Projected Hot Cat Delivery Date Slips

A recent post by Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics gives an updated projection for the delivery and installation of the first high temperature E-Cat (hot cat) plants to the first customer. Recently Rossi had said that he expected there would be February/March deliver — now that has slipped to March/April. Rossi writes:

We are working very hard on the Hot Cats deliveries and on their safety certifications. As you know, upon them is in course an Indipendent Third Party Validation that recently has been prolonged with further tests. I suppose that the publication of the results will be made by March, after the end of the tests. Again, I want to remember that the timing of the Third Party work and of their publication does not depend on my will. By March also the safety certification ( which also is in course) will be advanced. The delivery of the first plant should be made in March/April. We are doing our best, but consider that we are making our path through an inexplored jungle: nevertheless, we are respecting the scheduling we assigned to ourselves in November.

In addition to building, installing and running the plant, it seems that safety certification is going to be necessary before the plants can be up and running, and knowing Rossi, he will want those certifications in place before he puts a commercial reactor to work with a customer. Of course there’s nothing anyone on the outside of the process can do but wait for things to happen. I’m sure no one really enjoys waiting for good things to happen, and many have or will lose interest or give up on the story, but I feel there’s good reason to stick around.

  • Jimmy Jones

    No way, the vaporware is pushed back yet again? Gee, who could have ever seen this coming?!

  • Zerfolyt

    And why do we have to wait for good things to happen. Because the politicians of west have built up a gigantic framework of tyranic rules. Everything is governed by rules and laws in absurdum and west is slowly grinding to a halt.

  • We live in the age of instant gratification where everyone from CEO’s to high-schoolers all think that technology can be done literally overnight. Maybe it’s from watching too much Star Trek. I just watched the company I was working for go out of business because they had earned such a bad reputation for shipping product before it was ready to be shipped. Rossi has but one shot at this, slipping his schedule for good reasons like safety certs is fine. Shipping a product that doesn’t work or is unsafe will destroy him.

  • Endo Viires

    Here we go again!
    A small peak to the future…. ” ..he expected there would be February/March deliver — now that has slipped to March/April 2023..”

  • Omega Z

    It took 6 years for the First I-Phone to make it to market.
    Of Coarse they had to develop new break through tech– Oh Wait.
    No, they just marginally improved & reconfigured Old Technology decades old for the I-Phone. And It Still took 6 years.

    I’m not worried about months delays. I don’t expect anything major before June or July.
    Aside from Normal problems that Can & Do pop up to cause delays, There is also the Possibility of people in the background slowing things down for their own benefit.

    The Present Powers have been in control for better then a Century. They wont silently fade into the shadows. They didn’t get where they are by being Faint of heart. They will resist change at all costs.

    • your apple analogy is quite inaccurate. development began in october 2004. jobs announced it in early 2007 for release in that summer. sales began on schedule in june 2007. 2 3/4 years to market. not 6. but i assume your point wasn’t trying to be accurate about the iphone, so forgive me for being anal here and forget it.
      development of something completely new as the ecat should of course take much longer anyway. however rossi wrote in his patent application that he had installed an ecat in his office in october 2007 and that it was running 24/7 heating his lab. so he claims he had a reliably working prototype doing what it was supposed to do 5 1/2 years ago. surely more than enough time to get it to market (and before you object, as far as rossi says, his products are in fact on the market and have been for more than a year). so perhaps rather than speculating on when the next ecats will be sold, we should ask where all the ecat are which already have been sold, if that is actually true (and what it would mean if it wasn’t true).

      • Omega Z

        The Concept of the I-Phone was earlier as was the I-Pad of which was put on the back burner while they actually developed the I-Phone. Some even say Jobs conceived both products in the mid to late 90’s but had to wait for the technology to become more Advanced/Scaled. Regardless, they both used existing tech with marginal changes. Not a totally new technology.

  • Torbjörn

    A 1 MW E-Cat plant, not a Hot Cat plant, will be deliviered to a costumer in March.


