Rossi: ‘Leonardo Corp Will Not be the Same’ [UPDATED]

I’m not sure what might be going on here, but are some comments from Andrea Rossi that will sure get the attention of E-Cat watchers:

Important news are on their way.


Leonardo Corp. will not be the same from the next week. I am in the USA, where an inportant event has been born from the last tests.

Rossi loves to talk about his work and his progress, but often he provides just enough information to keep people guessing. If Rossi’s reports from recent tests are accurate, I would not be surprised if he has received the attention of serious players in the energy world. If the Hot Cat does what Rossi says it does, it is a technology which surpasses anything in the market, and sooner or later important entities will start paying attention.


I thought this very recent exchange was relevant:

Dear Andrea,
Can you confirm whether this important news will delay the commercial availability of the warm/hot cat, or reduce the time to market?
I am worried that a big customer is buying Leonardo Corporation and the e-cat technology will be hidden away for a decade. Can you confirm that will not be the case?

Dear Mark Saker:
It will be the exact contrary.
Warm Regards,

  • Anothercoilgun

    If any so called serious players in free energy does not already know Andrea Rossi and the E-cat, they are neither serious nor a player.

  • Antonio Ruggeri Dr Ing

    Great Device the E-Cat, herald of great Future
    Set against those longing for Bloody Venture

    Spades on Cards show them Deadly Allure
    The Queen helps to perfect their sharp Nature

    Trembling is the Crowd of Hearts the Queen
    Death and Mourning by them is Foreseen

    Little they understand that Tongue in their Cheeks
    Is the great Weapon assuring Victory to the Meeks!

  • B Gates invested in Traveling Wave G4 Reactor,
    Bezos in Hot Fusion Research in Canada, why not
    Apple in A Rossi E-Cat Cold Fusion/LENR Reactor,
    for the prosperity of Humankind ?

  • Din

    This is what will happen next week:

    The E-CAT is going to be the US election Game Changer.
    Rossi will join Obama in a big press conference declaring the end of oil dependence era and a new energy technology birth which will save our world.

    • walker

      Yes that would win the election.

      My Guess would be Saturday straight after some sports event. Or Sunday after families have eaten the family lunch. The Ideal of course would be after both. So after a Sunday lunch/sports event?

      Any of these happening this week?

      PS It is called an October Surprise.

    • Timar

      That’s exactly what is going to happen.

      Except that he will join Romney. Don’t you remember…

      “Dear Dr Rossi,
      I am reading some of Ayn Rand’s works and now I think I better understand your philosophy. Could I be right?

      Best regards,

      Andrea Rossi
      January 23rd, 2012 at 10:00 AM

      Dear Antonella:
      Could be. In “Addio Kira” the individuals are seen as bearers of a specific light from God that cannot melt in a system but has the duty to give a specific contribution to the system. In her is evident the reaction to the massification demanded from the bolscevism, anyway I share that phylosophy, in a certain sense, yes.
      Warm regards,

      PS. 😉

      • orsobubu

        Bolscevism is exactly the contrary than massification. Stalinism, instead, could be blamed for massification: but stalinists killed all the bolscheviks and stalinism was a state-capitalistic ideology, not a communist ideology (with wage work, money, banks, markets). Also western free-market capitalism could be blamed for massification: the capitalist privatizes the profits, but the products are made by totally socialized massificated work by massificated proletariat. Bolschevik scientific ideology, to the contrary, would end the massificated society, because the surplus value wouldn’t be extorted by the capitalists, and all the products – without exploitation, surplus value, money and capital – would be owned directly by the workers themselves: no more money, market, banks, wages. And, at the inner core of these considerations, you’ll find that LENR technologies would produce much more social richness in a bolschevik society, because they need so much less workers to succeed than fossil energy technology. Without workers, you cannot extort surplus value, hence less profits, money and capital. With LENR, user value (useful goods) would increase and exchange value (money and prices) would fall so imperialistic nations would collide in a big war much faster than today, because overproduction, unemployment, fall of the profit rate wouldn’t be contrasted by capital exports and foreign market expansion, as autonomously productivity spreads in every corner of the world. Financial crisis and protectionism would fall as a result, and than borderless military confrontation usually follows. LENR, if proved, would bring prosperity for mankind only in a communistic, bolschevik society.

