Video of Zurich Conference Q & A

Many thanks to Sterling Allan of PESN for making available video of the Zurich E-Cat conference. The quality of sound and picture is much better than was available on the live feed. The video below of a Question & Answer session with Andrea Rossi and Fulvio Fabiani (Leonardo engineer) cuts out some of the translation into German and Italian which made the session quite long and a bit tedious to follow. (Apologies to Italian and German speakers!)

The video is quite long, but I have found it certainly worth watching with lots of interesting details in the answers provided,

  • jacob

    great to see some real credibility to the cold fusion Lenr movement,and as I expected the mass media have not been given the green light to cover LENR and free energy related news yet.
    I see a lack of skeptics light now,and they must be in disbelief to start a long process of awakening to the real world behind closed doors.
    My question to the skeptics would be:

    Did you ever stop to think and forget to start again ?

    in humor of course 🙂

  • georgehants

    From Phys Org —-
    Researchers find water doped graphite flakes exhibit superconductive properties at high temperature September 19, 2012 by Bob Yirka report Researchers find water doped graphite flakes exhibit superconductive properties at high temperature Enlarge Magnetization field hysteresis loops at 300K. Image from DOI: 10.1002/adma.201202219 (—Researchers from the University of Leipzig have found that doping very small flakes of graphite with water, then allowing it to dry, results in a material that behaves very much like a superconductor. The team, led by Pablo Esquinazi have written a paper describing their process and results and have had it published in the peer review journal Advanced Materials. If their findings prove sound, the discovery would almost certainly revolutionize the electronics industry.
    Read more at:

    • georgehants

      300K ?????

      • freethinker

        Room temperature… Nice.

      • George, K = degrees Kelvin (as Centigrade degrees but measured from absolute zero, -273 deg. C). 300 deg. K = 27 deg. C.

        • georgehants

          Peter, yes sorry, I should have put exclamation marks.
          These temperatures mean a real breakthrough after many years of trying.
          Lets hope it’s a good report and fully practical.

          • Apologies, George – I should have realised you knew that. Don’t you just hate ‘clever dicks’!

            • georgehants

              Peter I know you didn’t mean it like that. 🙂
              But is it real, 20/30 years ago like Cold Fusion it made a lot of noise and of course at low temperatures it is very useful, but high temperatures could even make the grid worth keeping against Rossi’s home unit’s.

    • mark

      this is great news and it actually comes from scientists. hopefully is not another scam

      • Mark, it is indeed good news, but you might spend a little time skimming through the last month or two of the posts here, and following a few links. The probability that Rossi is running some weird and elaborate ‘scam’ involving many serious individuals and organisations must now be approaching zero. I don’t think hope really comes into it any more – the emergence of ‘cold fusion’ is now primarily an engineering, commercial and political process.

      • georgehants

        Mark, what scams are you talking about.
        Do you mean MIT’s debunking Cold Fusion and altering the results of the research.

    • If room temp superconductivity is indeed what they have, it’s indeed a very big thing, not far behind LENR – assuming it’s also robust, durable, tolerant of high magnetic fields et so forth.

      For example, with such invention one could build a maglev train network inside vacuum tubes (to get rid of speed limitations) as a transportation system which is ideally fast (can transport as fast as the passanger’s acceleration tolerance allows) and in principle uses zero energy, because the energy consumed during acceleration would be gotten back when braking. (In fact one could have such ideal transportation system even without room temperature superconductors, given that maglev trains already exist, but RT-supercond. would push down the price.)

  • artefact

    On is some news regarding Ugo Abundo.

    One detail: A film team visited him. They also filmed Rossi and Celani. A backstage video from his place will be released soon on Youtube by Paola Pieravanti.

    • LENR4you

      I read that it was a german film team. (googletranslator)
      Does anyone know the name or for who they are working? Thx LENR4you

      • Ivan Mohorovicic

        Try asking Abundo, in English, there.

  • georgehants

    NASA working on faster-than-light drive capable of WARP TEN
    A top NASA boffin has outlined ongoing lab experiments at the space agency aimed at first steps towards the building of a warp-drive spacecraft theoretically capable of travelling at 10 times the speed of light.

    • misterCool

      Warp 10 now

      • Beam me up Scotty

        • jacob

          remember the flip phone on startrek and the warp drive,the fiction turned out to be more real,since 1973 onward the American built roundwing airplanes have had the technology to go faster than the speed of light, fiction starwars ,encounter of a third kind technology maybe more real than you think.

      • Barry

        Maybe that will be the name of Ruby Caret’s website 50 years from now.

    • jacob

      georgehants,warp ten is not 10 times the speed of light,warp ten is speed of light squared ten times,speed of light multiplied by speed of light being warp 2,at the speed of warp 5 ,one can travel 2000 light years in just a few days.

