Soliciting Questions for Rossi Interview

As some of you have noticed, I have been invited to participate in an interview with Andrea Rossi on Tuesday, May 7 (4:30 p.m. ET) on the Smart Scarecrow show. I thought I’d put up a thread where readers could suggest questions that I could put to Rossi. I will choose the questions that I think are best, and that I think have the most chance of getting useful answers. One thing I have learned over the years is that there are some questions that it is rather pointless asking because there are certain things he won’t reveal. I’m looking to use the time and opportunity as productively as possible and would appreciate any suggestions of useful questions to ask.

I can’t promise your question will be asked, but I will certainly consider them all and choose the ones I think will be most useful and interesting.

Thanks to all!

  • bhl

    Why is there only one big blue container and one hot cat in the lab pictured? ( Why are there not rows of hot cats and dozens of shipping containers in various stages of completion?

    Can you clarify that the blue box is going to a customer for actual use in production, or going to a partner for additional research/development?

  • Betuswonkel

    Dear Frank, could you ask why there is no safety glass or something in place on the new hot cat foto? Thank you

    • Betuswonkel

      I was also wondering why Rossi decided to allow an interview with Frank and mr. Sterling in stead of more mainstream news people.

      Does he not receive requests from them? or is he not willing to speak to them because they will not believe him anyway?

      Can we expect more interviews to main stream media once the 3th party report is presented? Thx you

  • Joseph Fine

    Is 350 degrees Celsius the stable operating temperature limit? Is that in Self-Sustain mode only or in normal operation (SSM and external heating)? It seems that 350 degrees is far away from the melting point of Nickel (1455 C). Are other safety considerations, e,g, power loss, coolant loss accidents underlying this limit? I thought 500-600 C was a safe operating temperature.

    • artefact

      my guess re the 350 degrees: It is the limit for the hotcat v2 (Tom and Jerry). I think he said Jerry works differently than Tom. Maybe Jerry is like a warm cat that until now is not cappable of higher temperatures.

  • Marvin Ostrega

    I wonder if Andrea Rossi has tried or reapplied for a U.S. patent? Or, if he is waiting for the third party report to come out? I fear that the longer he waits, the more other scientists and engineers, here in the U.S., will create overlapping patents forcing him to give up on an E-cat patent here.

    • Chris I

      As far as I go, that would be tough for him and no skin off my nose. Cpmpetition would bring greater benefit for folks in general.

  • artefact

    – COP of the mouse (or the new hot-cat alltogether) /I don’t think he will tell us
    – Are there many bigger companys requesting to do business with him?
    – How many newsagency requests does he get weekly?
    – is he getting contacted by governments?

    – Is he willing to write a book about his e-cat story if you help him? 🙂

    – He said to have many scientists in his team to figure out what works best and how it works. Are there scientists involved who earlier made LENR experiements and are known for that ?????????