The Future of Warfare

The US Navy has released video of a laser weapon capable of shooting down small aircraft from a warship. We’ve talked here about the growing use of UAVs and drones in a wide variety of ways, including warfare of course, and inevitably there will be attempts devised to provide defense against them. It’s not surprising that lasers are being employed.

Of course huge amounts of energy are going to be needed to allow for lasers as powerful as the one demonstrated here — and this is very likely a reason for militaries to take a great deal of interest in E-Cat/LENR technology. A virtually inexhaustible source of energy is going to be something highly desirable in the battlefield on land, air or sea, and robust and powerful LENR will make militaries far more powerful. It looks like we could be in for a new kind of arms race.

  • adam

    To OP:
    Actually the laser doesn’t require much energy considering each laser shot costs $1. The energy itself is probably stored in capacitors in order to fire the lasers in a high energy burst. But at the same time they probably use amplifiers along the laser’s route to increase its intensity. (something the ignition facility does for their fusion experiments)

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  • pg


    • c. kirk

      Until? Pg’s nervous breakdown due to frustration? I Hope Not! Oh the peer pressure reputations are at stake!

  • Omega Z

    Weapons are both inevitable & sadly, Necessary.

    Lasers will allow discriminate targeting. As in little or No collateral damage. The so-called Innocent civilian.

    The Problem I see developing is when does War become so (Clean) that it no longer becomes unthinkable or A Last Resort.

    The Deterrence of Mass destruction & carnage becomes nullified & Acts of aggression becomes the 1st choice of Negotiations. Not a last resort.

    • SteveW

      If North Korea tests a missile and it malfunctions in mid-flight, how do the Koreans know for sure that it wasn’t targeted by a laser weapon from the US? If the US did target the missile, the US still has plausible deniability. If the US had nothing to do with it, North Korea still has a plausible case that the US was behind it. Yes, the world has just become a more dangerous place.

      • Kim


        Kim Jung Un is just creatively
        asking for more MONEY

        Same old thing.


        • Roger Bird

          What a creative and resourceful family that Kim family is, the one in control of North Korea, allegedly. No need for good government or hard work. Just throw a tantrum and in comes the money. And now that he can throw around nukes, the money should comes faster and more of it. Unless of course the world and especially the USA grows a pair.

          • Omega Z


            Someone should tell Kim Jung he’s to late.
            The Whole World is Broke & indebted for the next 50 years.
            I’ve noticed even the Rich are having to get Creative in order to finance deals.
            Promissory Notes No less.

            All the Major players including China are printing money to inflate stock prices to help avoid the appearance of a bankrupt world society.

            The Mantra of Rich verses Poor will soon be the Poor verses the Ultra Poor.

            We May soon have to ask Kim Jung Un for Money.

          • See “An American’s Advice to N. Korea: Grow Up” in <A HREF=",703/3.html&quot;)The American Reporter for a similar discussion.
            Let’s hope he never gets hold of LENR patents!

    • orsobubu

      Omega Z,
      “Weapons are both inevitable & sadly, Necessary”.
      Absurd. According to Marx and Lenin, weapons are inevitable in a capitalistic world, where a ruling class necessarily must extort the surplus value from the working class. Using internal police, bourgeoises violently prevent proletariat’s rebellions; using armies, national bourgeoises fight the fall of profit rate exporting violence and extending their sphere of influence and market quota. In a world without wage work, money and market, without a class exploiting another one, weapons and violence are no more a necessity. It is possible; mankind developed its genes pool and natural instincts during millions years of evolution, when primitive communism was the pacific, unique form of social relationship and production system. Read this blog to understand why innovative technologies could sustain social freedom and political revolution or, to the contrary, represent the foundation for a new age of economic crisis and military counter-revolutions.

      • Omega Z


        Capitalism is practiced in all systems.
        Difference being in a Free Society it is primarily practiced by individuals, Corporations/business.
        In Socialism, it is practiced by the State.

        In Reality Capitalism is nothing more then the Formation of Capital to build or promote a project. You want to build something & don’t have enough money/resources to do it. You obtain investors. You bring together those resources or Capital formation.

        In a Socialist system, the state just takes it from the people & do it. Regardless of people’s needs or wants. All that matters is it suits the states needs.

        In a World of only Socialism, There will still be weapons. They will still War with Each other.

        Even in communal systems there will be wars & rebellions.
        It’s PEOPLE who are the problem. Not the Systems.
        Note in every Socialist system, you still have the Poor & the Elite. The poor are still exploited.

