Announcement about The Believers Film

Here’s a heads up about an announcement that will be made later today about a new documentary film, “The Believers” produced by 137 Films. The film is about the history and current state of the cold fusion field. I am told that a new web site will be launched and an announcement about the premiere will be made.

Here’s 137 Films’ burb about the film:

The Believers begins in March of 1989, when two respected chemists from the University of Utah stand in front of a wall of reporters; flashbulbs pop as the pair — one shy, the other cracking jokes— announce a startling claim: they have solved the world’s energy problems using seawater, batteries, and the mysterious glass contraption they hold proudly in their hands. “Cold Fusion” is born. Within days, Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann are on the cover of Time Magazine. But in three short months, their careers are in tatters, their reputations ruined, and Cold Fusion is synonymous with “bad science.”

Twenty-two years later, despite mainstream science’s continued disdain, professional and amateur scientists, a high school whiz kid, and a Hollywood-based internet DJ are confident that Cold Fusion can still save the world, and that we are closer than ever to the Holy Grail of civilization. They’re the Believers.

Here is a trailer for the movie:

I will add more to this post as news develops.

  • “Andrea Rossi
    September 21st, 2012 at 8:40 AM
    Dear Steven N. Karels:
    1- no, we call it a catalyst, but it is not a chemical catalyst

    I think this is new information.
    EDIT: On second thought, maybe it just means that since the process is nuclear, it’s wrong to call it chemical catalyst…

    • Peter_Roe

      Rossi playing with words again I suspect – he seems to love ambiguity. Presumably it is not a ‘chemical’ catalyst in that it does not promote a reaction between elements, but it is a catlayst in that it promotes a nucleonic reaction which would otherwise proceed at a slower rate or not at all. The question left unanswered is of course whether it is a physical element or compound, or something nonphysical such as electrical current or an EM field.

      Edit: I’m curious about which word or phrase put this comment into moderation. Better than the spam bin I suppose.

    • Gerrit

      yep, same thought. We have become experts in Rossi speak

  • timycelyn

    Been out of touch for a few days and saw the following on Rossi’s blog from the 19th:

    Dear Steven N. Karels:
    Better focus on electric power production, now. The tests with the Hot Cato are going on very, very well. The day after tomorrow the Hot Cat will have a very important measurement, with a new system. If things will go well, an important step forward will have been done.
    Warm Regards,

    I think it was picked up at the time and posted here, but I thought I’d do some medium wild speculation as to what this refers to (it is happening today if I have counted the days right).

    My guess is that this is spinning up a turbine / genset with hot cats. Would take a bank of around 10 minimum, I suppose, to spin the smallest turbine that Siemens have. 30-50kw electricity output??

    • Andrew Macleod

      Testing the quality of steam maybe?

    • artefact

      Rossi said something about using a variac for energy input for better measurement.
      Hopefully the Swedish testing group who had problems testing the hotcat makes the test again.

      • Peter_Roe

        Cures’ comments linked by Georgehants (8:17am) talk about the various harmonics introduced by the triac ‘dimmer’ circuit they use for power control, and hint at the difficulties these introduce into power measurement. A variac is just a variable transformer, so this difficulty should be eliminated, providing the e-cat performs with plain sine wave input. A simpler solution might be just to measure AC power flow ‘upstream’ of the hot cat control system – I’m not sure why that isn’t standard procedure anyway, to eliminate any problems with the device’s power supply.

        I smell politics in the Swedes’ negative reactions, not unconnected with the removal (via promotion) of Mats Lewan from Ny Teknik magazine, and will be rather surprised if they agree to a re-test (but if they do, further ‘difficulties’ will probably arise in any case).

        • Omega Z


          Quite sometime ago, Krivity Posted an article that discussed a fairly successful net campaign against the AP & Ny Tek magazine of anything Rossi.

          Just to add, When Questioned about outside interference Rossi’s usual answer is -No more then to be expected with any new technology. For the Average Lay person this may come across as a trivial issue. No big deal.

