Thoughts on the Report

Yesterday’s posts by Andrea Rossi have certainly caught the attention of many E-Cat watchers. It’s always interesting to watch traffic patterns on the site, and over the last two or three months the average number of page views has fallen to its lowest level in the last 12 months — until today that is, when traffic has suddenly spiked — by more than double what has been the normal amount of hits recently.

I can fully understand the decline in interest. It has been over two years since the first Rossi Focardi press conference, and although in my opinion evidence presented since that time has been convincing as to the reality of the E-Cat technology, for many that evidence has been less than bullet-proof — and I understand why people take that position.

There has always been the ‘Rossi says’ factor to deal with. Some people don’t trust what he says, and have bee waiting for a qualified and impartial party to give it the thumbs up before believing that the E-Cat is really what Rossi says it is. So now that it seems we are on the cusp of an independent report, and people are sitting up and paying attention. Yes, it’s possible that Rossi could be concocting one last desperate lie to hoodwink his followers — but that would mean he is literally mad, I don’t see that as being realistic.

So we have a few weeks (or maybe more) of nail biting, clock-watching, and wondering before hopefully, we get to read the report that puts an end to all the speculation. Once that happens we enter a whole new phase which will be very different from what we have doing up until this point which has basically been a mystery solving exercise — something that I find enthralling, but it’s not for everyone.

With a validated E-Cat we start to deal with with real world issues, such as politics, money, economics, lifestyles, etc. I believe Rossi’s invention will turn out to be something that will have a widespread impact, and could affect our world in the same way as other fundamental inventions and discoveries, such as electricity, telegraphy, telephony, aviation, television, and the internet. We have been living in amazing times over the last few decades — and it seems like technological innovation will continue to accelerate and lead us to a world that at the moment is impossible to imagine.

BTW, I’m hoping the report hits before April 14th — the 2nd birthday of E-Cat World! I’d like to try and organize an online party 🙂

  • georgehants

    A reply that contains all the right things.
    Not trying to delay but putting forward that a delay is not exceptable.
    Andrea Rossi
    March 26th, 2013 at 11:55 PM
    Dear John L:
    It will be applicable to all, but the plant we are going to deliver in April is close to be ready, no time is left to modify it. The next plants will have the new generation of reactors. Good question…
    Warm Regards,

  • Omega Z

    From Prometeon web site

    The third-party testing took place in the presence of a large armed guard 24 hours a day to protect IP

    • Veblin

      I think the stock photo of an armed guard and that caption was an attempt at subtle humor. I heard that it was really a skinny guard named Barney who had a gun but only one bullet that he kept in his shirt pocket. He was instructed to call someone named Ange if he needed permission to load his bullet in his gun. That never needed to be done.

      • Veblin

        More info: It seems that Ange was just Barney’s nickname for someone named Andy or Andrea or something similar.

  • mark

    OT, 19 April 2013 is the final patent re-submission date for Rossi. The “Cat and mouse” system may be mentioned in the paper.

    • dsm

      This is the letter granting a 2 month extension over the original 4 moths time limit for rejection. It confirms April the 19th as the new rejection date.

      So, I am wondering how much that letter played a part if Andrea issuing this new claim of imminent release of 3rd party results. But, the complication here is that the Hot cat in the 3rd party evaluation is not the same device as that described in the subject patent application ?. That application cannot be altered to describe a different device. They are very strict about that.

      See here for the original patent app.

      I believe the above patent will be rejected. This is based on the issues raised by the EPO and that the application cannot be altered other than to provide the requested clarifications sought.


      • captain kirk

        I also believe the patent will be rejected… because of politics of course I don’t think his announcement of the third party test at this time had anything to do with the patent application…. but nice try why do you even bother posting since your absolutely convinced Rossi is a scammer?

  • Invy

    Encouraging news, is it time to introduce LENR to our local radio stations? (I am thinking of contacting Gloria Neal, she hosts a local politics show that would probably be receptive).

    • Roger Bird

      Wait until when and if the report comes out. Then you will have real muscle. Otherwise you are setting yourself up to look like a fool.

  • Al S

    So many people in all countries have no job, future glum and listless. Just imagine what will happen when depending on a job to live and feel self assured, is replaced by real independence to enjoy life with free energy a given. Perhaps e-cat and like systems become the only exit from the debt hole everyone lives in before the cave-in! Bring dignity back into living, with the ability to do or make what you want, the energy being there. Lots of desert, arctic, seaborne, high mountain, etc. living space attainable.