      • georgehants

        jacob, would that be faster than my old Rav4, Ha.

        • jacob

          If you would have driven your Rav4 200 years ago on the streets of London England ,you would have been arrested for daring to go faster than the horse and breaking all the scientific rules about top speed.

          • Driving any kind of car around London in 1812 would have caused a bit of a stir! Most people tended to use horses or carriages, and even railways were 15 years in the future.

            I think you mean 100 years ago!

          • Ron

            I doubt the cops on horses could catch the RAV4 and what scientific rules would have been broken? Light and Cheetahs were both faster than horses.
            I doubt any work on warp speed drives is being done.

    • Barry

      Wouldn’t it take all of the energy in the known universe to get up to WARP 1, but then again, maybe the inventers are part Vulcan.

      • Roger

        No, you warp the space in front of you pulling it towards you and then it snaps back into place with you now in it ie: a long way away from where you started.
        Would it take all the energy in the universe – I doubt it, you would only have to warp a small area of space albeit a long distance. Black holes seem to manange to warp vast volumes of space.
        However, I am pretty sure FTL travel violates cause and effect, so not sure its actually feasible.

  • GreenWin

    From Joyce Marcel, American Reporter, 2007:

    Meanwhile, new billions of taxpayer dollars were in the pipeline for all kinds of hot fusion studies and projects. Their spokesman was Bob Park, the president of the American Physical Society and a columnist for the society’s prestigious scientific journal, Physical Review. His “What’s New” column relentlessly attacked cold fusion and its discoverers, and later Randell Mills.

    According to the Village Voice, Park actually lied on at least one occasion about Mills’ work. His well-read column told the world acupuncture didn’t work, that Jesus Christ was an “itinerant healer,” and, ever the breathless insider, that the North Koreans couldn’t build an ICBM – on the day before they successfully launched one.”

    A good reminder.,552/517.html

    • Andrew Macleod

      Good article. The 2007 part confuses me a bit, they talk about events in 2010?

    • georgehants

      How many “thinking” scientists listen to this man’s and other “opinion experts” ravings.
      How many listen and obey on all subjects just as with Cold Fusion.
      As always it is not the leaders at fault but people who allow such leaders to gain and maintain their positions.
      I have said before much of science needs an enema and very quickly.

    • georgehants

      Greenwin, did you manage to get into Forums.
      Perhaps Frank could help if not.

      • GreenWin

        I have set up an account but cannot access Forums. At a standstill for the moment.

        • admin

          GW, I have I found your forums account and deleted it with the hope that starting over fresh would work for you.
          Hope that is ok.

          • GreenWin

            Thank you Frank. Will get to it later today.

  • Lemuel

    The entire ‘live-stream’ recording of the Zurich conference is still available at Ustream. It is in seven parts. In the initial part there are problems with the sound and camera but these are eventually sorted out.

  • clovis

    Yep, good guy.
    Thanks , Frank, and old sterling, has been around this field of endeavor
    for a long time, he knows his way around , and most all the players.
    He has seen his share of scams, and crazies, so he has to filter out the junk from the good ideas, and be able to know the difference.
    Sterling Alan is just that guy, very street savvy as they say. smile

  • georgehants
  • Sanjeev

    Please correct me, I heard that Sipem Italy is going to buy a 1 MW Ecat ?

    • barty

      You mean Saipem?

      Where did you hear that?

      • Sanjeev

        Yes Saipem. Rossi mentioned it in this video.

      • Ivan Mohorovicic

        It remember others saying that this was mentioned by Rossi or others during the conference, but I missed that when it was aired.

      • were not they at an italian LENr conference in italy early 2012 ?
        however I remind of the french subidiary…


      • HHiram

        Why does an oil and gas company need a 1MW heater? Doesn’t make much sense…

        Could it be that their interest is in the technology, and that they are buying the device to reverse-engineer it?

        • Don Witcher

          Oil refinery’s use a lot of heat. Cheap heat from e-cats would cut the cost of refining and also leave more product to sell. Oil companies are potentially a very big customer for Rossi. Gasoline and Diesel are still going to be around for a long time.

          • There is apparently some redundancy in the 1MW units (5 modules?) – just the job for a spot of reverse engineering as well!

        • enoughAlready

          They also use heated steam to coax oils from tar sands. Currently they often burn natural gas collected of the well.

          But if they can run the device for heat using only a percentage of the natural gas(sell the remaining) they are more profitable.

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      Could you point the start of the segment (in mm:ss) in that video where ENI-Saipem is mentioned?

      • Sanjeev

        14 min onwards.

        • Ivan Mohorovicic

          It starts at 12:08 actually.

