The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project Launches Youtube Channel

It seems that the group of attendees of the ICCF-17 conference who decided to launch a cold fusion replication project have settled on a name. Today I was made aware of a new Youtube Channel which has been set up to help promote the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project. So far there is only one short video which features an endorsement by Jed Rothwell, cold fusion researcher and the owner and operator of, a library of research literature in the field of LENR/cold fusion.

I am told that more information will be forthcoming about this project, and that more videos will be added to the Youtube channel over the coming days. We will keep you updated on developments.

  • Barry

    Guess I was hoping for much more from ICCF-17. Thought there would be more ground breaking videos.

    Part of the publicity problem with CF are talking heads. At least the MFMP came out of it.

  • georgehants

    August 23rd, 2012, 09:31 GMT · By Tudor Vieru
    Nickel Oxide Finally Turned into Metal
    Though scientists have been studying nickel oxide for many years, they have thus far been unable to induce the compound into a metallic state.
    Researchers at the Carnegie Institution for Science (CIS) recently managed to establish the conditions needed for this transformation to occur.
    Details of the new study appear in a paper published in the latest issue of the esteemed journal Physical Review Letters. The reason why turning nickel oxide into a solid is so important is because the latter can efficiently conduct electricity.

  • G. Westreicher

    The Ecat has the potential to inhabit our planet in future without pollutants.
    This technology has the potential to bring drinking water and food, energy and jobs
    in areas which have developed hostile to life.

    To ignore and to withhold this technology to the public is the worst way.

    Humanity has to know that there are now ways to get rid of the fossil and nuclear chains.
    This knowledge provides a counterpoint to the “No Future” movement
    and offers a positive outlook for our descendants.

    One of the biggest political challenges for the next years will be to
    introduce this technology intelligently.

    Too many jobs depend on the current fossil, nuclear and alternative Energy industry.
    A thoughtlessly implementation of this technology would quickly destabilize the complete
    global economic system.
    The loss of millions of jobs and destroyed livelihoods would be the result.

    Therefore an international masterplan must be created for the changeover ,
    and this masterplan must be left in no case to lobbyists.

    • Andrew Macleod

      It would not destroy millions of jobs. Rossi’s plan to produce 1M units a year is very ambitious however even at 10M a year it would still be less than 1% of the market share. No jobs will be lost, the transition will be so slow that the economy will have plenty of time to adjust.

      • Zeddicus Zul Zorander


        People should realize that change is what makes the world grow. We need a changing world to grow and create new opportunities, not stagnation in old and destructive ways. The most probable outcome of a new, cheap en pollution free energy source would be much more jobs and prosperity for the world, not less…

    • jacob

      Rossi is working on the master plan,once LENR is successful in industry,we may buy them from plumbing and heating suppliers after many years of waiting.
      That would be my guess.

      I hope the technology will be shared with the world ,and will result in hundreds of LENR product manufacturers.

      Its to early to tell

    • jacob

      The global economic system is in bad shape.

      people have to work 5 or 6 month to pay taxes taken out of their pay,sales taxes,tax on gasoline,taxes charged on taxes,tax on tobacco and alcohol,government income from gambling,permits,registrations,certificates and licenses ,no wonder people are broke.That is what is crippling the economy .

    • Tim

      A Masterplan? Who the heck would you choose to be in charge of that, the U.N.? IMHO, humanity didn’t need a masterplan with the invention of fire and we sure don’t need one with the new fire.

  • Omega Z

    Just a NOTE:

    I asked Arthur Robey of coldfusionnow if there were videos of ICCF-17. (Arthur was there.)

    David French told me that he has a video. I hope that it is going to be posted in his piece.

  • georgehants

    Martin Fleischmann may appreciate us recognising that the irrational sceptics that we encounter on these websites are mainly just maladjusted individuals and no more than an irritation such as the common cold.
    More important is the fact that main-line science is infested with such people who share the same affliction but are in positions of authority and even teachers of our students.
    These people can corrupt a young student for life.
    Cold fusion is just one of many areas where it is clear that science is not competent to make decisions affecting areas of research.
    What is to be done, to ensure that the incompetent situation that has arisen in Cold Fusion is changed and never allowed to happen again.

