European Patent Granted for Francesco Piantelli’s LENR Process

The European Patent office has granted a patent for the Francesco Piantelli’s invention of process for producing energy from a nickel-hydrogen reaction.

European Patent Office published the certificate on January 16th, 2013. All documents associated with this application can be found here.

Sergio Focardi, who assisted Andrea Rossi in the development of the E-Cat had worked with Piantelli in the study and development of LENR from nickel-hydrogen processes.


Here is a link to the full text of the patent, hosted on Daniele Passerini’s site:[1].pdf

  • Joannes Van den Bogaert

    Reading the Piantelli patent you will become aware of the importance of the use of negative hydrogen ions (anions) H-
    in the transmutation-reaction of nickel with hydrogen forming copper (Cu). A theory about said reaction is given on e-Cat Site
    in the article “cold fusion catalyst”. Read also the articles
    “Belgian LANR Patents” and “LANR by Coulomb explosion” for another type of “cold fusion” being lattice assisted nuclear fusion (LANR).

  • GreenWin

    Thanks to Iggy for this post early last year:

    “Documented evidence for thermal energy observation
    in nickel and hydrogen, in 1959.

    This excerpt from Journal of American Chemical
    Society, 81,5032 (1959). Research by R.J.Kokes,
    and P.H. Anderson. They were studying adsorption
    of hydrogen on Raney nickel and observed “strange
    feature of exothermic reaction”. Perhaps if they
    had done an elemental analysis or calorimetry
    analysis they would have found thermal energy
    generation in excess of any possible physical
    chemistry reaction ( that is, a nuclear
    reaction), but no one can fault them, in 1959, for
    not doing an elemental analysis of the nickel
    after the exothermic reactions. What they observed
    predated the Piantelli work by 30 years, and the
    Rossi catalyst by over 50 years.

  • georgehants

    Science is broken: how can we fix it?
    There’s a German word describing people only focussed on work who are experts in that field, but totally incompetent in others: Fachidiot. It comes from Fach (which means profession, compartment) and Idiot (guess that). The way things are now, we are in real danger of becoming synonymous with scientist.

    • GreenWin

      Out with the old (thinking) and IN with the new.

  • georgehants
    • GreenWin

      When you read of projects like this you better grasp the irrational fear the creeps into the mind of the energy cartels. They must START new projects forthwith, immediately to try to secure funding over the next 10-20 years. Thus we see desperate attempts at building new nuke, PV, wind, geo, hydro, even coal-fired power plants.

      “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.”
      ― Abraham Lincoln

  • georgehants

    JET Energy NANOR®-type LANR Technology

  • Karl

    As long as there is no fundamental scientific accepted theory of what is coursing the release of energy in the form of heat, electricity or perhaps in kinetic form, we should accept a number of players with variable theories and products with their respected patents.

    A lack of a clear theory is of course a disadvantage in one way but it could also be an advantage as it would be very difficult to block out competition or delay introduction of the technology. As a result number of players with slight variations would and should be able enter the field of CF/LENR.

    I guess that patent organisations prefer to grant patents based on fairly detailed descriptions of their respective process they like to protect, rather than promoting sweeping claims that would kill competition unless a full description of a secret catalyser is presented.

    In the Rossi case this may not be an option longer in regard to the original patent or even wanted scenario for him. It should not prevent him from complement with a number of new patent applications should he deem such action beneficial.

    The successive development of new collective knowhow and wealth is based on the ability to open mindedness in the scientific process and the ability to create patent for protection under an initial 20 years phase.

    The fact that there is no fully theoretical explanation of the CF/LENR alike phenomena where the best current officially accepted theory, based on QM, obviously lack the possibility to explain these reactions, it may still take long time until a complete theory can fully explain CF/LENR.

    The understandings of at least the micro and I also macro world or space, based on QM still have a number of mysteries to explain wherein the explanation of the CF/LENR phenomena may reside. It may still take many years before a fully unified theoretical explanation can be verified. This may be the case until a new Unified Theory can be created that explain these and other phenomena that is not explained in the QM theory.

    It is very promising that the patent organisations like EPO have started to grant patents in this field as it would enhance business development and collective human knowledge.

