Rossi: Lack of Funding No Problem

It’s been over two years since Rossi and Focardi came forward with their claims about the E-Cat, and we’re still waiting for a commercial product to show up on the market. While some are eagerly or anxiously waiting for more evidence of this technology, there are some who have given up, and concluded that the whole story is a big lie, and Andrea Rossi is just in it for the money. A couple of questions have come up on the JONP about funding and Rossi’s answers are interesting.

Q. Many LENR researchers are having funding problems. Are you and your research and/or your E-Cat development program being hindered in any way because of lack of funding?

A. We never worked upon funding, our strategy has always been based upon making working plants with our own money and get the funding from the payments of the Customers. This has always been our policy, because I believe in my work.

Q. In my previous question I was referring to available money from any source. Is your research or E-Cat development hindered in any way because of the lack of money?

A. No, it is not.

If Rossi is not hurting for funds, what does that mean? My best guess is that there is a big company now backing the E-Cat who are doing so because they have seen that he has a working product.

No details of this relationship have been revealed it’s interesting to me that so far no one who has done business with Rossi to this point has stepped forward publicly and said that he has defrauded them, or done anything that is financially underhanded. This brings up the question — if Rossi is just a scammer, what’s the scam?

  • Jacob

    Actually I was going to buy a conventional Gas hater to my house, but now I cancelled the plan, waiting for a E-Cat reactor.

    • Paolo

      I suggest you to be short on oil and bet on its fall. When the third party report on E-Cat will be published, it will hit the financial market like an earthquake.

      • Claes

        Hardly – that will take something more unless it’s endorsed by very heavy names or published in something like Nature, Science or PNAS – which I doubt. Otherwise it’s a longer process.

    • Mattias

      Why a gas hater? How about a gas lover instead?

      • Invy

        That way you can both enjoy the Dutch oven.

    • Omega Z


      If your talking about a high efficiency 95%plus heating system, I would suggest going ahead with it. Within 4 or 5 years it will pay for itself in savings.

      Most probably it will be that long before a home E-cat is available. That’s just the way the market works.

      • Jacob

        So, I understand that e-cat will not be available for house applications before 5 years ahead.

    • huilin

      I have asked Rossi about the marketing time of his household e-cat heater. However, he just gave me a vague answer—all depend on the certificate…

  • Gordon Docherty

    To put this in context, the go-ahead has just been given to build Hinkley Point C in the UK to power up to 5 million homes – and the cost, £1,000,000,000 ($1,500,000,000) spent so far on preparing the site, £14,000,000,000 ($21,000,000,000) to actually build. Now, the money is supposed to come from private investors, but they will only invest if the company concerned is successful in pushing the UK government to guarantee a £90-95 / megawatt hour wholesale price for the electricity produced – double what it costs now – with the reactor is expected to operate for 60 years. Added to this staggeringly expensive picture is that fact that Uranium fission reactors have always gone over-budget when built and have often suffered much longer than predicted “maintenance downtimes” when no electricity was produced – the problem of having one, giant reactor. It will also take 10-15 years to build, so “no power before then chaps”. Finally, this reactor is capable of meeting just 10% of current demand here in the UK: for a fully Uranium future, it would take 10 or more of these reactors – total estimated cost: over £200,000,000 ($300,000,000). Ah, well, it’s only money.

    As they say, it’s a mad,mad,mad,mad world indeed!

    • Gordon Docherty

      Of course,

      “double what it costs now – with the reactor is expected to operate for 60 years. Added to this staggeringly expensive picture is that fact that Uranium fission reactors have always gone over-budget”

      should read

      “double what it costs now – with the reactor expected to operate for 60 years. Added to this staggeringly expensive picture is the fact that Uranium fission reactors have always gone over-budget”

  • georgehants

    The British government has insisted that bloggers and posts on social media would not be caught by a new system of press regulation, but campaigners warned the new rules could be open to interpretation.
    Read more at:

  • Sergio

    The title of this post is misleading. It implies that Rossi is out of funds.

  • georgehants

    Daily Grail
    An update to last week’s post about TED’s removal (from YouTube) of talks by Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake: after a weekend of being slammed for both the removal of the videos, and the manner in which they handled it (ie. making up complaints about the talks), TED have edited the page to include a blistering response from Rupert Sheldrake, and retracted the comments originally made (by striking through the text, rather than simply deleting the text). They have also issued a follow-up response to the controversy, which will be clarified further in the next day.

