Dr. Graham Hubler Appointed Director of the U. of Missouri’s Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance

Thanks to Gerrit for pointing this important appointment out. I think this press release from the University of Missouri deserves a thread of its own. Graham Hubler seems like a top-notch scientist with an impressive set of qualifications, experience and awards.

COLUMBIA, Mo. ­— University of Missouri Vice Chancellor for Research Rob Duncan has announced that Graham K. Hubler, a nuclear physicist who worked for the Naval Research Laboratory for 40 years, has been named director of the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance (SKINR) at MU.

“We were remarkably fortunate to attract Dr. Hubler here to MU,” Duncan said. “He’s very well-versed in nuclear and solid state physics and has a long history in highly responsible positions. I know him as a brilliant and very open-minded scientist, making him well-suited to study yet unknown phenomena, which is the underlying charge of SKINR.

Hubler holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Union College in Schenectady, N.Y., and a doctorate in nuclear physics from Rutgers University. After graduating from Rutgers, Hubler took a research position with the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) and never left the organization until he retired in 2012 as the head of the Materials & Sensors Branch.

At the NRL, 70 scientists reported to Hubler. Those scientists were involved in experiments on superconductors, bioelectronics, radar absorbing materials, remote surveillance, ion-solid interactions and low-energy anomalies. Hubler also has had a prolific scientific career himself, writing 100 journal articles, editing four books and procuring 6 patents (with 8 additional patents pending).

At SKINR, Hubler will be responsible for leading a team of scientists that are investigating alternative forms of energy, including “anomalous heat effects” generated by, as yet, unexplained phenomena. These unexplained heat effects have been called “cold fusion” in the past, but scientists that have witnessed the heat generation have had difficulty replicating the experiments and have many questions about the process.

“One goal of ours is to understand what this heat effect is and how it is created,” Hubler said. “We want to improve scientists’ abilities to reproduce these experiments and understand the mechanisms behind the successful generation of this energy. I believe that SKINR and MU are well-equiped to approach these scientific questions from many different directions. They have a lot of the tools, such as MU’s Research Reactor and the microelectronics fabrication facility, that are necessary to push this research forward and find the answers. Our primary directive is to perform sound materials science experiements with no preconceptions as to the mechanism(s) responsible for this fascinating effect.”

SKINR was created from a donation by the Sidney Kimmel Foundation. Kimmel is the founder and chairman of The Jones Group, a leading designer and marketer of branded apparel and footwear. SKINR was created to encourage collaboration from scientists in several disciplines, including physics, the MU Research Reactor, engineering, material science and chemistry. The scientists involved in the institute will study the fundamental physics of certain energy-producing reactions of an unknown origin in their quest for alternative forms of energy.

“Funding is the No. 1 problem in this area, and we’re very grateful to Sidney Kimmel for his help,” Hubler said. “I’m very interested in this field, and this is an opportunity to help move this along and have some impact in this area. I think we have some good ideas, but it will require a great deal of effort.”

Hubler is a member of the American Physical Society and the Materials Research Society. Based on his work, he has been recognized with several awards, including the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award, the Navy Superior Civilian Service Award, the NRL 75th Anniversary Technology Transfer Award, and the Veneto Research Consortium Award for career scientific contributions.

Source: University of Missouri — http://munews.missouri.edu/news-releases/2013/0308-hubler-named-director-of-nuclear-renaissance-institute-at-mu/

  • Karl

    Great post Frank

    I guess the numbers of researchers and developers devoting their energy and skills in the Leonardo venture and other Cold fusion project should reach far beyond hundreds of researchers and developers now.

    The focused activity on this blog and the few other sites is important to support and encourage the realisation of CF/LENR. The example of the 300 votes to help George Miley’s project to get a second chance to attract funds and highlights on the needs to support other projects like Martin Fleischmann Memorial project with seed funds.

    Assume now we have reached far beyond 1000 persons with a reasonable understanding of the implications that encourage various CF/LENR projects world-wide.

    Let’s also assume the sum of “1000 minds” highly devoted and focused influence effect from the side-line is raised with the “SQUARE” – equals the power of 1 000 000 humans working for the realisation of CF/LENR.

    There is certainly also a proven mass market verified by the hundreds of thousands of us that already pre-ordered an Home E-Cat according to earlier statements by Rossi. Imagine the impact of a proofed beyond any doubt, either open demo of a commercial 1 MWatt industrial low temp E-Cat and or a positive published independent test of the Hot E-Cat. No wonder why the guys that are working with the independent test report of the hot cat take their time.

