Age of Cold Fusioneers

I received a request from a reader for a poll asking the age of people following the LENR/E-Cat/CF story. The reader got the impression that there was a decent representation of older readers here, and from some of the comments we get here I think he might have a point.

So I’ve put up a new poll about the demographics of LENR enthusiasts — I think it might be interesting.

  • Luca Salvarani

    I’m 26! 27 in March so I can lower the average!

  • Barry

    Forgot to mention, I’m 56

  • Jim Gach

    65 and hope to see it before I die!

  • Stanny Demesmaker

    I am 28

  • daniele

    39 and 40 in july

  • artefact

    From PESN:

    Dennis Cravens is Crowdfunding a Cold Fusion Car Project

    “..Dennis is quite understated as regards his experience and success in his work with “Cold Fusion”. Dr. Cravens made an elegant working Patterson Power Cell system that produced 400% excess power for 3 days during ICCF5 in Monte Carlo…..”

    “I am now seeking crowd funding for a fusion powered car demonstration that will be open source and with monthly updates.”

    • yamal

      what a stupid idea. they should spend the money on building a working reactor. if they ever get that far, they won’t have to worry about finding a proper application for it.

      • barty


  • I’m 46. 1989 was the year when I was in the army and I kind of missed FP. I only remember thinking (probably after 1989) that maybe it’s indeed some fusion, but that since it occurs in an electrolysis experiment (i.e. requires electric power and below 100 C) it’s unlikely to be useful as an energy source because it’s hard to produce more electric output than what it consumes. It never occurred to me that it could also work in gas phase so that both limitations are eliminated. I didn’t follow CF actively until two years ago when Rossi came out. After Essen-Kullander report I spent about 3 weeks (May 2011) rather intensively reading on the subject and trying to prove to myself than Rossi’s claims are impossible. It failed and, in the continued absence of inconsistencies, I gradually became a believer.

  • stuey81

    How old are you?

    31-40 (23%, 127 Votes)

    41-50 (21%, 116 Votes)

    51-60 (20%, 110 Votes)

    61-70 (15%, 83 Votes)

    19-30 (12%, 67 Votes)

    71-80 (5%, 29 Votes)

    80 and older (1%, 8 Votes)

    Under 18 (3%, 2 Votes)

    Total Voters: 542

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      67 yrs old

    • Ed

      A surprisingly flat age distribution.

  • stuey81

    32 in july !

  • Marius

    38. At least for another 2 weeks.

  • h_corey


  • Sam Blankenship