    • Gerrit

      you can’t make this stuff up.

      TED is a douchebag

    • Peter_Roe

      Oh dear – it doesn’t seem to be quite as easy as it used to be for the guardians of the status quo to censor ideas they don’t like.

      I like the comment by ’emlong’ – “it is a sign that we haven’t all permanently gone to sleep yet”. People are increasingly on their guard as the internet continues to expose mainstream manipulation.

  • Roger Bird

    It is entirely possible that Rossi’s no lack of funding is why other LENR developers are having trouble getting funding. If Rossi has plenty of funding and his operation is more advanced than everyone else’s, then there is a good chance that investors are scared away from other LENR investments, and they should be. Rossi could be winning and we can’t even tell, except to take his word for it.

  • Ash

    Rossi sold licenses to several companies, and according to Roger Greens leaked emails they were at least $100,000 each.

    It’s not truthful for him to say he has never taken funding in that case.

    • Roger Bird

      I don’t recall that he said that he has never taken funding. I think that he said that it was not a problem. Correct me if I am wrong; show me.

    • Redford

      If that’s so that isn’t funding. It’s called income. Buying licenses doesn’t buy shares.

      I think it’s simple really. Rossi has money, had invested, sold one or two plant and a few licenses maybe and he is sitting on something that’s efficiently self funded. Well, if he’s not a scam. Because else some payers at least would become vocal about it if nothing comes that they had paid for.

  • Roc Joco
  • Sanjeev

    What happened to the report?
    March is ending.

    • Roger Bird

      Even I am not that impatient. March is not ending. It is 61% over.

      • Gerrit

        The month is half empty

  • robyn wyrick

    I have put a lot of thought into this question, and I think I have an answer: the scam is clear if you understand the target – Greece.

    Hear me out: Rossi has many rivalries with Greece, (Defkalion, not the least) and have you noticed that, since Rossi began claiming he had the E-Cat, the Greek economy has fallen into the gutter?

    But why, you might ask, all this intrigue just to attack Greece?

    The answer is found if you scramble “Rossi ECat” — “I Socrates”.

    It’s cross-dimensional-revenge from 400 BCE!

    (have you ever noticed how you can’t find a picture of Rossi *with* Socrates?)

    • robyn wyrick

      (But now that I think about it, “Rossi ECat” also scrambles into “A Secs Riot”, and I really don’t know what game he’s playing if that’s it.)

      • georgehants

        If you can find any word to do with Rossi that goes to Hemlock I will think you have cracked it. Ha.

        • robyn wyrick

          Well, if you do “Water Hemlock” you can get “E-Cat Helm Work”. Yeah…… I got nothing.


    • Robyn,

      What about “erotic ass”?

      You are surely not from the “stoic era”. If the “coat rises” and “costs arise” i will vouch for “riot cases”.

      You are onto something!


    • Barry

      I think your on to something Robyn. A code has been cracked. When Rossi’s partner asked him what would happen to the company car If he goes bankrupt he replied “If I do car goes” Sergio Forcardi.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Socrates or SocraTease?

      • georgehants

        Ha. like that. 🙂

    • Mattias

      Excellent comments! 😀

  • Felis Fervens

    What is the Invention Secrecy Act?
    How could it effect Rossi?

    Might be a good topic for an E-CatWorld article.

    …a body of United States federal law designed to prevent disclosure of new inventions and technologies that, in the opinion of selected federal agencies, present a possible threat to the national security or economic stability of the United States.

    A secrecy order bars the award of a patent, orders that the invention be kept secret, restricts the filing of foreign patents, and specifies procedures to prevent disclosure of ideas contained in the application. The only way an inventor can avoid the risk of such imposed secrecy is to forgo patent protection.

    The types of inventions classified under this Act are themselves secret, but most of the inventions which are now no longer secret but once were secret have been in areas with high military significance, such as cryptography and weapons development.

    source, what is usually the dysinfo mouthpiece for anything controversial of your controlled media:

    • Omega Z

      Felis Fervens

      The U.S. Government can Classify something secret regardless of whether you apply for a patent or not if they become aware of it.