  • quax

    Sorry for the off topic comment – no disrespect to M. Fleischmann intended, who I wished could have been around longer to witness the latest LENR developments.

    I am currently conducting a LENR sentiment survey at the results will be shared publicly. Please spend five minutes to fill out this survey if you haven’t already.

    Many thanks to everybody who already participated!

    • freethinker

      Would be nice if U share here 🙂

  • Ivan_cev

    You all missed the point, the community in general not only scientific community needs a phenomena that could be reproduced full stop.
    “you rub a plastic pen in a wool clothes and you pick up small pieces of paper= electricity”.
    The same for LENR, We need to show evidence, but the motivation to not to show it and try to develop it internally is huge “few billion dollars” for the one who breaks into the market.
    So greed is more powerful than Nobel prices.
    It will take a real idealist to give us the replicate=able evidence.
    It may be Celani, the problem they face is once the evidence is out, the BIG capital will jump on it and profit on it and the researcher will get its name in the books but will essentially still be just a normal middle class person.
    What any one with 1/4 of the brain realizes is it is big dollars in LENR. so they keep the most critical part of the research secret.
    What will you do if you were in their shoes?
    We need a man who loves humanity more than billions of dollars!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kim

      We need a man who can step up

      and hit a Grand Slam!


      • jacob

        maybe the maffia.

    • Tony76

      Anyone that delivers LENR to the public will go down in history as the guy who triggered Humanity Version 2 – the most important guy to have ever lived.
      His fortune and fame will be assured.

      Many scientists have donated their work to the world even though they could make massive fortunes. However most current energy claimants are Bill Gates fixated.

    • Venno

      We need a man who allready has billions and loves humanity
      seems to narrow down the field a bit

  • daniel maris

    Does anyone know if there is any truth in this statement on an article on ColdFusionNow:-

    “NASA is selling licensing agreements for LENR manufacturing NOW.”

    • GreenWin

      Yes. I commented on a very short statement at NASA technology gateway indicating that licenses for LENR are available:

      “Langley’s Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) Technology Available
      Check out our latest technology video on our homepage featuring a novel, clean energy technology.”

      The link appears dead suddenly. Don’t know why.

      • The link worked for me. Anyway…

        NASA has 23,000 employees. One or two of them dabble with LENR in their spare time. NASA allows employees to register and patent their pet projects within the confines of NASA. It’s a perk. A benefit. Ergo… NASA is working on LENR. Right? Well, ok, fine. Since we’re so desperate for real proof to show that LENR works, and none is coming forward, go ahead and use the “NASA is working on LENR” claim as proof.

        • joe j

          Why on earth would you point that out. The perception that legitimate entities are working on LENR will increase the likelihood the ecat is real.

          If this latest outbreak of coldfusion fever flames out then everyone will probably hold you responsible.

          • GreenWin

            joe, chuck doesn’t know enough to be responsible. He’s a bit player.

            • Nixter

              Word is,.. he is a schemer.

          • Whether or not false perception helps or hurts the LENR cause is a controversial issue.

            • georgehants

              False perception may just have hurt P&F and millions of others that may have befitted without a 23 year delay in Cold Fusion.
              There is no controversy, only open-minded, unbiased, competent research, following Evidence or fair theory is exceptable.
              No scientific method advocates allowing for irrational false perception, one simply removes those unable or unwilling to correctly perceive.

        • Andrew Macleod

          You cannot lend creadency to proof by association however the fact that NASA has a patent is interesting. If their patent holds true the sale and licensing of their technology will put large amounts of money into their coffers.

