Kressen and LENR-Cities Form Partnership

Here’s a press release that might be of interest to readers here.

Kresenn Ltd and LENR-Cities signed a partnership

Maidenhead (UK), April 1st 2013

The teams at LENR-Cities and Kresenn Ltd are pleased to announce that they have signed a partnership focused on how to build and manage a business ecosystem to fund and develop LENR technologies and applications. LENR-Cities and Kresenn are developing this ecosystem which is open to all stakeholders who want to invest in LENR as a game changer.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us at: [email protected]

Kresenn Ltd:


Kresenn is a British company in the business of building portable datacenters and it looks like they are working towards finding ways to powering datacenters with LENR.

LENR-Cities is based in Switzerland has just launched web site and are involved building a network of people and organizations interested in getting involved in LENR projects. They state they are “working on an innovative open business model designed to tie LENR research to the early adopters in industries as parts of a business ecosystem to set joint development plans, leverage researches, accelerate market transformation and foster LENR demand.”

    • Peter Roe

      Well its a step up from “the dog ate my homework” I suppose.

      • GreenWin

        How could a harmless pussycat shred a big bad bank?

        • that cat looks like its up to some plan!!

          • Nancy Avila

            So what was told was incorrect, sense of humor does exist in Scientists as well πŸ™‚

  • GreenWin

    Dr. Frank Lichtenberg currently a solid state chemistry research scientist at Department of Materials of the ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, home to 20 Nobel laureates including Albert Einstein) has published a curious, cursory overview of e-Cat:

    “ECAT – A novel and environmentally friendly LENR-based energy technology”

    One might wonder, why would a scientist of these qualifications have met Dr. Rossi and be so interested in E-Cat?? Perhaps we’ll see Dr. Lichtenberg’s name on a third party report?

    • yamal

      lichtenberg is a well known crackpot. he promoted, among other things, heinz wenz’s so called feldkraftmaschine. if a single word of that report would have been true, we’d already live in paradise. i very much hope that rossi’s report never got anywhere near people like that. it would destroy whatever credibility is left.

      • GreenWin

        Hi yamal,

        You say this fellow is a “…well known crackpot.” Had you managed to lift this comment from the 2103 edition of the Dejected Debunker’s Field Guide, I might believe you. But since you have no (claimed) credentials, I think you mistaken.

      • Peter Roe

        The c.v. of this “well known crackpot”:

        1983 – 1989: Studied physics at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.
        1989 – 1992: Doctoral thesis in the department of Dr. Georg Bednorz at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, Switzerland. Doctorate (PhD) at the University of Zurich in 1991. Field of work: Synthesis of oxides and study of their properties, solid state chemistry/physics.
        1992 – 1997: Research scientist in the nickel metal hydride technology department of Dr. Uwe Koehler at the research center of the battery company VARTA, Germany. Field of work: Hydrogen storage alloys and nickel metal hydride batteries. Two months stay as guest scientist in Tokyo, Japan, at the TOSHIBA Battery Company within a collaboration between VARTA and TOSHIBA.
        1997 – 2007: Research scientist in the department of Prof. Jochen Mannhart at the Institute of Physics of the University of Augsburg, Germany. Field of work: Setting up a new laboratory, synthesis of oxides – especially in crystalline form via the melt – and study of their properties, solid state chemistry/physics.
        2007 – 2010: Freelance work and autonomous occupation with subjects in the area of (an extended) physics. Creation of the website Novam Research about fundamentally new developments in science and technology such as entirely novel energy technologies.
        Since 2011: Research scientist in the group of Prof. Nicola Spaldin at the Department of Materials of the ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Field of work: Setting up a new laboratory, synthesis of oxides and study of their properties, crystal growth via the melt, solid state chemistry/physics.

        His employment 1992-7 is particularly interesting and relevant to his probable expertise in Rossi’s field. He has published eight electrochemistry papers in peer reviewed journals.

        Perhaps you could suggest why we should bother to listen to your opinion of this scientist Yamal?

        And another PDF dealing with the E-Cat:

        • SolarSurfer

          I’m afraid Lichtenberg is in deed a shadowy figure and he really did favorably comment on the FKM (which is a perpetual motion machine invented by Heinz Wenz who has been in prison for investment fraud but still calls himself “Professor Wenz” although he was never appointed by any known university).

          Lichtenberg’s article about the FKM:

          Der Spiegel Article about the Wenz scam which got him in prison for 5 years:

          • GreenW

            Ad hom Sufer. Nothing in Lichtenberg’s comments worries me or apparently ETH Zurich, Department of Materials where he works as a senior scientist in solid state chemistry.

            The 17 year old hit piece link is focused on a guy named Swan who ran a commodities/investment fund. Nothing I could find mentions Lichtenberg… And the other guys seemed to plea out. Let’s steer clear of these Goebbles-like “guilt by association” attacks. They have nothing to do with commercial e-cat roll out.