      From what I’ve found on the subject sometime ago:

      If the Government Uses it in some manor, They will compensate you- From what I read, a Fair Value per their use, But Not what you may have earned from actually marketing it.

      I’ve seen nothing about Compensation if they should just sit on it & not using it.

      Once your informed it’s being classified, your not allowed to disclose any info about it. Your subject to Espionage rules from that point on.

      That Said: I don’t think LENR would fall under this Secrecy Classification. Simply because so much Information has already been publicly disclosed. Basically anything you classified will probably be discovered by many others in short order. It’s To Late. To much is already known.

      Supposedly the U.S. Government considered Classifying Certain Nano Technology a decade ago & decided not to for this reason. To much was already disclosed.

      The Government usually only Classifies something if it gives them a decade or more edge over the opposition. Just a couple years is to much inconvenience to bother. Most Of The Time…

  • georgehants

    Andrea Rossi
    March 19th, 2013 at 2:19 PM
    Dear Josh Greene:
    The gamma rays do not exit from the reactors, as all the measurements made during hundreds of tests have given evidence for. The photons are turned into heat, therefore there are not long term effects, as well as there are not short term and middle term effects. By the way, the third party indipendent test in course is dealing throughly also with this item.
    Warm Regards,

  • Rossi did say there was a 3 month delivery time but that was over a
    year ago.

    • John-64

      Maybe it got mis-delivered? Maybe there is an e-cat sitting in an empty field at 13245 Anywhere St, whereas it should be at 12345 Anywhere st?

      You can’t tell me that this has never happened.

  • georgehants

    After 70 years science is still not clear that the Mind can effect our reality.
    One day!
    Science and technology news Home Nanotechnology Physics Space & Earth Electronics Technology Chemistry Biology Medicine & Health Other Sciences General Physics Condensed Matter Optics & Photonics Superconductivity Plasma Physics Soft Matter Quantum Physics Researchers suggest one can affect an atom’s spin by adjusting the way it is measured March 18, 2013 Causing collapse Enlarge All spin directions (represented by the spheres) collapse on one or the opposite direction depending on the measured photon polarization One of the most basic laws of quantum mechanics is that a system can be in more than one state – it can exist in multiple realities – at once. This phenomenon, known as the superposition principle, exists only so long as the system is not observed or measured in any way. As soon as such a system is measured, its superposition collapses into a single state. Thus, we, who are constantly observing and measuring, experience the world around us as existing in a single reality.
    Read more at:

    • Jim

      William Tiller, Professor Emeritus and former Chairman of the Materials Science Department of Stanford University, sells a test kit that he purports will demonstrate through physical measurement that mind DOES effect matter.

      • GreenWin

        And leading the WOO-parade is Fredrik Haraldsen, U Miami Philosophy prof running the Encyclopedia of American Loons – a compendium of rational thinkers in the eyes of a cry-by-night bonafide loon. Bill Tiller is #388.

    • Jim

      And while we’re leaning woo…

  • georgehants

    From Skeptoid
    LENR: A bright future? Part 2
    Posted on March 19, 2013 by Mike Weaver
    It’s time to close out my look at LENR. Join me as we take a look at the Weak Nuclear Force, the Weak Interaction Theory and chase down a few references provided by commenters of the last article.

  • Fibber McGourlick

    If there’s a cold fusion plant that has worked successfully for over a year, it would be transformational–another industrial revolution times ten. How on earth could such a fact be kept secret–especially if it’s the military that’s testing the machine. Never mind the usual loose lips, the story would be worth a lot of money if leaked to a newspaper. But we’ve heard not a whisper. It’s just a bit too unnatural. I’m not saying there’s nothing there. I’m just asking how and why it’s been kept so secret, if it is what it’s said to be.

    • Roger Bird

      We have conflicting ideas, both of which make a lot of sense. If Rossi is a scam, how come no one is bitching and complaining and taking him to court? If Rossi is for real, how could anyone keep such a secret?

      I love a mystery.

