Follow-Up With Aldo Proia About Hot Cat

As I have read comments about my recent interview with Aldo Proia, I have noticed that one item in the interview has recieve particular attention — his comment about the Hot Cat. I thought it was a good idea to follow up with him about it. Here is my question and his response.

ECW: One piece of information has brought up some questions, and I wonder if you might be able to provide some clarification. You said, “I have seen more times the Hot Cat, which in the old labs worked in self-sustaining mode for several months without interruption.”

I think that this statement surprised many people since it is has only been recently that Rossi has been talking about the Hot Cat, and also that the recent report on the Hot Cat was not running in self sustained mode.

Are you talking about an earlier experimental model of the Hot Cat? Also, when you mention self sustaining mode, do you mean that there was no drive applied to this device at all? Or intermittent drive and ssm?

AP: Dear Frank,
I am not authorized to disclose the details that I know on the Hot Cat instead of Eng. Rossi, however for the moment I can say publicly that:

1) Eng. Rossi doesn’t speak about a new possible product before experiments and tests, so it is not strange that he did not speak of the Hot Cat before being sure of its performance. His researchers have been working on Hot Cat for – at least! – three months.

2) I am sure that the last tested Hot Cat will literally surprise in positive the readers, I cannot say more. Probably, Rossi will anticipate something in Pordenone.

3) I cannot enter in the details of your questions in this phase, because they are correlated with the surprise, so stay tune!

  • Andrew Macleod

    I’m hopefully about tommorow! There is definetly less hype about this meating, maybe it will have what we have all been waiting for….. Independent verification.

    • Or marked increase in COP.

    • Redford

      Last one has a report with 2 3rd party eng signing it. I have yet to understant how it would not be independant verification.

  • LilyLover

    I think, we need to give them a little more breathing room rather than jumping on them for every accidental(?) information release. This will only make them more cautious and reluctant to speak the next time. I know we are too much emotionally invested with the E-Cat. But hey, the cat needs freedom and room to play. You know what happens if you suffocate the other person in any relationship.

    • Joel C.

      What if at this moment we’re having an enormous energy crisis, so severe that tomorrow will bring everything to a grinding halt, would you be willing to wait patiently for the E-cat to come out?

      If it were me, I would be yammering at Rossi’s factory door.

      But of course, we aren’t in a situation like that and there is some time before we inflict irreversable damage on our planet. We can wait for a few more years, if needed.

      • LilyLover

        Between solar, geothermal & tidal all our energy needs could be met 5 times over with today’s technology. With plasma gassification and space-junking our planet-cleanliness is assurable. I view LENR as a change accelerator. Solar is our back-up staple and LENR is delicacy that I’d like to see become staple. Ignorance, complacency, apathy & cowardice of the population to i)let bad people be in power and ii)be happy to be enslaved by the bankers is our real problem. The utopia we hope to achieve with LENR, is possible even without LENR. People are the problem. Therefore, I still remain pessimistic that advent of LENR will cause the utopia we hope. To me, LENR is the catalyst for consciousness uprising. Why? Because, solar fails to show stark contrast when it comes to money. Instant saving of LENR is the news-flash for ordinary men to begin to develop a will to transition to economy of abundance. Obstacle to utopia or the weak link in the chain is human mind/attitude; not human energy use.

        • Lily, I’m not so sure about some details, but I more or less agree about the conclusion.

          • georgehants


          • NJT


        • Dionysius

          Citations, please.
          The diffuse nature of Solar, and its implementation costs would seem to rule against it for energy intensive applications, such as industry.
          Gassification, and thermal depolymerization may contribute to cleanliness; have you any citations on cost/ton for general MSW?
          Thank you

          • LilyLover

            Sharp has gone to 45% efficiency; a random Philippines company has gone to 35%. There is Sahara. There could be Wardenclyffe. There is HAARP. That alone is good enough. If Einstein obsessed with citations, he could have never come up with his principles that were devised by him. Or, photovoltaics.
            I DO NOT CITE.
            If you are not smart enough to find it for yourself; I’ll not make your life easy.
            Consider me lunatic, if you have to; but I’ll not cite. My refusal to cite well known facts, is the reason for me to not get published. If I won’t do it for “peer review”, I won’t do it for you.
            As long as GW & Robert believe me, I don’t feel like citing.
            Let the workers in the trench or the overzealous like you do the “citation”. Nothing wrong with that. But we need to begin to act like politicians. If something is a known fact; we need to act as if it were self evident and pretend as if everybody should already know it so that the people feel stupid for not knowing it; thinking all their peers already acknowledge it as a fact. The way “stars” define coolness and politicians define “war” & “duty” from the high pedestal, we need to define Science from our high pedestal rather than constantly justifying the existence of our thoughts. ESPECIALLY after 60 years of peer reviewed hot fusion.

            • psi

              “ESPECIALLY after 60 years of peer reviewed hot fusion.” LOL. What a scam that’s been.

        • Garry

          You should be a writer! You are quite lyrical and uplifting in your prose! Seriously…

          • LilyLover

            Thank you:)

      • Dionysius

        “..yammering at Rossi’s factory door.”
        To what end?
        To give him financial assistance to help his studies progress?
        To set up grandstands with scantily clad cheer squads leading thousands of supporters to urge him on to success?
        Or, say it softly, to steal his intellectual property because he is unwilling to give it away?

    • Andrew Macleod

      I agree 100%. You can’t fix stupid!

  • Joel C.

    We here don’t work for Rossi, so we can never know what is going on in his factory. Following that thought, it is not surprising that Rossi has been working on prototypes like the Hot Cat for a while before announcing them recently.

    • Bruno

      What factory? Has anyone ever seen an E-Cat factory?

  • Ged

    Curiouser and curiouser. Hopefully this will be part of the new information coming tomorrow.