    • georgehants

      Karl, I would tick the like button if there was one.
      Unknown science, what a Wonderful opertunity for real scientists.
      What a disaster for the Dogma worshipers.

  • Some points concerning Piantelli’s patent description.

    1) He says that a H- ion starts behaving as a heavy electron, replaces an inner shell metal electron and falls near the nucleus because of its small Bohr radius. If we forget the size of H- this might make sense. But then he says that the proton is separated from the H- and gets expelled presumably by the metal nucleus’ Coulomb repulsion. I don’t see where the energy comes from if the proton doesn’t fuse with the metal nucleus. If H- decomposes into proton and two electrons near metal nucleus, the proton is not expelled from the atom because the atom would then be negatively charged since it has one electron too many.

    2) In paragraph 0048 he says that hydrogen should flow at 3 m/s along the surface, to facilitate H2 molecules on average colliding at grazing angles with the surface so that they would adsorb better. This doesn’t make sense since the thermal speed of hydrogen already at room temperature is much larger than 3 m/s.

    3) In 0060 he teaches that argon is LENR poison. If true, it’s the opposite of what Celani and MFMP do.

    • Pekka we suspect that the nano structures are absorbing any gasses at loading range. Firstly we do not use Argon any more, just He, we are considering ways to calibrate without He as we suspect that if we do – even if we vacuum heat the Celani wires to try to remove it, we would still not get it all out and suspect that it might be the cause of very long loading times.

  • Giuliano Bettini

    From JoNP
    Christos Stremmenos
    January 19th, 2013 at 7:09 PM
    To all the readers of JoNP
    With great surprise I read in the publication of the European patent EP 2368 252 B1 on 01/16/2013, Priority: 24.11.2008, granted to the inventor Francesco Piantelli, that in the “Description of the prior art”, it is reported that this inventor would seem working on the nickel nanopowders since 1998. This is absolutely incorrect, because only the writer at that time adopted Ni and Pd nanopowders prepared in the laboratory of Prof. E. Bonetti (Dept. Fis. UNIBO), involving Prof. Focardi. I know that Andrea Rossi since half ’90 was working with the powders of nickel. (etc.)

    • RenzoB

      this is only an extract of a message by Stremmenos on JONP, he takes a dig at Piantelli and supports Rossi.

      • daniel maris

        Stremmenos has always been the firmest supporter of Rossi from the world of science. If Rossi comes through with a viable product, he will deserve to share the laurels.

    • georgehants
  • Lu

    While we wait for the report providing independent verification of Rossi’s claims, I’d like to draw attention to an analysis of the existing scientific basis for Rossi’s invention:

    This is extremely well-written and the third part of StepChange Innovations evaluation of Rossi’s E-Cat. Well worth the read no matter what view of the E-Cat you have.

    All I can say, is that Rossi has a lot riding on his independent 3rd party evaluation report, should we ever see it.

    • You should note the numerous typographical and grammatical errors in this document that leave the education and qualifications of the author in question. It sounds like a Steven Krivit project.

      • Lu

        The few mistakes are probably a result of English being Dr. Christian Schumacher’s second language. There is nothing in the content that would leave me to question his education and qualifications. In fact if you read his background he is quite accomplished and knowledgeable. That he has the E-Cat on his company’s radar and has done a thorough analysis of the E-Cat saga is also commendable.

        A good report about the E-Cat or a verifiable market story (both of which we’ve been waiting for a LONG time given his claims) is all that is required for Rossi to dispel questions about his credibility.

      • Lu

        My response to you went into moderation. I’m not sure why.

      • GreenWin

        “Why we looked at Rossi´s e-cat? Rossi is the only one who claims to have a LENR device in the market. Nobody else makes this claim, that is why it pulls particular attention.”

        However Dafkalion has just claimed they are entering the market starting with their new JV. Sure looks like a steaming pile…

  • Hogo

    I asked Dr. Rossi on his blog whether it was true that a license for selling his products in Japan was sold for not more than $ 500000,- as reported by Gary Wright but it disappeared. Does anybody here know something about these licenses? Half a million for a country like Japan can’t be true, can it?

  • Zaghlool

    Well ,the Cold Fusion discovery is a “Life or Death issue” for Europe and America.
    Cold Fusion discovery came in the right and perfect time to save many nations from immediate collapse – Thanks the sky’s perfect care.