    December 31st, 2012 at 6:23 AM

    Mr. Rossi, I’ve been in a never ending back and forth with individuals about your 1MW container. Many of those who argue say that the container for your first unit has the same dents and floor scrapings as the one shown in the recent swedish video. Is the original 1MW unit the same one in the video or is this a new unit with coincidentally similar markings? I’m sure you know how these internet arguments can go and I’d like to having something backing what I post in response to them. Thank you, ScottL

    Andrea Rossi

    December 31st, 2012 at 7:02 AM

    Dear Scott L.:
    As I said and wrote many times, the Container of the 1 MW plant is the same tested one year ago, since to the military Customer we delivered different ones. This one, seen also in the Swedish Television, has been used to make tests, modifications, improvements, certification. It has been a tremendous tool for R&D. Now it is destined to a Customer. It will be delivered on March, after further series of modifications we have in course now. Thanks to it now we can pass to a repetitive manufacturing line. After a glorious first life as a prototype for R&D, it is on his way to go to work in a centralized heating plant to supply heat: this will be his seconf life.
    Warm Regards,

    • Gerrit

      Go ask him if this schedule is still valid.

      I also remember that Rossi announced that when the 1MW plant is delivered it will need some time to get it to run stably and after that “the customer” will want to see some months of stable performance before the customer will make anything public.

      Everything will be “under NDA” and any further news will be “up to the customer”.

      There will not be a news coverage of the Rossi container arriving at the
      customer’s location with the plant owner praising Rossi and speaking
      about how we have entered a new era.

      The biggest “proof” Rossi can give us about “a delivery” would be a photo of the empty spot in his workshop where the container used to be. And that’s the best we will get, I am not holding my breath for more.

  • Miles

    A little more waiting grasshoppers. I’ve waited this long, I can wait some more. Seems like 2013 will be the year! No? Not too long now…I hope. Sit n wait.

  • Stuey81

    Ive left two posts here frank, both have dissapeared

  • Frank

    Just as a reminder, hereunder Rossi’s roadmap for the year 2012.
    Compare the goals (which he affirmed a year ago) with what actually happened in 2012, and you will get an idea what you may expect to happen in 2013.

    Gediminas January 31st, 2012 at 7:34 AM:
    Dear Andrea Rossi
    Reading Your answers in blog and interviews in internet I created preliminary schedules of You main works for 2012 
    1. 2012 March, April – start of improved 1 Mw plant.
    2. 2012 from February till November – building of robotized plant for E cats.
    3. 2012 November – test production for 10 kw home Ecats.
    4. 2012 December – successful start of sales 10 kw home Ecats.
    Andrea Rossi January 31st, 2012 at 9:31 AM:
    Dear Gediminas,
    With the help of God yes, that is the roadmap.
    Warm Regards,

  • Stuey81

    Rossi, dont shoot yourself in the foot with statements like, “i supose that the publication results will be made by march” what are you basing this assumption on? You have told us all time and time again you have no idea how long this process could take as its out of your hands, is this just a guess on your behalf? Well i guess time will tell, i supose!

  • What if

    march-april…. what year. 2020? 2030? 2050?!

    • captain kirk

      Impatient youth……… but daddy I want it now I’ve been waiting soooo long

  • artefact

    thanks to Jones Beene on Vortex:

    The Hunts on local TV

    • clovis

      Very nice, we will soon, be seeing a lot more of this kind of stuff, wait until after the coming out party when Dr.R shows this hand, this is getting really exciting, can you guys feel the excitement building, I can I beleive in two mounts time, things should be cooking right along,

  • stuey81

    I suppose that the publication of the results will be made by March, why do you suppose this rossi? im gonna make a bold prediction here, i suppose it wont be, in fact, id bet my right testicle on it!

    • Neil Taylor

      I hope I hear a loud OUCH in March from you stuey81

    • John De Herrera

      “id bet my right testicle on it!”
      stuey8 1 – Bet your first born, bet the farm, but NEVER bet your “right testicle”! You may regret doing that. You may be singing like Tiny Tim. jdh

  • georgehants

    Energy Update: LENR Developers Remain Stuck in the Lab with No Commercial Product.
    Cold fusion enthusiasts are still looking for the holy grail. A new organization, formed in 2011 by Dr. George Miley, a Physics Professor at University of Illinois, announced in October 2011 at the World Green Energy Symposium held in Philadelphia, that he had developed a LENR device that reliably produced several hundred watts of energy continuously.

