From the Archive: Interview with Sergio Focardi

An ECW reader brought my attention this week to somthing I had missed: a well-done English translation of a 2011 interview with Sergio Focardi by the Bologna station Radio Città del Capo. The transcript which was posted in full on the website provides provides some interesting insights into Focardi’s involvement with cold fusion, first with Piantelli and later Rossi.

Here are some excerpts — click here for the full document.

Two or three years after [Fleischmann’s] discovery, I was at a conference in Trento, in the company of two friends, one from Cagliari, Habel, and one from Siena, Piantelli. Piantelli told us he had seen similar phenomena with hydrogen; we talked and decided to check out these effects again. The three of us all worked in Siena, as Piantelli had a lot of support there (At the time, the President of the University was [Luigi] Berlinguer, who is now an MP in the European Parliament, and he had given him a lot of help and support). We carried out the first experiments and saw the first effects . . .

So there were two parallel lines of research: on one side, the deuterium and palladium people, who never got anything: there’s a quite a few of them, and they believe they are the guys with results. [On the other side] we, using hydrogen and nickel, did get, at a certain point, some small effects … not important ones . . .

I was running the risk of dying of a tumor. I was lucky, I found a good doctor who saved my life, and so I retired, I stopped working (as a professor, obviously), but kept on … then I did quit for a while … until Rossi looked me up . . .

So Rossi calls me and tells me he’s interested in the subject. We met, talked things over, and I could see that he had some innovative ideas; for instance, he immediately thought of using powder. Powder increases the surfaces involved and thereby increases the hydrogen which gets into the metal . . .

I immediately told him: “We must watch out for neutrons, neutrons are dangerous! Buy a neutron detector immediately, never work without one, because if neutrons escape, you’re done for, you’re dead”. And he took my advice on this.
There are no neutrons. This a fortunate fact; as this is a nuclear phenomenon, you would expect them. Luckily, there are none, because the nickel nucleus has a “pretty deep hole”: if it weren’t so deep, there would be neutrons as well . . .

After this, we began to build our first devices, extremely simple ones: a container, with a small cylinder inside, a tray for the nickel, which is the component we were using (we experimented with other metals too, we did all sorts of things), hydrogen — obviously, you can get it out of a gas bottle or produce it with electrolysis, depending on the application. You heat the system with a resistor, an (electric) current; at a certain point the system begins to produce energy . . .

We came to perform experiments in which the energy produced was in the order of two hundred times the input energy — and that’s quite a factor. The only weak point is that this is thermal energy. If you want to convert it into electrical, you must divide it by two; on the other hand, well, you still have a factor of one hundred! . . .

In this paper [on the JONP] we also give an explanation of the phenomenon. Here’s what’s going on: there, in the container, we have nickel and hydrogen, then we heat up the system. Then, let’s say, the hydrogen nuclei, which are protons, move inside the system and these protons are able to come into contact with the nickel, with the atom, penetrate into the atom and even into its nucleus. This is where things get difficult. How can they penetrate the nucleus? Because the opposing force is huge. I don’t have an answer for this. All the same, it happens . . .

At some point in the past, as the device kept working on and on, I started thinking of a hammer. “Let’s hit it with a hammer!” (Laughs). Well, what you do is you shut off … the latest application has nickel inside it, then the hydrogen is supplied by electrolysis, so that … because you cannot keep a hydrogen tank at home, of course, it’s dangerous. Instead we generated it from water by electrolysis . . .

So, the device kept on working, and I thought to myself: “I guess I’m going to have to use a hammer to stop it”. Until one day Rossi told me “I stopped it!”. “And how did you do that?”. He said: “I cut the power to the electrolysis, obviously”. Right! All you have to do is run the electrolysis from a separate power source. You cut the power off there, and once the hydrogen is used up, the device stops by itself.


