‘A Wonderful Work’ [Updated]

Andrea Rossi seems especially happy in his latest post on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Dear Readers:
We are making in Miami a wonderful work. We are raching tremendous results with the High temperature reactors. We will give the results as soon as possible, but I, honestly, think we are working well. The measurements are taken by the peer reviewers of the formers Testers. The results are the same, but we made substantial improvenents. We have been able to eliminate the internal cylinder without melting the reactor, so now the measurements are easier. We have the electric power, this is the truth.
Andrea Rossi, from Miami, Florida, USA.

Andrea Rossi obviously loves to talk about his work — it is something that he is totally consumed in, something he has dedicated his life to, and he seems to want to share good news about it through posts such as this. On the other hand, he also very tight-lipped about those things which he considers confidential — the trade secrets, and the inner operations of his business, and his associations with external parties. As he has said many times, he likes to work in peace.

With the stakes being so high — huge changes in the world of energy production if the promise of the E-Cat can be realized — many people are intensely curious about Rossi and his work, but it can be obviously frustrating for many who just want to see the technology in action. So there is tension and suspense in the current situation and I don’t think we have any choice but to wait and see how all this plays out. Personally, I am glad to hear updates such as the one above. Rossi could choose to be as silent as the grave about all he is involved in, and we would be in the dark.

So my philosophy is to take all the information we can get, evaluate it carefully, use good judgment and continue to monitor the situation. The news seems encouraging, and I look forward to a resolution of all this sometime down the road.

[UPDATE] I asked Rossi on his JONP site what he meant when he said “We have the electric power”, and he responded:

Dear Frank Acland:
I meant that we are very close to make a plant able to make electric power, because the high temperature prototype is going extremely well.
So far…
Warm Regards,

  • Harold Coffman

    Thank you, Andrea Rossi … You are the ‘Edison’ of LENR … and CF.

    Regardless of patent outcome … you are perfecting and demonstrating
    an economical and simple generation of a heat source that has
    a multiple of COP.

    Not only that, you were able to show the ability to place units in
    series to obtain significant temperature above boiling … so the units
    can be efficiently used to create electricity by standard steam-turbines.

    You are making headway on control of heat-output to allow continuous stable heat, w/o harm to the equipment. You are seeking some
    certification to allow your progress towards a production of some

    Yes, you deserve the title of Mr. Edison (Rossi) of LENR …

    You are the Mr Edison of Cold Fusion … I encourage others to praise
    you for your contributions and progress … making this CF successful.

    Best Reguards, HRC

  • Anothercoilgun

    Please put data and quotes. Not interested in you add on.

  • georgehants

    Just one of those little wonders that show reality.

    Pig saves goat who’s foot was stuck underwater at petting zoo. Simply amazing.

    • Barry

      It’s good to know there are still trustworthy souls in this life. Good to see a upstanding member of society who is selfless enough to…wait, it was a pig, wasn’t it. Never mind.

  • tectak

    I appear to have elicted the basketcase response. Two things. Concern for my emotional well being is unnecessary. I can live comfortably with or without LENR and so it is not going to push me over the edge if it all proves (proves) to be nonsense. I still have my Steorn Orbo to comfort me.
    Secondly, to make assumptions regarding my knowledge…or knowledge source..on the subject of LENR whilst expected in this forum, from some, is to perpetuate the myth that ANY of us KNOW what we are talking about.. The whole Rossi extravaganza is a constant reminder that when many who know nothing get together to determine something, anything, the one with the biggest dogma wins through.
    This is the great failing of the mass I Q.
    Oh, how I hope that one day cold fusion will be a reality ……how I dream that aliens will one day cross the massive void to our speck on spec and take me up into a flying saucer to interfere with my bowels an other vitally important investigative work leading to a better future for us all.
    But until the great day dawns I am stuck, like you, with classical physics and my induced religiosity, in the quagmire of reality. ……but apart from that, I’m just fine, thanks

    • Alexvs

      Wonderful post. I would like knowing you.

    • AstralProjectee

      I think most of us here are going off of a general assumption that most people don’t lie. This is a general statement of course. But this is generally true. We all interpret what we experience differently but in the end we don’t serial lie and make up things, especially like this. Now the question is, is Rossi a serial lier. I have not found any read flags yet. We all for the most part have good intentions even if we are delusional and out of touch with reality.