        • orsobubu

          Your error is assuming that socialist states were communist. Scientifically (dialectical materialism), a state is by definition a bourgeoise superstructure erected by bourgeoise to serve their class interests against workers’ subordinate class. In a possible future system without money, market and wage work, there are no more opposite social classes and no more the necessity of a state. Obviously, all the states you refer to are bourgeoise states, because never in the history of mankind (except the hundreds of thousands of years of primitive communism) a communist society existed. Communism is just a revolutionary program for the future, in the same way capitalism did in Middle Age centuries. Details in this fundamental text (automatic translated):

  • artefact

    In this video about Blacklightpower from 2009:
    The moderators of say in the end: “The prototype you just saw is 50 KW – enough to power just a few homes. Utility companys say hey, we want to see one, that delivers a minimum of 250 KW before we put this technology to work in our plants”

    Well, besides the question if BLP has something or not, that could be the reason for Rossi building a 1 MW e-cat and not just a 10KW e-cat.
    And yes, what the moderators say is very strange. And yes, I also wonder why BLP did not manage it to put their device (if they have it) on the market in 5 years.

    • Omega Z

      @ artefact

      I Think BLP has fallen prey to the Power for everything syndrome.
      Power for Factories, Power for Cars, Power for homes, Etc…
      We can see where this leads. Research spread across the spectrum instead of Focusing on just getting a single power source to market. Everything is in process. Nothing Finished.

      We’ve all watched Rossi be effected by this. Water desalinization being the Biggest distraction. But other posts indicate other distraction as well.

      Note That Rossi’s Fans are also good about bringing up Ideas that distract. I can only Imagine how hard it is for Rossi or anyone for that matter to stay focused with all the Possibilities awaiting.

      Rossi has enough problems of being distracted by his own E-cat improvements thou more understandable. It being the source of all to come.

      Best to leave these other areas of development to the Market & Focus on the Core Product. The E-cat…

      • artefact

        Hi Omega,

        I just mentioned blp because the sentence utilities (probably) said about the 250KW. Some people asked why Rossi builds a 1MW plant even if a 1KW device would change the world. The 1MW is probably business thinking and I think Rossi is right with it.
        Yes, I always thought the desalination is something for the future and not for the beginning. The same with the whole product diversification. If he has a warm cat and is allready developing a hot-cat then he could have brought the warm cat to the market some time ago allready. (Well, but he will have his reasons like increasing his lead)

    • Roger Bird

      Notice (1) that the ladies reporting are clueless. (2) that they have never even heard about LENR. (3) that financially oriented news media organs are much more likely to report and believe. Expect Forbes to go crazy if and when the 3rd party independent reports on Rossi comes out.

  • frip

    It doesn’t sound like cold fusion works in the same manner as hot fusion or fission. It probably wouldn’t make a very good bomb.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Maybe as a “crock-pot bomb”.

      • frip

        Or a crack pot bomb if Rossi is found to be FOS.
        I guess it would be a fizzle.

    • AstralProjectee

      I disagree. All you would have to do is make the reaction jump from one point to the highest possible, while also activating all of the LENR material at once to the highest degree. In fact one could even rev it up to a degree and have it ready to go before the energy jump to detonate.

      Umm should I have said that? Well if it’s possible, they will figure it out anyway. What I presented any smart person should already know if they know LENR is true. Wink

      There have been LENR explosions. And one time a person died from an LENR explosion.

      • SteveW

        Any smart dog knows it will eventually catch its tail. Wink

        • AstralProjectee

          Yes, Karma has a way that it can turn around and bit you in the butt.

          • SteveW

            so muzzle the mutt, for its own good?

      • Omega Z


        LENR shuts down when the Nickel melts.
        There’s very little radiation very short lived & the best you could hope for would be a hand grenade type device of which are much Cheaper & smaller.
        Point being Why bother making something more complicated when you have something better already at hand.

        A Weapon of which you would be trying to describe actually already Exists. The U.S. Developed a Neutron Bomb in the 60’s. Small explosion with Large Neutron output. Does very little physical damage to structures & kills all living things. A short time after & your troops can go in without fear of radiation. Your Enemies weapons are yours to use against them.

        Russia Freaked. The U.S. Agreed not to build and deploy them. Well.. Maybe we didn’t deploy them??? Who’s to say. Maybe their in storage somewhere.

        Note: This applies to Nickel. I Don’t know enough about Palladium & such to say.

        • Iggy Dalrymple

          I doubt it’s true but a Republican Guard commander claims the US used the neutron bomb in the Battle of Bagdad.