          • What part of NASA allows employees to patent their pet projects don’t you understand? Here’s how it works. Guy on the street wants to patent something. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out $10,000 for fees. Also he pays the lawyers out of his own pocket to defend it. Guy who works at NASA wants to patent something. NASA and the taxpayer pays the patent fees. NASA lawyers defend it. There’s a catch however. Guy on the street owns the patent 100%. Guy at NASA owns something like 1-2% of it. I’m not sure of the specific percentage. So if LENR makes a billion dollars Joe Zawodny will get 10-20 million dollars. So in a nutshell it is not interesting that NASA has a patent on LENR. One guy, no more, no less, had a brilliant idea when he read about Rossi’s claims. Patents something very vague but enough to possibly be able to stake a claim on LENR in the future given enough taxpayer provided lawyers to back it up. If it pans out he gets $10-20 million. He has plenty of incentive and nothing to lose. Not NASA, Joe Z. who works for NASA, is behind LENR. Big difference. What you’re seeing is taxpayer money being spent on what is essentially a lotto ticket for Joe Z.

          • GreenWin

            “Worldwide, [LENR]is worth far more resources than are currently being devoted to this research arena. There is a need to core down and determine “truth” and if useful, the need to engineer and apply.” Dr. Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist NASA LaRC

            “The purpose of the Center Innovation Fund is to stimulate and encourage creativity and innovation within the NASA Centers in addressing the technology needs of NASA and the nation. These emerging technologies and creative initiatives were selected by Langley’s Chief Technologist to receive funding.” Abundant Clean, Green Energy – Dr. Joseph Zawodny

        • GreenWin

          Ponzi lives up to his title by scamming the stats. NASA has only 19,000 direct civil servants on its payroll. And NASA has filed at least two LENR patents claiming the WL theory as the basis. Ponzi refuses to grasp that LENR is now integral to NASA R&D. LENR is in the NASA sub-sonic ultra green design contract awarded to Boeing Research and contributed to by GE Aerospace. Ponzi acts like a professional DDD with too much time on his hands.

          The hard facts are Navy NRL, DARPA, three divisions of NASA, French, Italian, German, Japan, China, India all have active LENR development programs. Naw, don’t believe your eyes – believe Chuck Ponzi and his naive disinfo.

      • daniel maris


      • GreenWin

        The link no longer contains the statement about licensing LENR. Wonder why…

      • Barry

        Hi Greenwin,
        It’s funny, Dr Zawodny seemed to downplay his old video. Well not anymore. They’ve used it as part of a new commercial to sell licence agreements for LENR technowledgy.

        • GreenWin

          Barry, where is the new commercial?? Your link is to the old video.

          • Barry

            Hmm, When I went to their web site I found a page that read “Langley’s Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) Technology Available Check out our latest technology video on our homepage featuring a novel, clean energy technology.” Which led to this video. I thought they summarized and added a few lines to the old video. If not it’s either the wine or the senility.

  • artefact

    Pesn writes:

    Existence of 1,200C E-Cat Test Report Confirmed.
    PESN has obtained confirmation that a report about a third-party test of an E-Cat module, reaching 1,200 degrees Celsius, does indeed exist. We’re not a liberty to say more than that, so don’t ask.

    • GreenWin

      Interesting POV from Hank Mills. When the history of LENR is written it will be astonishing. Rossi and the small band of brilliant heretics animating LENR have taken the nascent science from intermittent heat and nuclear artifacts to 1200C sustained heat in little more than two years. This is near unbelievable. And well in the bg is Randy Mills who has had his finger on this lever for the past decade at least.

      Compare this to the 60+ years and $$250 BILLION taxpayer dollars that hot fusion mag confinement etc. have used to deliver absolutely NOTHING of useful energy. There is only one word: EPIC.

    • s

      Is he at liberty to say whether the 3rd party is reputable and performed the test completely independent of Rossi and his team?

      • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

        Let me answer that for you:

        “We’re not a liberty to say more than that, so don’t ask.”

        • dragonX

          I see that the motto from Rossi is always: “take what I say to you at face value and don’t ask anything else”.

          • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

            That is of course one predictable way to interpret what I said.

            However what Mills said is that he is not “at liberty to say more”. It’s kind of like an NDA.

