• Dave

    An “unnamed” group makes this test report completely worthless.

    • Peter_Roe

      An unnamed group would have made the report worthless. How fortunate that we know exactly who carried out the test and who signed off the results.

      And please try to remember that your ID is ‘John’ not ‘Dave’.
      (John on October 20, 2012 at 8:38 pm)

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    The quote below is from the 11/29/2011 article in Ny Teknik written by Mats Lewan
    This proves to me whatever Defkalion has it was stolen from Rossi. It is my opinion Defkalion is a shell game, Rossi is the real deal.
    “- Let’s say I have Rossi’s formula, but I do not say it officially. My scientists have found a way to accomplish it. They need three months.
    It said Alexandros Xanthoulis, representative of Defkalion Green Technology ‘s owner, the New Technology in a telephone call on August 5 this year.
    – I know what is in the reactor. I know everything. It was done with spectroscopy at Siena University of Padova (…) They tested the reactor without [Rossi] knew what they were doing, he continued.”

  • andreiko

    Waarom ik denk dat de HOT-CAT met NIKKEL poeder,actieveKOOLSTOFPOEDER,en
    waterstof gevuld is.

    NIKKELPOEDER heeft een zeergroot oppervlak in verhouding tot het volume, dit maakt het mogelijk dat het waterstofgas (H2)een groot contact oppervlak heeft met het NIKKELPOEDER.

    Het contact van H2 met het NIKKELPOEDER kan men verhogen of verlagen door
    meer of minder druk op het H2 te zetten.

    Actieve KOOLSTOFPOEDER kan veel verontreinigingen wegnemen en ook vrijkomende straling absorberen.

    Door met de H2 druk te varieren lijkt de reactie goed regelbaar!

    Voorbeeld; wanneer de druk verdubbeld is door het inbrengen van meer H2 is het contact met het NIKKELPOEDER ook verdubbeld!er zijn dan immers het dubbele aantal H2 atomen aanwezig in de reactor.Bij minder H2 druk het tegen gestelde.
    De druk verhoging kan ook door temperatuurverhoging ,dus niet meer atomen H2 maar wel snellere atomen H2 met als resultaat meer contact met het NIKKELPOEDER of minder bij temperatuur verlaging.

    PS/ You can translate from Dutch.

    • A potential problem: methane formation from C and H catalysed by Ni. I’m not sure, just saying that it might potentially happen. Methane is a quite stable molecule so once it forms, it tends to stay. Methane bubble formation is responsible for hydrogen embrittlement in carbon-containing steel if I remember it correctly.

      • andreiko

        Een rechtstreekse door Nikkel gekatalyserende reactie van C+ 2H2> CH4 is mij onbekend en onwaarschijnlijk.

  • georgehants

    From Changing Power via PESN.
    Breakthrough Energy Movement will host exciting event
    A state-of-the-world speech, no less, will be given by distinguished Canadian statesman the Hon. Paul Hellyer at the BEM conference on the November 9-11 weekend in Holland. He is that rarity –a former cabinet minister who has continued to learn about what’s really impeding the progress of humankind — and has the courage to speak out on topics such as the implications of new energy inventions.

    • georgehants

      Many of us, especially I, are very critical of the establishment and those who blindly follow, afraid to think beyond the imposed Dogma.
      Is this a man willing to take that step, more concerned for humanity than his own petty position.
      I would like to offer him all good wishes in his campaign to overcome the barrier of fear, of looking outside of imposed and excepted thinking and to be led by a brave individual search for Truth and benefit for all.

  • georgehants

    The Guardian home
    The Observer home
    Every part of our society depends on energy. Yet we don’t have a plan.
    Cutting household costs is vital, but that can only be part of a much wider approach to how we keep the nation going.

    • georgehants

      As the newspapers keep repeating the same thing, I will repeat —-
      Why is every roof in the country not covered in solar cells.
      Why are the unemployed not employed to manufacture and fit solar cells free of charge, to every suitable roof and position in the country.
      If there is no profit involved then the cost is negligible and we would be Energy free in just a few years.
      Just a few other sources needed to run through the night.
      Lets all keep supporting capitalism and pay our fuel bills.

      • telecommuter

        Because it’s too expensive for the people who own the roofs?

        Because they don’t want to spend the money/time to maintain them?

    • Peter_Roe

      Lots of nuclear industry shills sounding off in the comments section. This is definitely a rare growth sector in the US and UK online economies.

      Why is it always solar and wind technologies that get the mention – tidal power from lagoons and barrages could supply 20% or more of UK electricity – more than the entire nuclear ‘fleet’ (14%) – predictably, year in, year out.


      • georgehants

        Peter agreed, it is just for me that solar power is an easy illustration of what could be without economics.
        Of course any technology could be used based on it’s merits.
        It may even be possible that a little almost unknown thing called cold fusion might come into the picture.
        With no capitalism only the best and most efficient would be considered for general use, all others would be immidiatly consigned to the scrap heap.

        • georgehants

          I must add that the whole purpose would be to put people out of work, not to falsely keep them enslaved simply to empower the rich and powerful to keep control.
          Perhaps an economist on page would like to dispute my Logic.

          • Peter_Roe

            George, I think a major drive towards true renewables (as opposed to nuclear) would in the short term, have just the positive effects that the grauniad article you linked to suggests. In terms of current economics though, tidal power would easily return the best ROI. The fact that most photovoltaics are imported makes them less attractive from a work creation standpoint in the UK, but wind and the often-overlooked sea turbine technologies could provide a huge boost to British engineering, as would a new photovoltaic industry using new, non rare-earth, technologies.

