Rossi Reports Tests Concluded, Results Positive [Updated]

This comment just in from Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics.


This sets up a new level of anticipation for sure. We of course have only Rossi’s word for this, but it would not make sense for him to make such a comment if the results turn out to be negative. This is the first time he has mentioned a new kind of two-stage hot cat reactor which apparently feeds upon itself somehow (not clear in this description). In a separate comment on the JONP, he says that this is a 1 kW reactor — not sure if that is a typo, since previously he has been discussing 10 kW. Rossi mentions that three reactors were provided to the testers.

Now we must wait. Hopefully his estimate of an April publication will be accurate. A positive report should be a tremendous boost to the cause of the E-Cat, and to the field of cold fusion in general. It will be interesting to see if a scientific report will capture the attention of a world that could undoubtably benefit from a new and improved source of energy.

UPDATE: Rossi reports that one of the testers told him: “What we have seen is too important, must absolutely be published”. Also, in reference to the new design of the hot cat, he states: “Basically, we have no more a reactor or a cluster of reactors, but each reactor is coupled with an activator: let’s make this model: the activator is the Mouse, which makes the Cat run. The Mouse has his own COP which is more than 1, the Cat is a surprise.”

  • Chris I

    Great news!

    The only thing I don’t get is: If they haven’t yet elaborated the data, how are they drawing conclusions as strong as “BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT”? Strikes me a bit odd.

  • Leonard Weinstein

    I do not know for sure the outcome of Rossie’s systems, but regardless of the outcome, I think most of the comments posted here show they do not understand the point that what they think or accept do not matter in the least. If the process works to the point where an industrial version is eventually made, it will be made whatever you think. Rossi did initial funding himself, and if now industrial or governmental partners are now on board, it is because THEY are convinced the product works as desired. The ego of such as Roger Bird and others that say such as “if there is no third party, independent results reported after that, I won’t really want to hear about Rossi anymore. I will disown him if this is more hot air” is just proof of their being convinced their opinion is important.

    • Roger Bird

      Leonard Weinstein, I am humbly corrected. My opinion does not matter whatsoever. However, I do not wish to look like the fool (there goes my ego again) and I will simply lose interest in him.

      • Rockyspoon

        Having been involved in several bleeding-edge ventures myself, I can say that it takes more time and effort than originally planned–it always does.

        I suggest giving Rossi some elbow room and cut him some slack. Don’t take him too seriously because he’s a busy guy that’s probably overworked and under life-crushing pressure. On the other hand, riding a wave the size he’s (hopefully) caught would be an exhilirating, once-in-a-lifetime experience, too.

        So take it a day, a week, or even a month at a time. Maybe Rossi’s all hat and no cattle, and if so, there’s easier ways to do a swindle. Maybe he’s onto something earth-shattering. Either way, don’t go away. Just know Rossi will either be considered a saint or sinner, or some combination of both.

        But then, aren’t we all?

  • Dra

    Sooner or later he will realise the elastic limit of human suspension of disbelief I believe he has just about reached it. Even the most delusional optimist must now be realising something is amiss. We all wanted to believe the man with a dodgy looking past.

    • captain kirk

      Oh no, not another denalist flatearth buffoon!

    • Alex

      Dra, if it does not cost you anything to believe, is it not all the same in the end? Belief or not. Please leave the propaganda to the facts, each person has their own views on this.

    • Stephen

      No sorry I think there is no elastic limit to human suspension of disbelief, or “faith”, if you want. I think there are many nice examples around, in religion, politics, etc, etc. They say neurons in human brain can form more connections than the number of atoms existing in the universe. I am sure there is enough “space” to find a way to believe in AR forever, in spite of any positive or negative evidence… 🙂

      Anyway, I guess you don’t believe in AR endeavour and you have a convinced follower here 🙂 … however to be very honest it’s basically impossible to say anything about AR as he’s basically just talking or providing fact through uncomplete/unverified experiments, secrect costumers, secret third parties, etc. All this for over two years. There are things that cannot be proved wrong (nor right). This is enough for some people (like me and you, I guess) for filing the thing under the BS drawer… but to be very honest I think one cannot draw any rational and reliable conclusion on this story.

