Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project Presentation by ecatworld

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  • fortyniner

    No problem – Rossi could make a coal-fired version.

    • fortyniner

      Wrong place – this was a reply to AlainCo, further down.

  • Rick Allen

    The following is a more detailed proposal for the Rossi Effect Project (REP) I wrote about earlier this week. Please note that the statements may be forward looking. Also, nothing can take place without volunteers and funding.

    Singular Goal

    Replicate the high powered, high temperature E-CAT and share a precise “formula” with the world. *Enhancing open sourcing is not the goal; however, all test results will be shared. Since this is a short term project an infrastructure for open sourcing will not be built. However, photos, videos, and documents will be uploaded to a website in a frequent, timely manner.

    What makes the Rossi Effect Project Unique?

    The REP can be considered the Edisonian approach to cold fusion (LENR). Andrea Rossi has admitted that it took him hundreds or thousands of tests to produce the core technology of the ECAT. The REP will not be taking a purely academic approach – attempting to figure out the core theory – but will be performing high throughput testing.

    By testing hundreds of parameters we can figure out what it takes to replicate the Rossi Effect. Hopefully, dozens of tests daily performed simultaneously.

    What will the Rossi Effect Project not be involved in.

    1) Replicating low powered systems.

    2) Getting involved in any academic work.

    3) Selling anything.

    Step 1 – Organize the Initial Membership of a Team

    * Gather volunteers.

    * Build a formal structure.

    Step 2 – Obtain financing

    * Kickstarter?

    * Large donations from rich individuals?

    Step 3 – Obtain lab, equipment, materials.

    * Warehouse?

    * Donated equipment?

    Step 4 – Design standardized reactor similar to the hot cat but smaller.

    * 1 kW at 800C in self sustain mode with near zero input as final goal.

    * 10 reactors being tested continuously.

    * 3 shifts of staff so the testing never stops.

    Step 5 – Figure out formula.

    *Figure out optimum nickel preparation.

    * Figure out optimum catalyst.

    * Figure out optimum radio frequency stimulation.

    * Combine together to produce hot cat.

    Step 6 – Test the formula to make sure it can be used to produce a working hot cat every single time.

    * Have five outside teams build five hot cats each using the plans.

    * Each hot cat must self sustain with minimal input for at least twenty four hours without stopping.

    * Over designed system must prevent any breach of containment even if the nickel fuel completely melts.

    Step 7

    * Post plans on the internet.

    Advantages over other Projects

    * Focus on one goal only. Will not be distracted by other lesser cold fusion LENR systems.

    * Will work in a way that abides by all laws but minimized legal prep.

    * Will devote zero time to enhancing open source technology.

    * No academic papers or studies will be written. No messing around with peer review. We care about results that can be replicated.

    * Once the formula is published, the world will do the rest.

    What Happens After Formula is Produced?

    * Hundreds of companies in China and other nations build reactors for their businesses.

    * The scientific community will be forced to accept the technology is real.

  • Omega Z

    Researchers link brains, control each others actions via the internet.

    • fortyniner

      We are the Borg. Resistance is futile.

  • Fibb

    have you guys seen this exchange between JCM and Mats on Mats blog?

    I posted it here…

    • Blanco69

      I think we knew that flow rate manipulation was one way to cheat the result. If I remember the test correctly, the flow rate calc was something DGT prepared themselves but I can’t recall if the flow rate calc was verified independently. However, what I did see was Mats being allowed to measure, touch and observe pretty much anything. The thought of attempting a fraud in such a visible manner armed with nothing more than few tweaks on the flow valves gives me serious doubts. Although the flow rate may be up for questioning, I’m still reluctant to talk about fraud.

      • GreenWin

        Didn’t this exchange take place a LONG time ago?? Why are sk eps bringing it up now? Seems kinda desperate IMO.

        • Fibb

          nope happened today.

  • georgehants

    Just interesting
    Science News
    Existence of New Element Confirmed
    An international team of researchers, led by physicists from Lund University, have confirmed the existence of what is considered a new element with atomic number 115. The experiment was conducted at the GSI research facility in Germany. The results confirm earlier measurements performed by research groups in Russia.
    Bob Lazar: The Man Behind Element 115

    • winebuff

      Same bob lazar of groom lake fame?