  • This data point fits in perfectly with either of two theories: either Rossi is lying and is a crook, or else normal engineering delays have occurred, and can to be expected in the future.

    • Ken L

      And as humanity is quick to hate, discredit, doubt, want, covet, attack, and slander…..I’m sure a majority doubts Rossi rather than believes. I’m not saying either way but i won’t say he’s lying or a crook. Mentally deranged people might cook up a scam this big, but following Rossi since day one I’d say there is no evidence or motive that would label Rossi a scam. A man nearing the end of his life wouldn’t have time to enjoy whatever profit he could get from it let alone risk spending the rest of his life behind bars. I’m sorry but it’s harder for me to believe he’s a scam than to believe he’s legit. People want it now, and throw hissy fits spreading doubt, disinformation, and slander when they don’t get what they want. It’s not like he’s building a nerf gun, it’s ground breaking new physics and areas never explored. Good god, give him a break and let them work.

  • Harry

    How come that I am not surprised?

    • Frank

      BtW, what happened to that one?

      Andrea Rossi
      November 28th, 2011 at 6:48 PM
      Dear Herb Gills:
      Today we sold in the USA a 1 MW plant which will go to a normal Customer. This installation will be visitable by the qualified public.
      We wait to have completed the contractual procedure through the attorneys, then we will give communication. It will be in the North East of the USA, where I have been in these days.
      Warm Regards,

      • stuey81

        rossi can have his own opinons, thats fine, what rossi cant have however is his own facts!

        • Gerrit

          of course Rossi has his own facts, but apparently he isn’t going to tell them yet.

      • captain kirk

        Perhaps you not aware….Rossi has been known to post untruths to throw off competitors along with the fact that delays can be expected when trying to commercialize the first nickel hyrogen anomolies reactor (which is not quite the same as developing a new iphone…in case you were unaware)

        • yamal

          ‘it has been known’ meaning you think so because it fits your personal beliefs better than acknowledging that he was caught in a lie?

          • captain kirk

            And your peronal beliefs are…..let me guess…… currently “accepted theories can’t be wrong” even though there is much evidence that there is a nickel hydrogen anomoly

            • yamal

              oh come on. how ‘has it been known’? you simply made that up.

              • captain kirk

                Cures I believe stated that some of Rossi’s statements were made to throw off the competition….. If your so sure that Rossi is a total fraud why in the hell are you posting here? Just for the fun and fud?

            • Dave

              This has nothing to do with “accepted theories.” It’s about a guy making an extraordinary claim of an invention that would be one of the most important in all of human history but providing zero evidence of that claim.

            • AlainCo

              note that accepted theories allow LENR. they are not powefull enough to reject LENR as possible. LENR is another animal, and if dog don’t fly, this imply nothing on another animal…

              what some people called accepted theories, it is consensus of believed to be important leaders of opinion in science. It is in fact just evidence of their incompetence and their lack of understanding of what is a lattice, or more probably their hate of F&P, their desperate commitment in the bullshit their said earlier, their fear of looking stupid, their crazy ego, their laziness, their pride.

              the only question, since LENR cannot be rejected from QM (nor proven either with theory), is whether it is real. and the answer is yes, if you follow the usual scientific method.


              Fight the illiteracy in mainstream science !

        • zap

          “Rossi has been known to post untruths…”. I think the Captain summed it all up pretty well right there. Which is why I check in very infrequently these days. All hat, no cattle.

    • Hador_NYC

      He’s not asking for public money. He does not have a publicly traded stock. It is a brand new invention. I mean even the Pebble Watch guys, comparatively simple invention, slipped 6 months. I think he can take more time.

      • Cramer

        That’s not true about the money. Several documents posted by Roger Green show Rossi asked hundreds of thousands of dollars for regional ‘licenses’ for the e-cat. At the recent conference, several of his distributors mentioned they had also purchased licenses, so he is asking for money.

        • HeS

          How do you know? You can give a person or company who paid the money?

        • Hador_NYC

          That’s private money, not public money(Public = government.) Also, you did not refute my point about stock or other such revenue sources. I had not heard, and have I seen other links to support, other than your words, that he’s making any license requests. Still, what’s wrong with that? Isn’t that no different than Kickstarter? Not all of them work out either, although fortunately, I did get my Pebble watch!