      PS for the believers… sure, maybe in few days it will all be proved right. Believe it or not, that will make me happy. However, I won’t surely lose my sleep waiting for it…

    • Roger Bird

      I am not of Dra’s thinking. I am just sick and tired of “Rossi says”.

  • Stephen

    “We of course have only Rossi’s word for this”. I agree with you.

    “it would not make sense for him to make such a comment if the results turn out to be negative”… I don’t agree with this kind of reverse-engineering of AR’s statements.

    For instance you are assuming results from a reliable/existing third party are coming, for real. Once (if ever) there is a real report, from real persons, it will be possible to discuss about all this. Before that, I think it’s hard to draw any conclusion.

    Don’t get me wrong: I hope this technology really works and will be confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt. It would be great. However, we’re not there. We still just have AR’s word, as usual.

  • clovis

    hello, everyone,
    well, all i can say is, wow,all my dreams come true,thank you Dr. Rossi for your staying power, i so proud of you.

  • Til hamingu með þetta afrek.

    Til lykke med din bedrift.

    Congratulation with your achievement.

    We are some here in Iceland that have been following you and your web news for the last 3 year and we have always believed in you.

    Með kveðju frá Íslandi
    Regard for Iceland.

    Friðrik Hansen Guðmundsson

    • Obamot

      What “achievement”? Nothing is “achieved” until it is.

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    Well, I agree with most posters here. This is sort of a make or break deal for Rossi. If the report will be severely delayed or turns out to be nothing special he will probably loose a lot of believers. I can understand why he appeared to be so nervous about this report seeing as it is so important for his credibility.

    Personally I still believe in him. I really don’t see what kind of scam with the e-cat would benefit him so for me the simplest explanation is usually the right explanation which in my case says he’s got the goods. Have been getting awfully tired of waiting for some really good news the last couple of months though.

    It shouldn’t surprise that he now has a cascaded e-cat system (if I understand this correctly). That is the holy grail apparently: a little e-cat feeding a bigger e-cat so your energy requirement for the e-cat is only the little e-cat. You still don’t have a closed loop, which is not allowed for fear of a self feeding runaway reaction. If I had to guess, the little e-cat only produces the heat (not electricity) for the normal e-cat. As others have said that would give you a tremendous COP. His new partner probably has been adding enormously to the development process.

    Should this all be true, then in hindsight you could say up to now, Rossi made all the right choices.

    • h_corey

      Why can’t the Mouse be an unshielded version of the E-Cat lodged in the center of the bigger vessel? Gammas/heat from the first reaction propagate outwards into the second. The larger reaction is shielded and and all the residual gammas are thermalized.

      • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

        Could well be. I am just guessing as we probably all do. Hope to learn some specifics soon.

  • Shane D.

    So much has happened it is easy to forget that this will be the second report on the Hot-Cat:

    In this first report last summer the reported COP was 2.2… similiar to Brillouins. Not the 6 COP of the Warm-Cat. It will be interesting to see how this coming report compares.

    • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

      I thought the (revised) COP of that report was between 11 and 30. Anybody can confirm or deny?

  • Barry

    Is this realy it???

    • Andre Blum


      • Gerrit

        definitely maybe

    • Preston

      Yes, it sounds pretty good.

      But, I’d like to point out, all that is being claimed is proof of the effect. They could have issues with control, with manufacturing, with reliability, or any number of issues that need to be worked out before a product can ship. I could still be months or even years before reactors ship in high volume,

  • artefact
  • artefact
  • Björn

    Great news! Now se will soon know if the Cat is dead or alive. Unless of course its Schrödingers Cat 🙂

    • Barry

      Heh heh

    • LilyLover

      Even if it’s Schrödingers Cat.

      After beeing seen, the Schrödinger’s Cat loses that specialty!!

  • Lukedc

    I am truly looking forward to this as a realisation of two years of nail biting hope.
    But there is one thing that I’m still really concerned about. If Rossi is partnered now with a serious industrial entity, how will it affect the the small time players that Rossi signed deals with??
    If it is a big energy player such as Siemens, they will have total and utter control of industrial process. There will be no place for the Roger Greens of this world in the old regional licence scheme that Rossi put in place.