      • sparks

        Or another interpretation: If there is no customer, then there is no scam. After all, if Rossi has taken no money from anyone, he could be accused of nothing more than writing fiction, a far cry from scamming. That would reconcile the two thoughts expressed above: 1) “How could such a plant have been operating for over a year without having its secrets revealed,” and 2)”How come no one is bitching and complaining and taking him to court?”.
        My view for a long time has been that the lack of external observables contradicts the man’s claims. It continues to look like he has been able to achieve LENR reactions in his experiments, but not in a manner sufficiently controllable, stable and reliable to form the basis of a commercial product or even a military capability. I think Rossi underestimated the latter challenges and publicized his breakthrough too early. And I think he is still struggling with these issues. Time will tell, and we have all now seen that we have plenty of that!

      • Ash

        Nobody bitched about Intelligentry in public for six years – until the SEC sued on behalf of 98 investors.

    • One has to remember that a 110 C, COP=6 plant is not yet an economic revolution, although, if its mechanism is revealed, it would be a scientific revolution.

      • Bob

        Exactly. As I have said before, air conditioners (heat pumps) have been available for years with a COP of 3. I saw one two days ago with a claimed COP of nearly 4, and they need no regular maintenance. Nobody is considering any of these as economic revolutions.

        The big hope is that if LENR shows a COP even as low as 2 then they can be improved upon by some clever people to give COPs of 5, 10, 20, hundreds maybe?
        Rossi has said he has achieved COPs up in the hundreds range and he has de-rated the device down to a COP of 6 for stability reasons, although at this point he still has failed to prove the claimed COP of 6.
        However, even if LENR is real at any level, there is no guarantee that it can ever be improved upon to give COPs large enough that they can contribute meaningful supplies of energy.
        I keep in mind that devices using the Peltier effect whereby heat can be extracted from the surroundings via a solid state device still have a pathetically low efficiency after nearly 50 years of research. 40 years ago, I thought they would make compressor type refrigeration obsolete. They might one day but they still have not.

        • True, but also COP=6 can be an economic revolution if the temperature is high enough so that it can produce its own electric power and perhaps surplus.

        • PWol

          COP for heat pumps and COP for e-cats are very different concepts. In the first case there is a thermodynamic limit, restricting heat pump usefulness, as the COP falls when the temperature differential increases. (COP limit is T2 + T1/ T2 – T1, all in degrees Kelvin, and it is always less in practice.)
          For an e-cat, input power is that needed to set and maintain the quite high working temperature. COP is ratio of average power out to power in, measured over a long period including start-up and shut down: could be very high if the unit were to be well insulated, thermally, and generate enough power: presumably something which scales with size, and Rossi wants to keep it down to about 6 for safety reasons.

          • Bob

            I think Rossi should do a demonstration of the ecat running a COP of 20 or 100 or whatever it is capable of. Even if it melts down at the end of the test it would show the capabilities of the technology. The challenge would then be simply an engineering exercise in preventing the thing from melting down, not convincing people that it works at all.
            SO far, it is obvious that he has failed to convince almost everybody that it even works.

            • Rockyspoon

              And yet Rossi has stated several times that melting an E-CAT wasn’t difficult at all. But I agree–I’d even pay money for a video showing an E-CAT pushed to fusion of the nickel.

    • _Frank_

      … and in addition to that consideration keep also in mind that Rossi is saying for a year now that the certification for the domestic e-cat is under progress. – But no hint so far that any certifier (UL, TUV) has seen an e-cat

      • Peter_Roe

        Wrong. SGS have seen one.

        SGS: “industry leading inspection, verification, testing and certification services – anywhere in the world.”

        • _Frank_

          I was referring to the domestic e-cat certification process, which – according to Rossi – supposed to be on the way for a year now. – But no hint that any e-cat was given to UL, TUV etc. for testing.
          Btw: Wasn’t Rossi been saying many times that two Universities have received (or will receive e-cats for testing also?
          The “value” of the ‘Voluntary Certificate of Safety Requirements Of Directive 2006/42/EC” which you are referring to was already extensively discussed here – I think I don’t need to repeat that again. Even Rossi isn’t claiming that this certificates proofs the performance data of the e-cat.

    • Fibber McGourlick

      If it exists at all, it is transformational beyond any past measurement.

