Rossi on Factories

Andrea Rossi has responded on his Journal of Nuclear Physics Site to a question asking about his manufacturing facilities and a request for pictures of them:

Dear Brian:
Our factories are in the USA. We have a R&D center in Italy wherein we also manufacture prototypes. We are programming a manufacturing center in Sweden. All the other information are confidential, let alone the photos.
Warm Regards,

There’s not a whole lot to go on there, of course, but I think it is probably safe to say that if Rossi now has a partner in the United States who is already a manufacturing company (as AR says), that the E-Cats will be manufactured in its factories.

  • georgehants

    Admin has put great questions to Rossi on JONP.
    I think he may wish to open new page so will not transfer.

    • Hugo

      Probably more interesting are the answers to Luca Salvarani. When asked ‘Are there any progress on the electricity generation?’ Rossi answered ‘is our main focus now’. So don’t hold your breath for the hot e-cat. It will fade out of focus just as the warm cat did and will be replaced by the electric e-cat. There will be an independent third party evaluation just around the corner in 2014 and some ultra secret customers shortly after that. Stay tuned.

      • robiD

        What it needs now is only a positive, reliable and independent report, all the rest (included your BS) is marginal.

        • rolando

          That’s right

          Rossi wants this independent report more than anyone else here. His patent approval will depend on it, and his big customer’s order decision shall be swayed by it. I hope that he have found the open-minded and fair academic institutions for the testing/review/report of the Hot cat.

      • b4FreeEnergy

        Ok let’s just suppose that’s true, what’s in it for him?
        Come on … it doesn’t make sense!

      • Peter_Roe

        You either haven’t been paying attention, or you are twisting the facts like a tro11 with an agenda (surely not?). ONLY the ‘hot cat’ is suitable for electrical power generation, and this is what is being developed in the US.

        • Michael

          Assume that the hot cat (the name is already used on another heater) is used to generate steam. Then we need several MW. Power plants with steam turbines are generating power in tens or houndreds of MW, although smaller steam turbines exist, but they are perhaps more often used in cogeneration plants. Gas turbines are efficient in smaller sizes, see for example Capstone. Since gas turbine have a combustion chamber where fuel is combusted at a high pressure this has to be replaced by some kind of external heating. This could be compressed air heated by the ecat. We will probably need 1000-1100C heat output from an e-cat for a reasonable operation. I doubt however that the gas turbine efficiency will exceed 15-20% if the output is below 50kW. The third option is something very different from using turbomachinery, I don’t know. So, when Mr Rossi is talking about power generation, which technology is he talking about. Has he provided any hints at all?

          • Omega Z


            Rossi is going for the Tried & True. The Carnot Steam Cycle.

            He has said a couple times that they don’t want to get bogged down with other technics at this time & None of the more exotic until their more proven.

            Most of these other possibilities were discussed earlier prior to the Hot-Cat. They will be explored more fully after the Steam System is finished.

            As for the Hot Cat name. Isn’t an Issue. That kind of just happened on the Blogs & Forums by way of us. It was simpler then Posting Hi-Temp E-cat. Sometimes it’s the H-Cat or L-Cat( High/Low temp)

            • Michael

              I think that the Carnot cycle is a theoretical thermodynamic cylce. You often calculate the Carnot efficiency as an upper limit of the possible efficiency, based on the highest and lowest temperature in the process. Do you mean the Rankine cycle instead?

  • georgehants

    Luca Salvarani
    February 1st, 2013 at 9:36 AM
    Dear Andrea
    1) Are there any progress on the electricity generation?
    2) Do you consider this period (february-march) with the upcoming report and the plant delivery, as the definitive breakthrough for your technology?
    Andrea Rossi
    February 2nd, 2013 at 4:02 AM
    Dear Luca Salvarani:
    1- is our main focus now
    2- yes
    Thank you very much for your kind lines.
    Warmest Regards,

    • Gerrit

      I am happy that the long wait will finally be over by end of March.

      Either the proof will be in the open, or we can all stop paying attention to Rossi.

      • Omega Z


        Even if things become definitive for Rossi by end of March, It may be sometime before it is for the rest of us.

  • Patrik

    I have a hypothetical question.

    What shall we do if it turns out down the line that Rossi has lied all the time? Can Rossi be sued by businiesses like this website? Arrested? What would we all do?

    Since I live in Sweden, any small clue as to where I could start a quest to find his factory would be apreciated. I would cover it 24/7 if I found it. And report back everything there from lunchbreaks to photos of everyone passing in or out.

    • get in contact with aldo proia and his italian investors…

      anyway this the reason why I only expect technical problems, but no scam theory…

    • GreenWin

      A world is always in need of sharp detectives, investigators, private dicks, spies, secret agents etc. The successful ones are those who self motivate. When you are hot on the trail of the Swedish factory, post your undercover video. This is sometimes known as “investigative journalism,” requiring only an open mind and capacity to ferret out the truth.

      • Michael

        I think you can find the factory in public documents from Swedish authorities. Some kind of acceptance will probably be needed from the authorities regarding possible environmental impact from the manufacturing etc. The documents are there somewhere if the factory exists. The main challenge is to look in the right place.

        • Omega Z


          This could be done in an existing facility all under R&D at this time. Nothing to find.

          • Michael

            Even if you product uses nuclear reactions? I really doubt it. The site in Sweden is not an R&D facility. Rossi talks about manufacturing.

  • Going 3 days without fresh news here is like starving to death. At least if I was starving, I’d lose weight!

  • Zaghlool

    Actually every one should know that :
    The Theory of operation of E-CAT is a great secret and will never be released – Even Andrea Rossi has no rights to leak any information.
    The secrets of the operation of the E-Cat is the same as a top militery secrets.

    • Ramsy

      I know one effective way (which destroyed the Roman Empire before ) to get the secrets of the e cat, just send a beautiful girl to Rossi with a nice drink and definitely you will get every thing you want.

      • Omega Z


        I don’t think it would work with Rossi,

        However, I think it’s a possibility that it has already been tried on One of his people. I Have No Clue as to whether it was Effective. The Female culprit appears to have been of Ukrainian decent.

        • asey

          It was woman-prostitute in biblical Jericho, who helped in destroying the city and all its residents.