The complete interview is well worth reading as it gives insight the development and discovery of the E-Cat, and provides another witness to the things Rossi has been talking about for the past years. In fact, Sergio Focardi is one of the main reasons that I think we can take Andrea Rossi seriously.

  • Rockyspoon

    In my sense of priorities, that Focardi would come out of retirement and continue work on this project indicates he was getting results. Had it not been productive, he would have curtailed his involvement, but he got results sufficient to continue and that speaks volumes.

    I appreciate his candid, non-bloviating description of something so revolutionary he could have described it in very magnanamous terms; rather, Focardi stuck to a constrained tone throughout. A second witness like this is helpful confirmation.

  • Joe Shea

    The AlainCo document, despite the broken English, was the single best and most useful comprehensive guide to the state of the art in cold fusion/LENR I have seen. Thanks!

    • AlainCo

      I’m so sorry… I’ve corrected the translation, which is corrected from google. but not enough corrected. And anyway I cannot correct more than my competence.

      critics welcome, even if I’m not sure to have time to rewrite all.

  • Jim Yates

    This excerpt from MIT Technology Review (about new molten-metal grid battery) reveals some of the hurdles that LENR developers must contend with:

    “At least at first, Ambri wants to avoid working with electric utilities, says Giudice, a former Massachusetts state energy official: utilities are conservative and have little financial incentive or regulatory pressure to try out new technologies. Instead, it will initially target military bases and other facilities willing to pay for backup power, such as data centers. These applications are not a huge market, but they will help demonstrate and test the battery.

    Even after that prototype is up and running, Giudice says, Ambri still plans to avoid the complex, regulation-heavy world of utilities in favor of independent power producers, companies that develop and own energy projects. In west Texas, for example, there’s often a surplus of wind energy at night, when demand and price are lowest. Battery storage would let a wind energy developer provide that power at peak times and earn more money. Another attractive early market is in cities where batteries could be more cost-effective than adding new power lines to meet peak demand for electricity, Giudice says.

    If all goes as hoped, Ambri will be able to demonstrate its batteries in multiple installations and show utilities that the technology is low risk, Giudice says. At that point, the company can approach utilities and the state regulators that approve investments in grid equipment. A fully realized utility storage market could be worth billions of dollars in five to 10 years.”

    • Jim Yates

      One state where public utilities actually have some competition and therefore theoretically some incentive to innovate, is Texas, where the customer can specify which utility he wants as a provider. Unlike most states, Texas utilities’ electric production stays in the Texas grid. I believe that Texas is the only state that has its own autonomous grid. The customer pays a separate charge for the transmission cost. “Texas is a whole ‘nother country.”

  • Gedo

    I want to see a 10 KW working E-Cat reactor in the market as soon as possible.

    • captain kirk

      Are you getting senile? I believe you’ve mentioned this before. We would ALL like this to happen

  • sean

    Nice Article. Lets see now, I need some nickle powder + Hydrogen by simple electrolysis + nickle chromium heating wire. Perhaps a ceramic tube and perhaps some lead wrapping. Oh, but that secret ingredient! Well I will try it whitout anyway. Anybody else on E-catworld thinking of trying it? Should be fun. Hope we get Rossi’s ecat test reports soon.

  • Nixter

    This interview may be from 2011, but it is still very cogent. Sergio Focardi is responsible for making me aware that LENR being used to generate heat energy was possible. Is it just me or was Focardi talking more freely in 2011 then than he or Rossi does now in 2013?

    Sergio Focardi quote from the interview, “, …and he [Rossi] conducted similar experiments there too. Both with Naval Research and with the DOE … ”

    We can see that Focardi openly named entities then that are now not even hinted at. This tells me that Focardi & Rossi had planned to have all their cards on the table very soon, and this was a time of imminent disclosure for both of them. Rossi did say in 2011 that his technology would be widely known and accepted by October 2012, but the delay of his Home E-Cats made that impossible. With Defkalion nipping at his heels Rossi felt pressured to either produce some working fully functional hardware quickly, or go into a period of research and development with well funded partners to bolster his position as the leader in the field. He chose the later, and that explains the current quiet period surrounding Rossi and his new partner(s).

