From the Archive: Eugene Mallove on Cold Fusion

I thought this video I just came across of excerpts of an interview with Eugene Mallove was worth sharing here. I’m not sure of the date, but it must have been 1991 or later as he holding a copy of his book Fire from Ice, which was published in that year.

Mallove was the chief science writer at MIT during the days when the Pons and Fleischmann cold fusion controversy hit the news and eventually resigned his position because of the way the institute dealt with the subject. He went on to become the publisher of Infinite Energy magazine. Mallove was tragically killed in 2004 as he was cleaning out a rental property of his parents.

The things he discusses here are still very relevant to the current state of affairs in cold fusion research. The things he mentions here about President Bill Clinton, and Vice President Al Gore were news to me.

  • LCD
  • georgehants

    Via Vortex
    Science and the Media
    Son of cold fusion: returns attention to low-energy nuclear reactions
    Spirited interest from two NASA scientists leads to new information about an old controversy.

    • GreenWin

      This is a lot of ink coming from a conservative publication of the American Inst. of Physics. Would they be pre-paving the way for the orthodox to slowly grasp the… gravity of LENR?

  • georgehants

    March 22nd, 2013 at 7:26 AM
    Dear Mr. Rossi,
    A Third party has certified your device as safe and reliable.
    Now, we await the certification of another Third party for the performance of the device.
    You say that the conclusions of this Third party would have no impact on the continuation of your project.
    But if the conclusions of the Third party are negative, how would you market a product which a Third party says about it that it doesn’t work ?
    Andrea Rossi
    March 22nd, 2013 at 2:26 PM
    Dear JJE:
    Yes, your comment is intelligent. This is the reason why I am very worried, because the pact we made with the Third Indipendent Party is that they will pay all their expenses and will publish the results, whatever the result. They didn’t even want we to pick up them at the airport.
    In any case, we are close to the conclusion. I do not know what will be the result, I am not participating personally to the tests and obviously I do not participate to the briefings of the professors that are working on this issue. But my Cats are good, I’m sure they are working well. In any case, should the results be negative, what will count will be only the tests made by our Customers, under a commercial point of view.
    Warm Regards,

    • georgehants

      Mr. Rossi’s reply does not have that,- it is impossible for them not to confirm them working,- kind of certainty that I would have liked to hear.
      If they work as advertised how can there be any disagreement.

      • Perhaps he knows cats better than people.

        • GreenWin

          Unsurprisingly, they tend to whine less.

    • LCD

      Obviously at face value, it clearly takes a large degree of confidence (in america we say, big cahones) to make a comment like this.

      Where that confidence comes from is another matter i.e. delusion or actual proof. I’ll say this, if it turns out that Rossi actually has nothing it will forever taint my confidence to read a situation and determine what are probable truths and what is fake.

      From another angle. He’s letting a third party play with his ecat! Somebody he’s not constantly watching. That’s having a lot of faith considering what allegedly happened with DGT.

      • NJT

        Yes indeed! +1

  • georgehants

    I think that some people on page such as Peter and GreenWin are not putting in their required 10 hours per week on the Cold Fusion keyboard.
    This is very lax, perhaps Admin could introduce some kind of fine or punishment for this dereliction of duty.

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      Maybe move them down 20 notches of the domestic E-Cat waiting list.

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        That’s cold, Iggy.

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      Hi George. My excuse is that I’ve got some editing work to finish by next week, so I shouldn’t really be on here at all. Gotta pay for those little luxuries in life (like food) somehow.

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        No excuse, food and oxygen are for losers. Red Dwarf if you ever watched that. Ha.

        • Peter Roe

          In that case I’ll fall back on a claim that what I may have lacked in quantity recently, I have more than made up in sheer scintillating quality.

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            Right. What Peter said.

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          GreenWin With you two it’s just one excuse after the other.