      • GreenWin

        Of course. A committee comprising members of the international unions of pure and applied physics and chemistry will consider naming the element, Lazarium. 🙂

        • iggy dalrymple

          Look up Lazar’s “Hydrogen Bomb Formula” teeshirt available at his company, United Nuclear. I wear one.

          • iggy dalrymple

            Also check out “Wanted, EVIL GENIUS seeks minions…” teeshirt.

            • GreenWin


  • khawk

    It is my understanding MFMP only has 1 or 2 Celani wires left to test (including one from an old 700 layer batch whose siblings have reportedly generated excess heat in Celani’s lab). Hoping that something positive happens with their remaining inventory.

    Dennis Craven’s NI13 demo was so so simple and elegant – I expect that he will be showing us how to scale that the next time he surfaces.

    • Bob Greenyer

      We have more wires and we can ask for more. We are running live differential Celani in the US with some interesting data coming out

      A similar setup is being configured in France and we are holding off an improved re-run of the Steel and Glass until more funds are in place to ensure it is done properly.

      We are working with very many of the key people in the field on the formation of the 501c3 in the states with Robert leading the charge there and I have been engaging with the Indian Aakash program ($35 dollar 7″ tablet) and Value Virtual Labs to meld LOS synergies.

  • kasom

    Slides, but no excess heat.

    Dennis Cravens about his hot ball demo at NI-Week on CFnow: “The bulk of my carbon has a mesh of between 1350 and 2000 mesh (micro mesh screening of 10 to 6 microns) with some larger pieces for Hydrogen storage. That was selected to match the 8.2 micron peak wavelength of black body radiation at 80 C. (spectral radiance of about 0.02 W/(cm2 * sr * µm)). The pores holding the metal are nominally 9 nm.

    The metal in the pores were filled with a chemically deposited Pd + Au material, the gas inside was D and there was some Samarium cobalt powder to supply a B field.”

    Could that be easyier to replicate for some of You guys?

    • Sanjeev

      I wanted to post this, but I was feeling shy.
      MFMP should team up with Cravens. He has already demonstrated his tech in public and he may be willing to take another step, and make his spheres a standard lenr demo.

      If one sphere can produce a dT of 4C, we may need 20-30 such spheres to get the water boiling (my wild guess). With a COP of infinity, no cables, no fancy RF etc, this can become an ideal demo.

      I’m sure MFMP can build many such spheres in no time, they have built more complex equipment than this. They need not make the formula public and can still achieve one of their goals quickly. After that attracting a few millions in investment would be easier.

      Lately they have gone quieter, which means something is cooking behind the curtains, I hope the recipe involves brass spheres.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Hi Sanjeev

        We have been speaking to him directly and through third parties.

        • Sanjeev

          Great !
          Any progress ? (If you can say in public)

          His tech is most practical for your purpose of validation of a lenr tech. Next best are Ni foam and third, the piezoelectric stuff. (IMO)

          There is still some hope for S&G setup, but if it doesn’t show anything remarkable, it will be good to lower the priority for Celani wires and try other things first.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Nothing definite to report other than he qualified that the balls were not intended to prove LENR.

            • kasom

              OK, the balls were not intended to prove LENR

              But if the one keeps warm +4 Centigrade over a time long enough to rule out a chemical process, they probably could give proof, even if not intended to.

              And if we say the effect is not LENR, than it is a BPP=BallPowerProject, energy overuntity is allways worth a proof.

    • Felix Fervens

      I too wanted to comment on the Cravens device. If it works via LENR as indicated, it is sooo much simpler than anything MFMP is testing. Pop one of those Cravens eggs into an off the shelf calorimeter and you have your proof almost instantly. (Why didn’t Cravens do this at the conference?)

      Cravens did seem very open to sharing his tech. Certainly there is some way to seal the egg and test as a black box to protect IP, at a minimum.

  • georgehants

    For all my complaining (factual) there are of course always those few still left with the ability to think.
    We are in a different time and the Evidence shows clearly that a new economic system is needed.
    Jobs, Robots, Capitalism, Inequality, And You

    • Warthog

      This forum is about cold fusion. Please stick to the subject.
      Leave the economic propaganda to a forum on economics.