      Good points all. Fibber

  • Cliff

    I think Rossi is getting his cash flow from early adopters who have commissioned him to build plants for them. He started by using his own money, so he knows how to run on a shoe-string budget (I wish the US Congress would do that). He sold the first one or more to military who need that kind of tech. He probably sold subsequent ones to private business that want to be early adopters. They want to understand what the tech can do for them and how to use it, with the promise that subsequent technical developments come their way first. Think of the competitive edge it could give.

    It’s a guess, but all the nay sayers have as much information as I do. I want Rossi to succeed and I look forward to putting all the Middle Eastern and central American tyrants out of business.

  • Gerrit

    Rossi is a religious man. The new pope is green.

    Would the pope give an audience to Rossi ?
    Would Rossi tell the pope about his invention ?
    Would Rossi donate an ecat to the vatican ?
    Could an ecat be installed in the vatican ?

    • Joel C.

      That would be ironic, wouldn’t it? 😉

    • Hey i know the new pope is busy with some other (internal) stuff, its not his business.

      To install an ecat anywhere with a NDA is a bad idea, even for free, because if it doesnt work you cant say it and you are implictly making propaganda for a possible investor scammer by “having an e-cat”.

    • Maybe the ecat is “the chimney of god” 😉

  • FlanOBrien

    “Lack of Funding No Problem”

    As we all know, money is a facilitator to solving material problems, such as ramping up industrial production or conducting broad based engineering research to optimize parameters.

    If Flemming, the discoverer of penicillin, had the same greedy tactics as Rossi, then the number of Allied War dead would have been of the order of hundreds of thousands greater, perhaps more.

    “…allowed the United States to produce 2.3 million doses in time for the invasion of Normandy in the spring of 1944. ”

    Here is another case (there are many more):

    “Rutgers professor wins prestigious humanitarian award 30 years later”
    “…As a result of his work, the global possibilities for agriculture were nearly endless, because his technique could develop new plant strains that were more bountiful and productive, and could better survive pests and toxins.

    Messing gave away his discovery for free. ”

    An energy solution such as the one that Rossi is claiming would save many more lives. Billions live in energy and material poverty on this planet. I cannot see how any such an energy claimant can also claim to respect God’s will, for goodness and intelligence to abound.

    Those mock-savvy business types who follow this post with caveats about Rossi “hiding under the radar of oil companies” or other such nonsense need to raise some compassion for their fellow man. Where are today’s Flemmings, Rutgers …?

    No comment on whether Rossi is a scam but he is certainly a faux humanitarian.

    • GreenWin

      Penicillin was a proven antibiotic before it was given away. Big-pharma and big-ag make billions$$ off of antibiotics, and GMO plants & seeds today. How about a NGO buys the e-cats and gives them away? After safety certs and indy verification of course.

      • FlanOBrien

        Big corporations may make a profit from ideas put in the public domain. That does not detract from the global good done by the act of free publication. My point was not arguing against capitalism, as yours seems to be, but about achieving the greatest good in quickest fashion.

        In between secretive scrooge and magnanimous inventor there are a number of other ways. Most, have not caught up with the Open Software movement, but even hard-nosed capitalists are now following this model – which is to publish an idea and reap the rewards of an explosion of globally contributed improvements and enhancements but at the same time retaining overall control, as the original source and reference. Licensing is another model – licensing thousands of small to medium enterprises.

        But to sit on the nuts (assuming there are some) for years as a secretive scrooge squirrel is devoid of compassion/humanitarianism.

        • GreenWin

          This is exactly how we feel about “hot fusion.” Promising unlimited energy every 20 years for 60 years now. And at a total taxpayer cost of $270Billion dollars. Damn. Talk about white collar scam devoid of human compassion!

        • Rockyspoon

          Flan, there’s nothing stopping you from making money on any idea that’s public domain, or, for that matter, one that isn’t–for example, Rossi’s E-CAT.

          Why don’t you buy a chemistry set, get to work, come up with LENR and beat Rossi to the market?

          All it takes is your ingenuity and money. You say you have neither?

          Perhaps there’s a lesson in there somewhere–like it’s a whole lot easier to be critical than productive. Or do you have an example of your selfless productivity (other than a few lines of C sharp somewhere)? Please, do expound on your own contributions to this “global good” you so eloquently describe.