    • Kim

      Very well said…

      Money rules the world.

      Free Energy would put a stop to it.

      Simple as that.


      • Iggy Dalrymple

        Unless you wanna buy something.

        • Kim

          Why would I “BUy”

          Everything would become available
          and in absolute abundance.

          Not in the beginning… but in time…


          • Alex

            The Ecat is not magic. It is just another scientific discovery. Oil will still be sold for generations. The energy is not free, its just expensive elsewhere. So, when energy is cheap, the next thing will just be the next thing to pay for. There will always be debt to someone, unless the world as we know it is unmade.

            • Kim

              Yes there will always be
              debt to someone.

              But the payment method
              will be as diverse as the
              stars in the sky.

              Energy will be the new currency.


              • Adam Lepczak

                I agree, the energy is the real currency of the universe

                • Maks

                  The real “currency” is knowledge! Energy is in abundance, we just now try to understand how to exstract it. The real currency is also “radical extension of life”!

          • Thinksforself

            Your children’s children may see that world but we will not. The status quo is hard to change and the ECats are not self replicating. The laws of supply and demand will rule for many years yet, even if you hear it on the 5 o’clock news tomorrow that MIT, UCLA, the University of Prague, etc,… all confirm that the ECat works in a joint live presentation to the world.

            You may want to immediately short oil stocks if you ever hear that announcement.

      • mark

        What does money present exactly? A universal unit to subjectively quantify your work (including energy output in some cases)and creativity, enabling a pseudo-storage, transfer, trade… of “wealth” in paper and digital formats, influenced greatly by human emotions.

        • Karl

          We were just informed that the major problem for the financial collapse in Cyprus was the amount of money. It was out of tune with the possible real performance in that Country with a factor 7. I think Kim has a strong point.

  • LilyLover

    Conservative estimates assuming good scalability and adequate dead space implies that – Chevy Volt or Tesla Model S like performance can be packed within 1/3rd the volume of the battery packs they currently pack. And instead of daily recharge… it’s once per six month! Fueling can become the part of “maintenance”!

  • georgehants

    “Scientists Warn Of Ice Age”, Cites New Peer-Reviewed Russian Study
    Tuesday, March 26,

    • GreenWin

      Precisely why I will buy a DIY warm-cat kit! Tinned food, bottled water, grape, and a warm e-cat in the root cellar – bring on the ice.

    • Fastbuck

      Sooner or later our current interglacial period will end. I suspect that burning of fossil fuels in an attempt to charge the atmosphere with co2 will have little or no effect on the advancing glaciers.

      • Roger Bird

        Fastbuck, you get it! We are way overdue for an ice age.

    • HHiram

      Garbage sensationalist headlines, easily misinterpreted by fools.

      The “ice age” referred to is the continental climate change associated with a disruption or shutdown of the oceanic conveyor current system which at present draws warm water up from the tropics along the eastern coast of Europe and gives Europe a temperate climate.

      Meltwater from Greenland and retreating polar ice could shut down this current, which would make the winters in Europe much more severe.

      This is PREDICTED FROM global warming climate science, not some evidence that global warming is not happening. If such events did occur, it would be a direct consequence of CO2 and other GHG emissions causing melting ice which in turn caused climate to change – hence the reason why scientists called it “climate change”.

      We all appreciate enthusiasm for LENR, but it is a shame whenever anti-science conspiracy nonsense comes along with that enthusiasm…

      • GreenWin

        “anti-science conspiracy…??”

        “Vladimir Baschkin and Rauf Galiulin have recently recognized the ice age possibility in a study. Both biogeochemists – a discipline that also includes the study of the Earth’s atmosphere – have written a study for the Research Institute Vniigaz of the Gazprom concern, an address of course that cannot be said is free of lobbyists. However, their arguments are underpinned by findings that are gaining more and more acceptance from independent science: solar activity is weakening considerably – to an extent that was last seen several hundred years ago, the Little Ice Age, according to scientists.”

      • Iggy Dalrymple

        This 420,000 year interglacial graph derived from Antarctic ice cores shows we’re overdue for a new iceage.

        AlGore lemmings disregard

      • georgehants

        Why would looking for the TRUTH be “anti-science”.
        You may wish to rethink your following of establishment Dogma based on nothing but the sacred opinion of the high priests of science.
        Real Science follows Evidence and when it does not know an answer it does not run off screaming “Global Warming” etc. but looks at all possibilities and then does the Bloody Research and leaves it’s unfounded “expert opinions” for the betting shop.