    • Omega Z


      Rossi stated after announcing the New Partnership, that Previous regional license agreements are still in force. They will not be cut off.

  • Linda

    If this is true, and the report is indisputable, we will wake up one morning next month in a new Atomic Age, the Age of LENR.

    After more than a year, I am going to permit myself to hope again.


  • Paul C

    Great news now when is this going to roll out officially, Rossi I’m sure is elated, also there are others like New Energy that better start sweating bullets when they present them with the libel lawsuit that will be a joy )

  • Iggy Dalrym ple

    U.S. Natural Gas Fund (UNG) ETF down 4% today.

    • Roger Bird

      Iggy, with respect, I think you are I Chinging it. It is too early. If all energy stocks start going south after this report is (supposed to be) reported, then I will believe it.

      • Omega Z


        I suspect when this hits MSM- There will be a drop in Energy stock prices & Fossil fuels, but only temporarily.

        Then they will Recover as Reality sets in. It will take decades before the real results pay off. Much more gradual then many think.

        It all boils down to economics. Also the need for other technology advances. There’s also a tipping point where the new technology itself will slow the transition.

        Just a simple example: An Electric car charged by an E-cat system is more then competitive to $4 a gallon of Gas, but do to reduced Gas demand, that gas is now only a dollar. The Urgency to Transition to an Electric car fades.

        This effect will be felt across all economic lines.

        • Rockyspoon

          True, but what oil company will be producing gasoline at a buck a gallon when they lose money on each gallon? They’ve paid for those oil reserves at a price much higher than that, and won’t start dumping just because they want to slow the transition to a LENR paradigm. Besides, it would be a waste to use an electric car because they’re expensive, short-ranged, and hazardous. Better to install several E-cats hooked up to a steam engine (Cyclone Power is an example), and re-fuel every 6 months or more rather than every 6 hours for an electric car. A Cyclone E-Cat Ford/Chevy/etc. would be far less expensive to own and operate than a Volt w/ E-Cat charger. Take the power source with the car–no emissions, no problem.

          • steve savage

            They go broke … of course they will attempt to keep prices artificially high as long as they can (there are many vested in that scenario.. it is a long term losing bet) .. The process is under way .. Cuts in refining capacity will be common .. No one will ever invest in a new refinery again .. other than basic maintenance. Refining will become less expensive, all the inputs will be less except for plant and equip which could easily rise by factor of 10.

            Very difficult to trace all the disruption… no way to plan for it .. It will be Mostly Good Messy and quite some bad messy as well..

            Think the powers that be are ignoring all this?, think again. They read all the blogs and have hooks into all the info and are planning their path through it just as we all are .. They may possibly have some advantages in access over us..

            Looking forward to seeing it all play out 🙂

  • Sanjeev

    It looks like he replaced the heating source of the hot cat with another smaller Ecat. Which means the COP will be very very high.

    Its only a matter of technique now and more such cascading arrangements can be invented, so that there is a milliwatt powered “Mouse” at one end and a MW of heat at the another.

    I’ve very high hopes from this report and I hope its not a repeat of previous third party report which was by unknown people and Rossi’s own friends and had so many errors as if written by a school kid.

    Of course there will be people who will say show me this or that then I will believe but when more names are added to a claim it becomes heavier, if not obviously true.

    In last couple of years, many more websites have started covering lenr (as I can guess by the daily google alerts I get), so this report will have a wider reach, even if it gets ignored by mass media. All we need is a clear report and named people.

    • The “Ivy Mike” of cold fusion devices, staged design.

    • SolarSurfer

      I remember that the cascading in order to reach higher COPs has been discussed ad nauseam here and on JONP and the conclusion has always been that Rossi rejected this pretty obvious idea (for safety reasons, if I remember correctly). So if he now DOES cascade he must have changed something else, too.

      • Sanjeev

        Perhaps here is where the big American partner comes in the scene. They engineered it.
        Once there is heat, its all trivial engineering.

        • captain

          The Babcock & Wilcox co. – it’s their job, after all, to produce energy.