            I’m not factoring in cold fusion because (as I have droned on about repeatedly) I don’t think it will be adopted with much speed even when it is both developed and ‘outed’, due to foot dragging by both the existing energy providers, and the renewables industry, both of which have very strong lobbies in government (and of course because of the potential loss of fuel tax revenues to the treasury).

            • georgehants

              Peter, yes but do you agree that if one works away from creating the energy as we say, then economics is unnecessary in it’s present form.
              I understand the concepts I am putting forward are difficult to see when another way of thinking is so inbred in the population.
              I also understand the unbelievable Resistance to change, so clear with Cold Fusion and many other like subjects.
              One has to start somewhere I suppose.

              • Peter_Roe

                In an ‘ideal world’ perhaps, George, but as you say, certain ways of thinking are very deeply embedded and would take generations to change.

                More importantly, the world is literally ruled by financial interests that have inculcated these ways of thinking over hundreds of years. Because they are utterly dependent on their model of ‘economics’ for their parasitic existence (mostly the completely artificial concept of compound interest), for as long as they remain powerful they will not permit any change in way the world conceives and processes value.

                Unless they are removed in some way, realistically nothing will change. As a pragmatist I tend not to allow myself to think about what might be, only what could be.

                • georgehants

                  Peter, thank you.
                  Must respect your position of course.
                  What does a realist like me do with such a position.
                  It is I think the position of the vast majority.
                  Well all I can do is keep being annoying.
                  If these same things where put forward by the Times or the BBC or even the Sun newspaper, then miraculously like Cold Fusion, when it has moved along just a little more, it will be exceptable to think about such heresy’s, in fact it will be a fight for people to say we always believed in P&F Etc.

                • Peter_Roe

                  George, I would say that you are an idealist. Idealists are an essential counterpart to plodding pragmatists like myself.

                  As you say, the current paradigm will move along in due course, until CF is completely accepted and integrated, and regarded with little more excitement than electricity, radio communications and digital devices are now.

              • telecommuter

                What do you mean by ‘…economics is unnecessary in it’s present form.?

                What kind of economics would be?

  • artefact

    Superconductoring Wire Could Improve by Four Times

    They use engineered nanoscale defects and a coating.

    Celani also got some superconducting in his preparated wire and said if he sees the resistance going down than the wire will show good results in LENR.
    He should try their wire … or they should try LENR.

  • artefact

    The Believers wins Best Documentary at Chicago Film Festival

    “In *THE BELIEVERS,* the filmmakers remind us just how inexact science really is sometimes.”

  • Sanjeev

    Gibbs changes his tune (a bit).


    He did talk to Nelson, I must appreciate that.

    • ivan_cev

      Now this is huge, Nelson did confirm He tested it, signed the report for an independent organization.
      Now this is really big. If Rossi could get a report signed for people with the CV of Nelson many doubts will dissipate.
      NASA must be involved, but they do not want to risk their reputation at this stage.
      about this bit:
      “but the fact is that no one has yet demonstrated, definitively, that cold fusion or LENR exists in a form that is actually useful.”

      Do not have to be useful, it just have to prove excess energy, the usefulness will be just a consequence of that.

    • AstralProjectee

      Nice article. If Gibbs didn’t actually talk to Michael A. Nelson at NASA and confirm that it was him that did the test then I doubt that he would have published anything on this. It was a good idea and a good article.


    • artefact

      Mary is kriviting again in the comments

      • Peter_Roe

        Yes, Hody is still sounding off like the weirdo he obviously is. He seems to be getting lonelier though, with only one other troll for company so far. Perhaps that’s because until very recently Gibbs was more or less of one mind with them.

      • Peter_Roe

        Wow – Gibbs has actually taken both Hody/maryyugo and the other troll to task for their purely negative comments!

        Interestingly he is now saying that “Michael Melich’s organization underwrote Mike Nelson’s trip”. It only remains to decide exactly what ‘Michael Melich’s organization’ means (presumably it is not the Free Energy Foundation , at least not the Dutch NGO that went by that name until 2009, and installs solar battery chargers in Africa under its new name of the Rural Energy Foundation).

  • John

    If the test group is unnamed, then the test has no credibility.

    • Peter_Roe

      We do know who was involved, whether we were intended to know or not. You can handle the information in any way you choose, but unless you were thinking of buying a Hyperion I don’t suppose anyone cares much what you believe.

      • John

        You care because you commented on what I’d written. Just sayin’.

        • Peter_Roe

          Not really, but I don’t like to let troll-type comments pass completely unchallenged.

  • doecat

    Loop_ Thanks for posting the PopS article(s). Actually, I did not find it that negative toward Rossi. The article started with comment on Celani suggesting support for the e-cat and ended with a positive view of Celani as a scientist. I think if I had read the article totally ignorant with what has been going on with LENR/CF, I would have seen a rather hopeful view of the e-cat and Rossi. Perhaps I am just too used to reading journalists who tend to cover their rear-end on anything controversial. At least he mentioned that Rossi was acquitted for the “criminal” charges levied against him in Italy.

    • Ged

      I like that e-catworld.com was mentioned in the article. Seems this site has indeed become the de facto center of the LENR/Rossi news world. I agree with your conclusions too, it was a nice story style of writing. The skeptics looked no better in the piece, with their positions shown as dogmatic. Interesting too that Rossi had sent this guy his validation report (the Zurich report, no doubt, but long before).

      • duecat

        Ged_ Thanks for the confirmation. I also noted that the author seemed kind of disappointed about it, but he admitted he could find no respected scientists who would call Rossi a scam.

        I didn’t mean to mislead by using two usernames. Just a case of not having posted for a while and forgot what I had originally signed in at. Thanks go to Frank for this great forum. I have learned a great deal because the topics chosen seem to solicit brilliant comment from really smart people.

    • Italo R.

      Here is the entire story about the charges to Rossi:

      He had no fault!