    This and the few additional site with an honest and focused agenda vis-à-vis CF/LENR is very important as the number of contributors considering power of the influence is much greater than the sum of people working on the realisation of CF/LENR or virtually free energy in a longer perspective.

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      Thanks Admin for putting that nice banner up !

      currently LENR has less than 90 votes lead. LENR is at 374 and the photovoltaics project is at 287 and quickly gaining in on us.


      please help to get some more votes for Miley.

      It doesn’t matter where you live, for instance the photovoltaic project seems to be collecting many votes from a arabian speaking facebook network.

  • georgehants
  • Is it just me or has not E-catworld recently become much more interesting with an explosion of interesting links?

    I believe We are heading towards a brighter future.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Come on you guys cough up some dough for Dennis Cravens LENR dream. It might be just that little push LENR needs to hit big time media.


    • kwhilborn

      I would rather donate to this University than give a nickel to the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project whom I am convinced are merely professional fundraisers.

    • Everybody Act Now
      If we want clean energy we have to fight for it.
      Me and my crew is definitively helping Dennis!

      It takes like 3 minutes to make the payment…
      As the man said, everything helps… even 2 dollars


  • georgehants

    Apologies to those people that cannot see that these reports are highlighting the reasons why science is unable to do it’s job regarding Cold Fusion and many other important scientific subjects.
    It is not sufficient to just say why is Cold Fusion being ignored, we all need to do our share to put right such a horrendous situation that is costing many lives Worldwide.
    ACS News Service Weekly PressPac: March 13, 2013
    Paving the way for greater use of ancient medical knowledge
    Chinese and Indian medicine
    A new algorithm, or step-by-step procedure for
    analyzing data, solves the mystery of how
    traditional Chinese and Indian medicines work in
    the human body.
    “Chemogenomics Approaches to Rationalizing the Mode-of-Action of Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicines”
    Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
    Scientists are reporting an advance toward overcoming a major barrier to tapping the potential of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and India’s Ayurvedic medicine in developing new and more effective modern drugs. Their report appears in ACS’ Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling.
    Andreas Bender and colleagues explain that TCM has made key contributions to modern medicine. In the world’s largest international clinical trial, for instance, scientists concluded that Artesunate, a derivative of the Chinese herb qinghao, should replace quinine as a treatment for severe malaria in both adults and children worldwide. Traditional medicines have a track record in benefiting human health that spans thousands of years. However, gaps in knowledge about how these medicines work in the body, their “mode of action” (MOA) — limit their use today. Information about a drug’s MOA is important for better understanding of both the beneficial effects and side effects of treatm

  • georgehants
    • artefact
      • Peter_Roe

        It looks like France and the UK will be the last countries in the ‘West’ to hold out for more plutonium fission plants. For politicians here, its always so much easier for them to slip their hands into the taxpayer’s wallet to subsidise their cronies, than it is to make well thought-out long-term strategic decisions that might not fit private agendas.

        • AlainCo

          It is quite the opposite in fact.
          Nuclear energy is one of the only things that recuce expense in france. Anywat government is surrendering to green, to renewable lobbies and take money in taxpayer wallet to fund those inefficient energy.
          Nuke is dead in france, despite all evidence and effort. reason of nuke success was initially for bomb, then, because we are not oil lords like US or UK, an because an elite of technocrat know it was safe and efficient in a centralized country like france.

          anyway that time is finished and demagogy surrender to fashion.

          This suicidal demagogy may even kill LENR, like it is killing french GMO and helping Monsanto, like it is helping oild lords and killing shales gas…

          lobbies are not on that side.

          • Peter_Roe

            “Nuke is dead in france”

            I wish someone would tell that to EDF in the UK. The preliminary works (wrecking and leveling a square kilometre of beautiful countryside) for Hinckley Point C power station in Somerset are progressing, and Cameron is still trying to find some way to slip a huge consumer subsidy to them.

            btw, do you have the bills for decommissioning all the dead power stations, and for processing and burying the radioactive waste yet? (or anywhere to put it?)

            • Areva is still building a plant in Finland, and I think still also a sister plant in France (at least I haven’t heard it being cancelled).

              • Peter_Roe

                Yes, anti-nuclear campaigners in the UK are watching the progress of both – particularly the ever-escalating cost of the Flamanville power station, which will presumably be echoed at Olkiluoto and Hinkley Point.

                Just out of curiosity, what seems to be the consensus feeling in Finland about nuclear power? Is there any significant public knowledge of LENR?