          We’re all waiting…

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    I asked the above questions of Mr. Rossi not to question his sincerity or honesty but to simply ask him if he has all the financial resources necessary to develop and bring his E-Cat to an energy hungry planet. From his answers apparently he does, which is good news.

  • Stuey81

    Do you think he would admit he needed cash? If he is lying, he would need to continue the illusion everything was peaches, or as the poster above me points out, sale of the apparent millitary device has left him in a good financial position. Its black or white, he is lying or he is telling the truth. I really hope for the lattter.

  • Gerrit

    “payment of the customers”

    this could mean

    a) payment(s) for a working 1MW plant

    b) payment of licensing agreements

    c) ?

    • barty

      For b), I remember that there is currently no money flown to Rossi from this license orders.
      It’s on a escrow account until there is no sellable product which the licensees can sell.

      • Peter Roe

        That’s my understanding, too. We don’t know how many 1MW units Rossi has sold, but with a profit margin of about a million dollars per unit, probably one would have kept Leonardo Inc. going for a while. He may well have sold others.

        Now presumably his company has the money from the sale of the hot cat IP, and as the buyer will be paying for further R&D of the device, no outgoings in this respect. Hopefully Rossi will have arranged for some sort of profit share on hot cats produced though, as the LT unit is a dinosaur by comparison, and will disappear when the high temp. units become available, unless the COP can be substantially increased.

        Altogether a fairly healthy financial picture I would have thought (usual caveats).

      • yamal

        for what it’s worth, rossi only ever mentioned escrow when it came to his ip (referred to as ‘our tech’). the license contracts which have leaked don’t mention escrow either, so i don’t know where this idea originated from. besides, it would seem unnecessary to hold a license fee in an escrow for the right to sell a product which is already available. no distribution contract i ever heard of was ultimately linked to the success of the licensee in the sense that the licensee wouldn’t have to pay if they failed. if anything, the license itself could be linked to a minimum sales figure and automatically expire if agreed upon sales targets aren’t met.

        • Peter_Roe

          That does seem to be right – I have not been able to find any clear description of Rossi’s license terms, or any mention of escrow in this connection.

          There is apparently a 500,000 Euro escrow involved in the purchase terms for 1MW units (money back if a unit fails to meet specified criteria) and this may have been the origin of the idea that escrow is also involved in the ‘area license’ arrangements.

    • artefact

      re c) wouldn’t the military pay extra money to have the technology first? Maby there is a contract that for one year they are the only customer.

      • Peter Roe

        IMHO there is still an outside chance that ‘the partner’ who now owns the rights to the hot cat is the US military (directly or indirectly), and that Rossi has no other ‘customers’. After all, they would know that CF is a fact, would be unlikely to want to see such a technology go to others, and have virtually unlimited funds.

        In this admittedly tenuous scenario, it would be probable that we will hear no more of substance about Rossi’s cold fusion machines, and JONP will at some point be allowed to quietly wither on the vine.

        • frank sedei

          Dead-on observation!

          • Fibber McGourlick

            Scene One: Coffee room at one of the institutions that’s testing an e-cat.

            John: “Hey, Mike, what’s the big trailer thing they’ve got running over there in Building Ten.

            Mike: “Well, according to what I heard it’s some kind of nuclear device that produces cheap, pollution-free energy at room temperature with no radiation. The top brass says it’s going to change the world. But don’t tell anybody. It’s top secret. I gotta go. See ya.”

            Scene two: Ten minutes later, in hallway outside coffee room.

            John: “Hey Brian, guess what they got over there in building 10… Now don’t tell anybody, it’s top secret, but Mike just told me…”

            Question: Considering human nature, is it possible to keep the location of a working, energy-producing e-Cat secret for over a year?

            • GreenWin

              Er, according to credible witnesses – it’s happened for 50 years.


            • John-64

              “Question: Considering human nature, is it possible to keep the location of a working, energy-producing e-Cat secret for over a year?”

              Yes, probably. Apple kept the secret that they had ported MacOS to the x86 platform for over 5 years. That’s a long time.

              Personally, I have my doubts that the 3rd party test even exists. It’s coming up to 6 months now. How long does it take to test an e-cat? One year is my own personal limit.