        • AlpCns

          Odd, then, that so many scientists and intellectuals in met in the Eastern Bloc countries were begging me to smuggle them out of those wonderful “progressive” communistic, bolshevik societies.

          • Mario Marq

            All the same senseless ideo/talk, no difference but in form.

            all comes from much earlier from the illuminist and republican ideals of every man/house its own king/dom inside the same *state*.

            the “powers” that invented capitalism invented “bolshevism” etc… distractions, experiments… what they don’t want the mases to realize is that being each man one king is useless, unless it will be also each man one bank

    • Robbie

      Once again we will all know in a week we have been fed a load of rubbish….how many times must the same line be repeated then found to be rubbish before the believers stop trusting these statements straight out of fairy tales.

  • georgehants

    New Energy Times
    Just a headline, unless anybody has paid to read Mr Krivit’s reports.
    Oct. 24, 2012 – By Steven B. Krivit –
    New Jersey-based Energetics Technologies LLC and its founders appear to be out of the low-energy nuclear reaction research business.
    Their assets are now owned or licensed by the University of Missouri. Two of the senior Energetics scientists, plus two more-recently hired Energetics researchers, are continuing LENR research as employees of the University of Missouri.

    • Gerrit

      University of Missouri is also the place that got 5.5 million USD from the Sidney Kimmel foundation to create a cold fusion research institute (SKINR). The university will also host the ICCF-18 next year July in cooperation with UIUC and Purdue.

      “There have been great advances in this discipline over the last five years by research labs and private institutions around the world, and this work will be explored at ICCF-18. The Naval Research Lab (NRL), and many other excellent laboratories have confirmed that the excess heat effects reported by Fleischmann and Pons are real, and roughly one thousand times larger than can be attributed to a chemical process. “

    • It is my understanding that this actually happened a while back. U of Missouri is acting as an incubator and they shifted focus of the Energetics guys to Theory first, then products. Some Energetics people are now full time in Missouri, some stayed in Israel and the LENR research is taking place primarily in missouri.


    • Omega Z


      I think it’s a consolidation. The Sidney Kimmel foundation was also funding Energetics research.
      The Last paragraph would indicate/imply this was planed back in March.

      Duncan also stated-“Seven different major research groups in two colleges and in two major inter-disciplinary centers at MU are planning to participate in this effort to determine the physical origin of the AHE,” Duncan elaborated.

      Notice that Brillouin has contracted threw SRI-(McKubre) for scaling up their System. Some Consolidation is taking place.

    • john_missouri

      … Sorry it is really hard to believe anything Steven B. Krivit says, the man goes over the edge and looses all credibility.

      • GreenWin

        He does go out of his way to put negative spin on everything. It was the work at Energetics in Israel that convinced Duncan LENR was for real and potentially commercial. They are top scientists doing high quality work – rather than “going out of business” Energetics looks to be a commercial LENR R&D center inside the U Mizzou. Congratulations.

  • georgehants

    Nextbigfuture overview of emerging energy technology.
    October 24, 2012
    The biggest potential wildcards are LENR (aka cold fusion) commercial maybe in 3 years, small hot fusion projects could do something (commercial maybe in 8 years).

  • georgehants

    New York Times
    China Slows Development of Nuclear Power Plants By KEITH BRADSHER Published: October 24, 2012 HONG KONG — Still responding to the partial meltdowns last year at nuclear reactors in Fukushima, Japan, the Chinese government lowered its target for the construction of nuclear power plants by 2015, notably by not building more nuclear reactors at inland locations.

    • GreenWin

      The demand for non-fission, non-fossil energy is beginning to skyrocket. Wonder where the replacement energy will come from?