    • GreenWin

      George, rather fascinating isn’t it how the old gloom and doom memes like AGW, water& food shortages, killer SARS, Swine flu, climate disaster, TED “pseudoscience,” ET denial, etc. etc. – are all collapsing simultaneously.

      Now we have the tightly controlled German mainstream Die Welt reporting AGW BS, Sheldrake and Hancock kicking down TED’s “Science Board,” NASA supporting LENR, verification of e-cat, rising awareness of wellness-health (Bruce Lipton)and the Sirius Disclosure Project, all creating a positive “consensus” of consciousness. We can almost hear Jerry Coyne, Johnny Huizenga, Ron Ballard, Josh Cude, etc. apoplexy.

      “All things must pass.” G. Harrison

      • georgehants

        GreenWin, agreed, something is happening, but one has to be careful with the delicate minds of most people.
        I try to stay with the clear Evidence for subjects like The Placebo Effect that could improve life for millions and where the scientific proof is beyond any rational dispute, but still the average scientist is full of imposed denial.
        Unfortunately most of the general population is so caught in the trap of all populations since the dawn of time, including the apes, of following a “leader” who by definition will be the strongest “manipulator” able to achieve that position not by personal Moral strength but by utilising the weaknesses and desires of those willing to follow for their own personal advantage at the expense of others.
        Hitler and many others are good examples of this effect, but most of us try in many ways to achieve things in this unsavoury way, by manipulating others to our own advantage.
        Only when each individual takes the responsibility of a non-religious but Spiritual stance, learning that the only thing that matters for all in this World is a Loving, Caring, Concern for Everybody, every Animal and Everything will it be possible for things to improve for all.
        The Enlightenment is not some Wonderful thing that is going to arrive from Heaven but the learning that we already have around us a Heaven that is mostly being destroyed and abused because people in general refuse to open their eyes.
        Enlightenment is opening ones Mind, which first means opening one’s eyes.

        • Karl


        • Peter Roe


          • clovis


  • georgehants

    From the Archives: Old clip with Arthur C Clarke and Edmund Storm on Cold Fusion.
    Arthur C Clarke on Cold Fusion
    Sir Arthur Charles Clarke was a British Inventor and one the most known Science Fiction Writer that have ever lived.
    Not only did he Release Scientific based Futuristic Space Novels but he als invented the Satellite Communication System. This is a rather old clip as you can see on the picture quality and the way people where dressing.

  • robyn wyrick

    I don’t believe any of it.

    Many people have claimed to have this new wonder invention that will change the world forever, but when has it ever really panned out?

    When have amateur dreamers ever added anything to the actual rigor of Science?

    Let’s wait for the independent report, by all means. But we know what it will tell us: the greatest Scientific minds of our generation know that Heavier than air flying machines are impossible!

    BTW: if you like that, here are some more fun ones…

    “X-rays will prove to be a hoax.”
    — Lord Kelvin, president, Royal Society, 1895

    “Radio has no future.”
    — Lord Kelvin

    “It seems as if we may also be forced to conclude that the supposed
    connexion between magnetic storms and sun-spots is unreal, and that the
    seeming agreement between periods has been a mere coincidence.”
    — Lord Kelvin, 1892

    • that is, “Zero Kelvin is impossible to achieve”?

      • robyn wyrick

        Because we can all be smart and still wrong. Heck some of us are dumb and right.

        There there are some of us luck few who get to be both 😉

        • Roger Bird

          Columbus was my favorite smart guy who was wrong, but somehow got it right for the rest of us, except for perhaps some aboriginals who are still pouting about having lost.

          • Craig Binns

            “Aboriginals pouting about having lost”. Roger, you really are quite extraordinary.

            • mark

              In Darwinian term, it makes sense but in human term, it does not make any sense

          • Garabonc

            “some aboriginals…lost?” What followed the Contact was the largest population loss in written history!

            • Roger Bird

              Barabonc, but most of that was because of the epidemic of small pox. Almost always the small pox got to the aboriginals before the Europeans. Small pox killed off 95% of them. But really, if you think that death is a bad thing, then I guess life pretty much sucks for you because, guess what? Life ALWAYS ends in death.

              • Thinksforself

                It was brutal and basically an invasion and ongoing war. Disease killed many but many were infected on purpose. Infected blankets were traded to them for trinkets in return. The buffalo were slaughtered to cut off their food supply. It was total genocide at times, soldiers killed men, women and children a like on occasion.

                But that has happened all over the world many times over, I’ll grant you. And it was no fault of Columbus.