          A Statement from Cures.
          One day far away, when the waters have calmed down and the situation allows, I will write an article or a book on the matter. (“The reality exceeds imagination really.”)
          James Bond and Indiana Jones I do not care.

          We see the battles daily between Apple/Samsung & others In established markets. What happens behind the scenes with Rossi & most likely others would probably shock most. We can only try to imagine the daily threats & such that Rossi faces every day.

          I have to assume that some of Rossi’s proposals of continued use of Electric & NG & Using the E-cat as a supplemental/enhancement energy is to appease/mitigate some of these threats.

          Also, as it will take a couple decades for this technology to fully penetrate the market, it’s a reasonable coarse of action to take rather then a full frontal attack against the Old Establishment. A coarse that could/would turn threats into physical reactions.

          • Peter_Roe

            “I have to assume that some of Rossi’s proposals of continued use of Electric & NG & Using the E-cat as a supplemental/enhancement energy is to appease/mitigate some of these threats.”

            Yes that’s what I think too, but I doubt he is believed. A better idea might be for him to push the huge savings in costs to industry sectors that burn fossil fuels, in order to try to divide the opposition and have them fight one another, rather than Rossi.

          • RGCheek

            “Also, as it will take a couple decades for this technology to fully penetrate the market…”


            How long did it take the iphone to penetrate the market? Now it seems almost everyone has one except troglodite like me who refuse the electronic tether to the rest of society.

            Do you mean by ‘full’ that 100% of everybody will have some kind of ecat?

            I dont see why 80% penetration of the market isnt ‘good enough’ to count as truly disruptive to the established energy order.

            I hope everyone here realizes that the US dollar is basically backed by oil, in that the Saudis and most oil producers only accept USD for purchase.

            This makes the USD the world reserve currency and the ecat is poised to strike a deadly blow to this system.

            Think on that for a while.

  • georgehants

    From Vortex-1, with thanks.
    Re: [Vo]:Mark LeClair presents his thesis and supporting evidence
    Daniel Rocha
    Thu, 20 Sep 2012 21:53:11 -0700
    There is just 1 pic of the presentation. Is there more?
    2012/9/21 Axil Axil
    Mark LeClair presented his thesis and supporting evidence(see reference
    above) in a live presentation on 9/20/2012.
    This presentation will be available on YouTube shortly.
    In slide 39, mark said that the Pons-Fleischmann effect is just a very
    weak version of the LeClair effect. Could the water crystal be the active
    agent in the PF effect.
    If this equivalency is true, could a tradeoff between the radiation and
    transmutation of cavatation in the LeClair effect be made by using nickel
    or palladium as the target material in the cavatation reactor where proton
    pairs on the surface of these metals might form and thermalize the nuclear
    reactivity of the water crystal(slide 16)?
    On Slide 20, LeClair shows how a water crystal had carved a 5 foot trench
    in a coil of copper wire.
    Cheers: Axil

    • georgehants

      Hydrogen, Hydrogen, Hydrogen, always Hydrogen involved.

  • georgehants

    Electrogravitics – A Simplified Description
    Electrogravitics. This technology was being developed and tested in all major aerospace companies in the 1950s. Martin, Convair, Lear, Sperry, Raytheon, and many others all were eagerly studying electrogravitics. But in 1959 or early 1960, the technology became highly classified and the path to energy abundance was stymied. Here is a basic description of electrogravitics:
    Read all at —

  • georgehants

    From New Scientist, Just interesting and about time scientists started to familiarise themselves with the Quantum reality.
    New maths triggers a call to iron out quantum world.
    WHAT if you constantly change the ingredients in your raw batter, but the baked cake is always lemon? It sounds like something from a surrealist film, but equivalent scenarios seem to play out all the time in the mathematics of the quantum world.
    Nobel prizewinner Frank Wilczek and colleague Alfred Shapere say we can’t ignore the absurdity of the situation any longer. It’s time to get to the bottom of what is really going on, and in the process cement our understanding of the fundamental nature of the universe.
    They are part of a broader call to arms against those who are content to use the maths behind quantum mechanics without having physical explanations for their more baffling results, a school of thought often dubbed “shut up and calculate”.
    I don’t see why we should take quantum mechanics as sacrosanct,” says Roger Penrose of the University of Oxford. “I think there’s going to be something else which replaces it.”