    Dr. Edmund Storms today said that his theory speculates that micro cracks are responsible for the formation of NAE’s that LENR needs to trigger a reaction reliably. I think Storms has found the key, and he probably has the correct theory. This is a bit of a problem because these exotic and hyper expensive meta materials needed to make the ideal sized NAE’s, are well within the reach of our various Governments Black Projects groups, but not the Civilian Industrial sector where it’s most needed. With the Naval Research Labs and the DOE being involved with Rossi for some years now, you can bet the family farm that this stuff has been on the front burners at these secret skunk work type laboratories for some time now and they may be obtaining fantastic results. Because of their access to the exotic materials needed to R&D these LENR reactors properly, they can brute force results using massive manpower and funding. With state of the art instrumentation and personal, almost unlimited resources are available to be thrown at problem solving. Not sure which variable is causing an effect? No problem, authorize and assemble a dozen teams with staggered parameters and run the tests over and over. Applying Manhattan Project style management and resource allocations to the LENR field could make it a powerful new force for the worlds future development, or it could make the United States already insanely powerful Military even more so, even though that outcome is not wanted or needed.

    Scientist/Physicists like Doctor Storms may be able to ascertain if any Government research projects involving the study and development of these meta materials by Universities can be used to manufacture some samples of suitable materials for use by LENR researchers such as himself, but any such projects will likely be “closed” to public scrutiny. This does not bode well for the fair and open use of these new discoveries.

    • Omega Z

      Nixter, I Believe the biggest holdup on LENR is Domain/Turf Wars.

      1st: Big Physics is fighting all else to protect their domain of Hot Fusion. Iter, Etc…
      If Cold Fusion or LENR is proven, they can expect Major Cuts in their Funding. It’ll likely be a fraction of what they receive now.

      2nd: Governments. Hugh amounts of Revenue will have to be replaced with new Taxes. A Long Drawn out fight for the Politicians to accomplish this. Simply, People rebel against New Taxes.

      Most of us here are aware that the Governments have a Stake in Fossil Fuels.
      Just How Big a Stake. I Recently read an Article, I think it was WSJ?

      Are You Ready for a Shock. Only a small portion of U.S. Fossil resources have been exploited to date. The Rest are under U.S. Ownership/Control.
      In Today’s USD they’re Valued at Over a 120 Trillion in Lease Fees, Royalties, & Combined Tax Revenue.(Corporate, state, Payroll taxes. Etc…)
      THAT’s A Pretty Big Bone in the Game. ADD all Governments. WOW..

      You Posted DOE Support. Thou some involved with the DOE are Keen on LENR, The DOE Hierarchy isn’t, It’s Leadership is Pals of Big Physics. This probably explains the Low Profile of other Agencies involved, such as SPAWAR, NASA, NRL, Etc..

      DOE also has their own Bone in the Game. LENR will Eventually involve a Major Scaling down of their Size & Funding. Their Conception was brought about by Nuclear Power plants. All Entities take on a self importance & don’t like threats to their Livelihood. Kind of like the common person fearing the coming Robot Revolution.

      3rd: Oil Companies… NOT SO MUCH Really. Their actually interested in LENR. They don’t care what product they sell as long as they have a Product To Sell.

      Private Oil Investors/Speculators, Banks, Etc, is a different story.
      I Note a recent article about CITI Bank being involved in handling sales deals on long term Reserve leases.(2+ Decades Out/Future Production Wells) Over 100 Billion dollars worth. The Article hinted that they may actually have obtained 10 Billion of that themselves. It wasn’t clear on this. They were Cheering how Fantastically Cheap they Got these deals.