          And now with the extremely positive results certified by a dozen of professors/inspectors…

      • Omega Z


        It’s a matter of How the Question is asked.
        Can you Run the E-cat off of it’s own Energy Production.
        Technically Yes.. In Reality No for safety reasons.

        This applies to all Energy Production. Coal, Gas, Nuclear, Etc… Should the System Fail, you no longer have control over the System.

        In General, this is not a problem with existing Systems as their all tied into the Grid. If Your System stops producing, you still have power from the Grid.

        The Problem can also be circumvented by a Large Battery Backup or Self Starting Generator for emergencies.
        But to Run an E-cat or most any other system off of it’s self isn’t recommended. Especially if it introduces possible safety Issues.

    • Rene Vega

      I’ve always wondered why there was such strong negative feedback in his system, and have suspected that some kind of gamma pumping is involved. So, perhaps the mouse is a tiny e-cat that activates with a small amount of heat and then the copious gamma flux activates the larger hot cat. Assuming the hot cat is designed to have built-in low Q (meaning lots of negative feedback), the mouse can be used to modulate the much larger energy flux. This is a guess, but wow, such levels of controls and high COP are the making for amazingly safe high power. Am hopeful, though quite worried this tech is not going to reach domestic use in a very long time.

      • Indeed, it is a possibility, doesn’t sound implausible. Another possibility might be that the mouse runs hotter than the cat.

  • Roger Bird

    It does seem beyond belief that Rossi would make these statements and they not be true. So, I am going to say 85% positive, 14% hot air, and 1% negative. Who wants to bet, 2 to 1?

  • georgehants

    From the Website NewsNow that shows hundreds of scientific reports as they happen, today as usual the top story is an irrelevant occurrence.
    Maybe Mr. Rossi has not shown total conformation, but compared with the daily reports from science showing that Farting increases Global Warming etc. one might think it would deserve a mention.
    Daily Mirror
    By Martin Newman
    Whisky created from space experiment is named best in the world

    • Whoops – I just added 1 x 10(-8) deg. C to the average global temperature. It’s all the excitement. Sorry.

  • john

    Im tired of Mr. Rossie. It seems like this is a never ending saga. Test and more test. What is wrong with one test by renound professors? Why not do one test and publish the results?

    • Rio

      Funny…this is supposedly good news and Rossi still gets bashed.

      • It’s mainly a matter of looking at who by.

      • Jess

        I have no faith in this “test”. If he is for real — if he’s not a scammer — maybe we’ll find out this year.

    • Methusela

      What’s the hurry? He has given himself a finite timescale.

    • Roger Bird

      John, I think that you are one of these people who are good with numbers and analysis and not so good understanding people. I also was dismayed at Rossi’s hot air month after month. But this is different. This is either the end of Rossi, or the end of the old energy economy as we know it.

    • Peter Poulsen

      “What’s the hurry? He has given himself a finite timescale.”
      He have given himself a finite timescale before and then broken it.

      “This is either the end of Rossi, or the end of the old energy economy as we know it.”
      A statement made several times on this board.

      Personally im not popping the champagne until we have real 3rd party proof that the ECat works, and here im not talking about some unknown person from a organisation noone knows about. It needs to come from respected sources.

      This is offcourse interresting news, but i have read so many “rossi says” statements that i wont take anything for granted unless he shows some proof.
      Infact dont be surprised if something will happen in the next 3 weeks which will delay the whole thing. The most obvious statement would be “additional tests have to be made, to confirm the results. Therefore we have to delay the publication 2 months…”

      • Bruno

        Agreed. Until it emerges from the realm of “Rossi says” and takes the form of an unbiased 3rd party report by real people with real reputations for technical competence, I’ll keep my champagne corked. It will be cool as hell if it turns out to be the real deal. I signed up for the home E-CAT over a year ago and would be tickled pink if I could buy one in a couple of years.

      • V.p.S.

        The whole process of independent tests was so far rather disappointing in terms of several delays, but still, unless you follow this story with a general precept of scepticism, everything was plausible and consistent. So we were getting more and more disappointed, but have not lost our belief.
        What Roger means by “This is either the end of Rossi, or the end of the old energy economy as we know it.”, the last hold for the belief which Rossi gave us by these news, will break even for the hard core believers in Rossi, if no publication will be seen in the next couple of months. If an expert on the test team says: “must absolutely be published” – there will be no excuse for not doing it so.

