New Scientist covers Fleischmann and Cold Fusion.

New Scientist magazine has published a short interview with Mike McKubre, director of the Energy Research program at SRI International, about the contribution of the late Martin Fleisichmann in the area of cold fusion. In the article, entitled “Can cold fusion research survive pioneer’s death?”, McKubre attempts to clear up some of the assumptions that have lingered about Pons and Fleischmann’s work since they were shot down in the media following their cold fusion announcement in 1989.

I think this is the first time that I have seen New Scientist cover cold fusion in recent times. It is rather sad that it might take the death of Martin Fleischmann to have the media start to pay attention to his work and legacy — however it’s not unusual in science and other fields to find that the importance of work done by pioneers is not widely recognized until after they have died.

The recent flowering of research into LENR would certainly not have happened were it not for the work of Martin Fleischmann and Stanely Pons.

  • Barry

    Anybody want to buy a used copy of “Cold Fusion the Scientific Fiasco of the Century”? In an earlier article some of you guys were talking about body language revealing your true thoughts. Take a look at this old news clip on CF an watch John Huizenga, former Co-Chairman of the U.S. Department of Energy Cold Fusion at minute 14:15 It’s the epitome of shame. He can barely look into the camera. Then watch Michael Mckubre looking straight forward into the camera with nothing to hide.

    • admin

      Thanks for the link, Barry — I hadn’t seen this before. I heard that Patterson died and took some of his key secrets to the grave — but don’t know too much about it.

      BTW, good for Nightline for covering this — I don’t see a date, but it looks like from the early 90s

      • Barry

        Hey Frank, The science reporter said J. Patterson was 74 so this would put the report at 1996. I asked Peter Hagelstein about the Patterson cell. JP was claiming 200 COP! Holy smoke. PH said Patterson came up with a very effective batch of “miniscule beads” but had a hard time reproducing them. And the claim of 200 COP was unsubstantiated.

        It’s sad that J Patterson as well as Papp, died without offering their data to mankind. Even if it was less then they claimed. G Miley went through a lot of work trying to find out about the Patterson cell phenomenon.

        • admin

          Thanks, Barry

          Very interesting. I heard that about patterson, too. Quite a shame if he was onto something.

    • GreenWin

      Good find Barry. At the opening 00:30 “I would bet very much, that it’s probably worthless.” Johnnie Huizenga. His eyes are shifty, looking down, deceptive. Here is a classic case of “Contempt prior to investigation.” Huizenga, Ballinger, Parker, Gary (Wright) Taub never bothered to do their own studies of anomalous heat. The looked at the work of others, and adopted contempt.

      In the case of Ronald Parker, head of hot fusion at MIT, Dr. Mallove published evidence that his department intentionally altered data in cold fusion experiments to eliminate anomalous heat.

      Each of these men will be held responsible for their actions.

      • Barry

        Hey Greenwin, I hope a public shaming is in their future. They’ve messed with the evolution of the planet.

  • SteveS

    Good to see main stream media covering cold fusion, they are getting ready for September 10th when Dr Rossi releases his reports, New Scientist wants to appear as having covered – Cold Fusion!

  • alexvs

    Serious and intelligent interview. As you can see there is no mention of E-Cat. Neither of Mr. Rossi.

    • Filip47


    • petrolero

      I think this interview was done years maybe a decade before the Rossi announcement in 2011. What year did this program air?

      • jfab

        what are you talking about?
        This interview is about Fleischmann’s death, it happened 3 weeks ago.

        • petrolero

          I am referring to the Nightline Patterson Cell video. I thought the poster was referring to a video referenced by an earlier poster were McKumbry comes out defending the Patterson Cell. Sorry about the confusion.

    • GreenWin

      Very true. Mainstream science is terrified of Rossi and the e-cat team now readying CF heat for commercial introduction. They will only briefly give Rossi any credit going forward – behaving essentially like Lord Kelvin before the Wright Bros first flew: “Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible.”

    • zvibenyosef

      Mike McKubre very carefully avoids either endorsing or condemmning Rossi. In one of a series of videos he made about the current state of cold fusion, he dealt with the Nickel Hydrogen work of Rossi. He simply said he did not have enough information to be able to form an opinion of this work one way or the other. This is a much fairer approach than some other lesser lights, who rush to judgement without having the facts.

  • Methusela

    Yes, it’s an interesting interview.

    Hopefully, the tide is turning.

    There is an interesting comment by Abd over on Vortex here:

    http:[email protected]/msg69755.html

    “What’s happening is that publishers who publish cold fusion research (such as the largest scientific publishers in the world, Elsevier and Springer-Verlag, and the largest scientific society in the world, the American Chemical Society) are gradually eating the lunch of smaller publishers like Nature and Scientific American. It’s an unstable situation. It will collapse, eventually.

    I’ve debated this with plenty of pseudoskeptics. They claim that Elsevier and Springer-Verlag are only motivated by profit.

    Yes. So? The point is that these profit-making publishers, with much at stake, are risking their reputations by publishing material on cold fusion. Naturwissenschaften was founded in 1913, has a high impact factor, and is Springer-Verlag’s “flagship multidisciplinary journal.” They started getting so many cold fusion papers, once they started publishing a few, back almost ten years ago, as I recall, that they needed to appoint a LENR editor, and appointed Storms.”

    • GreenWin

      Indeed, it is very hard for formerly “prestigious” journals like Science and Nature to overcome the shame they suffer now for neglecting the field. Naturwissenschaften has led the way and will take the top spot as THE prestigious Journal that had the vision to accept cold fusion.