      GreenWin has posted many indicators of Oil Companies shedding long term reserve holdings. Oil Companies tend to think 4 decades in advance. It’s just the Nature of the Business(Required to Survive). No Doubt these reserves will still be needed in the Future, But their value would be much lower then today’s prices. Sell them Cheap today. Buy them back 5 or 10 years from now for much less.

      Sadly, Governments may find themselves Once Again Bailing Out the Banks. I Guess that Means Us. The Tax Payer…

      All Considered, It’s Amazing LENR has made it to where it is today. This may also explain delays in the Proof we’re all waiting for. Possibly Outside interference.

      Possibly the LENR Pioneers not wanting to totally show their hand until their ready. Sneaking up on the present Establishment.
      Jumping Out Going BOO. Gotcha- It’s to late to Stop Us Now.

      • Peter Roe


        Your analysis indicates the extent of investment by various groups in fossil fuels. To this has to be added the value of investment in nuclear energy, plus the investment represented by existing energy distribution infrastructure. You also mention the potential loss of revenues to governments – enough to sink them in most cases.

        Taken together, the potential opposition is vast, and the parties who will be affected have now had time to get their act together behind the scenes. As you infer in your final para, if Rossi’s LENR is to break past whatever blockages have been planned, the promotors will need to gather together all their forces for a single major publicity event. This may mean as you suggest that the peer-reviewed test results will be held for use in this event, which of course would be centered around the ‘launch’ of the US partner’s hot cat prototype and safety data from a few month’s operation at least in order to offset inevitable claims about possible dangers. I think this may mean no significant developments in the story until late summer at least, by which time many people will have written Rossi off.

        I think it’s only by making a huge splash when they are completely ready, with co-ordinated TV and press coverage (I’m not sure how that could be arranged, given past experience) that enough people can be made aware of the new energy source to overwhelm the inevitable ‘safety issues’ and other junk that will me immediately wheeled out in a final attempt to delay the inevitable. In the meantime it seems likely that the shills will be crowing, and many of those currently posting here may drift away.

        • Pekka Janhunen

          Agreed. Full speculation mode on. It’s also possible that if they want to have both media events simultaneously (publication of the 3rd party results and statistics from an operational plant), that might be one reason why they carry out more tests for the paper. If they have to wait anyway for the plant results, they can use the time meaningfully by making longer tests and thereby strengthening the paper. Probably the peer reviewers did request more tests, but it’s possible that the exact schedule (ending 3rd week of March) comes from other considerations. Full speculation mode off.

          • Peter Roe

            Rossi has tried to infer that the ‘testers’ came together on their own initiative, and are more or less doing this work for their own scientific curiosity. I would consider it far more likely that they were in fact contacted by the US partner, and are sponsored by them through ‘donations’ to the appropriate universities or research organisations.

            This would tally with the idea that their work is destined to be a part of a media event of some kind. Rossi was probably asked to stay right out of the project in order to avoid any accusations of ‘fixing’ which would otherwise be inevitable, but I suspect that he is more aware of results and publication schedules than he pretends.

            • Omega Z

              I Agree he knows more then being said And that the Universities were contacted by someone. I would think it rare for them to come of their own Volition.

              Rossi says- I Don’t Know what the Report will say & It’s not up to me when or where there published. Probably True in a sense, But His Partner may have some say on when. This also gives him a plausible reason not to answer questions about it thou People continue to ask Over & Over anyway.

              I’m just recalling his earlier Statement to the effect- the tests not being worse then the July tests & these were supposedly the 3rd party tests he was speaking of in October/November. The 1st Round of Tests.

        • GreenWin

          Well put Peter. However, even without a big PR event, the original approach to build commercial units that are installed and working as claimed – remains just as effective, if low profile. Were I to attempt such a technology “demo” – a sympathetic university campus, with a 1MW reactor and turbine generating 350kW electricity fed into campus grid – would be a start.

