Ugo Abundo Publishes Photos, Videos of Latest Hydrobetatron Reactor

Ugo Abundo, the Italian engineer and Pirelli High School instructor behind the Hydroton/Athanor open source cold fusion cell project has published a series of videos detailing the construction of the reactor. The model he is working with is now called the “Hydrobetatron”, and a Youtube channel has now been set up where the videos are published.

Unfortunately for English speakers like me, the videos are narrated only in Italian, but I hope over time we might find some translations of them available. The site has today published a set of photos of the reactor as well.


It is good to see Ing. Abundo continuing with this work — it will interesting to see how many people get involved with trying to replicate this reactor as time goes on.

  • ugo Abundo
  • edog

    could anyone give a breif translation of the videos.
    I think there is some really interesting stuff going on..

  • Pachu

    Now he just need some experimental data that really shows excess power…

    I realy hope this is done soon and before more vids and photos…

    • Ged

      If one had the money and time, it could be built by oneself. I believe that is its purpose, anyways, to be open source so anyone can get their own answers.

    • RGCheek

      Ignoring the what might be facetiousness, does anyone have any data on the COP of this device? a link to a source as well perhaps?

  • Ron Stringer

    You know what I love – it’s held together with wingnuts! Now that’s a prototype!

    • GreenWin

      Ron there are many in this game that will tell you it is operated by wingnuts. Being quite unfair to the fasteners reputation.

  • MJS


    A new “Facebook” and “Facebook” type billionaire students in the making.

  • edog


    • edog

      happy days.

      I would like to put together an email for Mr Abundo with a bunch of questions.
      Anyone got any ideas?


      • GreenWin

        1) Complete Parts list
        2) Cathode composition (if W, treatment, size, purity, etc)
        3) Experimental data from Version 2.0
        4) Predicted or observed COP
        5) Estimated costs

        • edog


        • Henrik the swede

          6) Where to buy the material (online)
          7) Recomended first step for beginners
          8) Ideas on different changes that needs to be evaluated to find a way of optimizing the reaction

        • 6) Electrolyte composition before operation
          7) Electrolyte composition after operation (has detailed spectroscopic analysis been performed?)
          8) Method of estimating total output energy?
          9) Are non-visible radiations monitored? (if so, which?)

          How did Mr Abundo arrive at the Athanor/Hydrobetatron design? (What precursor expts. and observations if any, or from first principles?)

          • Odd, Henrik’s post wasn’t visible to me when I posted. 9) et seq. then!

        • Ales

          10) Safety concerns
          11) Gamma radiation shielding

      • David
    • RGCheek

      Drunk already before 6 pm?

  • Andrew Macleod

    The Italian high schools must be so advanced compared to western high schools, universitys, labs, even the patent office. Apperently they are doing the impossible.

    • Ivan Cevallos

      Italians are taking control of LENR, Piantelly,Celani,Abundo,Foccardi, “Rossi (lets hope is real)” and many others, what is different?, they were investigating with some help from the Italian Gov, and Universities for the last 20 years, see the reports in the ENA website, (they have English versions).
      We will own the Italians this beautiful discovery, after all, Colon, Fermi, Marconi were also Italians. !Bravo

      • Henrik the swede

        As far as I know Italy produces more than 90 % of its electricity from fossile fuels. I believe most of the fuel is imported. If I was in the italian politics I would absolutely support R&D in Lenr. In many other countries the situation tends to be somewhat different, either the country has invested heavily in nuc power or they have their own fossile fuel resources. Please correct me if I am wrong about the Italian energy supply!

    • Richard Hill

      The term “High School” means different things in different countries. In some European countries a “High School” (Hochschule in German) is a tertiary level technical establishment. In other words, a technical university.

      • David

        Ugo Abundo is a teacher in a technical school for young students (from 14 to 18 years).

    • RGCheek

      Andrew, some might say that Italy *is* a Western nation.

      Just a thought.

  • Tony76

    Bravo to Ugo Abundo and Pirelli High School for Open Sourcing the Hydrobetatron. Is it only High School students who are capable of putting humanity first and questing for Bill Gates fortune second?

    • GreenWin

      Hi Tony76, who is questing for Bill Gates fortune?? And how??

      • NJT

        Greenwin, I believe his point is to replicate Bill Gates success and fortune, not go after his money…

        • GreenWin

          Who of the LENR world has said they want to do that??

    • Roger Bird

      And after Mr. X makes no profit whatsoever on a product that is minimally effective, because he eschewed profit and wanted to save the world like a good little high schooler, how will he move on to the next level of LENR engineering excellence if he has no profit? Gates made better and better products because he had a profit that he could invest in more research and development.

  • Roger Bird

    So, isn’t this the dude connected to the high school?

    • artefact