            Do I like that? No. But that sentence just made it clear that he will not be able to say anymore than this. You’re not stupid; you know this as well, so why ask for the obvious while you know he nor any other can answer?

            You must know by now that full and 100% proof is at the moment not available. It will be proven or disproved the moment extensive external 3’rd part testing and validation has been done. That’s so eminent by know by that we all understand that. Really, we all do get it.

            We simply don’t know if it works or not. And you don’t know either if Rossi’s invention/device works or does not. You cannot prove either or else give me proof that is does not work.

            “I see that the motto from Rossi is always: “take what I say to you at face value and don’t ask anything else””

            The above is absurd to conclude from my quote. Firstly you imply that all People who follow Rossi’s exploits are not critical of his accomplishments. I cannot answer for others, but how can you deduce that from my quote above? Do you know me and my personal believes?

            Second I’m not taking this at face value, I just realize that no answer can be given to your question because: “We’re not a liberty to say more than that, so don’t ask”.
            To then procede and ask your question makes you a bit of a troll instead of a reasonable person.

            I would like for you to recognize that the device *may* or *may not* work. You don’t know and I don’t know. Do you agree with me here?

            And if you accept the premise that you and I cannot know for sure, could we maybe talk about the possibilities that it may work? Don’t you think that it is way more interesting to talk about a great (arguably not proven) possibility instead of simply trying to disprove something you can’t disprove?

            And if it is later proven that it doesn’t work than we had some great discussions about future visions of the world because of Cold Fusion aka LENR aka LANR aka “whatever it is”. I like that more than the bland and uninteresting straight refusal of something you can’t disprove at the moment. You can doubt, just as I and many others on this site do.

            Just asking for a more open minded approach.

    • Lu
      • Barry

        Hi Lu,
        The sad thing is Mark Gibbs is going to go out with a wimper rather than a bang.

        • Lu

          Hi Barry,

          He’s being taken a bit to the woodshed that’s for sure. I’ve commented negatively before on one of his articles on Forbes where he pretty much took Dick Smith’s letter and published it without any fact checking or critical evaluation. The Vortex folks accusing him of lack of actual journalistic research and reporting has a similar theme.

          In his defense, I think he would be a better reporter if he had more $ to pursue the story. Even though he works for Forbes, I doubt he gets paid much–certainly not enough to go check out Rossi in Switzerland just like that as suggested by one of the Vortex folk. But perhaps he could talk Forbes in making a trip.

          It would be the story of a lifetime if he does break commercial LENR. It’s also a very interesting story if it is a big scam. The problem is there really isn’t a lot of actual data to definitively determine which. He should certainty take a cue from you Barry, when you went to see Dr Hagelstein and Dr Swartz at MIT, and actually uncover something new.

          PS: This comment went immediately in the “awaiting moderation” state and I’m not sure why.

          • GreenWin

            Lu, Forbes’ extravagant expense accounts have plenty to pay a reporter to do their job. Gibbs whining about money is a pathetic joke.

      • Omega Z
      • Mark Gibbs has made his position fairly clear in the past. Here are a few quotes from earlier Gibbs articles in Forbes:

        “From the way they argue I’d guess that many of the Believers probably also wear tin-foil hats. Some of the messages I’ve received from people who appear to be in this group are astounding not just for their lack of basic grammar but for their inability to express coherent thought.”

        “…the Believers are erring in a completely opposite way. Despite a lack of solid evidence and based on the slim, unverifiable test data from the E-Cat trials revealed to date, they still just believe. They post in blogs, in forums, and on Web sites long and often impassioned arguments based on their interpretations of physics, quantum mechanics, chemistry, string theory, numerology, and maybe even the divination of goat entrails.”

        “The best explanation of why the E-Cat can’t work can be found in a terrific blog posting titled “The Physics of why the e-Cat’s Cold Fusion Claims Collapse” by Ethan Siegel, a theoretical astrophysicist.”

        “National Instruments and Cold Fusion? (Update: Disproved)” Headline, Nov 11

        “A profile such as the E-Cat’s that makes it appear the device is made from Unobtainium and that such a thing has been hyped for the last year or so warrants serious attention.”