        • GreenWin

          Unless the “publisher” is ordered NOT to publish. Anything can be suppressed by simple order. Witness “Report 41.”

          • V.p.S.

            If “publisher” will be ordered not to publish, there is still left what Rossi promised – release the report on the internet. This is for me equivalent to publishing in some magazine.

  • georgehants

    Mr. Rossi dares to defy the gods.
    Including the gods of the scientific establishment.
    Andrea Rossi
    March 25th, 2013 at 10:58 AM
    Dear Carloluna:
    Gotta problems with the liver… Can you hunt the nasty bird ?

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Are you ready for the LENR Spring? Markets are going to go crazy. I am putting most of my LENR money into GE. Where are you investing?

    • Roger Bird

      I think that GE is a good bet. But I ain’t putting my money in anything yet. When the report comes out, it will still be months before most people even have a clue. If I actually had any money, I would place my bet when the report comes out.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Just caught KOLD. US NatGas down 4% today.

      • Thinksforself

        Was a warm winter. Nothing to see here.

  • Tommy Trouble

    Congratulations to Mr. Rossi! A world changing event of stupendous proportion!

  • Tommy Trouble

    Congratulations to Mr. Rossi

  • Fyodor

    Wow! The man who has been claiming for two years that he has a magic heat box has declared that anonymous “professors” agree that he has a magic heat box that are confirmed by tests no one has seen and written in a report that only he knows about! Incredible!

    If someone didn’t believe before this isn’t changing anything. Remember when Rossi said that the report would be published in September/October?We’ve now moved from that to absolutely no date for his fictional report. Backwards progress!

    • Ransompw


      Your comment is pointless. Obviously, Rossi’s announcemnt is simply a Rossi says and won’t change anything by itself. However, an independent third party report by mid April will change minds if it is positive. An independent third party report by mid April will change minds if it is negative. And just as important another missed deadline (no independent report forthcoming by the middle of April) will chnage minds. Your post above smacks of someone who has made up his mind and is predicting a black and white future. If so I assume you would consider a change of heart if a third party report is actually published.

      • Hal

        I really hope for Andrea Rossi the results are soon, his patent application already extended I believe expires april 20th.
        Also it could be the latest set of tests were requested by Andrea Rossi because of his new reactor arrangement

    • Roger Bird

      Fyodor, I guess you are another autistic savant who is excellent with understanding numbers and terrible with understanding people. So I will translate it for you. There is a date: mid-April. By the end of April, either Rossi becomes a footnote in history as a prankster supreme, or else the human race changes dramatically for the better.

      • Bruno

        I hope that you’re right, Roger Bird. By the end of April we might not have any report at all and we’ll be told that it was delayed. All that being said, I think that the end of the road will be within the next 3 months. By then we’ll either have no report (in which case I’ll assume that the test was all hot air and never happened), or we’ll have an amateurish but positive report that proves nothing (in which case I’ll assume that Rossi engineered the whole thing), or we’ll have a negative report by competent unbiased testers (in which case Rossi’s run is over) or we’ll have a positive report by competent unbiased testers (in which case the world changes in a big way for the better). The skeptic in me says that it will be one of the 1st two scenarios, but I hope that it turns out to be the last scenario.

        • psi

          Good summary.

        • captain kirk

          A good summary…. I’m betting (80% certainty) on the last scenario

        • Bob

          There is one more scenario and I see it as being quite probable. It has been bothering me that the internal workings of the hot-cat have been partly released without even being requested. All other requests for even the slightest hint have been answered with the same answer; The internal workings of the e-cats are strictly confidential. So, considering this, what can it all mean.
          I think a report will be released and it will say there is a small effect detected. Rossi will say that the one tested was an earlier model and there has been considerable improvements in the new cascade-cat made after the one submitted for testing, and its performance is more than stunning.
          Many will soon forget the less than impressive results released in the report and there will be another 12 months or more of eager anticipation of the cascade-cat specifications and imminent release to the market.
          Since there is still no patent covering the technology I find this latest release hard to rationalise on any grounds other than to keep the show on the road in the event of a less than impressive report.
          Just my opinion but all based on precedents.