      • georgehants

        AstralProjectee, agreed that most people have an instinct to be reasonably truthful when not threatened.
        If though the situation becomes institutionalised by authority or peer pressure then history shows that all concern for the Truth is abandoned and conformity and acceptance by the mass becomes the norm.
        The psychological response of science and most scientists to the Cold Fusion situation, is an ideal case of people who’s livelihood and position are threatened, so they create a wall of disbelief that viewed from outside is clearly irrational.
        Most individuals, then fearing peer pressure and being ostracised from the group, fall into an almost stupor of closed-minded acceptance of the ruling Dogma.
        These people find themselves going to the most extreme positions to try and justify a clearly irrational position and yet time has shown again and again that they are caught in a psychological labyrinth from which escape is almost impossible.

    • Karl

      I believe that you most likely by purpose like to misunderstand the tone in this forum which follows the most outspoken project Rossi and his E-CAT including the entire CF/LENR.
      This forum is a relief, where one can honestly follow the emergence of successively more and better proofs of what’s going on the fields of CF/LENR without being reputably abused by unserious sceptics or Trolls.
      It seems to be a sport by pseudo sceptics to etiquette the majority of the people on this forum to be lame ducks of followers of dogma.
      On the contrary most of the discussion on this forum of the phenomena and the process to tame the potential energy released, is not taking anything for granted to my mind, before a clear theory is presented or working products are operating on the market. If and when something happen, it is likely the latter and the main stream science is still reluctant to give it attention which is really bad.
      There are enough discussion groups and in fact the entire main stream science group or main stream media where people can exchange sceptical ideas about CF/LENR. Your idea about the collective formed IQ fits in very well in these groups where you obviously belong.
      The devices here is more like, don’t prejudge wait and see – time will tell the truth.

    • Gerrit

      Sure you are fine. 🙂 You believe that mainstream science has good reason not to care to look at LENR and you feel you have the obligation to remind us that you also believe that mainstream science has good reason not do care to look at Rossi’s revelations.

      Good for you for believing that science consists of noble knights of wisdom who come to rescue the lady from the tower. It gives you something to cling on to when you’re not busy hurling your nuts through the air at unsuspecting bystanders.

      • tectak

        To gerrit.
        I must have missed something or the Matrix shifted! Mainstream science is busting its guts to get together some evidence of LNER! Good on them, I say. Where I get weary is listening to the kitchen table wannabees, and it may well be Rossi’s kitchen table as that is about the only prop I have seen him use, making unsubstantiated claims which then evaporate under the glare of enquiry.
        You can research the research yourself but do not expect preferred conclusions to be in the mainstream Journals….sadly, perhaps, experimentation in LNER has not yet yielded up ANY evidential proof that the effect ( wiser men than I say “anomaly”) is anything other than unpredictable, indistinguishable from error, and wholly without that great granter of dreams…repeatability. What is true, and I say again, sadly, is that the whole dreary cycle of pseudo-scientific discovery breeds the kind of theatrical farce which we are again witnessing with Rossi. The “Oh yes it is-Oh no it isn’t” pantomime is not doing science any good at all. We may well praise Rossi for his stance…but where are his workers, his welders, his electrical engineers, his hydraulic engineers, production staff….must I really be expeced to believe that this man goes to his “production” facilty and achieves daily breakthroughs with nothing more than himself and a bit of pipe stuffed with grey putty, heated by an electrical element and mounted precariously on a bit of second hand dyna-racking.
        This is NOT research…this is NOT development…this is NOT science. Great discoveries are sometimes serrendipidous….I can accept that. As I have said before, Rossi MAY have something….but he is NOT the man to bring it to any kind of fruitful conclusion. To do that you must have quiet and contemplative perseverance. I intimated that the hoax may be the hoax. Maybe he DOES have a location somewhere which is “doing” the science..maybe he DOES have a well qualified workforce rapidly reconstructing failed experiments in to ever more fantastic eventualities….all of this is of NO consequence. What we ALL want to see is SUCCESS in all its glorious and splendid majesty….a product that is working, touchable, functional, useful, available…..but I fear it is not to be….and please don’t tell me about the 1Mw device being availale now….after all, it is made of 10Kw units which you cannot get hold of for love nor money…though I am not so sure about the money.

