2013 — Happy New Cold Fusion Year?

As we end 2012, here’s another interesting comment from Andrea Rossi about the 1 MW E-Cat plant that was seen in the recent Swedish SVT program:

Dear Scott L.:
As I said and wrote many times, the Container of the 1 MW plant is the same tested one year ago, since to the military Customer we delivered different ones. This one, seen also in the Swedish Television, has been used to make tests, modifications, improvements, certification. It has been a tremendous tool for R&D. Now it is destined to a Customer. It will be delivered on March, after further series of modifications we have in course now. Thanks to it now we can pass to a repetitive manufacturing line. After a glorious first life as a prototype for R&D, it is on his way to go to work in a centralized heating plant to supply heat: this will be his seconf life.
Warm Regards,

I am reluctant to make firm predictions about the emergence of cold fusion/LENR, since there are many unknowns — but I will make a cautious statement that the way things stand right now, it seems to me that 2013 may be the year that the technology hits the marketplace and the public consciousness and becomes seen more widely as a viable solution to many of the energy problems we face.

I thank all E-Cat World readers for the time and attention you have given this site over the past year. I feel very fortunate to be able to participate in the discussion of our fascinating topic of study. Without the contributions of the readership here, this site would be very much poorer.

My goal here has been is to follow the evidence, and try to get to the truth of the matter regarding this technology. I am hopeful, but am trying to be circumspect, since the truth is not served well by irrational exuberance.

My best wishes to all E-Cat World readers — may 2013 be a good year for the cause of cold fusion.

Frank Acland

  • robyn wyrick

    Hi Frank,

    This forum has been incredibly helpful to me – and the fact that you have kept at it every day is a real benefit, (which I imagine is not at all easy some days.)

    That said, I would like to renew my call/request for something that consolidates some of the information like a wiki or better – like your “Why I Believe In The E-Cat” that is structured as “The Case For Cold Fusion”.

    I just posted on Facebook how I think things look, but a FB post if quickly lost in the flotsam. The news of the Toyota/Mitsubishi replication, the MIT program, the Miley patent, and on and on, are huge stories that came this year, but don’t live in an organized location.

    I could organize something on my own website, but no one would ever think to look there – and I could not do it as well as the community of people contributing here.

    I’d like to ask it there is a way to do this. If all you do is post a page and allow for comments, we contributors could gather all the material for you; probably even some of us would be willing to help curate it.

    Well, that is my wish: I really can’t thank you enough for your excellent website and your diligent work.


    • Pedro

      Hi Robyn, there is a very good summary of the lenr-field from Tyler van Houwelingen. See http://www.slideshare.net/tylervan/lenr

    • One thing which is kind of missing is that JONP contains 13000 entries for which no synthesis or summary exists. A newcomer probably won’t read them all. A month by month summary of Rossi’s doings, just based on JONP, would be good to have, in my opinion. Not anything that tries to interpret it, only a couple of bullet points per month about what Rossi has said on JONP, nothing else.

  • Nixter

    Even though it is in bad taste to characterize an entire Nation with a quick summary statement, (I’ll do it anyway in the name of Science.), I think it is a fact that Germans are in general, pragmatic, when they see the reality of LENR and it’s obviously working, they will not only accept it, the Germans will adopt it and make it their own, Rossi is an Engineer, the Germans are amongst the best Engineers on the Planet.

    The article in question is interesting, the statement, “Oettinger predicts advances in nuclear fusion could convince the government to change its view.”, does reflect a kind of turn around for the nations states policy. It makes one wonder, has someone in a position of authority received insider information pertaining to the validity of certain LENR devices?

    The independent third party report was finished around Dec. 16th 2012 , if it does contain positive information regarding Rossi’s technology, I would expect some amount of information “leakage”, especially when the news is that not only does it work, it works very well. Something commonly thought to be “impossible”, by 99% of the worlds scientific “hive mind”, has been seen by a handful of skeptical insider technicians, and it appears to be real. No matter how tight the security, I would predict that a buzz would ensue, perhaps not the full story will be leaked, but awe struck witnesses, insiders present at the testing will be whispering that something quite monumental has been seen and it is about to be made public.