      • junior

        Apparently you never heard of Stock Options. Very easy to buy Leap puts on Oil, then start a panic and Wala.. Turn 1 penny into 10

        • Hador_NYC

          So you are saying that this is a scam to manipulate, and make money off of, commodity oil trading? That’s one hell of a scam. Rossi must be smart!

  • clovis

    Hey, you all.
    March or april sounds very reasonable, thanks Dr. R

    • it does not. but do not worry. you will have plenty of opportunity to say the same about october or december. there is no way anybody in the us will sign a safety certificate for a nuclear reactor after only a couple of months.

      • victor

        Yamali, this reactor is not the same as a nuclear reactor and no where near as threatening! You should probably read more about it and find out!

        • i very much doubt an official authority asked to sign a safety certificate on a one megawatt nuclear reactor will rely on literature about remotely related experiments delivering milliwatts. in fact i hope they don’t. if this thing shows up in my neighborhood i would want it thoroughly tested and every aspect of it completely understood. wouldn’t you?

          • idealot

            How would someone determine that it was a nuclear reactor?

        • clovis

          he knows, he a troll

  • invient

    You know, at this point we know lenr is real and that physicist need to explore this avenue much more than just through denial that the observations are there.

    If Rossi pulls through great, if he doesn’t well at least we will have a younger generation of electrochemists to figure things out rather than call it heresy and deny reality.

  • Jackob

    Of course the first unit is the same as the prototype unit, it takes x100 time required to produce a repeated unit.

  • Gedo

    I am 78 old grand father, I want to see a working cold fusion device in my basement before I leave this world. Harry up guys- I want work and not telling stories.

    • Gerrit

      That is the 3rd time you repeat the exact same words. You are either a troll or you suffer from severe memory loss.

      • bfast

        Or he’s a bit perseverant. Kinda like a dog wanting a bone. Like me.

      • Daniel Maris

        Well Rossi keeps posting the same words…he’s entitled to ask him to get a move on, on the basis that Rossi claims already to have sold working devices and to have other working devices ready to go.

  • yamal

    is it reasonable to expect a safety certification so soon? a nuclear reactor based on as yet unknown physics would take years or even decades to certify. not weeks. what if it is harmful? mr. rossi saying it isn’t will hardly suffice for a certification. unless it is one of those self certification things you can handle with filling out a form on a website and calling it something generic. but is that legal? i doubt it.

    • Jimmy Jones

      Where do you get weeks? The technology was “in production and ready to ship” 2011. It had “passed all safety and certification checks” and his “Florida plant was coming on line as we speak”. All 18 or more months ago. I think we’ve had more than “weeks” to get this going. Quite a coincidence that every time the actual date approaches after we’ve been assured all hurdles are cleared the date gets magically pushed back, or we’re waiting for the bigger better version.
      I’ve no doubt something along the lines of Ni+H fusion is feasible, and with funding and without powerful interefence it would be out by now. But I do have every doubt that we’re dealing with anything but a (possibly self delusional) shiester here.

  • cx

    Rossi really shouldn’t give dates if he has no control over when something will published is it them thats saying it will be published in a month.

    • Daniel Maris

      Yep, it certainly undermines his credibility. If this story had begun three months ago, no one would worry about such slippage. But this isn’t exactly the first time the cheque’s been “in the post” is it?

      How can this be an “unexplored jungle” when he has stated numerous times that this is a proven energy generator ready for the market?

      Marketisation does not depend on the independent third party testing. He has his big partner.

      • Gerrit

        credibility ? It doesn’t really matter what Rossi says. He may present something eventually, or he may not. That is all we know.

        • Daniel Maris

          Well, that’s true of any claim, but at the outset Rossi seemed to have a lot going for him. It’s not unreasonable to follow his progress and if he makes claims that prove unwarranted, then he can’t complain if people take him to task for that. Yes, in the end he might come through, and he can berate all the doubters, but as time goes on his credibility erodes inevitably.

    • Mark

      Rossi is not a sane business person he has demonstrated that repeatably.

  • Stephen

    Hey but what happened with the old “warm cat” version of the eCat? I think that one was supposed to be on the market on summer 2011.. . . . ….

    • Stephen

      … and most importanly, why should it be different this time