Rossi on Hydro Fusion Episode: ‘Too Much is Too Much’

Andrea Rossi just posted a rather lengthy post (for him) in response to a comment about the Swedish company Hydro Fusion’s testing of the Hot Cat about which they reported that tests did not show any excess heat coming from the device.

Rossi makes a number of points in his post about this episode. Here are some of  the main ones.

  • The Swedish tester was at Rossi’s factory for only four hours, and left before the hot cat reached ‘the right power’.
  • The instruments the tester used gave faulty readings. A test showed that their instrument incorrectly measured a 60 W light bulb as consuming 200 W. Rossi said his team’s instrument measured the light bulb correctly.
  • The Swedish company were seeking to invest money in Leonardo Corp. by buying shares, but Rossi said there was nothing close to an agreement between the two parties.
  • The dealings between the two parties were under NDA; nevertheless Hydro Fusion issued a press release about the issue.
  • Rossi was asked after a few days to ‘explain particulars regarding the charge’ but he ignored the message.
  • Tests on the Hot Cat are still underway, and in November a final report will be published about the version of the hot cat which will be decided on for industrialization.

He concludes by saying, “In this period, while we are working in our factories across the Atlantic Ocean 16 hours per day and during which thanks to our technlogy we are making jobs, investments and products that will give something useful to the world, we have to stand a Niagara falls of chatters and stupidities, but we have not time to answer. This is why I let the chatters go free around… but too much is too much.”

It will be interesting to see if there is any response to Rossi’s account by Hydro Fusion.


  • dominik

    You guys really believe that company that is about to invest milions of dollars would send unskilled people with wrong measuring devices to do job that can make them very successful or very naive ? I remember that Rossi promised million units factory ready and operational around November 2012. Units on sale in Home Depot, cooperation with some respected firms and all of them denied this … I also want to believe , dream about free energy … but just how naive can We be?

  • Owen Abrey

    I have given Rossi until the end of this fall to produce even a prototype commercial product that can be studied by 3rd parties. I hope he comes through, but by January the anti-rossi crowd will have the benefit of my doubt. And my order for an ecat will be cancelled too… 🙂

  • Stephen

    Poor Rossi, the whole world is in a conspiracy against him…

  • Ivone Martin FitzGerald

    Changing the subject slightly, Frank said to me “nickel – hydrogen is the way to go.” when I first joined the forums. The following peer reviewed paper by EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) tried all the methods known. Only the combination of nano sized nickel and dry gas loading by hydrogen yielded satisfactory results. And that was just once, just when funds had run out. Quote

    In one experiment, researchers used 10-nm nickel powder from
    Quantum Sphere Corp. The inner RTD was 208oC hotter than the
    outer RTD (533oC versus 325oC) and represents roughly ~ 21 watts
    from 5 grams of nanopowder, based on the calibration. The powder
    maintained this rate of thermal power output for a period of five days
    when it was terminated for evaluation. There was no sign of
    degradation of the power output. Researchers, however, were not
    able to replicate this final experiment due to limited project funding.


    We now have facts.

    1) Nanotech is part of it. Size 10 nm or less for the nickel particles, which is comparable with Intel’s 22 nm grooves for their chips. This radically increases surface area for the dry gas loading.

    2) No additives or “Catalysts”. Yes, you Rossi. That is a smokescreen to slow down potential competitors. Well you’re rumbled.

    3) A mass/energy ratio of 21 watts/5 grams, or 4.2 watts/gram. This scales to a half kilo mass of nickel nanopowder supplying 2100 watts, sufficient to boil a kettle, or a 25 kilo mass supplying 105000 watts, sufficient for a red hot cylinder of the size seen in Rossi’s photo.

    4) A rectified AC mains current to kick off the reaction. Brillouin may use a DC current with a smaller AC component that can speed up the initial LENR reaction. Getting the reaction to stop and cool down might be tricky, though. Brillouin claims to have this solved.

    So…why wait for Rossi? I don’t have the means or the technical skill, but perhaps somebody can persuade their University Physics department or school?

    • Ivone Martin FitzGerald

      The above link works. But you will have to right click on it.

  • Brad Arnold

    Rossi is Hank Rearden, and the Hot Cat is Rearden Steel (i.e. “Atlas Shrugged).

    • GreenWin

      Brad, does that make you Ayn Rand?

  • LCD

    “G_Zingh on September 18, 2012 at 12:36 am

    Apparently the threat is from stray neutrons which under certain circumstances can be generated by the Ecat at COP 200. He talks about it here about 6:45 minutes into the video.
    Reply ”

    I saw that GZ. Crap if its true that neutrons escape at a COP of 200 then it will be a long time before domestic versions can be sold because you cannot hide the possibility that somehow somebody will create a free neutron source and harm people. Whether by accident or not.

    • Kim G. Patterson

      Its dangerous to run with scissors in your hand too
      I am told!


      • norm

        Are you serious!? Comparing neutron radiation with scissors, LOL.

        • pg

          actually scissors (or blades in general) cause every year way more physical damage than radiation…

          • Kim G. Patterson

            My point was that everything is dangerous
            if not used properly ect…


            • Owen Abrey

              It is not the presence of neutrons that is significant as it is their energies. Neutrons at ultra low energies lack activation energies required to accrete to normal matter, and so pass through or bounce through matter, that is after all, mostly empty space on the scale of a neutron…

            • LCD

              You just don’t see people with nuclear reactors in homes today Kim.

              That’s the point.

    • GreenWin

      This is a VERY preliminary finding not atypical of prototype energy devices. Early microwave ovens went through a similar process of limiting their output and leakage to prevent burns. The CRT that populated millions of human homes for 50 years, regularly emitted x-rays. Both cases were controlled by good consumer product engineering.

  • jacob

    Hydro fusion likely were trying to buy shares,once they found out Rossi didn’t bite, they ran away very quickly away from the testing procedure and expected Rossi,to beg them to stay for their investment of 600 million dollars? Rossi may have said ,smell you later.

    Ok,just my opinion,i am not pointing fingers,but just putting the pieces together as they unfold.

    • Patrik

      There is alot of posts like this. Let me assure you that the measuring intitute that Hydrofusion did use would never lend themselfes to any false measurments to please a customer.

      • captain

        I assure U that for doing WELL a thing 3 conditions are absolutely needed:

        1st – To have THE WILL to do it;
        2nd – To have THE MEANS to do it;
        3rd – To have THE KNOW-HOW to do it.

        Should one or more of said conditions have to miss, a bad outcome is assured.

        So it woukd be a wise thing that before talking on certain things, people keep in mind the THREE CONDITIONS.

        • Ivan_cev

          Agreed, Who is more likely to meet this conditions, the ones that their occupation is to make this kind of measurments or the one that makes the claim?
          I go with the profesionals!

          • GreenWin

            Ivan, does that mean you “go” away?? Just kidding Ivan. Read the history of cold fusion calorimetry – it is the debunker’s favorite area to attack.

      • GreenWin

        Patrik, that’s a bit naive. Rigged science, tests, measurements, assessments is epidemic today because such things modulate great flows of money. Since this one, single “test” was made by an anonymous technician without a written report or data of any kind – it is meaningless. We cannot demand official, written data from Rossi and NOT from independent tests.

        Should NASA tomorrow say they have landed a man on Mars, would you believe it true – without evidence?? Just because it is NASA??