    Government institutions will be affected by the whispers if the sources are credentialed entities with reputations unsoiled by controversies. I suspect that information “backscatter”, has sown seeds of confirmation into the wind that Engineer Rossi’s crazy sounding E-Cat invention actually passed the tests with flying colors. And with that we should expect to start seeing positions changing, bending, adapting to the latest intel.

    • GreenWin

      Reasonable speculation Nix. Oettinger said this yesterday:

      “The research into nuclear fusion, which is also a form of nuclear energy makes just great progress. Maybe one day this technique is accepted in Germany.”

      He also predicted that at the present rate of increasing electric cost, many German homes would be unable [impoverished] to pay their electric bill.

  • GreenWin

    The Swedish Public TV documentary on Andrea Rossi, (World of Science, 3.3M viewers) has apparently made a positive impression throughout Europe. Looks like Germany might reconfigure it’s fission industry to accept cold fusion. An intelligent choice – made sooner than later:


    • barty

      In germany there is extremly less acceptance of LENR.

      I posted serious informations about LENR experiments (not about Rossi) in a few big german online forums, and the feedback is very disappointing 🙁

      • captain

        It seems to me that the music sounds the same in other countries, no surprise at all.
        In Germany, in particular, Rossi’s figure is described, IMO, as not worthy of any attention, and criticised too for his results in efficiently converting wastes into fuel oil. From 7 tons of waste, 2 tons of oil!!!

        As I’ve sasind in another of my comments, germans don’t take in any consideration what is discovered, by italians: they think that only germans can make great discoveries. Not all, but still most of them.

        And I’ve already said that the E-Cat/LENR is the result of a complex italian studies and researches at high level, made thru universities by a bunch of qualified scientists. And that dr. or prof. or eng. Rossi is simply the last one, chronologically speaking, of the series.

        As Rossi said, the results will speak for themselves. ENVY IS A BAD THING.

        • captain

          Add to my comment:
          – ‘sasind’ plz read ‘said’
          – should someone prefer, call mr. Rossi a selfmade scientist, it’s always an honor for him.

        • I spoke to a German rocket scientist later winter last year. He didn’t believe that Vega (the new Italian small launcher system) will ever fly, he was accussing it of infinite delays, bad management etc. When I mentioned to him that as far as I recall Vega already flew successfully a few weeks back, he said that it was impossible, it must have been some other rocket.

          Disclaimer: Obviously not all Germans think like that about Italian projects, but anyway these national moods are a reality where we are living in.

          • captain

            Hi Pekka, thanks! I’m satisfied for your comment.

  • Fibb

    Frank, I am hopeful that Rossi and other LENR device makers are going to rock the world in 2013 with irrefutable 3rd party verification and I do believe patience is a virtue in these matters. Having said that, there have been a number of less than flattering circumstance surrounding Rossi’s claims and demos and he has his ardent critics.

    This concern raising summary of ecat history http://blog.stepchange-innovations.com/2012/12/e-cat-fading-dream-for-free-energy/#.UOMPuKONCK4 could use a counter blog post. It would be grand to have each concern addressed in detail.

    Or we could just wait and see how Rossi does with his future public customers I suppose.

  • GreenWin

    Happy New Year Frank; the energy picture IS changing in some part due to your work and that of others here. Throwing off the yoke of old thinking requires little more than new consciousness. 2013 will continue the transition. It will be fun.

  • jacob

    thanks frank for your time and effort for bringing E-cat World
    to us.
    Over 2012 we have seen some progress made by mainly Mr.Rossi and partners,
    however us the consumers have been kept in the dark by those who kept information secret.
    the majority of the world has not heart about this new technology and its potential to change over our current infa structure to a possible utopia,but I know for the mayority of the population that will never happen.
    those who control this technology now ,in the end will make lots of money
    while us the consumers will still have to pay dearly for energy for a long time to come,even if LENR is integrated in the next decade.