    • Casey

      China to resume construction of nuclear plants
      Updated: 2012-10-25 01:11
      By LAN LAN ( China Daily)
      “javascript:docmtend()” “javascript:Print()” Mail “javascript:doZoom(16)” “javascript:doZoom(14)” “javascript:doZoom(12)” “”
      Suspension after Fukushima lifted for stations of ‘highest standards’
      The construction of new nuclear power stations, which had been suspended since the Fukushima disaster in March 2011, will be resumed in China.
      But only a small number will be launched by 2015 and all of them will be located at coastal sites.
      Prior to the Fukushima disaster, some energy officials indicated China would embark on as many as 40 nuclear energy projects during the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15), and at least seven inland provinces applied to host plants.
      In contrast, according to a statement released on the government website on Wednesday, China will resume construction of nuclear power plants “in a steady and orderly way” and “at a reasonable pace”.

  • Gerrit

    I don’t know if anyone else has highlighted this, but “important news are on their way” and “Leonardo will be different next week” does not mean that “next week” we will get the “important news”.

    It is very plausible that “next week” Leonardo will be different, but we will hear the interesting details about it at a much later date, like “within 2013, but it is not in my hands”

    The important news are on their way, just like the 1MW plant.

    • daniel maris

      Dearie me, Gerrit…

      Is being so cheerful keeps you going?

      • Gerrit

        If you compare the status of today with what we had a year ago, I really can’t complain.

        It would be nice to sum up what has happened in the cold fusion field in the last year:

        statements and videos from NASA guys, NI CEO Truchard at NIWEEK, the european commission publishing a report, a safety certification for Rossi. Celani’s work, several mainstream media covering the story, a number of conferences or colloquiums CERN – William/Mary-ILENRS – NETS2012 – ICCF-17 – a few green symposiums.

        So while I do think there will be more and significant progress in the weeks/months to come, I do not think we should get our hopes too high for whatever we will hear next week.

        My personal bet is that Rossi will enlight the Red Square (or equivalent location in the US) on 21. December 2012.

        • Chris

          At 11:12 UT?

        • Omega Z


          I agree with what your saying. Reading thru the posts, some may be getting their hopes to high.

          Even if the news is good, we may still be disappointed when said News does not meet expectations.

        • +1 Gerrit

          anyway we can still hope something from:
          – Celani conference mid nov
          – maybe related HUG/MFMP Celani replication in 1-2month
          – ANS conference mid nov
          – Defkalion peer reviewed article, or new report

          that is just in the pipeline

          • telecommuter

            How about the 1MW unit? As Gerrit mentions, it has been claimed to be in production.

            But, no one has bought one. Don’t you remember? Or care?

  • What if:

    Rossi thinks he wont get all certificates etc he needs in order to release a product on the market. (Sell)

    A bigger power company or invester offers a few billion dollars for a small part of the business.

    They start selling electricity to the grid. (electrons)

    Is that possible?

    Can they do that and speed up “commercialisation”?

    Peace out / Dr Bob

  • Miles

    ** Can someone please send this Message to Rossi at the JONP**

    “Melbourne researchers have come up with an alternative technique of making the ceramic parts needed to withstand temperatures in excess of 3000 degrees”

    “Working with a team of researchers from the Defence Materials Technology Centre, the University of Queensland, Swinburne University, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation and BAE Systems, Dr Tallon said adding liquid and chemicals to the ceramic mix had produced a material which was able to survive temperatures above 3400 degrees”.

    “The technique has other advantages, including that the ceramic components can be made at lower temperatures and pressures. This saves time, money and energy”.

    Read more:

    • Omega Z


      This will have no effect on the Hot Cat. The Nickel powder melts at around 1450`C.

      There are already Metal alloys that do what these ceramics are doing.
      The Advantage of these Ceramics for Aircraft would be possible longer Lifespan, less weight, & Cheaper.

    • captain

      Hi Miles, I’ve put your mex on Rossi’s JONP – here’s his answer:

      Andrea Rossi
      October 25th, 2012 at 6:53 AM

      Dear captain:
      Very interesting, thank you!
      Warm Regards,