      • Dave

        Roger, haven’t you been paying attention to the Rossi Saga the past few years? All that will happen is he’ll have some excuse by mid-April to push back the date on the publication of this alleged 3rd party test. The LENR True Believers will still hold out hope and keep believing.

        • captain kirk

          Your crystal ball is obviously broken

        • Roger Bird

          Dave, there are NO true believers here. I certainly am not one. I have been following this story for 1.5 years, since early October 2011. I have often times complained about “Rossi says”. This time it is different. It is not different because we believe him any more. It is different because this time he has painted himself into a corner. It is either put up or shut up time. I believe you that he could keep pushing the publication date back and back and back. He has done that. But if he does it this time, PEOPLE WILL BE LOSING INTEREST IN DROVES. He probably knows this.

          • Rockyspoon

            And yet, his market isn’t “droves of people”, Roger. His financial backers may be happy as clams with the report but, in order to capitalize on the results and get production into gear to beat their competition, they may minimize these test results yet start building production facilities like crazy.

            They’ll be able to sell as many 1 MW industrial units as they can build and make a killing for many years to come. The rest of us will be wondering what happened, and the back-story is that we’ll not know what happened because they were secretive and minimized public fanfare. We’re all just detached spectators here with no control.

  • Robb Cundick

    I don’t see how anyone–whether skeptic or believer–cannot be excited about this. This is different than anything I have seen in the couple of years I have been visiting this site.

    The comment that Rossi has painted himself into a corner if this does not pan out is right on target. Progress will probably always be slower than we would like to see, but for me this seems to substantially reduce the probability that Rossi is a scammer.

    He has raised the stakes astronomically and his credibility surely cannot survive if the positive report does not make an appearance in the not too distant future.

    • SolarSurfer

      I don’t get that at all. Why has this raised the stakes? How could he possibly paint himself even more into a corner than the one he has been in ever since he first claimed in an official patent application that he was heating his office for years with an e-Cat?

      • Robb Cundick

        If you can’t see how saying that qualified researchers are shortly going to publish an independent report confirming that excess energy is real and that they have already expressed private enthusiasm about it raises expectations exponentially more than saying you’ve heated an office with an e-Cat then there’s not much point in my trying to explain it to you.

        • SolarSurfer

          There is no need to get rude. To me it seems like the difference between writing about tests on one’s own blog in a fairly anecdotal way and claiming something in an official patent application should be obvious enough. YMMV.

      • Roger Bird

        Because we have a limited attention span?

        • Robb Cundick

          If you have a limited attention span then you probably didn’t make it through that lo-o-o-ng sentence. ;>)

          • Roger Bird

            Which long sentence?

      • It’s because Rossi has now no exit.
        His statements before were all very weak, and he had always the possibility to excuse his statements.

        But now, this is a statement about an independent team. As he always said, it’s not under his control now what this team will say about his machine.

        This is the difference to all other “Rossi said”‘s…

      • artefact

        Focardi said into the camera “I’ve seen that heater and shown it to others”. I think it was the TED with Focardi.

    • Roger Bird

      Robb Cundick, ditto!

  • artefact

    International Business Times
    has a little post about the Rossi-news and links also to e-catworld

    In Italian:

    • georgehants

      Well found. everybody else is reporting on the latest personality scandal.

  • Great news! Once these results are published and placed side-by-side with the verifications for Randell Mills’ hydrino reactor, it will become apparent to the world that a new dawn of energy is breaking upon us. May God bless that day!

    • NJT

      Yes, I agree this is the best news to come from Mr. Rossie in some time. Let us all hope that by the end of April a “New Fire” revolution will be sweeping a world which definitely needs the help at this point in time. It may just save our civilization and this spaceship Earth we all depend on!

    • Bruno

      What verification of Randall Mill’s hydrino reactor? The Rowan University test that took place years ago? If those Rowan tests were so positive all those years ago, why are we still waiting for a real product to come out of BLP?