    I think progress will continue to be slow.

    If it wasn’t for the oil industry in my country,we would be a banana republic.

    low cost heat is wanted by all of us,we could all greatly benefit from it, specially in the winter here in Canada.

  • From JONP
    Lande, January 1st, 2013 at 9:53 AM
    1. Do you think you will be able to publish your theory on this energy phenomenon in 2013? AR: Yes.
    2. Have you plans to scale up production facilities in 2013 (to start on an exponential growth of production…)..? AR: Yes.

  • Again a long thread on Vortex http:[email protected]/msg74920.html where Jed Rothwell writes e.g. the following:

    “They tested a device with flow calorimetry in their own facility in the
    U.S. for a couple of weeks, when Rossi was not present. This was some years
    ago. The device was in the same class as the heater that ran for a year in
    the Italian factory… “

    I don’t remember Jed having said that earlier. It wasn’t mentioned who “they” are, though.

    • Renzo

      Jed has always said he knew well about other private tests but this time he added some more details

  • psi

    Let me ad my best wishes to all, and special thanks to Frank for keeping the midnight LENR lamp burning. I look forward to an exciting 2013 in LENR development.

  • Pedro

    Happy new year. That 2013 may be the year of the cat as one of our italian friends said in his comment.

    I noticed 2 remarks from AR on JoNP that have a special tone..
    Andrea Rossi, December 31st, 2012 at 1:54 AM
    Dear Koen Vandewalle: Thank you, dear Friend. Same wishes to you and to all our Friends, whose support is more important than you can imagine, in particular moments.
    Warm Regards, A.R.
    Andrea Rossi, December 30th, 2012 at 3:44 AM
    Dear Jan Srajer: Thank you very much, I need good luck. A wonderful 2013 to you.
    Warm Regards, A.R.

    Here he indicates the need for support and luck. Let’s hope he gets plenty of both in 2013

    • Pedro

      Guess what… In the Chinese calender, the year 2013 is known as the year of the snake!!! Doesn’t sound good to me!

      • captain

        Mr. Rossi is a religious man, and as such, he doesn’t take into consideration the horoscopes.

        He’s a polite man, and I think the best thing to do is that of pi..ing over the snakes, when they try to approach the heat of e-cats with the secret hope of warming their bellies 😉

    • daniel maris

      If you really have a device that delivers a COP of 20 you don’t need good luck. Let’s get real here for a moment!

      • Pweet

        Yes. Lets get real.
        The container which was said many times to have been delivered to a military customer after having some gaskets changed is now confirmed to be the one shown in A.R.’s workshop a few weeks ago.
        Doesn’t anyone find that just a little bit unsettling?

        • Peter_Roe

          No. Sorry.

          May 2012: “The 1 MW plant has been delivered and is working in a military concern. It has been made in the USA, after the October test of the prototype made in Italy”

      • Wes Moore

        On the contrary… If he has a COP of 20 he needs luck, armed security guards and more. Getting real involves being realistic daniel

        • Frank

          Even for a COP 6 he would need armed security amd guards. Don’t you wonder why there isn’t any of these to see in any video with the 1MW plant???

  • captain

    In my last comments of a couple of minutes ago. the word ‘UNITS’ must be read as ‘HOUSES’.

    Sorry, but so far I cant see my comment nor I can edit it.

  • captain

    Frank, U’are doing a good job with this blog: keep on running it ASmoothAP 😉

    Steven Karels
    December 31st, 2012 at 2:28 PM

    Dear Andrea Rossi,
    You stated “As I said and wrote many times, the Container of the 1 MW plant is the same tested one year ago, since to the military Customer we delivered different ones.”
    Are we, therefore, to understand that you have delivered several (more than 3?) Warm eCats to a single military customer?
    The scheduled release of another eCat in February/March? Is that to a non-military customer? Please clarify. Happy New Year!