              • AlainCo

                badly supported by government, and strong opposition. green are in the gov.
                what prevent gov from stopping all is that it is one of the few industry we keep, and one of the few thing that reduce our energy bill today.

                anyway EPR will probably be the last one.

                the reason why it is so late, like E-cat is that we don’t have build a new reactor since 30 years, and engineeres rediscover the old unwritten tricks, the old culture… moreover like for the eurotunnel, the government add rule over rules and make all more complex everyday.

                nuclear is not compatible with demagogy, and it cannot oppose lobbies, like the one that killed LENR already in (some place not far).

            • AlainCo

              it is included in the bill. the bill will be normally even lower because they have been too conservative.
              that the bill is ignored is a myth propagated by the great liars…
              don’t imagine that LENR is the only victim of pathological, and media powerful liars.

              all is public.

    • Manuel Cruz

      Ironically, Japan has a lot more to worry from the extreme pollution that arrives from communist utopia China than from the radiation they got from the only one Nuclear Reactor that got affected by the Tsunami.

      • Peter_Roe

        Cr*p. Three separate reactors, Daitchi 1, 2 and 3 were damaged the point where the cores have melted down and are currently burning down through their basements and subsoil. Other reactors at Daitchi and Daini were damaged to lesser degrees. The release of radiation is and was stupendous as all containment was lost. Three huge cooling ponds containing huge quantites of both new and used fuel rods are in almost continuously critical condition, with minimal containment. Release of the radionuclides in any one pond following a fire would be devastating.


        The long term cost of radioactive contamination to the Japanese people and to many others worldwide is likely to be vast. Just because the MSM has succeeded in pretending that the disaster is under control and that ‘no-one has died from radiation poisoning’, doesn’t alter the fact that the consequences in terms of shortened lives and genetic mutations in generations to come are on their way, and are unstoppable.


        • Manuel Cruz

          You obviously haven’t read the news about the Chinese Pollution. Just doing a Google Image search is enough to shut down your mouth.

  • georgehants

    Via Vortex with thanks.
    Has the internet trumped the skeptics?

    • Greenwin

      Hmmm, it appears this fellow may be correct. There is a distinct turn in the general public mood. Consciousness studies are trending high on the net. And the old pri esthood is nervous.

      • Jim

        Multiple meanings to priesthood acknowledged.

  • georgehants

    An Alternative Energy Future
    Tue, 03/12/2013 – 2:09pm
    Stanford University

    • GreenWin

      4,020 onshore 5-megawatt wind turbines
      12,770 offshore 5-megawatt wind turbines
      387 100-megawatt concentrated solar plants
      828 50-megawatt photovoltaic power plants

      That’s a lot of offshore turbines – potentially disturbing sea birds and underwater animals.

  • GreenWin

    Climbing into the WayWayBack machine, and traveling to 1991 – we find Dr. Hubler co-authored a fascinating study of deuterium charged Ti thin films – finding inexplicable energetic particles, “7 orders of magnitude larger than that measured by [Steve] Jones et al.”

    Evidence for MeV Particle Emission From Ti Charged with Low Energy Deuterium Ions

    “In this paper, evidence is presented for the generation of sustained high energy nuclear reactions produced as a result of low energy ion beam charging of titanium with deuterium at a surprising rate of – 10-16 events/deuteron pair/s. This rate corresponds to a cross-section at least 26 orders of magnitude higher than the cross sections for conventional nuclear fusion [7] at the incident ion energies (350 eV) used in this experiment and higher than that postulated by Jones et al. for planetary fusion reactions by 7 orders-of magnitude.”

    The paper concludes with this unusual statement:

    “According to the laws of conventional nuclear physics, nuclear reactions cannot occur at such large rates for sub-keV energy deuteron bombardment; yet we are unable to uncover a plausible artifact that could have produced the observed signals. As such, we believe that the data is very provocative and that the effect warrants investigation by other researchers.”

    Thanks to our friends at DTIC. 🙂

    • georgehants

      GreenWin, 1991, do we know if any scientists picked up on such an interesting and important report and carried it forward.
      What is the latest position on this phenomenon.

      • Greenwin

        George, the closest I can find is an experiment done by the China Inst. Atomic Energy (Jiang et al, 2008, presented at ICCF14) on gas loaded Ti, which showed positive results but not on the order of the low energy ion beam method used by Dr. Hubler at NRL. It is reasonable to assume Hubler’s paper was not published outside NRL in 1991.