    • georgehants

      “Truth is the daughter of time, and I feel no shame in being her midwife”.
      Johannes Kepler

    • daniel maris

      One thing is sure – you won’t get to teh bottom of it with maths for the simple reason that it’s not made of maths. (Which of course is not to deny we need maths to understand – but “the bottom” is pretty deep.)

    • Omega Z


      I have stated many times what we know today is mostly wrong.

      We look back a Century or 2 & see that they had much of it wrong.
      A Century or 2 from now, They will look back & see that we had it much of it wrong.

      As man gains knowledge, He becomes arrogant. Followed by Dogma.
      Seems Each Generation has to fight this. Imagine what we could accomplish if we could bypass this phase.

  • Gerrit

    I do not think the title is a bad choice at all.

    First of all the film is not made for us, but for an audience that has been led to _believe_ that cold fusion is crackpot and that the people involved in cold fusion are looneys. If you want to have people come to the cinema and sit down to listen to your story, you have to pick it up from where they are not from where you are. The title fits that purpose and I think the film will be very educative for most of its viewers.

    I also think that “belief” has more meanings than the negative “belief devoid from any facts”. Belief can also indicate good things like: hope, faith, resilience, confidence.

    You can believe in a world that will wake up and look at the facts without prejudice. You can believe in a future of energy abundance, prosperity, world peace.

    We know beyond reasonable doubt that the anomalous heat effect is a reality and we believe it will change the world.

    Hopefully this film will cause a lot of new people to start searching about the truth of the cold fusion story. It would be helpful if we can work out a nice explanation for them.

    I have compiled a list of “common misunderstandings” on the LENRwiki

    Kindly have a look and improve, thanks.

    • georgehants

      Gerrit, +1 thank you.

    • Thanks,

      if that wiki can grow, it will be good.

    • I also started a german blog with some basic knowlegdes in it.

      In germany the topic “cold fusion” is very despised, because of the disinformation the mass media spread over the last 20 years.

      The most german websites which reports positive about LENR aka “cold fusion” are either unprofessional and unserious, or spread old, incomplete or wrong informations which feeds the german hardcore sceptics.

      So I decided to start a own website, with serious, objective basic informations, news, and hints where you can get more detailed scientifically informations.

      Maybe you want to take a look at it:

      And here a short intro into “cold fusion” or “LENR”:

  • georgehants
  • georgehants

    Cures is talking technical on, The triac dimmer controls, etc. on Cobra.

  • georgehants

    As always there seem to be a couple of people on page afflicted with a condition a little like, Tourette syndrome.
    Every so often they become overwhelmed with the necessity, like a nervous tick, to shout —Show us the proof — or — I don’t believe it, etc. —
    Very sad, but we must allow that they cannot help doing this and sympathy and tolerance must be shown.
    Medical science may appreciate a few suggestions for naming this disability.
    My suggestion would be —- maryyugo’s folly —

  • Miles

    Apologies for going off topic from the movie trailer.

    Does any know what we can expect From Rossi in the next 3 months (until the end of 2012)?? Any published document & government announcements?

    • hempenearth

      A university report in the 1st half of October, I believe. Maybe University of Bologna.

      • Miles

        Thanks hempenearth

        I wish we had a time line of the expected events as they unfold. History is being made.

      • Ash

        University of Bologna explicitly stated last month that they are not working with Rossi, so any report isn’t coming from them.