    • captain

      C.F. means Cold Fusion ==> LENR ==> CLEAN, SAFE, CHEAP!

      but C.F. to me remembers also C(hernobyl) – F(ukushima)

      USPTO and UL: remember Chernobyl and Fukushima!!!

      LENR is CLEAN and SAFE!

    • rolando

      For the planet? Whats about Africa and Asia. We consider them humans too ?

      • They will just be the next leaders…
        Asia for sure, and probably after that Africa (have to cope with governance problems first, but already in progress)

        EU and US are in suicide mode… EU in depression, US in rage.

        • Already Albert Schweitzer considered west as decadent, dying civilisation…

  • Björn

    Andrea Rossi
    January 19th, 2013 at 6:14 AM
    Dear Readers:
    I receive many requests of opinion about the last patents granted in matter of LENR: this comment answers to all.
    None of those patents explain how the E-Cat can work. I read very shaky theories in them that never produced anything really working. The described apparatuses, that we replicated with high fidelity after the publication of such patents to check their validity, actually do not work. Not at all. Everybody can try…
    Every further comment is useless.
    Warm Regards,

    • Peter_Roe

      Rossi is coming over as rather bitter here. He doesn’t specifically mention Piantelli’s devices, either – just such devices in general. Presumably he was aware of the content of P’s application some time before publication, and he would probably have had time to attempt replication, but not ‘after the publication’ though.

      • Hugo

        Depends on what you mean by “publication”. The claims made in Piantelli’s application were public in 2009. More than enough time for both: attempting a replication and having his wife file an objection.

    • Gerrit

      this looks like the patent lawyer’s dictated response. It denies that the Piantelli’s patent is worth anything.

      The original response that got deleted had a more fighting wording, giving the patent credibility by the apparant need to fight it.

      • Ramsy

        The issue is not fighting and who is the hero and who did it better – We want to see practically working devices for the benefit of all humanity.

        • Zaghlool

          Well ,the Cold Fusion discovery is a “Life or Death issue” for Europe and America.
          Cold Fusion discovery came in the right and perfect time to save many nations from immediate collapse – Thanks God for his perfect care.

          • anyway it will be good for all planet, and it means that anyway the power wil move to asia.

            we in occident just wont be poor. but no more the greatest…

            there is also as I anticipated long ago the possibility ; in europe, that we suicide by forbiding LENR for religious reasons like we do for GMO, shales, immunization, waves.

            • Hugo

              I get GMO and shale and agree. But what do you mean with immunization and waves?

              • Zaghlool

                I’m not from Europe or American,but I can see the people there deviated much off the truth way and the values- that is why the bless is taken away from them and given to another nations ware away from the seen.

              • the same churches (sects like IVI) are trying to manipulate public opinion agains immunization, against GSM waves…

                the curtain is falling in france with one lord of fraud who get connected to another doctor of mediatic medecine, and to an anti-science sect… IVI…

                just the extreme, because more mainstream well known politic/neoreligious NGO start to have more power tha state and corps (see their PR budget compares to exxon… billions instead of millions)

                • Zaghlool

                  Even the churches in Europe and USA ,many of them deviated much away from the truth.

                • Ramsy

                  Immunization means no European new generation – and that means the European people will be replaced by non-European people on the long run.
                  The European race definitely will disappear.

    • captain

      I think that Rossi’s answer is diplomatic it doesn’t hurt so much Piantelli, does not harm Rossi, does not question the EPO’s job.
      So it avoids complicating the process in itself difficult for european recognition of the reality of CF – LENR.

    • Pweet

      Quote from Andrea Rossi
      “The described apparatuses, that we replicated with high fidelity after the publication of such patents to check their validity, actually do not work. Not at all. Everybody can try…

      Hello Andrea,
      The problem is, we STILL don’t have any reliable proof that your device is any different. Two years after your first announcements which made many people, including me, so very happy, most of them have now given up that we will ever see an e-cat on the market for all to purchase, which was the original promise.
      “The market will decide.” ?
      We still have nothing to decide on.
      Do the world a favour. Produce something.