  • georgehants

    Thermalogic —
    Bosch to Abandon Solar Energy Business
    Fri, 03/22/2013
    The Associated Press
    Germany’s Bosch says it is abandoning its solar energy business because there’s no way to make it economically viable amid overcapacity and price pressure in the industry.
    The engineering company said Friday that it will stop making components such as solar cells and wafers at the beginning of next year. It says it will sell a plant in Venissieux, France, and is abandoning a plan to build a new plant in Malaysia.

    • HeS


      By the way I think this is the mystery bussines A.Rossi partner.
      Private company and all the profits are transferred to the Bosch foundation.

      • georgehants

        HeS, sorry, do you mean you think Bosch is Rossi’s partner.

        • Iggy Dalrymple

          Oh my gosh, it’s Bosch!

          • Peter Roe

            You’re a poet, and you – had no idea!

    • Chris the 2nd

      I wouldn’t read too much into this, it seems like it’s just China outpacing everyone in terms of production costs and cheap labour. The west can’t keep up.

      • Iggy Dalrymple

        Not even Chinese companies.

    • GreenWin

      “Things have been bad. Demand is still weak, very weak,” said a Chinese market player.

      Demand for polysilicon – which is being processed to make solar wafers, cells and modules – remains sluggish, and it has been further dampened by the increasing trade row between China and the US, as well as the EU, they said.

      As Gene Mallove pointed to 22 years ago… LENR energy density and consistency buries solar and wind (and geotherm, wave, tidal, hot fusion, fission, fossil, even… hamster power.)

      BTW, anyone surprised Algore refused to even look at CF data??

      • Iggy Dalrymple

        FatAlbert’s Saudi handlers wouldn’t allow it.

    • georgehants

      Via Vortex
      HONG KONG — It was the Icarus of the solar power industry. And, on Wednesday, it fell to earth.
      The main subsidiary of Suntech Power, one of the world’s largest makers of solar panels, collapsed into bankruptcy in a remarkable reversal for what had been part of a huge Chinese government effort to dominate renewable energy industries.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Admin…thanks for the video. Does anyone know if his killer has been found and prosecuted?

    • admin

      Hi Bernie, this from Wikipedia:

      On February 11, 2009, the State of Connecticut announced a $50,000 reward leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the murder. On April 2, 2010, the police made two arrests in connection with the murder and said that more arrests were expected. On May 22, 2011, a state prosecutor said that they were charging a third person in connection with the killing. Court testimony indicated that Mallove may have been killed by an evicted tenant who was angry about belongings being disposed of during the clearout.
      On April 20, 2012, the Norwich Bulletin stated that: “An ongoing murder trial came to an abrupt halt Friday when Chad Schaffer, of Norwich, decided to accept an offer of 16 years in prison, pleading guilty to the lesser charge of first-degree manslaughter in the 2004 beating death of Eugene Mallove.”

  • kemo sabe

    Mallove claims that the central dogma is that “you cannot have a nuclear reaction except in a high energy accelerator… 54 miles around… or perhaps in a hot fusion reactor”.

    That has never been dogma anywhere.

    Natural radioactivity surrounds us. There are nuclear reactions happening in our bodies continually.

    Perhaps he meant you can’t artificially induce nuclear reactions except in those two situations. Still wrong. Fission reactors are neither of the things he described, but they certainly involve nuclear reactions. RTGs are small devices that use nuclear reactions as power sources in satellites and space probes. That’s spontaneous decay of course, but involves an artificial concentration of an artificially produced isotope.

    Maybe he meant you can’t induce *fusion* reactions except in those two situations. Still wrong. You can buy commercial neutron sources that produce fusion reactions in palladium deuteride by bombardment with beams of deuterons or tritons. They fit on your lab bench, and are *not* 54 miles around.

    Maybe he meant you can’t get a fusion reaction to sustain itself except in those situations. Half right. The reaction is not self-sustained in an accelerator.

