MFMP Hold Drawing for Nickel Powder Reactor

As the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project gears up for a Kickstarter fundraising campaign they are offering an enticement for potential donors: the chance to win a nearly-finished powder reactor cell. The team is trying to raise $5000 to fund some testing using nickel nano powder, and they report they are over half way there.

MFMP Powder Reactor

Details on the drawing are available on an update to the recent ‘Mega Blog’ at Which also includes pictures of progress on the steel/glass cell construction, parts and equipment, and a photo of the nickel powder reactors they are threatening to re-start if they can raise the $5000.

  • georgehants

    I do not think they have much Trust left to lose.
    From the Guardian.
    All Trials: working with the public to reform science.
    about science’s problems shouldn’t be left to the walls of public
    lavatories, no matter how well connected those walls might be
    Passivity is maybe better than the irrational enemy the public are often
    cast as when it comes to science, technology, medical or environmental
    policy. When interviewed about constraints put on their work, scientists
    will often talk of “us” and “them” (e.g. this study of “non-knowledge”),
    the latter being outsiders who just don’t understand. Many also worry
    that being open about the problems of science will lose them public

  • georgehants

    Very quiet on news today.
    Peter would you like to discus the terrible effect that canal longboats are having on global warming.
    The “opinion experts” could I think make a strong case for removing all Lister engines.

  • Pekka Janhunen

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  • Can’t they go to the bank and ask for 5000€?

    It looks so unprofessional. If they want to build up some credibility they will need a lot more than 5000€

    • HeS

      @:”Can’t they go to the bank and ask for 5000€?”

      This is not a commercial project. The Bank provides loans that must be repaid. The Bank does not give anything to anyone.

    • Redford

      Wake up, this is not 1990 anymore. A ton of professionnal project uses crowdfunding

  • Gerrit


    please vote for George Miley at the ultra light startups website. Google for “LENR Distributed Power Units”

    George Miley’s company LENUCO might get proposed to get ARPA-E funding.

    • Gerrit
    • Gerrit

      12 hours to go before voting closes !

    • barty

      Just 24 votes 🙁

      • Gerrit

        Don’t forget to open your email and click on the confirmation link.

        This vote has much better odds than the white house petition ! And it is essentially the same thing.

        If we don’t manage to get at least 500 votes by the end of the day, that would really be depressing and would show what a loose band of thinkers we all are. We need to get organized, people !

        • barty

          It would be nice if Frank could start a new Blogpost about this, so more people would recognize it.
          Frank also should mention that you have to click on the validation link you receive in your mail inbox after voting.

          • ecatworld


  • georgehants

    Peter I still cannot get the RSS feed it just puts up a – subscribe with live bookmark – box, I am using Firefox.

    • georgehants

      This is a reply to Peter lower down the page.
      When I tried to reply I got all of Peters comment history.
      Gremlins, Ha.

  • georgehants

    Andrea Rossi
    February 7th, 2013 at 6:03 PM
    Dear Brian:
    We are working very hard on the Hot Cats deliveries and on their safety
    certifications. As you know, upon them is in course an Indipendent Third
    Party Validation that recently has been prolonged with further tests. I
    suppose that the publication of the results will be made by March,
    after the end of the tests. Again, I want to remember that the timing of
    the Third Party work and of their publication does not depend on my
    will. By March also the safety certification ( which also is in course)
    will be advanced. The delivery of the first plant should be made in
    March/April. We are doing our best, but consider that we are making our
    path through an inexplored jungle: nevertheless, we are respecting the
    scheduling we assigned to ourselves in November.
    Warm Regards,

  • GreenWin

    Looks like a basic Mills design. The man responsible (most likely) for much of the e-cat heritage.

  • Adam Lepczak

    I donated $25.00. IMO, it makes more sense to try to replicate Rossi than Celani.

    • Paul Hunt

      Rossi won’t work with us. Celani will.

  • Andre Blum

    ok, I donated. 24 more like me and we have a nickel powder experiment.

  • walker

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  • Gedo

    I am 78 old grand father, I want to see a working cold fusion device in my basement before I leave this world. Harry up guys- I want work and not telling stories.

    • GreenWin


      YOU can help them harry up!! Volunteer! Make phone calls, send emails, talk to your newspaper! Just do it!!