      • captain kirk

        My guess is that Mills was never able to adequately control the reaction… also he began thinking that the best way to commercialize was to directly produce electricity so he has spent the last 2 or 3 years trying to create a CIHT cell (catalyst induced hydrogen transition) …. a prototype producing 5 to 10 watts was reported on last May by I believe 4 scientists he hired as consultants…… the plan was to have a 100 watt cell by the end of 2012 and a 1500 watt cell by the end of 2013

        • Ash

          You do realize Mills has been trying his BLP schtick for 22 years right. He started it in 1991!

          • captain kirk

            Absolutely! But with a brilliant mind I would never count him out (I believe I read that he graduated from Harvard Medical School in record time) also has many patents to his name and Rowan University repeated the tests numerous times over a two year period and always got 1.6 to 6 cop I know, I know it must be measurement error and how about his own Grand Unified Theory?

            • captain kirk

              In fact The replication by Rowan University of Blacklight Powers Nickel Hydrogen fuel cell was the first I heard of the possibility of a nickel hydrogen anomolous heat effect. I heard about Rossi’s January demo around the middle of March two years ago and at that time thought well unlikely but maybe I’ll have to keep an eye on it now and then ……Wow, what a soap opera it’s been!

  • Gerrit

    “HAVE BEEN COMPLETED YESTERDAY.” – Rossi wrote this on March 24, thus the work was completed March 23, that is 24 years to the day of the Fleischmann-Pons press conference.

    “1- please wait the report, which will be published within 3 weeks with all the details” – within 3 weeks ? so April 10 would qualify.

    That would be great, because Fleischmann – Pons published their paper on April 10 1989 in the Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, Vol. 261, Issue 2, Part 1, p. 301-308

    Interesting idea

    • artefact

      and 24 is a reversed 42. The answer to als (energy) questions 🙂

      • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

        That made me laugh 🙂

    • Chris the 2nd

      It was also my 27th Birthday…

      • artefact

        Oh, sorry I’m late: happy birthday!

        • Chris the 2nd


          Always feels a little serendipitous when important events happen on your birthday. Until you appreciate how statistically likely it is to happen. Which is pretty much certain several times over.

          I do particularly like that this particular event could be it though. I’ve always followed cold fusion as a non-cynical skeptic because of the initial announcements proximity to my birthday (bizarre but true)and love when under dogs triumph. Still a long way to go yet though.

          • artefact

            yes, two – three weeks can be very long, hehe. No, very maybe it will take a while longer to get the wave running but I have a good feeling that your birthday this year was on a day where the ice on the glacier broke to start a big avalanche on the way down.

    • GreenWin

      Thanks Gerrit. Excellent dot-connecting.

  • Stringbustr

    it’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood !!

  • SolarSurfer

    Maybe somebody can enlighten me. What, apart from using capital letters, is the difference to the last time he said the tests finished yesterday and the results were good? That was, what… 5 months or so ago? From what I saw on rossilivecat this is still the same test, isn’t it?

    • KD

      >>>>That was, what… 5 months or so ago? From what I saw on rossilivecat this is still the same test, isn’t it?<<<<<<<

      No, it is second test done by the same team of profesors.
      Probably they didn't believed theirs eyes, what they observed. So they requested for another test.:))

      • SolarSurfer

        Forgive me for being anal, but if follow up tests count, then this is at least the fourth test.

    • Shane D.


      With Rossi don’t ever underestimate the significance of CAPITAL letters.

      LOL. OK, thats not a whole lot to go on, but interpreting the Rossisms, or “Rossi says” and trying to decipher, laying out timelines, etc. is a bit futile as it never seems to add up in the end. All it usually shows is that Rossi frequently exagerates and purposely mangles his english, or misdirects in his answers to questions when it suits his purpose.

      That said, it does seem that this is the same test since last summer. But then again, one could argue that it is different -as he did say in the beginning that the first good result was not really a test… see what I mean.

      Now back to those CAPITAL letters….

      • SolarSurfer

        I SEE

    • Roger Bird

      I don’t know about the same test, but he said that this third party, independent testing had POSITIVE results and would be published by mid-April. I will even accept the end of April. But if there is no third party, independent results reported after that, I won’t really want to hear about Rossi anymore. I will disown him if this is more hot air.