            • SolarSurfer

              Not ad hom. Lichtenberg is endorsing a magnet motor “invented” by a convicted fraudster (and other perpetual motion devices). That is a fact. You may find that perfectly reasonable – but if you put that much faith in him you may want to think twice about promoting cold fusion because if this fine scientist would be even half right, we’d all be crazy following Rossi. Magnet motors are so much more efficient… according to Lichtenberg.

              • GreenWin

                Pathological paranoia is a last refuge of the defeated Surfer. The FACTS are the gentleman, Dr. Lichetenberg you attempt to slander, is a Senior Scientist with one of the world’s most prestigious science institutions – and your scales are off.

                BTW, you forgot your kindergarten science… there are millions of “magnet motors” in the world that work just fine. Ig’nance must be bliss…

  • GreenWin

    LENR Cities needs to correct the English on their web site. Kressen has Dr. Celani working with them. Data center power supplies are a good market for an e-cat genset with AC/DC filtered outputs.

    Since about 60 percent e-cat heat (Carnot) would be waste heat, this could be used for facility hot water or chiller-type cooling. Data centers almost always have heat issues. A combined power and cooling unit would make an excellent solution.

  • Fibber McGourlick

    What does this matter when Rossi’s e-cat (especially the hot e-cat) is going to utterly transform the world and the fate of humanity in a second industrial revolution this month when the results of the independent tests are revealed.

    • Fibber, but which transformations?

    • Peter Roe

      Is it just my imagination or do I detect a faint whiff of irony there? Surely not.

    • Fibber McGourlick

      Opps! I mean next month. Reveal has been changed to May–probably.

  • Ash

    Kressen is not in the business of building datacenters. It appears to be a hobby project for two software engineers, Angelo and Massimo, that consists of just a website. Their office address is an accountant in the UK.

    According to LinkedIn, Angelo and Massimo are the only people associated with the company, and both of them have full time jobs as software engineers elsewhere. Neither of them appear to have management experience or any previous jobs that involved building datacenters (as opposed to software engineering and sys admin).

    By comparison, a real datacenter construction company is Electronic Environments (, whose CEO has 25 years of engineering experience. They have 87 employees listed on LinkedIn, including lots of people with management and engineering experience. Their customers include Verizon and Level3.

    Please Admin, do some research before you post this fluff.

    • GreenWin

      Thank you ash. This looks like a typical low-cost startup. From the web site:

      “LENR Cities and Kresenn signed a partnership focused on how to build and manage a business ecosystem to fund and develop LENR technologies and applications.”

      “Angelo graduated β€œSumma cum Laude” at Colorado Technical University (Colorado Springs, USA) in Business Management in 2006 and studied Computer Engineering at University of Pisa (Pisa, Italy) in the 90s.

      Kresenn awarded Dr. Francesco Celani first prize “Energy and Research” for his work on nano-coated wire catalysts (2013/02/08) helping his experiment demonstrated at NI Week and ICCF-17.

      • GreenWin

        Kresenn is also an authorized reseller of Power Distribution, Inc., critical power system products based in Richmond VA.

        • Ash

          Being an authorized reseller usually involves filling out a form. PDI has hundreds of them. The fact Kressen can fill out a form doesn’t tell us anything.

          • GreenWin

            Perhaps. Or it tells us that Power Distribution, Inc of Richmond, VA, has done due diligence re. their resellers. You apparently failed to see Angelo’s business management school credential.

    • Kresenn has never stated to be a business of building Data centers but power source modules for data centers.

      FYI, an interesting paper:

  • psi

    If stock is generally available to the public in this offering, then please let’s everyone work to Vet this Co. thoroughly!!

    • Ash

      I vetted Kressen in my post above. It is a hobby project by two software engineers, not an actual enterprise, and certainly not a publically traded stock.

      • PSI wrote “thoroughly” πŸ™‚

        • GreenWin

          While I would want more data, the fact these two guys supported Francesco Celani when few if any would, is a huge feather in their cap. Congratulations Kresnn.

  • psi

    Wow. This is exciting news. I’m hanging on to my hat!

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    LENR, now, is like the early days of the internet, hold on to your hats folks.

  • Shane D.

    Looks like a clearing house for those doing LENR research with the goal of pooling their resources and talents for the common goal of developing LENR based commercial products, and maybe even help get joint funding.

    They refer to the “New Fire” -an MFMP term, and also link to the MFMP website. Our AlainCos LENR forum is linked also, along with LENR-cars.

    Kressen has had Celani aboard for some time (I think), and the tie in to MFMP makes sense from that perspective.

  • Stringbustr

    Does this mean the public can buy stock in this company?
    If so then this is the first time we’re able to invest in any type
    Of LENR development!

    • buffalo

      yes stingbuster.but we must await some sort of confirmation that lenr is achievable first before throwing cash at someone.

    • KD

      In the past you was able to invest in miracle, John Rohner Inteligentry and other businesses.
      Already five years ago, he was telling to potential investors that he have working engines. That he have patent on his technology.

      Nothing was true, only that many naive investors lost theirs money.
      But he continually was able to find investors, buyers of licences for non-existing technology and collecting nonrefundable fees for applications to buy those licences.
      Lately the law enforcement is investigating his scams.

    • Not yet. Our “market business plan” will be openly published asap.