Report: Defkalion GT and MOSE s.r.l. Forming Joint Venture

A report on the Italian web site NextME cites a communique released by Defkalion Green Technologies announcing the formation of a joint venture between DGT and Milan-based MOSE s.r.l.

The article explains that the partnership, to be known as ‘Defkalion Europe’ will be a research and development venture which will focus on developing the Hyperion reactor. According to Defkalion’s announcement, they are able to produce a stable reaction using a plasma discharge mechanism, and can safely produce temperatures of 600 C. They say their product, unlike Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, does not need recharging every six months.

Defkalion state that they are now ready to enter the market, however they say “this process will not be immediate but will take several years , as it will allow time for the big players in the energy distribution change their assets and strategies in a non-traumatic in a synergistic way to new technology”

The above information was obtained from a Google translation of the original Italian.

  • Fibb

    “We have five times as much oil and coal and gas on the books as climate scientists think is safe to burn. [snip] Yes, this coal and gas and oil is still technically in the soil. But it’s already economically above ground – it’s figured into share prices, companies are borrowing money against it, nations are basing their budgets on the presumed returns from their patrimony. [snip] – those reserves are their primary asset, the holding that gives their companies their value. It’s why they’ve worked so hard these past years to figure out how to unlock the oil in Canada’s tar sands, or how to drill miles beneath the sea, or how to frack the Appalachians.”


    Now I completely agree with Bill McKibben but I’m not posting these quotes because I want to persuade anyone here about AGW. I’m posting it to show that what Rossi and Defkalion said recently – that “it will be a evolution that takes years” [paraphrasing] – IS COMPLETE BS, no matter what they do and how slow they go.

    Once LENR commercializers sell multiple working units to real bonafide customers, these fossil fuel reserves, that McKibben says are “economically above ground”, will be buried.

    That WILL cause major economic disruption, end of story. The reserves – which is big oil and coal’s “primary asset” – will start winding down immediately on their balance sheets and they’ll want to replace it with something in a big hurry. Ergo, big fossil fuel will be WANT to become big LENR so fast it will make your head spin. And governments all over the world that were dependent on the diminishing revenue will be urging the big players to “catch the new fire.”

    Certainly it WILL take decades for LENR products replace the world’s current energy infrastructure… but there is no way in hell that it won’t be an economic and social revolution in the player’s minds from day 1. Watch for it! It’s either that or LENR products never see the light of day, something Putin, Harper and the Koch’s might make a reality if Rossi and and Defkalion aren’t careful. We ARE talking about trillions of dollars per year here people, y’know…… OK, I’ll stop rambling now. Time to clean my tin foil hat.

    • Kim G Patterson

      I Agree.

      This is what we are waiting for.

      The Decision.

      Can’t have it both ways.

      Shelve or not to Shelve.

      How much morality is there really? in this world.

      They won’t give us a solid answer, we will have to
      infer it.


    • Fibb

      I thought what the hell… and posted this rant on Rossi’s JoNP and he kept all of it except the last couple of lines. I thought that was very good of him to accept any of it considering I said he was wrong about the evolution/revolution question. And he thanked me for my opinion to boot. He seems like a nice fella.

    • PeterRoe

      Fibb – I think it’s pretty self-evident that if/when hard news of the potential of CF emerges that disruption to world energy (and connected – which means everything) will be totally disrupted, even before CF generated energy begins to flow.

      Your analysis must therefore be correct. Either CF will be ‘allowed’ (but strictly controlled) or it will be ruthlessly suppressed, using whatever means that takes. That’s why we should remain very anxious about corporate interests acquiring control of LENR.

      At this point they do have the power to ‘disappear’ the technology, as knowledge of what is happening is still restricted to a relatively few people who have been following the story on the web. If all sources of information ‘dried up’ overnight, there is little that any of us could do about it, and the whole subject would just quietly disappear back into tinfoil hat land.

      Which way things go will depend on the calculations of a tiny group of self-interested individuals, looking at their potential gains and losses in a number of scenarios. One factor you can be absolutely assured will not enter these calculations is the welfare of the people of the planet.