          • Omega Z

            Yeah, Iggy
            I highly doubt Neutron weapons were used also. They still have a Detectable Nuclear Signature that other countries would have noticed.

            In the article they kind of twist it with the Thermobaric weapons which were designed for caves such as in Afghanistan.

            Those were actually used in Afghanistan & reported in the mainstream media.

            Discovery had a show about Thermobaric weapons & there not very effective outside of caves. Which they were specifically designed for. No Cave walls equal no pressure wave.

            They were actually still in R&D when they went into Afghanistan & were rushed to completion several months ahead of schedule. They weren’t in regular production so Very limited in availability. Which means they weren’t available for the Baghdad battle.

            Phosphorous? Maybe. I think certain U.S. munitions still retain Phosphorous for special Ops, but aren’t supposed to be used on battlefield personnel.

            One weapon that includes Phosphorous I’m aware of was Specifically designed for Chem/Bio weapon storage destruction. The Documentary I saw indicated it was so effective most of the time that it’s hard to detect trace elements of the Biological/Chemical target after it’s been hit.

  • AstralProjectee

    What I would be even more concered about is making LENR into a bomb. All it woulld take is a LOT of reseresch to make one of the worlds biggest, densest explosive on earth with LENR, that does not emit radition, as in nuclear bomb. Luckily if Andrea Rossi is correct about selling a US military enitiy his e-cat the US would have a good head start in this LENR race. Who knows maybe LENR bombs will replace nuclear bombs as cleaner for the envorment and more moral.

    Oops did I just open pandora’s box?

    • AstralProjectee

      Then again why woud we need to go to war over anything with LENR to save the world, unless your stupid, or doing for religious reasons.

      • Roger Bird

        VERY spiritually oriented person here saying: Isn’t “stupid” and “religious” the same meaning.

  • artefact

    Study suggests patent office lowered standards to cope with backlog

    The “allowance rate” sharply increased during Obama’s first term.

  • MK

    Well, great with good weather. Some mist and lasers become just powerful lamps (dispersion of light..)

    • timycelyn

      Hence the developments with X-ray lasers I imagine…

  • Roger Bird

    More power means a faster destruction, and faster destruction is important. I think that the bottleneck is not available power but the size and power delivery capability of the laser itself.

  • A few month ago , a german consortium ( proprietary of the famous swiss weapon company Oerlikon ) made a demonstration of a similar weapon for airport protection.

  • zvibenyosef

    I sincerely hope that we do not see LENR used in weapons of any kind. There are so many positive ways in which this technology can be used to benefit people, water purification, reversing global climate change, eliminating our dependence on coal oil and gas, etc

    • Roger Bird

      Oh, please, another unicorn thinker, almost certainly a bleeding-heart liberal. The world is as it is, and it will evolve into a better world ONLY when you (or me or any reader) decide to grow spiritually and develop better characters. In the meantime I am glad that we have a strong military and I hope that we use any fiscally responsible means possible to strengthen our military.

    • MikeP

      By reversing global climate change, I assume you mean more warmth for people and more CO2 for the plants.

      • Roger Bird

        MikeP! 1+

  • elasticbucket

    Oh, you of course mean the TFH with the brass buttons that deflects unobtainium rays?

  • Manuel Cruz

    Archimedes allegedly did that already, in Syracuse, two thousand years ago.

  • Kim

    Cold fusion will give men unlimited resources
    to blow the earth to kingdom come.

    Cold fusion will give men unlimited resources
    to live for each other and thrive.

    Our Choice.


    • Joel C.

      That’s why we need to be guided by a firm hand – but who is the wise one to do it for us?

      Artifical intelligence, perhaps?

      • Bob Finley

        Me me me. I’ll do it! King Bob to the rescue. 🙂

      • GreenWin

        Artificial intelligence? Like artificial flavoring?? No thanks.

        • AstralProjectee

          When technology first comes out it’s primitive and has little actual purpose. But obviously just like everything else it evolves into advanced forms.


  • LCD

    In the case of the navy ship there is a ton of standby power available that is not being used. That is why lasers and navy ships make sense. Until recently though there wasn’t anything to really shoot at.

  • Jonas

    I’ll best put on my foil hat. That ought to protect me.

    • buffalo

      lol.a silver colored drone would be immune to lasers a mirror.

      • Omega Z


        Only makes it Laser resistant. Not Laser Proof.
        Even a Mirror can be destroyed by a laser if the Power is high enough.

        Only another Energy Field that is capable of Absorbing & dispersing of the Laser energy would make it laser proof & then only in power comparability. Shields Up