    Andrea Rossi
    December 31st, 2012 at 2:42 PM

    Dear Steven Karels:
    I cannot give information about our military deliveries.
    The civil industrial plants deliveries will start in February/March.
    Warm Regards,

    Now Rossi’s says what he’s allowed to say, and this is understandable.
    But time ago he mentioned a ‘deal for an 12MW warm thermal power plant’ and I think that has been the real ‘commercial’ startup, though with a still unknown (military) customer.
    If one of more 1MW plants were supplied, that doesn’t matter too much: it’s a secret and it’ll remain a secret for awhile…
    But almost surely that deal has been done and Leonardo corp., thru that, has got the opportunity to grow up nicely.

    Officially Obama said that US Navy will endeavor to supply clean energy to a large numbers of units thru the states, with wind and solar technology… and in my comments I’ve written that Navy’scubadivers will mount the wind towers with … propellers 🙁 and the like.

    IMHO I think thast prez Obama has not said all the truth, just my opinion, about clean energy sources program for the nation.

    Instead I believe that US Navy has already bought a consistent number of E-Cat 1MW plants, has improved (thru Rossi?) the technology and should be already using it on the large submarines. At least with taxpayers’satisfaction this time, though they still unaware 😉

    In other words: E-Cat technology is going to replace almost all the existing nuclear power plants in the world. Like it or not.

    Thanks again Admin: hopefully this will not be deleted!

  • dandelion

    Happy New Year to all of you and a big Thank You to Frank and the people here who keep the interest for LENR alive and well!

  • georgehants

    From MIT
    Cold Fusion 101: Introduction to Excess Power in Fleischmann-Pons Experiments
    Peter Hagelstein, Mitchell Swartz
    Add to Calendar Jan/22 Tue 11:00AM-01:00PM 4-153
    Add to Calendar Jan/23 Wed 11:00AM-01:00PM 4-153
    Add to Calendar Jan/24 Thu 11:00AM-01:00PM 4-153
    Add to Calendar Jan/25 Fri 11:00AM-01:00PM 4-153
    Add to Calendar Jan/28 Mon 11:00AM-01:00PM 4-153
    Add to Calendar Jan/29 Tue 11:00AM-01:00PM 4-153
    Add to Calendar Jan/30 Wed 11:00AM-01:00PM 66-144
    Enrollment: Unlimited: No advance sign-up
    Attendance: Repeating event, particpants welcome at any session
    Excess power production in the Fleischmann-Pons experiment; lack of confirmation in early negative experiments; theoretical problems and Huizenga’s three miracles; physical chemistry of PdD; electrochemistry of PdD; loading requirements on excess power production; the nuclear ash problem and He-4 observations; approaches to theory; screening in PdD; PdD as an energetic particle detector; constraints on the alpha energy from experiment; overview of theoretical approaches; coherent energy exchange between mismatched quantum systems; coherent x-rays in the Karabut experiment and interpretation; excess power in the NiH system; Piantelli experiment; prospects for a new small scale clean nuclear energy technology.
    Sponsor(s): Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    Contact: Peter Hagelstein.

    • 2013

      As I understand this is a publicly open session?.
      Have I understood correct?

  • Jorge

    Hi all,
    I’m a bit fearful. I’m afraid that the acquisition of Rossi’s IP by this big player means that cold fusion technology will be on some company’s drawer for another 20 years.
    Yes, I know it’s pessimistic, but if they pay him all he could ever expect to achieve with actually selling it, than what is the motivation for him to continue?
    I’m worried because I believe in it and it’s potential, but also on the business destructive potential for established industries.
    Am I being too paranoid?

    • Peter_Roe

      When it comes to large corporations, banksters and pocketed politicians, paranoia seems to be a reasonable general approach. As Rossi’s IP is now in the hands of some corporate entity, the outcome will be determined by corporate self interest and competition at the lowest levels, and by the calculations of the bankers who own the energy cartels at a higher level.