          I would also approach innovative manufacturers / IT companies, e.g. Tesla Motors, Google, Amazon, Oracle, etc to purchase a unit for their campus. Google has already done this with the much touted Bloom Box (SOFC.) Although there is less resistance to a solution using natgas for fuel. If the NG version of the 1MW cat is ready for trials – it is a logical way to go – skipping the big PR event and avoiding potential sabotage.

          One, two, three or more of these low profile but functioning installs could ease the old school into acceptance of the inevitable. Then again, a close encounter at the White House might also be effective.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      If one makes an elaborate nanostructure, I think it will quickly be altered by diffusion if put in high temperature. Therefore it is my guess that one has to instead find some chemistry which recreates the necessary nanostructure automatically. Rossi said that he performed thousands of experiments altogether to arrive at his present catalyst cocktail.

  • Kim G

    Looks like every thing is a go!

    Just waiting for the nod from thr rafters.


  • Steve Miller

    Maybe this is the biggest news of them all.
    Martin Fleischmann reincarnated as a dog!
    Apparently this dogs claims to be traveling all over the world to promote LENR

    He studied at MIT 2 weeks ago and this week he is in a convention for farmers and vendors of industrial machinery, he is spreading awareness about sustainable growing solutions and does promotions while informing about LENR and the need for further funding’s / donations.

    Go Dr Bob!!!

    • Акилина

      This is only some Russian kids goofing around.

      Before inventing the dog they used to claim they where Hamsters that wanted to cure Cancer.

      They don’t actually travel anywhere, they just send toys and t-shirts
      and make up funny stories and ask people to donate to different
      charities. Thats why they speak so many languages in so many forums.

  • John Page

    I found a comment from Bill Gate’s interesting.
    From CBS Good Morning show 2/18/2013
    At 1:12 into the interview.

    • Gerrit

      he means Terrapower, it has nothing to do with LENR.

      • GreenWin

        The traveling Wave Reactor is still using nuke fuels albeit with less waste produced. Compared to the simplicity of LENR – it is years behind.

        • barty

          I’m interested in Bill Gate’s opinion about LENR.
          It would be nice if it’s possible to contact him in a public statement…

  • Karl

    The Focardi speech at TED non 2011 is also interesting.

  • georgehants

    The heat is on
    February 18, 2013
    (—Physicists are getting warmer in the hunt for universal
    truths, thanks to a breakthrough by a team at the University of St
    Team leader Professor Andy
    Mackenzie, Professor of Physics at the University, said: “Physics is all
    about looking for unexpected patterns in the way things behave.
    “It now seems as if matter at the extremes of conditions in the known
    universe behaves similarly when we had no particular reason to expect
    that to be the case.
    “It points to the existence of universal theories that have not yet been
    Read more at:

    • georgehants

      Perhaps a few so called scientists should read my link above as I think there may be an “unknown pattern” in Cold Fusion that could turn out to be interesting.

      • Pekka Janhunen

        It is well known that in very high temperature and density, quarks behave almost as free particles (they call it asymptotic freedom). And nearly free particles are common in other systems too, at temperatures high and low. Not sure if this was their point. I didn’t really see too many details in this press release.

        • georgehants

          They seem to feel they have found something.
          Below just for interest.

          • Pekka Janhunen

            Something different. Curious that their domain name is fractal-lenr, but lenr is not mentioned in the contents.

  • georgehants
  • georgehants

    From Vortex with thanks
    Defkalion GT chief technical officer John Hadjichristos occasionally
    writes comments and answers questions on Peter Gluck’s blog EGO OUT [1].
    I think this one posted today might be worth of some attention:
    This paragraph in particular:
    […] We have allocated already funds for common R&D and theoretical interpretation to specific
    distinguished members or teams of the existing “LENR” research community, providing them full access to our experimental data and resources. Hopefully the expected results of such “focusing to
    objectives” activities will start showing up in papers within 2013.
    http:[email protected]/msg76793.html

  • Stuey81

    Nice little article, reading things like that give me more hope rossi has what he says he has, latley ive been rapidly losing faith in rossi, with many times being told of certain events occuring in the not to distant future, on a set date, only for that day to come and go, left with nothing but an even more elaborate claim and a new date.