        The Chinese paper concludes:

        “This work provides a positive result of nuclear fusion at low temperature. Besides the d-d reaction, other types of nuclear fusion reactions might also be involved. This work may be helpful to the further study of the physical mechanism of nuclear reaction in the deuterium (hydrogen)-loaded metals. The present work also suggests that it is worth doing further investigation on the origin of 3He nuclear reactions in the deep Earth.”

        • georgehants

          Greenwin, that seems to indicate that a couple of dollars from the Hot Fusion fraternity may have been well spent pursuing the anomaly.
          But who are we to judge against the highly qualified scientific establishment.

          • Greenwin

            Unfortunately, the fraternity you allude to narrowly guard their pork barrel dollars/euros/pounds. The notion of sharing their private hoard of public funds with “ruffian heretics” – would cause mass depression and angina.

      • yamal

        ‘do we know if any scientists picked up on such an interesting and important report’

        what we do know is that hubler himself never bothered to follow up on his ‘important report’ in 22 years.

  • Roger Bird

    I think that I am first on this one: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324281004578356160674732462.html

    Japan has cracked (excuse the pun) the methane hydrate riddle.

  • vbasic

    Excellent choice. This is definitely someone who had inside knowledge of the technology and people who were involved at Naval Research and LENR. Look at this partial list. George Miley, Robert Godes of Brillioun, Mark LeClair of Nanospire, Randall Mills of Blacklight Power and of course, Andrea Rossi himself.

  • Gerrit


    The voting for a photovoltaics project is picking up speed. It gained 10 voted in the last 20 minutes and currently is at 165, 167, 169 as I am writing this post.


    Please consider voting for Miley:

    It doesn’t matter if you are a US citizen or not. This is all about having a large crowd willing to vote for you.

    • Joel C.

      What the heck is UPower? It’s in the list.

      The summary of this product:

      UPower is developing an always on, transportable, carbon-free, solid-state nuclear generator for remote and distributed generation where energy is expensive, and power is needed 24/7.

      A solid-state nuclear generator?

      • Peter_Roe

        Good questions – it sounds very much like some kind of CF reactor. They have a site at http://www.upowertech.com/ but (understandably) there is no technical info.

        I already voted for Miley, but I’m tempted to vote for them as well, just in the hope of finding out more if they get through.

  • lcd

    Good stuff. Wonder how much of an impact Rossi indirectly had on the creation of the institute

  • Gerrit

    Let me repost what research is currently ongoing at SKINR

    The seven collaborative scientific groups within the SKINR matrix include:

    – High Intensity Ions Bombardment- Dr. John Gahl-Lead.
    – Low intensity Ions Bombardment and High Pressure Shock ways on Gas Loaded targets- Dr. Scott Kovaleski-Lead.
    – Development of Nano Structures on Metallic lattices- Dr.Shubhra Gangopadhyay-Lead.
    – Charged Nano Particles suspension- Dr. Kattesh Katti – Lead.
    – Neutron Scattering employing the MU Research Reactor (MURR) of loaded targets- Dr. Helmut Kaiser-Lead.
    – High Pressure Gas Loading- Dr. Peter Pfeifer-Lead.
    – Gas Loading Thermal Shock and Neutron Diamond detectors- Dr. Mark Prelas-Lead.


    • Greenwin

      Gerrit, thank you for categorically naming the talented team that is working at SKINR. Much of the work published by SKINR, may already have been done in the early 1990s (ref Hubler et al, “MeV particle emission from Ti…”) but for some odd undemocratic reason, was “lost.”

      The appointment of Graham Hubler might contradict the President’s appointment of Ernest Moniz at Secretary DOE. But I suspect I am wrong. Both men want to expand our use of nuclear energy to benefit U.S. citizens, and citizens of the world. If so, they have the same long range agenda. Only the technical details differ. Ultimately, will Moniz widen his vision to include an alternative energy source that NASA’s Chief Scientist says will solve the “energy and climate” issues?

      It is hard to believe Secretary Moniz will ignore the recommendation of a senior NASA scientist. However, if he does… the reasons for such refusal WILL be brought to light.

  • Andre Blum

    Good, good, good!

    it seems Mr Hubler is ‘of some age’. I hope within the organization he will be able to get a nice mix of both people from the post-F&P era and some angry young (wo)men from a fresher period.

    • Codger

      You can’t learn old tricks from a new dog.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Hubler seems primarily an experienced administrator but I expect he knows much more about NRL’s history with LENR than he’s free to talk about.