          A guy from Saipem (a very big Italian energy company, subsidiary of ENI S.p.A.) was there and asked Rossi if he could arrange a 10 days long demonstration of a 10 kW industrial high temperature E-Cat so that he could convince his top management to adopt the technology.

          Rossi answered that soon a report about an E-Cat working in an actual industrial environment for at least 3 months, 24/7, will be posted, and after that he will be ready to fulfill such requests (he mentioned about money in an escrow account, etc).

          If the video wasn’t so badly edited, it would have been possible to understand more of what was being said.

          • MaxS

            Sometimes people have wild imaginations.
            This contradicts the above statement that they would buy a 1MW unit. Potential customer asked for a test and Rossi avoided the question, implicitely denying the test. Rossi just referred to a report to be published. Consequently nothing further is going to happen anytime soon.

    • captain

      As per one post in Passerini’s forum…

      …SAIPEM has asked to test the reactor for about ten days.

      Rossi (more astute and far-sighted than SAIPEM) has wisely responded more or less like this:
      “Buy it and test it where, when and how you want.”

  • georgehants

    From PESN.
    The Keshe Foundation
    Start of the transfer of technology to the world scientists
    Following the success of the 21.4.2012 and 6.9.2012 ambassadorial presentations of the technology at the Keshe Foundation centre in Belgium, the Keshe Foundation is proud to announce the presentation of the first series of its international lectures for transfer of technology to the world scientists.
    To this effect we have been invited and we have accepted to give the first series of lectures in spaceship technology and its application and implications in the university of Freetown in Sierra Leone starting from 12.10.2012 to 17.10.2012.
    If you are near to this location and other countries in Africa, please contact the embassy of Sierra Leone in your country for you to be present in these first lectures and transfer of technology to the world scientists.
    As we promised, we take our technology to people of the world through the support of their governments and through our ambassadorial invitations program and we are fulfilling our promise and we are implementing the goal of the Keshe Foundation to unite the scientists of the world in knowledge and peace in harmony through our spaceship program.
    We would like to thank the ambassador of the Sierra Leone in Belgium Dr. C. S. Kargbo and the officials of the government of the Sierra Leone for inviting the Keshe Foundation for the presentation of the Keshe technologies in their universities and for their openness in accepting and organising the first international teaching conference in the continent of Africa.
    As we promised, the continent of Africa will have its own spaceship program as it is planed for by the Foundation and now we are here to deliver our promise.
    M T Keshe
    The founder and caretaker of the Keshe Foundation.

  • shamrock77

    nice work Sterling the audio is very good and Rossi’s english is clear and understandable.

  • volkmar

    ok. at least there is some movement in the field of hot fusion funding. germany seems to have stopped the ITER funding

    • GreenWin

      As we have been pointing out for a LONG time, ITER and tokamak hot fusion programs have had 60 years and hundreds of billions and produced no useful energy. Enough is enough. Time to redirect funding to a technology that consistently produces excess energy at a tiny fraction of hot fusion cost.

      As someone once said… “The dream is over.”

  • Martin

    I’m a German speaker and I too found the translation quite annoying and time consuming. Everybody here learns English anyways

  • Barry

    Off topic, not sure if this has been discussed here or not. Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy to the US visited MIT to discuss global energy solutions.

    Coldfusion Devices Aug 14, 2012-“…the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics winner is currently having a look at LANR cold fusion as a component in President Obama’s grand investment plan for green energy and reduction of imported oil. As Secretary of Energy, Dr. Chu’s top priority is to find fresh solutions to the global energy and climate problem. In the hope to create a clearer focus on funding for these kinds of projects, Dr. Chu believes the need to bring these different parties to the table. This would also speed up the development of this new promising technology. As a result, real solutions to the energy- and environmental problems will be created.
    A meeting between businessmen and a selection of scientists from all over the world took place in the past convention hosted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the recent developments in cold fusion and LANR.”

    Those who are practicing CF interference and sending away funding at MIT are standing on a melting iceberg.

    • Barry

      Same story , Worldpress

    • Barry

      Sorry for the misdirection. The articles are not clear whether Steven Chu actually visited MIT.

    • daniel maris

      Interesting…always good to hear that the official world is paying some attention.

    • GreenWin

      Barry, if Doc Chu has in fact made an about face on LENR, we have turned a corner. The opportunity for the Administration to present a plan with LENR included in the “green” portfolio is enhanced. And when and IF this turnaround takes place, it is the perfect time to do some thorough housecleaning.

      Maybe we can return integrity to science, the press, and Congress?

      • edog

        good spot barry.

  • Adam Lepczak

    Well I have my opinion about Sterling Allan – but I have to give him credit for great camera work/ sound equipment…
    Great Q &A and its actually enjoyable to watch versus before…