              If the one year limit is reached, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that there is no test, and Rossi is lying. He is welcome to sue me for slander.

              • Bob

                He has said that Focardi has been observing the third party tests so I tend to believe that the tests are being done.
                If not he would run the serious risk of getting a contradiction from Focardi and that would not be a good look.

            • Omega Z


              SR-71 flew for 20 years. 1000’s of personnel worked to maintain it & keep it in operation before it was outed by the President. Except a couple allies & Adversaries, The Public never new. 50 years now & most everything about it is Still Classified & Secret.

              Area 51 along with several other bases. 1000’s of people involved. No one knows anything about what goes on their.

              Antarctica, McMurdo Station is supposedly Totally Non Military. Yet Naval personnel come & go regularly. Couple hundred Researchers there. Say they have no Idea why they are there, Where they go to or Return from. Has Nothing to do with the research Stations.

              Keeping a shipping container & it’s contents secret. Child’s Play.

              Th Real Problem may be it’s to easy for our Governments to keep Secrets.

              • Broadly, I agree. But specifically, I have seen a picture and Mach 3 performance description of SR-71 in a Finnish translation of a US popular science book which was printed in about 1972. The details were secret, its existence and general performance was not. But, generally speaking I agree, it’s possible to keep an E-cat secret for a while. A leakage is possible, but not bound to happen.

                • Peter_Roe

                  Yes, it was very low profile, but its existence did ‘leak’ quite quickly, even if technical info didn’t (apart from the fact that it was titanium skinned). The plane first flew in 1964 and was operational in 1966. In 1968 the American company Revell offered an accurate 1/72 scale plastic model kit of the ‘Blackbird SR-71’.

                  I know this because I bought one, even though I was a bit old for plastic model kits by then! Probably the Chinese and Russians bought a few of the kits as well.

        • Bob

          That is possible. It could be something along the same lines as his previous dealings with the US defense department (Navy I think) where he sold them a whole lot of thermoelectric converers to produce electricity from waste heat. On delivery, most of them produced no electricity at all and none of them produced more than a few watts. They were supposed to produce kilowatts. Rossi says it was a problem of upscaling the technology, although he doesn’t seem at all interested in re-visiting the technolgy to produce electricity from his ecats.
          That would have to say something.
          From this background, I would be surprised if the same department went down the same path again, but stranger things have happened.

          • Omega Z

            The Military Contacted Rossi to determine if Cheap High-Efficiency TEC’s could be mass Produced.
            Rossi thought it might be possible.

            To keep this in Context. It was strictly a Feasibility Research Project on TEC Efficiency & Manufacturing Costs. Run by the Military.
            Not Wattage or Kilowatts produced.

            According to the 150+ page Military report passed on to higher ups-

            Rossi produced (1) custom built TEC Device with approximate 20% Efficiency which was in the range of what they were looking for.

            Production was then contracted to 2 different labs for replications, Not by Rossi. Of about 20 devices, Many produced little or nothing. The rest produced in the low single digit 1% to 4% efficiency range. Mostly in the lower range.

            Their Conclusion was- Possible if Custom Built thou neither Economical or Practical.

            Problems lay in Materials, Purity & Manufacturing processes.
            It was Recommended that Further research be delayed to allow Material Science & Manufacturing Technics to advance & mature.

            Since then the Government has Sponsored a lot of research in both areas & Mass Producing such products are very near. However their Still Missing the Magic Ingredient. Cheap is no where to be found.

            As for Rossi not being interested in this process for the E-cats, Their neither efficient enough nor cheap enough to merge. He’s looking for at least a 33% efficiency to make it worth while..

            Technically, I can build a home completely 100% off Grid. Right Now.
            Why Don’t I. Because it’s just not Economically Practical.

            And- In the End, the True Success of the E-Cat will be Judged Accordingly. It will have to be Economically Practical with all that it will entail.

  • Hampus

    Or he has money because he have sold some plants already. He was taking about several plants being in development to the secrete costumer. With each plants being sold for a couple of millions, that add up 🙂

    • Andre Blum

      That’s what he says: “… and get the funding from the payments of the Customers”

    • kasom

      we were told that there was an order for additional 12 plants but IMHO didn’t lern about when these should go operational…