Sergio Focardi Dies

This news was just posted by Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:


We all have lost one of the greatest scientists in the field of the LENR.

For me he has been a tremendous ally, he helped our work enormously and the safety certifications that we are obtaining are the fruit of his consulting during the last 7 years. For me he has been also a teacher for Physics and Mathematics, anytime I needed his help in these matters to better understand the theory behind the effect of the E-Cat.

He has always worked with us with total, absolute and disinterested attitude, thinking only the the interest of the Science behind the LENR.

All the newspapers of the scientific world will say what he has been in the Scientific and University world and his enormous legacy: he has been Professor of Physics, Mathematic, he has been the Dean of the Scientific Faculties of the Alma Mater University of Bologna and the founder of the Cesena branch of the University of Bologna. His pubilcations in the fields of Mathematics and Physics are monumental.

Now, after a long period of illness, that obviously all his friends have taken secret to respect his privacy, he ceased to suffer and starts a new duty for God under another form of life. I am sure he will continue to look after my work from where he is now.

See you soon, my great Friend and Master Sergio! I will never forget our work together and that day in the Brasimone Nuclear facility.

Yours Andrea Rossi

  • luis davico

    Estimado Sr. Andrea Rossi:
    Siento mucho la perdida de su maestro y amigo, por lo que le hago llegar mi mas sentido pesar y le deseo que continue con mucha fuerza, el desarrollo de esta nueva tecnología, la humanidad les deberá mucho y sabrá reconocer sus sacrificios.

    Un fuerte abrazo

    Luis Davico

  • AB

    Frank Acland:
    The contribution of Prof. Sergio Focardi has been mainly in the safety issues: without hios help in this matter I couldn’t make my work; beside this, he teached to me much of the Physics I needed to know and also made all the preliminary measurements that we made on the reactors in 2007, 2008 2009, 2010. Thousands of measurements, before daring to make the first presentation in January 2011.
    In the Brasimone nuclear facility ( in the Italian Appennines, between Bologna and Florence) we made tests to measure the radiations outside the reactor at full power, in destructive tests.
    He mastered the situation as only he was able to do. By the way, in the same Brasimone center he had made an important experiment regarding the search of gravitons.
    Warm Regards,

    For those curious about the comment on the Brasimone nuclear facility.

  • Jackob

    Well, the wise man should ask himself:
    What do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul ?

    • Roger Bird

      And what is the point regarding the subject of this post? I see no one endangering their own soul, not even skeptopaths, certainly not Sergio Focardi, and not cold fusion explorers. So, what is your point?

      • fortyniner

        Possibly just our new tro11 ‘hopeful’ back for another go, this time with a different tag and a slightly different ‘caring’ camouflage.

      • Jackob

        Well, our life is too short ( could be 70 and with strength 80 and most of it tiredness and discomfort – As our father Jacob stated), the wise man should think about the after.

        • GreenWin

          Yeah Jack, I think about “after” the snakes and clowns are retired to the Big House and the human race is introduced to inexpensive, abundant energy for all. What a Wonderful World!

          What gains a man who pours out blessing upon the whole world??

          • Rockyspoon

            A lot.

            And I think God would be pleased with such a person–especially if that person had to battle snakes and all sorts of obstacles to bring it about.


    What was his age ?

    • captain

      Born 1932.