  • georgehants

    Some of the unpleasant deniers on ECN are begging the website to stay open so that they can continue to abuse Cold Fusion and each other.
    As no other Cold Fusion Website would toleration such infantile and unscientific behavior for one second, staying where they are is their only hope.

    • I would also beg that ECN stays accessible because its vast archives may hold some unique historical data from the complex twists and turns of the early period of Rossi and Defkalion, for example. Historians might study those in great detail one day, I think. Although most original material is found elsewhere, some of it might exist only at ECN, I think. It would be really good if someone who knows how to do it could make a backup of the site so that the potentially valuable data do not disappear from the world.

      • Peter_Roe

        Responded but deleted!

        I am in the process of doing what you suggest Pekka, in the interest of science history. As I said in my original comment though (without the letter substitution) having this stuff on my HD feels like storing horse sh*t in my bathtub. I think I’ll copy it off to a DVD when I’m done, and delete the downloaded files.

        • Great, Peter!

          Just curious, which software did you use? I tried with wget, but it didn’t like it.

          • Peter_Roe

            Hi Pekka. I’m using something called ‘WebReaper’. That said, it seems to have crashed at about the 60% mark, so I may have to try one or two others.

          • Peter_Roe

            Pekka – replied but in moderation for some reason.

          • Peter_Roe

            Rather than wait for moderation I’ll try again.

            I’m using WebReaper It seemed to hang up, but I’ve checked the downloaded files and they seems to be fine, with everything working in the local copy.

    • daniel maris

      I thought it had shut. I don’t mind debating openly with high sceptics. But it is probably best to have a separate website for that. The problem with consensus is you can all agree to go down the wrong road.

      • Peter_Roe

        An astute observation, but nine out of ten cats disagree.

      • Gerrit

        “The problem with consensus is you can all agree to go down the wrong road.”


        or with a bit rewording “… you can all agree to go down the road that promises a comfortable journey, but won’t lead you to the promised land”


        • Iggy Dalrymple

          “A consensus means that everyone agrees to say collectively what no one believes individually.” – Abba Eban

          • Peter_Roe

            Excellent – that definition should be in the Oxford dictionary.

  • georgehants

    Vortex with thanks —
    :Dr. Edmund Storms, LENR interview on The Space Show (2013-01-18)
    Akira Shirakawa Sat, 19 Jan 2013 01:09:42 -0800
    Listen here:
    (90 minute MP3 46.1MB)

    • georgehants

      Don’t know where the smiley came from but it’s a nice snowy day here.

      • Peter_Roe

        All we have where I live is about 3 inches of freezing brown slush!

      • Veblin

        Actually that came from ECW to Vortex and back to ECW.
        See the older comments.

        georgehants posted about the live broadcast.
        I found the link to the archive of that broadcast even though it had not yet been posted on that site by changing the file name of the last listed show, 1931-BWB-2013-01-16.mp3

  • Hugo

    Sorry if this is a double but I can’t find the original. Daniel Maris asked whether other patents on LENR have been granted recently in Europe and I answered EP1656678 B1. It was issued back in 05 2011. Here is a link:

    • daniel maris

      Thanks v much for digging that out. That’s pretty clear then! The EPO have been accepting LENR patents as valid for some time.

      This is from Energetics Technologies. They seem big on the pulse nature of the phenomenon. One of their people had this paper published:

      Looking at their website, surprisingly perhaps they seem to be at still a v. theoretical stage and it’s the usual search for investors/NDA schtick which I don’t personally like.

      I don’t really understand the patent world – how some people seem able to get patents for completely theoretical and speculative devices and others are denied them even though they have working machines.

      I guess a lot comes down to status in the scientific community.

      • A patent examiner usually accepts it even if it’s rather obvious to him that the invention probably doesn’t work. Only devices which clearly seem to break energy conservation or other similar natural laws are denied patentability (unfortunately also CF fell/falls in this category in the US). A common reason for denying a patent (besides lack of novelty) is insufficient level of detail in the explanation part. One cannot patent an invention and keep it secret at the same time. Many are probing this limit, so patents are constantly being denied or accepted with pruned claims. Science has rather little to do with patenting.