        • Gerrit

          “Mainstream science is busting its guts to get together some evidence of LENR!” – please provide an example.

          “mainstream journals …. repeatability” – pseudoskeptic drivel. Study the available peer reviewed papers in mainstream journals reporting evidence and their replications.

          LENR is researched by credible real scientists at real universities. That is a fact that you either do not know about, or you choose to dismiss as insignificant.

          I think that your perception of what I think about Rossi is different from what I actually think about Rossi.

          Just stop comparing Rossi’s activity with what you know about “how proper science is done”, it doesn’t make any sense.

          Rossi is not doing science, he is engineering a device that he plans to sell. Or so he says, it remains to be seen if he will succeed with his plan. I think that it is needless to advise any potential buyer to thoroughly test the device before signing the 1M USD check, to should know that don’t you think ?

          When you talk about science, don’t talk about Rossi and vice versa.

          • tectak

            “Mainstream science is busting its guts to get together some evidence of LENR!” – please provide an example.

            See below.

            “LENR is researched by credible real scientists at real universities. That is a fact that you either do not know about, or you choose to dismiss as insignificant.”

            I think you have just made my point. Thank you for your support.

            • Gerrit

              ah, I must have mistaken your sarcastic tone for something informative then.

              In fact it depends on what one might call “mainstream science”. As far as I can tell “mainstream science” is maybe just beginning to take note and read up on the story, just like “mainstream media”.

              On the other hand, many peer reviewed papers have been published in regular scientific journals. And credible scientists are indeed working on the topic. The funding situation seems to have improved since last year.

              Does that mean that the field of study is already fully accepted by “mainstream science” ? – no, many still scoff and ridicule the topic.

              For the science side of the story, just look what Robert Duncan from University of Missouri has to tell about the topic or just read “a student’s guide to cold fusion” by Edmund Storms


    • jacob

      tectak,you don’t have to hope anymore,Cold Fusion is reality and it has been for 23 years with Pons and Fleischmann.
      If aliens take you up in a roundwing airplane ,please this us know.
      I guess you don’t know all planets are hollow, and pigs don’t fly.
      LENR is a free lunch.
      Wonder why people think the earth has a liquid molten core,where is the proof,scientists believe this theory with out the evidence,and has it been Peer approved?

      Best kept secret,the earth is hollow,read the book ,”Genesis of the new space age”usually free online from scribd, well researched information of years of work,providing a contrast to your current view of things inside the box,If you dare to look out of the box,you will realize the whole universe operates on free energy,how even your own mind interacts with the universal conscience ,even matter is created by free energy processes through natural scalar waves,light and Aether magnetic vortexes.
      And Science can not explain the origin of matter.

      Science is only guessing at this point and is still looking for their marbles,and it is in their laws and fake reality,you appear you have put your trust.

      • tectak

        To Jacob.
        You have conmvinced me of everything with your faultless logic. I shall book my next vacation in hollow earth. I realise I may have to step out of the box…but if you think it is safe, then I shall be your disciple….until something else comes along.
        Worshipfully yours,
        Believe everything,
        Seriously though….hollow earth!

        • jacob

          tectak,if you are serious about your trip ,you should contact the Icelandic government.

        • jacob

          tectak,I am serious about inner earth,the place where sweet water Icebergs come from,driftwood ,some birds migrate to the north,and santa? , Vikingland,Bodland,New Germany ,population total of 300 million as of 1980 of inner earth.
          North pol opening north of Greenland .
          many military bases keeping track of security.

        • jacob

          tectak,Venus population 4 billion,

          • tectak

            I think you will find it is now just under 3 Billion since McDonalds opened up there.

            • jacob

              what about burger king

        • jacob

          Tectak,my question to you is,what stops you from believing a different reality?,is it what you believe ,depending on what you have learned through your parents and your teachers and other influences in your life, responsible for your opinion and your own created reality.

          If the truth were different,how could you ever believe it?
          IT would be upsetting your whole belief system.
          It would be saver, not to investigate the matter any further to keep your sanity.

          • AstralProjectee


  • Sanjeev