Celani video and Defkalion interview.

Short of time today, I just thought I would post a couple of items here. First is a video of Francesco Celani at at ICCF-17 in Korea talking about his nickel wire LENR device. You may need to concentrate a little to understand his English through his heavy Italian accent. (I might try to transcribe his words sometime).

The second item is a link to an interview that Peter Gluck just conducted with John Hadjichristos, Chief Technology Officer of Defkalion Green Technologies. Among other things Hadjichristos speaks about the company’s history, including their inital collaboration and later split with Andrea Rossi. A link to the interview can be found here.

  • captain

    Cures is back again and waiting in the meantime for Passerini’s ev.l comments…

  • captain

    From Defkalion only words, not deeds.

  • zero

    A question for the admin. When it’s all said and done, and the lenr revolution is over with, for better or worse , do you intend to keep the site active with updates on LENR research or sign off and let the more mainstream sites take over?

    • daniel maris

      If Rossi’s technology is ever confirmed, then I hope that E Cat World becomes the premier site for consideration of its implications! If Rossi gives no convincing confirmation by the end of the year, I hope Admin changes the title of this website, so we can – with a clear conscience – follow the progress of LENR more generally.

      • captain

        I wish this site may keep on existing for a long, long time, while for non believers in Rossi’s E-Cats, though eager of different LENR phenomena, there’re already alternative links.

        My best wishes to this website!

  • Sanjeev

    Martin Fleischmann obituary by Brian Josephson in The Guardian. Very positive article.


    Perhaps the first mainstream article to mention reality of CF. Brian is a long time supporter of CF.

    • Methusela

      Nice hidden reference to Rossi there too 😉

      • JamesA

        YES .. in reference to ROSSI > “progress seems to be occurring towards the application of cold fusion as a practical energy source. It may well transpire that,
        in the words of one cold fusion entrepreneur: “The market will decide.”

        • daniel maris

          Ah yes – hidden reference!

    • Filip47

      Good news, again!

  • alexvs

    As the thread deals with Defkalion I dare to post: Now as ever Defkalion has showed nothing valuable. Specs, videos, discourses and few more.

    • Stanny Demesmaker

      Do you really think that they have nothing?

      • alexvs

        I said “showed”.

      • Filip47

        I posted before(a few months ago) that (my opinion) Defkalion is preparing the Hyperion for the market but they are waiting for the cherry from Rossi to put on to their cake to finish their reactor, the secret catalyst. They know it works, they have seen it and measured it. The car is ready, they just want to find out what to put in the tank.
        It’s a very good thing that even Rossi’s competition supports his work, that’s really good news 🙂

  • Hank Mills

    Cold Fusion Forever!

    • Ged

      What about lukewarm fusion, it gets no love.

      • Ron

        I feel all warm and fusie. 🙂

  • Sanjeev

    They should rename ICCF to ICLENR.

    • Andrew Macleod

      I prefer the term cold fusion, not only it flys in the face of mainstream acadaimia, easier to say, and it’s elemental transmutations at the atomic level well below the temperature and pressures in the sun.

    • Some corporate serial innovator said me that
      Cold Fusion
      is the best name.

      today it is satanic because of mainstream denial, but somm people won’t care…

      but unlike LENr, CANR, LANR, HENI… it is not NUCLEAR…

      it is COLD, thus safe, not dangerous

      it is FUSION, so it is sexy, inclusive

      the only good name might be the Quantum Reactor…
      it is a bit geek … not for my mum.
      For me like for many geek, quantum is sexy, and reactor is macho… but for mum, it is doubtful and dangerous black magic…

      so really COLD FUSION is the best name…
      the brand is established, the 2 words have good connotation (safe, sexy, inclusive), and bad reputation will disappear with a feeling of revenge on the men in power…

      like raising the finger in from of the government. a safe sexy rebel reactor …

      • Filip47

        Cool Fusion 🙂

      • mcloki

        Mr. Cool Fusion. Get Doc Brown to be the spokesperson and this is an ad campaign away from complete public acceptance.

      • mcloki

        Quantum Fusion

        But Cold Fusion works the best. Easiest for people to accept. And the suppression angle just makes people accept it more. Everyday people will take heart that even the “eggheads” don’t get everything right. Leading to a greater acceptance.

    • Andrew Macleod

      C’mon admin let’s get a poll on this!

      • admin

        Will do! I’ll get it up later today.

      • What about NUFUSION. It sounds new, it includes Nuclear but does not mention it explicitly.

        • Kim

          Cool Fusion

          • clovis

            Hi, Guys.
            I like (cold fusion) sounds all safe and warm.-smile

    • Barry

      How about ICELANINR?

    • Sanjeev

      In the video Celani himself says how bad the reputation of the word cold fusion is.

      Those who have read a lot of text books (that’s 99% of mainstream scientists), still think that fusion always means something happening inside the Sun. You will see mention of Sun in many media stories as well, such as P&F claimed energy of the Sun inside a bottle etc etc. It is unfortunate, but this is the real sad state of the word.

  • Andrew Macleod

    Oh no I wasn’t there to see and touch it myself, and I personally don’t know anyone there!

  • JamesA

    Looks like Defkalion is missing a critical Hyperion ingredient, that Rossi forgot to detail before he left the company.

    • It seems that they have an even better technology, yet they say it have been hard to birth.

      the Rossi cell seems much more simple, probably only heat controlled.
      That is rough, slow, but also simple… maybe there is room for those two solution.

      • robiD

        The difference is that Rossi has shown that the E-Cat works (he could do it a bit better, I know), instead Defkalion, until now, is doing only a lot of (useless) chatters.
        For what they have shown (nothing but pictures), the Hyperion could be also made of painted paper.