      The interests of the population at large will of course be immaterial, but at the least, CF powered grid electricity is probably inevitable because it will be so incredibly profitable. Of course, set against this is the incredible investment by the same cartel-owning bankers in non-redeemable assets such as nuclear power stations, gas pipelines, oil drilling platforms, refineries, tanker fleets etc., so the roll-out is likely to be much slower and far less complete (no vehicle propulsion for example) than we might otherwise hope for.

      • lcd

        The reason people are not making copies of the eat cat is because 99.9 percent of the world still believes “LENR+” does not exist.

        Once people believe, things change overnight.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      It is really up to us. Get the word out. When I first started sending information about LENR to my friends, they laughed at me. Now they are starting to listen. It is great to live in an era of instant communication, it will be great for LENR. I just copied georgehants information about the MIT course and will send it to all my friends. Information like this will make believers, if we have enough believers, it will be hard for anyone to suppress LENR.

  • Peter_Roe

    Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year to everyone, and special thanks to Frank for building this great forum and maintaining it with such dedication. May all our hopes for a brighter future begin to become reality very soon.

    Wow – 2013. According to my boyhood comics we should all be living in silver towers and rushing around in our aircars while wearing tight jump suits with little cloaks. I thank providence that I can still live in a pile of rubble and dress like a tramp. I’d quite like the aircar though.

    • Peter, you are joking but I’m not: I believe more in future transportation by vacuum trains or smaller vacuum cars than to widespread personal air transportation. I see noise almost as a showstopper issue for 8 billion personal airplanes, while vacuum tube transportation would be silent (and ironically enough, in principle it could run with no energy).

      • Peter_Roe

        Pekka – here in the UK, mending holes in the roads seem to be more of an investment in infrastructure than many local authorities can afford. We haven’t even managed to get our grid power lines underground, let alone any of our transport network outside London.

        Where I live I am overflown by several ‘microlight’ aircraft every morning and evening during the working week, so there are already some pioneers commuting to work this way. As far as noise goes, everyone under 40 seems to wander around with headphones or earpieces permanently fitted – they probably wouldn’t even notice the aircars, even if they were powered by noisy lawnmover engines like the microlights.

  • Karl

    Happy New Year!

    Many thanks to you Frank for your good work to keep the discussion interesting, tidy and open minded about the very important subject of solving the issue of abundant clean and cheap energy, currently one of greatest problem to solve for all on this earth.

    Internet is a powerful tool to make it possible to spread and enlighten the minds of many but it also offers a considerable trap for the ill will or pure fatuity. It is easy to spread sick information and radicle serious discoveries and persons for whatever agenda. We clearly see clever scientists that refuse to grasp new findings and irrefutable proofs even if human surely still have much to reveal from nature to say it mildly.

    In this light, I think you deserve a considerable respect and gratitude from many of us providing one of a most open and fresh place to discuss the matter of CF/LENR with very few exceptions in the entire world. Your blog is a shining star handling so well the promising emergence of CF/LENR which until now discoveries is still so shamefully, stupidly and cowardly hidden by the main stream science community and thus full media coverage.

    This blog cover so much more than the emergence of the E-Cat and A. Rossi who also deserves a considerable respect for the attention and hope his work creates. The advantages with the emergence of the E-Cat are that it allows many other innovators to get attention and being funded with similar or totally different technologies.

    There appears to be so much of hidden and even forgotten knowledge that could release the vast energy conserved in matters and space, smarter and totally clean. I think we have reasons to look forward to a really interesting 2013.

  • admin

    Thanks so much for all the kind comments and good wishes! I greatly appreciate it. I am surprised that our topic of study does not get the coverage I think it deserves, and I really hope this begins to change.

    I believe that in time cold fusion/LENR will have as significant an impact on our world as has the discovery of electricity — perhaps more. So in my opinion, it is certainly worth my efforts keep up with the news and developments. I’m very glad to have such good company!