      • GreenWin

        Robert Mockan has “disappeared.” Wonder whose next? I disagree with your last statement Peter. While some parties may not care to consider the welfare of people on the planet… Others will. And have. And LENR/CF is a done deal.

        Personally I am pleased with the LENR/CF introduction.

    • AlainCo

      you are right and wrong.
      The transition will be brutal, like a pH transition, like mobile phone in emerging countries, like Internet for corps… maybe even faster, like financial bubble crashing.
      but it will be also slow to start, like bubble awareness.
      Most big companies will continue to think as-usual, to price as-usual until there is a really finished product on the shelves. There is no-way to convince the mainstream before that moment. Nelson results, tritium result, iwamura&toyota,spawar, enea Heat/He4, SRI/Brillouin report, all should have raised panic sales… there is no way to convince except when product is finished, build and sold… not even prototypes or pilot project can convince…

      the best image to how work mainstream is to thing of supercooling…
      despite evidence they still stay in the old beliefs decades after the facts… and in few minutes, it will be total panic…
      Delusion bubble explosion.

  • GreenWin

    Defkalion GT has committed itself publicly to be an advanced player in LENR research. And it is likely they have been visited by certain PTB (thanks Peter) who may have suggested they retard their product launch. And in the interest of economic stability – probably have a convincing argument. Should this unduly delay a necessary innovation? We think not.

    Lest anyone think the global community is not enthused by a revolution in “the atom unexplored” – here is a fascinating paper by very prestigious Russian scientists re nuclear reactions at low energy. Specifically the disappearance of Ti48 (isotopic shift) due to a magnetic monopole theory.

    “We focus on the isotope shift in detail because it proves that low-energy nuclear reactions did, in fact occur.”

    It is safe to say that only the kooks and loons now deny LENR; and as word spreads, a majority of opinion makers begrudgingly accept that inventors like Dr. Rossi, may have leveraged substantial power from the reactions. As the steadfast apostles know, it’s about the Evidence and elevated consciousness.

    From a team led by:
    Georges Lochak, Fondation Louis de Broglie, Paris, France
    Leonid Urutskoev, RECOM, Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, Russia

  • PeterRoe

    Laser sintering and selective melting. Not quite here I think, but probably available soon. Actually I just wanted to get the bit about bicycle clips in!

    • PeterRoe

      Wrong place – must’ve hit the wrong button. That was meant to be a reply to Owen below (3d printers).

  • Linda

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    Now all we need is the like button back 🙂

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          Thanks George! But I think Frank is probably correct. A “like” button is subject to DoS abuse. And as LENR open disclosure becomes imminent – that may be an issue.

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  • Stephen

    Ok and what is this “Mose SRL”? I googled it but I found on obvious website… it’s funny to imagine an obscure company on the verge of revolutionizing the whole energy business. This is the usual blabla-a-lot-of-mysteries-and-no-facts story.

    I like the comment by one of the readers 🙂 … the Hyperion like the Maya apocalypse… it did not happen on 21 Dec 2012, but stay tuned, it’s just delayed, “it will take just more years to happen”. These people will turn LENR (whether it’s real or not) into a cabaret show. Actually, maybe they already have done that: this is not serious.

    • AlainCo

      this company is created by one of the pioneer, luca gamberale…
      it looks like nichenergy, jet energy, and many other LENR startup…
      -> in googlish
      “Luca Gamberale, technical-scientific director of the company “Defkalion Europe” that must develop industrial applications of the new technology Dr. Gamberale, she was a student of the prestigious prof. Giuliano Preparata, a physicist who in 1987 turned his attention to the problems of condensed matter and nuclear physics in the framework of quantum field theory, discovering new coherent solutions of QED systems in dense enough and cold enough. This allowed him to tackle old problems, such as the theory of liquid water, and new, like cold fusion, which appeared to be a completely new now very promising. She also worked on cold fusion with Giuliano Preparata in private practice and then LEDA in the laboratories of cold fusion of Pirelli Labs, the Pirelli Group, until several years ago, it was decided unfortunately its closure. Now he’s the director of technical-scientific society “Defkalion Europe”, based in Milan, which is about to develop industrial applications that use a new technology that promises energy efficiency: economic, inexhaustible and clean. Expectations around the world, and in Italy in particular, with regard to new energy technology branded “Defkalion” are very high, could you tell us what is the status of ‘art of this new energy technology? And what if it differs from current competitor E-Cat? “

  • Pedro

    “… This process will take several years” comes out of Google-speak. Maybe they are not refering to the period until they sell the first unit, but mearely to the fact that the penetration for LENR to be substantial will take several years.
    Can somebody of our italian friends please re-read the original text from that point of view?

