“Big News” Speculation Thread [UPDATE: Don’t expect news next week]

Since we have not much to go on regarding the “big news” that Andrea Rossi is teasing about, I thought it would be fun and possibly informative to try and guess what Andrea Rossi might be talking about when he says that after next week Leonardo Corp will not be the same.

One approach is the process of elimination. People are already asking Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics what the big news might be. So far, based on Rossi’s responses to questions, here’s what can be eliminated:

Patent Approval

(Q: “Are you referring to the patent application? Are they granting the patent or do you refer to a technical achievement with your Hot Cat /PLants ?” A: No, it is not that the issue.)

Obtaining Stable Steam Output/Electricity

(Q: “I bet that the big news are that you obtained stable steam and, attaching a turbine, you obtained full self sustained mode without power input…” A: ” not yet, we aim at it.”)

Political Announcement/Endorsement

(I emailed Rossi and asked if there was any connection to the US Elections — got a VERY firm denial.)

I will add to this list as more information comes forward.

UPDATE: New Q & A on the JONP:

Q: What can we expect next week in terms of communication to us, fans? A small press release in JONP, a big public press release or no press release at all because you cannot share the news being too confidential?

A: Next week we will have no particular communications to make. We are working very hard here, in the USA.

  • stuey81

    admin i have made a post thats is awaiting moderation for around 12hours now, i think its because it contains a certain word (Fra_udsters) this isnt a negative post btw, also i have tried reposting to, same thing again

  • stuey81

    hey george, what are your thoughts about the free energy videos found on utube, in particular the ones involving nothing other than magnets- this is something i thought was possible when i was a teenager and actually collected many magnets and made many different attempts at getting my magnets to spin under their own magnetic repulsion/atraction – some of these videos seem quite convincing but ive come to the relisation that either, yep they have done it and beat magnetic lock and friction or the more likley that they are frauds, and if they are frauduantly claiming over unity, why, why go to all the trouble of making a you tube vid knowing full well its false, its not funny, they gain nothing, in short what the hell drives these type of fraudsters?

  • un passante

    Cures emerged from his silence with few words, when asked about rossi he said: “he’s on fire. I think he hit a strike.” (not literal, his italian words were: è effervescente. mi sa che ha fatto centro.)

  • roseland67

    In the next 2 years, there are 32 nuclear reactors coming on line in 8 different countries, capable of producing over 40,000 mw of power.
    This investment is expected to exceed several hundreds of billions of $.
    What would make these countries spend that kind of $ if cheap electical
    production from LENR was “close”?
    Wouldn’t you just wait and see?
    Do they just flat out not believe LENR is real?
    How will they justify the expense of nuclear reactors
    to their population if the reactors are not needed?
    Tomorrow morning, LENR becomes a “reality”, exactly as Rossi et al envision, what happens to all of these nuclear reactors?
    Are they abandoned in place, decomissioned, kept as monuments to man’s “GALACTUS” like need for energy?
    In Chicago, I wait, unconvinced but hopeful.
    Exciting times amiga.

    • David R

      If new nukes are coming online next year, they have been permitted and under construction for two years or more before now, long before any hint of commercially functional LENR was on the horizon.
      Where LENR can have the most immediate impact is replacing coal fired boilers in old power plants. There are also hundreds of nuclear plants that are well past their original expected 25 year life cycle and need to be shut down first.

    • Andrew Macleod

      As long as the reactors were not turned on everything is ok an things can be converted before they become radioactive.

    • Omega Z


      If these plants are coming on line now, they were planned & built long before Rossi’s E-cat. Sadly these plants will be needed for sometime. It will take several decades for the LENR technology to replace them.

      Most of these conventional systems will be completed if the timeline falls within the next 5 years even if TPTB are totally convinced LENR is Real & coming & they jump on the band wagon.

      A simple explanation would be a comparison of: A Miraculous New Drug will be available in 5 years for what ails you. But you need to continue with your present treatment until then.

      Rossi has indicated on more then 1 occasion that all energies will have to be integrated. This means Fossil fuels aren’t going to go away very soon. It’s just an economic reality.

      In the U.S., 95% efficient heating systems have been available for a good 20 years yet I would venture an Educated guess that half the homes still use obsolete low efficiency systems today. The Same for A/C.

      For a better Idea of whats needed, I’ll point out what I just recently read.
      CHINA is adding the Equivalent of 2 500Mw power plants per week.
      Rossi would have to produce 1000 1Mw Hot Cats per week each containing 72 Cores.
      Or 72,000 15Kw cores per week. At 50% electrical conversion double that. 33% triple that.
      This is just China. Doesn’t include other fuels. Just Electrical output. And this is all New Additional demand. Doesn’t involve replacing the Old already in use.

      The Numbers are mind boggling. Not to mention the Financial resources required if even available. Nor the Conversion of transportation to Electric which would double everything. Or the fact that half the World hasn’t even caught up to the rest of us yet.

    • john_missouri

      in regards to 32 nuke reactors coming online .. its all about the money do you think Shell Oil and candidate Romney are going to support alternatives? NO .. and these Nuke plants have all been financed by these groups, but the tide is changing and once again after the Nov 6th election
      with any luck Obama will be re-elected and we can get back on track for alternative energies.

  • AllanM

    “At present, after the decision to postpone the production of domestic Ecats”
    Doesn’t sound like “waiting on certification” to me

    • Renzo

      a forced decision for lack of safety certification, Rossi has made that clear at lenght