        • Ivan_cev

          Correct, I read, the report also

      • In JONP the recent predictions are that it takes 2-3 months for the test team to finish. If they will publish it in a peer-reviewed journal as he has said, that takes some additional months. However, some journals allow one to publish the submitted version as a preprint (e.g. in arxiv). In that case we might see a report preprint within 2-3 months (Nov-Dec) if the current plan holds.

  • Pachu

    PREMIERES OCT 16 at chicago intl. film fest

    October 16, 8PM and October 20, 2pm
    Chicago International Film Festival
    AMC River East 21
    322 E. Illinois, St
    Chicago, IL 60610

  • daniel maris

    Alternative titles:

    The Fusion Feud

    The Science That Dares Not Speak Its Name

    Scam or Science?

    • vbasic

      I like your alternative titles especially the second one. I hate the producers title. It implies people researching the science are cultists. I’m not even sure this will be a good documentary. It seems to rehash all the old news we already know. With speedy modern filmmaking techniques, there is no excuse for excluding all the latest news that has occurred this year.

    • Sanjeev

      “Galileo 2012”

  • Ivan_cev

    Prof abundo in:

    @ Abundo,
    Good evening, glue one of his statements:
    “It ‘s true, Mario Massa and’ always valuable.
    Does not seem fair that describes itself as a skeptic, and ‘only rigorous. ”
    I think it is implicitly gives a negative connotation to the word “skeptic”.
    But I’m not at all fond of the words, so I would say not to use the word “skeptic”, which has become just an insult to someone to someone else.
    “Rigorous” is perfect and much more explanatory.
    Keep in mind that it can be applied to virtually all the “skeptics” here.
    A skeptic that is not strict, in the end, it’s just another kind of believer.

    Translated by google.

  • Hank Mills

    The term “believers” is one that cynics have used to mock cold fusion researchers and supporters for decades. It is repugnant, and offensive. We do not believe in cold fusion in any sort of faith based way, but know that it is real due to the huge ammount of evidence that exists. For this reason alone, I will not watch the film.

    • Pachu

      Hank, the title is never a reason to not watch the movie, you are too extremist and fanatic.

      Maybe it helps you to hold on your excitment on things and wait for second impressions.

      • freethinker

        But he is right. If you are not into this and view this trailer, that title will define the initial expectations you have.

    • T Lee Buyea -Fla. News Service

      Forget about believing or i have an electric Delorian to sell you, Give us PROOF OF PERFORMANCE! !!

    • Barry

      Come on Hank, you’re getting hung up on one word. This film could spread awareness on it’s way to the tipping point. “Believer” is a positive word that needs projection in order to be made negative. When CF is reproducibly proven, the idea of being a “believer” will shift in a “oh, they were right after all” type of way.

      Besides you’re a fellow film producer yourself-

    • edog

      No worries Hank.. I will watch it for you and then write you up a thorough comprehensive film review ! 🙂

    • Farlie Paynter

      Some wise people have said that Believing is Seeing, not the other way around, I feel the former is closer to being correct.

  • Sanjeev

    The trailer looks good, the title is a fail.

    I’m just guessing that it predates the Rossi era and all the cool stuff that’s happening everyday after that. So it will not reach any conclusions, just a question mark.

    Sorry for the (probable) spoiler.

  • Pachu

    Just remember it would be [very] old news for the people following on daily basis the field.

    Could help to bring attention to the field.

  • Sergio

    Every documentary to date that included some kind of “high school whiz kid” has been horrible and unwatchable. From the trailer this looks good, but I hope that the hs whiz kid part is not cringed to death.

  • The tenor of the trailer doesn’t make me optimistic this is going to be a positive portrayal of CF/LENR. I wonder if they have visited Peter Hagelstein, seen the Athanor, or made the acquaintance of Andrea Rossi and Robert Godes and Randall Mills? Something tells me they didn’t. I wonder if they know the first cold fusion patent has been granted to Prof. George Miley? Or that the President’s recent Executive Order makes cold fusion an issue for current industrial development? A film that started shooting two years ago probably misses all this. I thought the title was fine, although I believe they will change it (I’m a believer!).