    • Stephen

      I can read that for you…

      They are basically stating that they expect the market penetration of this technology to be slow: they think it will take several years… because of all the existing investments and assets of the key players in the energy business… and because they think it’s better to evolve their business plans in a non-traumatic way. So apparently they are not saying that it will take years to sell the first reactor. On the other hand, they are not planning to ship trucks full of reactors to the supermarkets anytime in the future: they just want to develop this technology in third party’s applications. So you can bet we will hear about more secret or obscure collaborators, more secret products, huger COPs, more features, and of course never ending certifications, etc, etc, etc…

      A futher reason for this behavior might be that this stuff does not work and these people are trying simply to collect money in change of (nuclear?) smoke, but probably this is just me, hopelessly skeptical.

      • Jonas

        It’s just really obvious they don’t have anything. Probably Rossi doesn’t either, and if the “independent 3rd party testing results” of his magical machine is somehow delayed further than february I don’t think we can believe other than it being a big hoax. So in a months time at least these stories will have a concluding end in one way or another. Perhaps we can then, finally, turn our attention elsewhere. This is getting so tired.

        • Stephen

          Yes, but unfortunately a large part of this game seems to just keep the whole thing going… I strongly suspect there will be no clear end and revelation moment.

          If you think of it, if it’s all BS as it seems, it’s not surprising there is not hurry nor interest in getting things clear. Not now, not tomorrow, not next month, not next year: not anytime in the future.

          • Gerrit

            Stephen, in all your wisdom, please reveal to us how they make money by endless delays ?

            Who pays for “keeping the whole thing going”, you ? me ?

            Please explain how the game works, we are desperate to learn you insights.

          • PeterRoe

            Tro11s feeding one another! It has a certain novelty value I suppose.

            Gerrit – Somehow I don’t think that any argument will make much difference. They are not here to contribute to discussions.

            • Stephen

              Oh well, is the “I want to believe” mantra contributing to the discussion any better?

              I just see tons of promises and bla bla and no facts. This does not mean I think LENRs do not exist: it’s quite the opposite. And I don’t have any problem in accepting the existence of a LENR reactor. Very simply, I base my beliefs on facts… I see no facts.

        • Stephen

          Yes, but unfortunately a large part of this game seems to just keep the whole thing going… I don’t think there will be any clear end nor any revelation moment. Not now, not tomorrow, not next month… not anytime in the future.

          • AlainCo

            if you don’t see the blood, look at the sharks.

            Aldo Proia, Xanthoulis, SRI, Duncan, Uni Tsinghua (they answered to tovima article)…

            What is STMicro doing…

            the truth is simply that most skeptics simply don’t accept LENR as a reality, so for them any company that claim having a reactor is a fraud.
            then they realize it is impossible to rationally reject LENr as a reality…
            but they still put abnormal level of proof onto LENr companies…

            the fact is that LENR companies work on a new technologies, based on science discovery…

            it is not noble gaz engine, cavitation fusion, nor magnet superunitary motors…
            it is good old LENR, just reengineered…

            it is not easy, it will take time, as usual.
            Only in hollywood film does the inventor make the job in one month.

            • Iggy Dalrymple

              AlainCo said, “What is STMicro doing…?”

              STM was up 4.52% today.

            • Stephen

              Dear AlainCo,

              you are very much mistaken. I am interested in LENRs and I think there must be something real and interesting in them. I would like to see them studied. For instance I looked with interest to experiments on transmutations.

              So be sure I can believe in a reactor if I see a clear proof. However, I won’t believe anything just because I like it. Without clear facts, seeing people behaving like this, making tons of promises and bla bla and delaying everything forever does not surely give me a good impression.


        • Gerrit

          Jonas, nobody is keeping you here !