    I can’t think of anything he might have meant that would be completely right. That doesn’t say much for his expertise.

    • GreenWin

      Right to the ad hom attack on the deceased kemo? Anyway, with all those “nuclear sources” you point to, there should be little fear of LENR in the home and workplace.

    • Peter Roe

      Kemo, that all seems a bit ‘anally retentive’ for a brief comment made off the cuff and partially quoted out of context. Especially since in the next sentence he makes it clear that he is talking about nuclear transmutation. But perhaps your intention is simply to attempt to discredit Mallove and thereby cold fusion, which he espoused?

      • GreenWin

        Shocking, is it not?

        • Peter Roe

          I was completely flabberghasted – honest. I never for a moment suspected his intentions before.

      • kemo sabe

        I don’t get how transmutation makes the statement any more right. Fission involves transmutation. RTGs involve mainly alpha decay, which results in transmutation. Benchtop neutron generators make helium out of hydrogen, and in the body K-40 decays mainly by beta decay to Ca-40. All transmutations.

        Anyway, he called it a central dogma, without qualifications, and it was wrong, whether or not he was referring to transmutations. I thought I’d perform a public service and correct the mistake.

  • Andre Blum

    What strikes me about this video, (and a similar one you can find by the title ‘Cold Fusion – Free Energy’), is that only by video quality and out of fashion beards you can see that these are from a while back (1990’s?).

    Arguments are all very familiar. These two videos already have the ‘evidence is now mounting, it can no longer be ignored’ and ‘we now have entered the phase where this is getting practical’ messages, that give the impression that it is all unstoppable and practical devices will be there real soon now.

    So a bitter lesson to learn from this is: don’t hold your breath. It could still take a while.

    I don’t care. I think we will get there, eventually.

    • Yes that is sad and amazing that the evidence, that Gerisher, previously skeptical, found sufficient, were still not enough in 97 (when CEA in Grenoble validated F&P experiments), neither in 2005 when uni Tsinghua validated Fraclick&al, then 2008 for NASA GRC… SPAWAR, ENEA, …

      In fact it is impossible , IMPOSSIBLE, NO NO NEVER, to convince that LENR is reality, like it is impossible to convince a Catholic priest that the Virgin was not a virgin.

      So effort to build good experiments is WORTHLESS.
      When papers are not rejected, when peer-review is not manipulated, the paper are simple ignored, dismissed by Ad Hominem reasons, if not by recursive reasoning.

      NO HOPE.

      The hope came simply from industrial application. this is the needed change that will allow science to accept LENR. because if it is industrial, there will be funding, and scientist in the real world prove what they are paid for, not necessarily the reality… even scientists need food. Where there is a budget, ther will be many scientists confirming the reality of what is funded (any similarity with others affairs is not a mistake).

      So yes, now LENR WILL BE ACCEPTED… only if it work industrially, and after it is used industrially, and have allowed a company to make money and thus propose funding.

      Thus we could say that science will be, AS USUAL, WORTHLESS for real disruptive innovation…

      Nicolas Taleb explain that in “anti-fragile”.

      • Andre Blum

        I think you have a point.
        Rossi’s approach may be a very good one.

      • Peter Roe

        All correct, sadly. Rossi obviously had the measure of the upper reaches of the adademic community from the outset and because of this, I was slightly surprised when he announced that his device would be tested by some academics, with the intention of publishing a peer-reviewed paper. It seems probable that this process was in fact instigated by the new owners of the IP (maybe over Rossi’s objections) and may yet turn out to be a mistake.

  • John-64

    Fire from ice was published in 1991, according to his Wikipedia webpage.

    • admin

      Thanks, John — I have corrected this. Amazon says 1999, but that seems to have been a newer printing/

      • clovis

        Thank Frank, for the video, i haven’t seen that one, i am sure he will go down in history as an lenr hero.

        • Barry

          +1 Too bad he isn’t still around as a Cold Fusion force to be reckoned with.