    • ecatworld

      Sergio Focardi’s involvement was key to me getting interested in Rossi in the first place. I haven’t heard anyone successfully impeach Focardi’s professional qualifications, and he has not changed his story or position on the E-Cat since going public. The very fact that we are even discussion the E-Cat at all is due mainly to Focardi’s insistence that he and Rossi do the press conference back in January of 2011. Rossi was happy to stay under the radar, but Focardi wanted to go public. I did not realize until today that Focardi had been so ill, and maybe he wanted to share their achievement while he was still able.

      • Pekka Janhunen

        “..while he was still able” – I remember Rossi having said something like that in some of the earlier interviews.

    • stuey81

      voted down for that – o.k ?

  • This most interesting. It does give me more confidence in Rossi, despite his massive hot air for the past year. It is very reassuring.

  • georgehants

    Sunday, February 17, 2013

  • georgehants

    A guide to Princeton University faculty 2013 AAAS presentations
    * Harness the sun: Issues and paths to magnetic confinement fusion energy
    George “Hutch” Neilson, advanced projects director at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL)
    Saturday, Feb. 16, 8:30 a.m., Room 207
    Scientists around the world have crossed a threshold into a
    promising and challenging new era in the quest for fusion energy, says
    physicist George “Hutch” Neilson. The new phase began with the
    construction of ITER, a fusion facility of unprecedented size and power
    that the European Union, the United States and five other countries are
    building in France. With construction of ITER under way, many national
    fusion programs are embarking on their own projects to demonstrate the
    production of electricity from fusion energy. These nations are
    considering demonstration programs in generating electricity from fusion
    that would mark the final step before the construction of commercial
    fusion facilities by midcentury. Such programs have brought worldwide
    researchers together to discuss common challenges in annual workshops
    that the International Atomic Energy Agency began sponsoring last year.

    • So, is breakeven now 70 years into the future, or a mere 65 years into the future.

  • buffalo

    many months of continuous nuclear reaction would ‘use up’ about 1picogram of H2 gas.1picogram

    • clovis ray

      Thanks , buffalo

      We like to help people to understand lenr and we like to educated folks about this new fire, but we discourage comments , that tend to put the whole thing down.

      • yamal

        look, it is not about putting the whole thing down. this thread is about focardi’s comments and at least one of them doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense as it stands in this (apparently correct) translation. there is no conceivable way the reaction described by focardi could possibly be ended in any practical time by merely stopping to supply hydrogen and waiting for the hydrogen already in the device to be ‘used up’ because, as buffalo says, even miniscule amounts of hydrogen would keep up the reaction for a very long time if it was in the several kilowatt range. now you may not be interested in the details or think it is disrespectful to doubt focardi – fine with me – but then please don’t pretend you could ‘educate’ anybody and stick to just believing in, well, whatever it is you believe in.

        • Stuey81

          Yamal, dont worry, clovis has never had a worthwhile comment yet, and now he seems to have transmutated from a pathobeliever to someone who now graces us with his presence purley to educated us on lenr! Clovis, what happened to the working reactor that according to you was to be in a working power station bythe end of last year? I asked you for links to your claims several times as you were absoloutoly certain this was a fact. so yamal, the first time i see a post by clovis that actually adds to the topic, not just “oh Dr rossi keep up the good work” (rossi has no doctrine clovis) or trying to tell me that you have put the effort in to research lenr???? Lol where did you do this clovis? Youve done no more research than anyone eles who come to ecat world daily, well at least youve stopped telling everyone to smile all the time. Newb!

