The People’s E-Cat Plant

It has been good to have Bob Greenyer from the MFMP on the site talking about the work they are doing, and what their goals and hopes are. I think they are doing a terrific job with a very transparent open science project in promoting and demonstrating LENR to the world at large. They had talked about is purchasing a 1 MW Rossi plant if they can raise the funds, but from feedback they have been receiving it seems that this might not be something that is a priority for their team now.

So I would like to raise the idea for discussion here. For a long time I have thought that one of the most effective ways of promoting LENR as a viable power source would be for there to be an E-Cat plant that could be made available for the press and public to visit, and for scientists to test.

Here’s what I envision.

  • The plant installed in a place that is well frequented and easily accessible for the general public, the press and interested persons from the business, education and scientific, governmental and other communities.
  • The plant would be working — doing something useful, such as providing heat and/or electricity in some beneficial way
  • The plant would be hooked up 24/7 to webcams and live data displays so that people all over the world could see it in action at any time.
  • It would be the “People’s E-cat Plant” — with the minimum amount of restrictions to access; a showcase plant, demonstrating to the world that the technology is real, useful and superior to the current alternatives.
  • If the plant ever outlives its usefulness as a demonstration model, it could be retired to a museum, donated to a deserving cause, or sold.

Envisioning it is easy — the idea to me is simple and I think something like this could effective. The hard part would be to make it happen. It would be a tremendous undertaking, not least because it would take a lot of money and organization to accomplish.  I had hoped that maybe the small domestic E-cats would be on the market before too long — and then a big plant would not be needed for a successful demonstration — but it looks like it will take some years before that will be possible.

I would be interested in finding out what the readership here thinks of this idea in principle. I am not making a proposal here, but throwing out an idea. If there is enough support for it, perhaps it could be looked at in more detail, and someone could take the idea and run with it. I will say here that in the past I have run this idea past Andrea Rossi, and he has not been opposed to it.


  • captain

    Andrea Rossi
    March 31st, 2013 at 4:05 AM

    Dear Rosemarie Ainslie:
    1- no, the delivery of the 1 MW plant will be exactly on the 30st of April. Has been fixed.
    2- Thank you very much for your kind expressions and Happy Easter to you
    Warm Regards,
    Rosemary Ainslie
    March 30th, 2013 at 9:30 PM

    Dear Andrea,

    Have you delivered that industrial scale Ecat? I’m wondering what would prevent an industrial user supplying energy for domestic use? He need only undercut our utility suppliers to ensure a viable market. Just a thought.

    Meanwhile – have a REALLY happy Easter. It’s so timely. The more so as you’ve resurrected our science to experimental proof – where it’s been dying under various toxic ‘assumptions’. Frankly it’s my opinion that your contribution here is even greater than anything Oppenheimer managed. In fact – it’s much more significant – as it promises clean energy. And without it our planet is likely to become very sick.

    With the very kindest of regards
    Rosemary Ainslie

    Remember, captain happy to see an 1MW hot industrial plant running and producing electricity (better in a SSM) before summer’s end, say sept.2013 😉

  • Dan Woodward

    How about installing a 1 MW E-CAT in a YMCA in Minneapolis to heat the pool water? It would not take long to see what effect it has on their heating bills.


    Maybe one can disassamble the 1MW unit and distribute the individual E-Cat units. Clearly the garantee would stop, but tests could be done with many individuals. The most difficult thing is to raise the money. Maybe some rich filantropist would be willing to support this? I would be very much interested to test it and share the results with the World. I am an electrical engineer (CEng) very experienced in testing.

    • Bruno

      Assuming that Rossi actually does have a working E-CAT (and after these two years with no proof, it’s a big assumption), there is no way that he’d allow a buyer to take the device apart. IF he really is selling E-CATS, I’m sure that there are strong contractual restrictions against opening the LENR modules or allowing others to “borrow” them.

      • admin

        I am sure you are right, Bruno — also, remember that the purchaser doesn’t take ownership of the plant until 30 years have passed, so you can’t do what you want with it — it’s not yours.

  • Dr. John Loraditch

    Would it be possible to build one of these bundled E-Cat’s (just tested for 120 hours) and use the heat to keep a nylon hot air ballooon aloft? How long would it have to stay up to prove there is no other power source?

    • Al_D

      A.R. has stated that the plant occupies approximately 3 cubic meters. Then there is the consideration of a heat transfer and directional mechanism. Possibly a fluid or gas. I don’t recall any figures for weight for the hot-cat plant.

      • Al_D

        I suppose if it were a very large balloon, the plant could be contained within the balloon envelope

        • Bob

          Don’t forget that it needs a 500 kilowat portable genset to provide the drive current to start it up and then switch in and out to maintain the drive.
          The one used on 28th October 2011 test looked quite heavy. Maybe five tonnes? Plus the weight of the ecat of course.
          How big do they make balloons?

          • GreenWin

            A whacky idea would be to kick e-cat into self-sustained mode, then launch the balloon. Imagine how you just removed 5 tons of weight from the aircraft!

  • vbasic

    From the outside of a `1MW plant, its only a giant shipping container. So there is really nothing to see. It would be pretty boring to see except for us LENR fans, and even then only for the idea of it. It might be interesting to see single modules of the Hot Cat or Brilliiouin’s Hot Reactor. in operation though.

  • Stringbustr

    If a plant was purchased you would probably have to sign a NDA
    Which would keep it from the public.

    • admin

      Not according to AR. He said if we purchased a plant we could operate it without restriction to who could visit, who could test, etc.

      • Bruno

        But there would be restrictions against opening up the actual LENR modules.

        • admin

          Yes, for sure.

      • Bob

        I think if you tested that the reality would be different.
        In view of the complete secrecy surrounding all supposed sales so far, it is highly unlikely you would get one if he thought it would be on public display.
        He did say Dick Smith could buy one if he wanted to test it and I wish Dick took him up on the offer because my bet is, he would not have sold him one.

        • GreenWin

          Doubtful DS has the money. Many claims, never a payout.

  • cx

    any news from ultra light startups on what were the 8 chosen pitches. I notice there are new pitches up now.

    • Barry

      These are the 8 companies, 2 voted for 6 staff picks. I emailed FE and suggested, because of the questionable votes perhaps a solution would be to invite George Miley as a staff pick, but instead they invited companies who hardly got any votes. With everything going on right now it would have been perfect to have GM present at MIT.

      How can a company that calls itself Future Energy not have a single representative of LENR. One step backward for CF.

      1. Ahmed Farouk – RE Technologies Inc. (This is the company with the printable solar panels)
      2. Andrew Radin – PolymerGreen
      3. Fraser Seymour – Ionova Technologies, Inc.
      4. Ruaridh Macdonald – Open Water Power
      5. Ganesh Nakhawa – SmartPwrNet
      6. Drew Hession-Kunz – Gravitas Energy Storage
      7. Bal Mukund Dhar – Agira Inc.
      8. Jacob DeWitte – UPower

      • cx

        Wow can’t believe lenuco didn’t get in. Even that one with the questionable votes is still there :/

        • GreenWin

          Fix? No.