    • Barry

      Everybody’s a critic.

  • clovis

    Hi, guys.
    I agree, it looks fine, if it’s dabew is timed right, it should be a great explanation of what lenr is and its history, you know guys the F&P debacle could have a bright side ,and that would be that more time was given to get the effect stabilized., although i thought that they were treated very shabbily, and the record needs to be set right, with all those that helped to bring this effect about.
    Didn’t hear anything about him in the trailer.
    and Dr. Rossie should be the lead man in the flick.

    • Omega Z


      I doubt Rossi will be mentioned. If he is, it will be only in passing. This is more about the Cold Fusion story, mostly produced before a lot of what Rossi has accomplished.

      • clovis

        omega, hi.
        As i see it, the cold fusion field had all most came to a Holt.
        Dr. Rossie and later Mr forcardi joined him and started their work, is that not right,

        • Well lets hope they do a sequel called:

          “Rossi saved the planet”


          “The failed dream”

          I believe it will be the first one 🙂

          • or

            “the lost civilization on earth that could have been saved”

            (seen on a planet near you)

  • “The Believers” title is negative but that is where ‘cold fusion’ has been for 23 years! Then the film develops the ‘proof’ and the audience is transformed from a skeptic to one of the ‘believers’! And now we can have the most incredible invention in the history of mankind. jdh

    • Omega Z

      I Pretty much had the same initial reaction to the Title as JDH.
      My 1st thought was it’s going to bash the believers.
      Can’t really tell from the trailer or the Synopsis.
      The Title could be a double edged sword.

      If it’s a negative take, it will provide fuel for the non-believers.
      If it’s a positive take, it will provide fuel for the believers.

      “Everyone likes to see info that supports their position”.

      If it’s balanced, The title could be a plus.
      Non-believers may have the same 1st take of the Title as I did & watch it.

      Non-believers may be exposed to unbiased/balanced info!!
      At least some may have to rethink their beliefs.

      No Warning for the Believers. If it’s negative, Oh Well, We’re Used to it.

  • Matt S

    Really looking forward to this film, I know they have been making it for about 2 years or so, and had funding issues like most films do. I just hope it does have detail in it about the more recent NIH reactions instead of just being all about Pd H as NIH or similar is where we need to go.

    Palladium was just going to be far to expensive to make CF/LENR a reality. It is a very similar story with Fuel Cell (using Pd) vehicles, when they can use something like Nickel in FC Cars then we will see them on our streets more and more, especially with the current new science thinking on hydrogen extraction being made far easier and very cheaply.

  • shamrock77

    Frank, I can see you in the movie now, that American Chap )))

    • admin

      English chap (living in America) 🙂

  • Lu

    The title “The Believers” cheapens the whole thing, don’t you think? The film looks promising though.

    • Kim G. Patterson



    • Roger Bird

      Trailer looks good. Title looks lame.

    • GreenWin

      It’s unfortunate the title is used by skeptos to dismiss. On the other hand, it takes belief in this particular universe to create. Trailer looks fine. But Ing Rossi should have an avatar or character represented since the last three years have been catalyzed by his “belief.”

      One hopes too the dozens of unsung researchers at Navy, NASA, DOD, DARPA, ENEA, etc – find some mention. LENR is not just a new source of abundant energy – it is confirmation there is abundance throughout the universe. LENR is substantially an instrument of awakening the human race.

      • Lu

        I think “Bad Science” would be a better name.

        • GreenWin

          That’s the title of the hot fusion film 🙂

          • Jim Johnson


          • Barry

            Heh Heh Heh!

  • Andre Blum

    Trailer looks promising. Cannot wait to see it.