        • HeS

          @:”Only devices which clearly seem to break energy conservation or other similar natural laws are denied patentability”

          I do not understand why. If someone wants to patent a “perpetum mobile” and pays for it, let them have a patent on something that obviously does not work.

        • daniel maris

          It’s a bit more than that isn’t it? The way I understand it you have to have a coherent and sufficiently detailed narrative about what you have been doing and why you think it might work.

          The patent doesn’t say it works, but it does say if it works, then this patent can be looked to for protection because it sets out in logical steps what the invention is all about.

          This is just the impression I have gained from discussing LENR patents.

          • I wrote “Agreed.” to your message and the comment was deleted. Let’s see what happens with this one.

  • Gérard2013

    The patent war has begun and this is very good news. A snowball effect or amplification of the recognition LENR coming!

    In french

    La guerre des brevets a commencé et c’est une très bonne nouvelle. Un effet boule de neige ou une amplification de la reconnaissance LENR arrive!

  • Omega Z

    The Patent doesn’t cover Nickel & Hydrogen but a Specific process or technic.

    How this will Effect Rossi or any of the other players we’ll have to wait & see. It’s all in the Fine details. There is always more then 1 way to skin a cat.

    • captain

      Rossi’s cat is REAL and wealthy: this is important.

      And very important is the first REAL step of an official institution, the EPO, in considering the CF-LENR matter and granting a patent.

      Important is that thru Piantelli’s patent, EPO is kicking off to the ‘lazy’ USPTO and UL.

      Considering the fact that Celani too is rocking the LENR boat…

      Considering that NASA too has started his way into the CF-LENR field…

      Considering that even DGT is eager to bite Rossi cat’s tail…

      The logical consequence of what above and more else (don’t forget ECW blog’s contribution, thanks Frank!) is that no longer the public institutions and the politicians, the world all over, will have to ignore the CF-LENR reality as a matter of almost unlimited source of clean, safe and cheap energy.

      But most of all, worthy of note is the fact that Rossi’s 1MW plants can be located, even temporarily, at any place on earth.
      And this is a convincing solution for an infinite series of issues that are negatively affecting the mankind.

      People dying for no drinking water, no heating, no food, no job…

      And the fat power lobbies…

      • captain

        …and considering the fact that the american Black knight on his White horse, is champing at the bit to start his race to the future of energy 😉

        • Peter_Roe

          Unfortunately it looks like any American ‘Black Knights’ may not be allowed their armour by the USPTO.

          • captain

            Hi Peter, I agree, but day after day, Piantelli, Focardi, Rossi… U’ll see.

            The italian Columbus discovered the new world (America) and the italian Rossi came to america to bring the almost unlimited source of CSC (clean/safe/cheap) energy for a new world.

            But as U mention,it’s time to Help End “Heavywatergate” and the 24 YEAR USPTO Coverup


            quoted fm said website:

            HEAVYWATERGATE continues at the USPTO led by a corrupt Group Art that mischaracterizes facts about cold fusion on federal documents using mail fraud. For example, the Patent Office has claimed falsely that there is “no utility” to cold fusion.

          • captain

            captain added comment – in mod.n?

  • Paul

    Oh for Gods sake. No one can patent a natural phenomana – patents don’t work that way.
    You patent a process and/or a method and/or a device.
    Someone designs a different shaped device and a few wrinkles, its a new invention.
    Patents exist to protect people who spend their life and money trying to invent something.
    They spent time and money they are entitled to a reward.
    For a practical example, try and see how far you get patenting a generic ‘combustion engine’. You can’t as combustion is a natural phenomona – like LENR. You patent your version of an engine.
    Next guys designs somehting different and he can apply as well.

  • Master

    FYI There is no such thing as a “European Patent.” The EPO patent has to be nationalized in each member country before it can be enforced in said member country. Each member can conduct further examination and, for example, reject the patent for not claiming patent eligible subject matter (such as a cold fusion reactor or warp drive). Moreover, this EU patent cannot lead to any rights in the United States.

    In short, there is no reason to freak out.


    • Gerrit

      We are not freaking out, we all merely very pleased and happy.

  • Boris

    It’s US patent US2011/0249783 of 13 oct 2011. (Same patent for US)

    See google at link

    Think Rossi and others knew 1 year or more ))