          Goodbye already 🙂

          • Jonas

            Nice approach to people you have, Gerrit… Perhaps you have already invested. 😛

            I’m saying the Rossi and Defkalion things are getting tired, not the Celani, Pirelli, NANOR things, not yet anyway. And there is a great difference to those projects (well not the NANOR one), in that they are open source, possible for me to replicate. And as such they don’t promise as much as the hoaxers, ‘only’ perhaps a COP of 2 (and as of yet the Celani experiments have yet to prove anything, maybe only a few percents excess heat – which, if proven, is huge still).

            • Gerrit

              explain “the hoaxers” – who are they, in what way do they make the money to keep postponing things ? What is their end game ? When and how will they get the huge financial benefit that will pay back their years of investment in this “hoax” ?

              The only plausible “hoax” explanation I can offer is that Rossi has short sold big oil and is waiting for his “hoax” to influence oil stock market.

              Do you have another explanation or are you just habitually using “hoax” for anything you can’t get your head around ?

              Yes it is a long wait, I agree.

              And yes, luckily other things are happening, otherwise it would have gotten boring a long time ago.

              You cannot shout “hoax” if you cannot even come up with a plausible working mode, but at the same time dismiss all circumstantial evidence that it might very well be true.

              • Jambo

                There are other motivations besides money. I mean, lets’ be frank:

                Rossi and DFG promise products they never deliver, or demonstrate.
                they promise third party testing results to be made public then never, ever deliver that either.
                They promise public displays available for all to see then don’t deliver those.
                Rossi talks of 1 MW “customers” and “contracts” but, somehow, manages to keep every one of them, his so-called “utility” business partners, his 63 employees, his “factory” – everything all completely secret and totally silent?
                Both speak of “university” work and validations but never produce them or name names – ever.

                Come on folks… What’s it gonna take?

                You know, nobody mainstream was talking about LENR until Rossi came out with his claims.

                One possible motivation is that he’s simply doing us all a favor by forcing the research into the open that has, heretofore, been suppressed.

                After all, in all of his unfulfilled statements and promises, Rossi has, in fact, stated his belief that he is doing God’s work – and that can’t come through lies – can it?

                • Gerrit

                  do you know you weird you comment is ?

                  you claim there are different explanations, but then you talk a long time merely about observations you have made and finally you suppose it could be that Rossi is a good samaritan ?

                  LOL, funny

                • Jambo

                  I think you may have missed the irony in the last sentence Gerrit.

        • Dickyaesta

          No, no Rossi does have something.

          I am very much in body language it is very clear in the latest video (the swedish one) that he is much more relaxed, compared to the videos in 2011 where he seems to be very paranoid looking over his shoulder keeping as much in check the visitors there. It is really striking the difference, he is happy he sold out and only has to watch the events fold out.Maybe sold out is a bit strong an expression, but it seems he has no worries anymore.

          • Gerrit

            very well observed, also his SNAKES and PUPPETS swearing on his journal-blog seem to have disappeared.

            Rossi is much more relaxed, his answers are much more reasonable lately.

      • daniel maris

        I think a strong degree of scepticism towards Defkalion is highly justified owing to their very odd behaviour.

        Rossi, for all his faults, has a much better record including backing from several eminent professors and some certification. He has also treated his followers with a good deal more respect than ever did Defkalion.

        Defkalion should basically be ignored until they prove they have something.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        Defkalion is all smoke and mirrors. Rossi is the real deal. I predict the third party evaluation will confirm much of what Rossi has said about his E-cats, but the skeptics will still not be satisfied.

        • sorry but Nelson is not a clown, and have seen the mirror of Rossi when he was in trouble to stabilize the e-cat, and he felt much more comfortable with defkalion style than with Rossi…
          you should read more data on defkalion. their story is clear, yet not simple and not easy.

          both have a reactor. Defkalion seems more complex, but easier to control.

          only question is about Brillouin an blacklight.

  • Owen

    Here’s my comment from the last ECW article that got held up all day in moderation.

    You’re probably just joking and realize it’s not about plastic. The main point is not about 3D printing (although the new ones can fabricate metal parts). The point is how those in power do not and can not have total control over everything. New ideas are coming along faster than anyone can control. Yes, resistance is futile. Good will triumph over evil.