          • Roger Bird

            Well, everyone has their little sins. Mine might be callousness, Columbus was a murderer, and many (not all) modern American aboriginals are pouting and playing the victim card.

  • georgehants

    Simulations uncover obstacle to harnessing laser-driven fusion
    Under realistic conditions, hollow cones fail to guide energetic electrons to fuel
    Chris Orban, Ph.D., is a researcher of the High Energy Density Physics research group at The Ohio State University and served as the lead theorist on this project.
    A once-promising approach for using next-generation, ultra-intense lasers to help deliver commercially viable fusion energy has been brought into serious question by new experimental results and first-of-a-kind simulations of laser-plasma interaction.

    • GreenWin

      Time to rethink cold fusion guys?

  • Torbjörn

    Translated by Google: “Thermography is strange – there’s a definite edge and the hot part is thin.
    They cut across the top of the third picture, the one where you could see the device under test.”

    • robiD

      It means nothing, because you have to know when that picture has been taken. It might be 2 minutes after the start instead of 5 hours.
      The (relatively) low temperature of about 500°C suggests a first stage of functioning or a cooling down phase.

  • Allen Gage

    If Rossi’s E-cat actually produces useful amounts of excess energy, the whole issue could have been easily settled when it was first announced. I’ve posted it several times, but get no response from the Rossi supporter camp. It’s as simple as melting a couple of garbge pails of crushed ice and a cheap watch, a bathroom scale, and a couple of plastic pails. The question the world wants answered is not anything precise about COP or speculations about arcane operaional principles or when commercial products will be available or of what economic impact a virtually unlimited supply of cheap energy might have upon humanity.

    It’s as simple as whether the gadget can melt a couple of garbage pails of cracked ice significanly faster than one would expect according to presently prevailing models of physics. I haven’t heard about any LENR device melting a couple of gabage pails of cracked ice. Please let us all know when that happens.

    • Luca Salvarani

      Dear Allen

      You don’t understand a very simple thing: Rossi didn’t want to prove his technology at the beginning, just spread the news to find partners and help the development of his technology. Now he wants to prove because he’s ready for the market and must obtain important certifications and patents so he heve to do this.. Now is much more difficult stopping him on the contrary at the beginning he was much more vulnerable.

    • Ransompw

      Rossi camp supporter or not, what are you saying? Because your preferred test of melting a couple of garbage can pails of cracked ice hasn’t been done, Rossi’s Ecat DOESN’T produce useful amounts of excess energy? If that is your point, know wonder No one bothers to answer you.

      • GreenWin

        Fascinating to watch the twists and turns attempted by denialists.

        • Leo Kaas

          I agree GreenWin, first they ask for 3rd party confirmation. Now that is about to be published, they want to melt some ice. COP isn’t important? Wow!

        • FlanOBrien

          Dear Greenwin
          Your comments are always interesting, informative and amusing or a combination thereof.
          I am sure you know that calling people names detracts very badly from any discussion. 🙂

          Rossi could still yet pull a rabbit out of the hat. I have not seen any comment in this thread to deny that.

          • GreenWin

            Denial in the face of copious evidence makes a “denialist.” Taken from the AGW Playbook, Revision 4B. 🙂

      • FlanOBrien

        The idea of an ecat scam was raised not by Allen Gage but by you. Why fit of pique?

        The contortions of supporters to maintain Rossi’s saint status is amusing.

        Allen Gage has a very relevant point. The response:

        “Rossi didn’t want to prove his technology at the beginning, just spread the news to find partners and help the development of his technology.”

        Then why did he put on demonstrations to prove his technology? Why did he screw up simple COP arithmetic trying to prove his technology to Krivit?

        “Now he wants to prove because he’s ready for the market and must obtain important certifications and patents so he heve to do this.. Now is much more difficult stopping him on the contrary at the beginning he was much more vulnerable.”

        If he is ready for market, the devices need handing over to certification authorities. Putting on a show will only detract from the certification process because certificators are independent auditors who will dismiss third party opinion.

        Other LENR patent applications have been passed (Piantelli,Miley) without any device showmanship. All that is needed is a properly written application.

        Vulnerable to what?
        (second attempt at getting past moderation)

        • GreenWin

          “Putting on a show will only detract from the certification process because certificators are independent auditors who will dismiss third party opinion.”

          So, we are now to assume independent third parties verifying lack of harmful radiation, over-unity output, COP 6+, etc. is dismissible by certificators because… it challenges their authority, manhood, self-esteem? Making “certification” an utter farce.