      • georgehants

        Warthog, are you the new moderator, nice to meet you. 🙂
        Must thank our old moderator for all his good work and hope he has a good retirement.

        • Warthog

          No, I am not and don’t claim to be the new moderator. But I do object to your constant harping on “evil capitalism”. You’re using this forum as a propaganda tool. Stick to the topic. IMO, you’re long past the bounds of reasonable discussion on the topic. But that “is” my opinion, and until the real moderator tells me otherwise, then I will voice it.

          • georgehants

            Advocates of capitalism are very apt to appeal to the sacred principles of liberty, which are embodied in one maxim: The fortunate must not be restrained in the exercise of tyranny over the unfortunate.
            Bertrand Russell

          • GreenWin

            Admin did comment 7 hours earlier. One of the fundamental constraints on any new energy source is geopolitical impact. In a way centralized fission/fossil energy production mirrors the defunct communist centralized system.

            This is being rapidly replaced by Distributed Energy Resources and microgrids. Meaning essentially the collapse of centralized energy control. IMO history will show it was a combination of LENR, PV/wind renewables and Fukushima that forced the not-so-smart grid to hand over power to “the people.”

      • General comment: It’s hard to discuss cold fusion without thinking about the social, political, economic, etc. ramifications. I don’t mind if we get into those areas. We have people with a variety of viewpoints who comment here, which is to be expected. Please keep comments respectful of others who might think differently than oneself.

    • Alexvs

      This forum is about E-Cat (E-Cat world), not even cold fusion. For less than that I have been banned.

      • fortyniner

        I think it is largely a question of perceived intent.

    • Jim

      Eventually the worker-consumers run out of new money to buy new things, the capitalists run out of things to invest in, and the system falls on it’s keister. In the meanwhile capital will have to move to the developing countries in order to find surplus labor value to exploit. Until the robots catch up with them…

      • iggy dalrymple

        The problem with your theory is that it’s totally wrong. Free enterprise is not static. When the socialists’ run out of other people’s money, the people start to get hungry. From watching old movies, they learn about work & self-reliance. Once the entitlists either starve or offer to work, then capital will return…along with jobs.

        This phenom was demonstrated by Scrooge McDuck, 60 years ago.

        • iggy dalrymple

          Walt Disney depicted free enterprise/capitalism in such a way, that even GimmeCrats could understand.

  • georgehants

    All this good work and effort from a voluntary group, it really does make all of science look the incompetent fools that they are.
    Corruption and incompetence in hot fusion, medicine, drug research, Cold Fusion, global warming, the Placebo Effect, UFO’s, Telepathy, etc. etc. it just goes on and on.
    One day when our future children will visit the official establishment Cold Fusion museum, it will be a building costing 10 billion, completely empty except for one room containing hundreds of filing cabinets full of “expert opinion” and qualified scientists debunking and denying that such a thing could possibly exist, not because they have done the Research but just because because their reductionist religious priests tell them so.

  • iggy dalrymple

    American co2 emissions per capita lowest since 1964.

    • georgehants

      iggy, as the next ice-age approaches, for which there is much Evidence then our wonderful science establishment will be saying that the World must produce ton’s of co2 to warm it up.
      I am not a disbeliever in either warming or cooling just a believer in honest and competent science and unbiased Research.

      • Alan DeAngelis

        Then they can put a tax on LENR for not generating CO2.

        • fortyniner

          No problem – Rossi could make a coal-fired version.

      • winebuff


        This is off topic but I wondered ic u had seen the interview with paul hellyer the former defense minister of canada about UFO’s he seems to have a lot of interesting info. info.

    • frip

      Too bad that the capita has grown so much.

      • iggy dalrymple

        In spite of the increased obesity, CO2 emissions per person are equal to the level of 49 years ago. Maybe it’s because algore turned down the thermostat in his 60,000 sq ft mansion.

      • Omega Z

        Actual U.S. CO2 Tonnage Emissions have declined About 15% to 1993 Levels.

        • iggy dalrymple

          My per capita statistic was ‘actual’ also.

          • Omega Z

            I Am Aware Iggy 🙂

            My response was to frip whose answer may or may not have been implying that the actual tonnage was higher due to your answer being linked to per capita.