  • georgehants

    From The Register.
    New nuclear fuel source would power human race until 5000AD
    Fission not just safe and affordable: sustainable too
    By Lewis Page
    Posted in Energy, 22nd August 2012 15:13 GMT
    Since the Fukushima meltdown – as a result of which, not a single person is set to be measurably harmed by radiation – we know that nuclear power is safe. New discoveries by US scientists have now shown it’s sustainable as well.
    That’s because US government scientists have just announced research in which they’ve massively increased the efficiency of techniques for extracting uranium from the ocean – and that means that supplies of uranium are secure for the future even if the entire human race moves to fission power for all its energy needs.
    Read at —-

    • GreenWin

      Seriously? They’re trying to sell us on mining the ocean for uranium?? Fission energy from deadly radioactive fuel that any clown could build a bomb with???

      Will human ignorance and greed ever take a vacation??

      • Kim

        We need service to the people.

        Not service to the pocket.


        • Iggy Dalrymple

          My grandfather, back in the 1920s, helped the Florida legislature pass a law outlawing ‘Dog Days’, but it wasn’t effective.

          • GreenWin

            Had your granddad aimed for Cat Days – he might have fared better.

    • atanguy

      Yep!I suggest that those guys eat some fishes from Fukushima, a lot of it,it’s cheap and safe!

    • Robert Mockan

      It is pretty sad when a formerly first world country in science and technology progress and innovation has to mislead about the progress it is making to appear still competitive in the world. The method was developed, and tested, in the ocean, by Japan before 2000, over 12 years ago. The article link you provide was not about developing the method, although it tries to mislead readers to believe that, but about increasing the surface area of the absorbent material. Duh. In other words, US scientists are using brand x of polyethylene base fiber instead of brand y, that was not available in 1999 when Japan did their experiments. Obviously a child could make this switch when the new fiber with the greater surface area became available. More surface area, more absorbent exposed to seawater, more absorbed uranium per unit time.

      And cost? The US “development”, according to the article, makes extraction cost $1232 to $660 per kilogram.

      Japanese cost using their development in 1999 was $212 per kilogram.

      Some progress.

      Oh. One other thing. 5000 AD? Where DO these science “journalists” get their information?

      Cohen analyzed the amount of uranium available in seawater over 20 years ago. Try enough for the next few BILLION years to power the entire world at many times present day usage of power.

      • GreenWin

        This can only be the work of a nuke power TOADY as you’ve discerned there is not anything substantially new. For that matter there are desalination plants that remove 99% of the feedstock Total Dissolved Solids at rates of 10-20Mgal/day. There’re all kinds of trace elements in the TDS remnant.

        Expect to see more BS pieces from mainstream science braying about hot fusion “breakthroughs” and Higgs particle gaga. All an attempt to dangle shiny objects diverting attention from the most revolutionary development in human technology since fire/wheel/bronze (take your pick.)

        Again, the first science editor to publish what’s really happening in LENR WILL WIN A PULITZER PRIZE.

        • Robert Mockan

          The last science editor who published what was really happening in LENR, and a finalist in nomination for a Pulitzer, was Gene Mallove, with his book FIRE FROM ICE, published 1991 (yes, that long ago!).

          But he did not win a Pulitzer prize.

          He was murdered.

          • Barry

            Now Robert, You know his murder was from a disgruntled tenant who was getting evicted. Don’t encourage the people on the edge. The whole story is on Mitchell Swartz’s website “Cold Fusion Times”.

            • Robert Mockan

              Well, we would certainly not want to encourage people on the edge. Besides, I did not say that his murder had anything to do with cold fusion.

