Enter the Tiger

Andrea Rossi has coined a new name for another reactor in the pantheon of E-Cats. Yesterday when asked by a reader on the JONP about the possibility of using larger e-cats, Rossi commented:

Yes, we are working also on it, even if it is not easy: a “cat” that weights 200 kg changes name into “tiger”.

He then elaborated on in a different comment:

We are testing low temperature tigers, for now, of 100 kW. All our reactors now have activator and E-Cat, allowing us an activator with a COP more than 1 and E-Cat with COP in the hundreds.

It looks now like the cat and mouse setup is going to be used in all reactors and it appears that this configuration will allow the overall COP of all E-Cats to be higher than 6 — although it’s not possible from what we have been told to know what that COP number would be. Rossi said in this week’s interview that the COP of the ‘mouse’ in the new Hot Cat reactors is 1.1, so combining that with an e-cat with a COP in the ‘hundreds’ might give you a combined COP of perhaps between 10 and 50 — I don’t know.

I can’t think of any domestic application that would require a Tiger-sized reactor of 100 kW+ — so this would be something to be used in industrial settings. For now, the emphasis is away from domestic units, although Rossi insists they are not off the table, but certification is holding them up. It seems that having one, rather than hundreds of reactors in one power plant would simplify things, and it indicates that the team is confident that they will be able have good control of these reactors at higher power levels.

  • G_Zingh

    I am no scientist, so correct me if I am wrong, but I would caution people about reading too much hype into Rossi’s information about his Tiger-Ecat. If you assume that over a period of months that these systems are designed to operate; the power needed to start the system less the residual power in the system when it is shut down is negligible, then the COP of the system may be as low as 2.86.

    If as Rossi says the ecat element in the system is off when the activator is on, and we do not know how much the ecat element is contributing to the power output of the system during the time it is off, then the low value power output it might have while it is off is zero.The activator is then responsible for 100% of the rated power output of the system while it is on assuming a constant rated power output of the system. If the system is rated at 100kW then the heating coil is outputting close to 100kW at this time. Maybe a little less than 100 since the COP of the activator is 1.1.

    If it runs for 100 hrs (not counting startup or shut down) then for 35 hours the activator is ON and the heating coil is outputting almost 35*100kWh. The COP of the system is Power out/Power in = (100kW* 100hrs) / (100kW*35hr) which gives 2.857.

    But of course although the heating element likely turns on and off almost instantly, relatively speaking, the activator may not since it has nickel powder in it. And the ecat element definitely does not since it takes an hour for the system to cool down. So the point being we cannot know what the COP of the Tiger might be but the low number from the Rossi data given to us so far is 2.86.

    • Roger Bird

      People who admit to not being scientists should either not use two decimal places when describing a COP, or else admit that they are scientists or scientifically savvy. (:->)

  • Buster

    Before one can make rabbit stew one must have a rabbit. There is no rabbit here.

    • Roger Bird

      Many of us think that there is a rabbit, or perhaps a cat. Many more are certain that there is an LENR. Almost 50% of us are PhDs and MSs.

  • Roger Bird

    Let us suppose that Rossi is telling the truth in general terms, that he really does have what he says that he does. Let us suppose that he got hurt last time with the government because one or more people did not take him at his word. Is it possible that he is trying to get payback? People who don’t accept his word have to pay by eventually looking stupid and what else results from putting him down and then he delivering the goods big time. It certainly fits the data of him giving us little bits and pieces and expecting us to believe everything that he says.

  • Thinks4Self

    I see that many people are suddenly feeling let down that Rossi has announced the ‘Tiger’ and I for one have trouble understanding why. I began to follow the goings on with Rossi and the E-Cat in January of 2011. At the time the complaint was that its output was so low what could you do with it other than maybe use it as a hot water heater or maybe supplemental heat for a building. The cry was if you could scale it up you might actually have something useful. So now less than 2 1/2 years later with the help of funding and a larger staff he is doing just that. For some reason it is being viewed as a smoke screen for the third party test. The third party test by definition is out of his control. I believe it will see the light of day eventually, I would think by the end of the year and probably by the end of the summer. The last 1MW plant that just shipped seems to have been sold to a partner in his endeavor, which is not exactly what we would like to have seen but it does make sense. If you were an energy producer and had put the money up for one and while waiting for it to be produced were convinced by your new access to Rossi and the E-Cats that they were undeniably real you would likely invest in the company as well hoping to make a killing on it when it goes big. My bet is that by Labor Day some big trust-able names will get to tour the new 1MW plant and see it in action. If you are feeling some watcher fatigue or boredom take sometime away. Product R & D is not the most exciting thing to watch and definitely does not fit into the 24 hour news cycle we have become use to. I normally check in once a week here to see what is new sometimes I go longer sometimes shorter it all depends on what is going on.

    (note: I am ignoring all of the patho-skeptic noise that is out. For one simple reason, I have asked the patho-skeptics on multiple forums to build a device the same size and volume as Rossi’s setups that produce the same results using something other than LENR in order to prove that he is a fake. I have yet to see one built, so until I see one or other hard evidence proving he is a fake I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. )