        • HeS

          @yamal:”stopping to supply hydrogen and waiting for the hydrogen already in the
          device to be ‘used up’ because, as buffalo says, even miniscule amounts
          of hydrogen would keep up the reaction for a very long time if it was in
          the several kilowatt range”

          Not necessarily. Maybe reaction require pumping of hydrogen at high pressure. When the hydrogen pressure drops then reaction stop automatically.

          • yamal

            that is speculation. what focardi said was ‘used up’. hardly a phrase likely to describe a pressure drop in the words of a physicist.

            • Peter Roe

              Unless hydrogen ‘loading’ has already run its course, hydrogen will continue to diffuse into the nickel to form nickel hydride after the cell has been sealed and pressurised. This process is at its fastest when temperature is elevated.

              This would cause the amount of hydrogen available to surface LENR effects to diminish with time, as it becomes embedded more deeply within the nickel particles. This may be what Focardi meant, although of course he did also mention the possibility of using a hammer to stop the reaction.

              • LCD

                it is impossible to really know what he meant but it does sound a bit wierd.

    • buffalo, there is NO question that LENR is real. Check out the confirming evidence and then come back with your skepticism and direct it at those who claim to be on the verge of a marketable product: There may be other pages that someone could suggest that lists links of LENR replicators.

  • buffalo

    there is simply no way that the hydrogen can be ‘used up’.used up by what?

    • Pekka Janhunen

      Perhaps the early reactor wasn’t very well made and it leaked out(?)

  • GreenWin

    RobPG posted this link to NASA Global Climate Change page :

    And while it is Joe Zawodney pitching his WL theory, it is interesting that NASA now considers LENR to be a potential solution to climate change. That is a big step for the climate and AGW set. Here to fore, they have attacked any idea there may be an alternative to wind and solar. This is progress. Slowly. Step by step.

    • Peter Roe

      I find the author’s (Silberg) anti-carbon propaganda to be unsettling: … “There are other interesting options as well, like turning carbon into harmless nitrogen, the main component of our atmosphere.” I’m pretty sure that Zawodney’s comments on carbon are intended to mean that if LENR allows carbon to be removed from the energy generating system then this makes it a potentially very ‘clean’ power source – not that carbon should be removed from the planet by means of transmutation!

      This kind of unthinking, agenda-driven extremism is always worrying – is carbon now regarded in the same light as arsenic by some of the more loosely-wrapped ‘greens’?

      • Pekka Janhunen

        Given energy, hydrocarbon fuels could be replaced by synthetic ammonia NH3 which burns neatly into nitrogen and water; a potentially attractive scheme if E-cat works but turns out to be impractical in cars for some reason such as too slow controllability. But alas, I have to doubt that that was his meaning.

        • GreenWing

          In fact. I imagine that liquid fuels (carbon or other) will enjoy a long transitional period – especially for aerospace. It seems fine with me to allow heavy lift air and ground (trucking) to maintain liquid fuel until such time as LENR energy density can be readily re purposed for these sectors..

          • Pekka Janhunen

            The X-15 reusable rocketplane in the 1960’s burned ammonia and liquid oxygen, by the way.

          • Peter Roe

            My boat will be keeping its ancient diesel, regardless. It is quite happy running on used cooking oil filtered through an old sock though, so it’s pretty green really!

            • Pekka Janhunen

              Your sock is then like poor man’s Petroldragon. Following Rossi’s footsteps literally. So one can extrapolate that after 20 years the boat will use LENR.

              • Peter Roe

                Sadly it’s a rather old boat and in 20 years it will most likely have been recycled – like its owner.

            • GreenWin

              A key to a slip. GreenWin shall one day take flight however.

  • Daniel Maris

    A good and reassuring article, reminding us why we took an interest in this in the first place.

  • georgehants

    Sorry if old

    The nuclear reactor in your basement
    By Bob Silberg,
    NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    • Chris The 2nd

      A week old, but a good article, it encourages me to see NASA talking openly about this.