  • georgehants

    News in Science
    New record for turning heat into power
    Thursday, 20 September 2012
    Thermoelectric material made from lead telluride (PbTe)
    The researchers believe this increases the prospect of recovering high-temperature waste and turning it into useful energy (Source:
    Scientists in the United States have developed a material that beats the record for converting waste heat into power – something they hope will be incorporated into clean energy investment.
    Described by an independent commentator as “a giant leap”, the material achieves the highest efficiency ever for scavenging heat from a source and transforming it into power, its inventors say.

    • daniel maris

      It seems from the trailer reasonably well balanced.

      • admin

        People I recognize on the trailer: Ed Storms, Chase Peterson (U of U President in 1989), Michael McKubre, James Martines (cash flow radio)

    • Ivan_cev

      15 to 20% efficiency, is good they walking in the right direction.

  • rainer

    hello – Why a believer film ??. Why they dont produce 10 or 100 home units end let them work these winther at real homes . Than everybody nows that the Lenr technology is true . The home unit is only a hot water boiler . And have a safety certification for a hot water boiler can’t be so difficult . Always the same story that leonardo doesent have the certification for the home unit . That’s very bizard !!! or an excuse ???

    excuse my bad english / Rainer

    • Filip47

      Agree, absolutely frustrating, but let’s wait a(nother) few months, this is coming to an end, whether it works or not.

    • Mhh, i think it’s more difficult to get a safety certification for a “nuclear-reactor” for home-use, than a certification for industrial use (where you aren’t living in the near of the reactor).

      It’s nevertheless a nuclear reaction, or something the scientists currently don’t understand.
      So it would be difficult to grant a safety certificate if no one knows what’s going on in it.

      • expect more few years.
        normally an innovation takes 5 years to get on the market…
        Rossi started in 2010-2011, Defkalion mid-2011…

        they all have problems

        • Max S

          What makes you think they only started in 2010 ?
          actually Rossi started much earlier. His patent is from 2008 (in which he claims that EON is already operating a working device since 2007), and this was probably after years of R&D work.
          But never mind, the point is right. Innovations take time to market.

          • Hampus

            Rossi said that he got his real discovery in 2006, that’s when he saw his ecat produce enormous of extra heat. He then got focardi involved. That makes it six years in the making, they have a product that they are selling and we will soon see the plant in northern Italy functional.

          • thanks for the precisions…
            However in 2006 it seems more research, like the one Celani and Focardi have published.

            But ok, he can reach market soon , assuming he behave professionally… Not so sure , but who knows with him… He seems to be a good poker player, the kind you never know if he have a pair of 7 , or four aces.

      • Ivan_cev

        You do not need certification to have a prototype demo running continuously, what disturbs me is the absence of testimonies from licensees about the technology.
        Any new device will have to be tested by the manufacturer continuously, and under stress condition, to find out if actually will fulfill the guarantee period.

        I do not belive people are skeptic, they just have not been shown a convincing reasonable prove.

        Lets hope this film helps to show positive arguments towards the advancement of LENR.

      • A big problem for Rossi is that as soon as he installs a domestic E-Cat, all the COPY CATS will rush in to see how it works/secret catalist. Then someone could rapidly produce a clone and try to compete with the E-Cats? Would Rossi be able to recover his investments or have the money to continue developing and mass producing his reactors. jdh

    • Because research and industrialization takes years, and some inventors and businessmen love to make early announce that they are the best…

      since the beginning the error have been to say that cold fusion, was an easy energy…

      it was the most complex calorimetry of that time, and it is hard to control phenomenon…
      This is why when less competent team tried to repeat the experiment it failed often. also because F&P have hidden some details, that some team did not ask details, that some where not patient enough, not funded enough, not honest enough, not lucky…

      anyway unlike hot fusion it is feasible in a decade with group work… it took 15years to have good results, and 10 more probably to make it industrial (2-3 years remains)… quite slow because it was blocked.
      Hopefuly speed is not proportional to funding.

    • Barry

      Hi Rainer, some are working on production while others are spreading awareness (like Frank). Awareness had been suppressed before. With the net, hopefully it will not happen again.

      I look forward to the whole film. Looks great.