    • GreenWin

      Thanks George. Looks like NASA PR people are slowly coming to understand the idea of distributed LENR CHP systems is a real solution to the horror of climate change.

  • When Focardi says, “nickel nucleus has a “pretty deep hole”, can anyone interpret this for me, what does this mean? And thanks Admin for the article, very interesting.

    • clovis ray

      Hi, bernie.

      I would guess that he means that the holes or pockets in the nickel metal lattus . are deep,which makes it easy for the hydrogen to enter

      • yamal

        no. he’s talking about capturing neutrons here.

        • Jim Yates

          That was my interpretation as well. That the action was deep enough in the material to allow neutron emissions to be reabsorbed.

          • praos

            No. He obviously had the potential well in mind.

  • AlainCo

    Beside what you noticed, following your advice, I reread the interview which is interesting…

    I’ve quoted few other paragraphe, interesting for other reasons…

    the battle between ortyhodox PdD LENr and heretic NiH.

    the COP200 of aldo proia is described.

    the fact the the reaction is selfsustaining, but hard to stop.

    the behavior of even arxiv to reject LENR papers.

  • clovis ray

    Why don’t you do a little reading before , making those kind of statements.
    most of us here have put in the time to study this discovery, and we don’t mind a few questions, but are not going to do the work for you, most of us have been studying this for years, we know it is true, and don’t want to waste our time answering stupid questions that only takes a little reading to answer. we here a e-cat world are here to learn and develop,LENR, so please, close your mouth and open your ears for awhile please. we are trying to study here. get with the flow or get the heck out of the road.

    • yamal

      nice to hear that you understand it all. so please help me out here. how much energy would be released per mole?

      • Jim

        “nice to hear that you understand it all”… Clovis didn’t say that. So you are guilty of unethical rhetorical manipulation. You have done this repeatedly. You are thus a persistent unethical rhetorical manipulator.

        Until you clear that up, everything that you post on this site is subject to being interpreted as the product of a persistent unethical rhetorical manipulator.

        There are unkinder words for describing a person who exhibits that behavior. I suggest that you imagine some of those words and consider how people feel about you when they think those words to themselves when they read your posts. I also suggest you consider how those words make you feel about yourself.

        I have observed that if someone demonstrates a change in their behavior, the people on this site are generally forgiving of past transgressions. However, you seem to want to keep deepening the hole that you have dug for yourself.

        • So, is there a “persistent unethical rhetorical manipulator” syndrome: PURMS?

          • _Frank_

            Is there also an acronym for the “Rossi says syndrome”?
            How about the ethic for promises like “half of the earnings from the 1st 1MW plant will be used to support children with cancer” etc.?

        • yamal

          a lot of words hardly disguising the fact that you can’t make any sense of focardi’s comment either. or can you?

          • Focardi makes perfect and very reassuring sense to me.

  • Giuliano Bettini

    @yamal, Yes, this is the Italian:

    “Giustamente! Quindi basta alimentare l’elettrolisi per i fatti suoi, uno chiude la corrente lì, e una volta finito l’idrogeno si ferma da solo.”
    “….once the hydrogen is finished, stops by itself.”

    • yamal

      thanks a lot. i don’t speak a single word of italian. so is ‘finished’ in this context meant in the sense of ‘used up’ or ‘consumed’?

  • yamal

    ‘once the hydrogen is used up’? how much energy would be released before the hydrogen would be ‘used up’ if the reaction would in deed work as he describes? are we sure this is a good translation? it sounds very confused.

    • Italo R.

      Probably he means that the reactor has been depressurized venting the hydrogen, and so stopping the reaction. It doesn’t mean that the hydrogens has been consumed

    • Pedro

      Admin has provided a link to the translation of the full article. There you can read that the hydrogen was generated by electrolysis and that Rossi shut the reactor down by cutting the electricity to the electrolysis device, stopping the supply of hydrogen. I recommend reading the entire article, quite interresting.