              But it is interesting that the more years that pass between events, the more obscure any perceived causal relationship between cause and effect, and the less people believe there could be any relationship at all. Until finally, one day, every person believes the story that is told the most. A thousand years from now when the insane oligarchs and any progeny living today start dropping like flies, only die hard conspiracy nuts would believe that the fate of the insane oligarchs seeking global domination and control, and their progeny, was set in stone based on present day behavior. And that is as should be, because otherwise preemptive action could be taken to remove people who might be perceived a threat, ever. RIP Gene Mallove. No one will ever believe it was a setup, with mind controlled patsies, and all about “preemptive” action, to prevent you from continuing to be a possible threat to corporations and Elitist individuals with vested interests in the status quo. That is just such a nutty conspiracy theory! And the theory could not be true, not with such a believable story that the Mallove death was a tragic homicide committed by irate former tenants renting his family property, that all the evidence supports. Even though it took 6 years to make any arrests, and the alleged killers claim memory loss about the events that night, and you join a list of many other activists in the alternative energy field that have had their careers destroyed, their sources of income closed off, their associations with others marginalized, who suffer from deteriorating health, and for some of them, who also died in suspicious and strange circumstances.

              But in all honesty, Barry, I do know his murder was just a tragic coincidence. The certainty level of knowing this is very, very, high.

              But perhaps not as high as knowing that some day in the far distant future, there will be an accounting of the people responsible for the delays we experience now developing advanced technologies.

            • Barry

              I’m not a vindictive person Robert, but I’m looking forward to all of those who interfered and delayed CF to be publicly acknowledged for what they did. So much of it is on video too. I can think of ten people off the top of my head.

            • GreenWin

              “Even though it took 6 years to make any arrests, and the alleged killers claim memory loss about the events that night…” This is accomplished easily with Men In Black strobes or conventionally with Fentanyl amnesia meds.

              Steve Greer tells a high ranking government brass – “Go ahead, kill me. I’ll be worse trouble for you on the other side.”

    • Sanjeev

      “– we know that nuclear power is safe.”

      Those must be a mainstream scientists, I bet.

    • daniel maris

      No thanks. We’ve already despoiled the oceans. The purpose of science is to provide us with a good and safe environment. Depending on uranium is a bad idea.

  • paulj

    Nikola Tesla museum campaign earns $500,000 online in two days,
    we could do the same for the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project
    in the future.

    Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum

    • GreenWin

      Two thumbs up.

    • dragonX

      There is a reason why after Tesla electrified America (and made it the country it is now) he still does not have a museum there. SOMEBODY does not want him and his inventions to be remembered. It will stay like that no matter what initiatives the poor people (that’s us) will try.
      At this point, less than a real revolution, I don’t see how we will conquer back what JP Morgan took from us.

    • Marc Cleiren

      Yesterday, I saw this stained glass not bad (in Prague)..
      (The picture referred to here shows an interesting fusion experiment that exists no longer there)

      • Isn’t ‘China Fusion’ a Chinese restaurant in Prague close to the shopping mall with the stained glass panel?

  • georgehants

    Science will never recover any respect until full and sincere apologises are published openly to P&F and every Cold Fusion Rebel, in so called scientific journals.
    These have been the only True scientists regarding Cold Fusion.
    The establishment and certain individuals can fairly be judged as incompetent and without full disclosure of their criminal actions and ineptitude, science does not deserve the esteemed name that many of it’s brilliant predecessors achieved for it.

    • dragonX

      Then science dignity will never recover.

    • GreenWin

      Rags like Science and Nature are too grandiose to ever apologize. But they will die out and be replaced by journals and peer review process that skips the old school gauntlet. Remember, it took the Catholic Church 400 years to apologize to Galileo.

  • georgehants

    From Vortex Jed Rothwell speaks his mind and I think gets a little annoyed with the crazy’s as we all do.
    On Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 6:06 PM, Jed Rothwell
    It’s true that the calorimetry shown is currently not conclusive, but
    will this matter anymore once he manages to run it in self-sustaining or
    mostly self-sustained mode?
    I do not know what a “mostly” self-sustaining mode would be. A fully
    self-sustaining run lasting more than 10 minutes with no temperature
    decline would be irrefutable proof that the effect is real, and anomalous.
    There is less than a gram of wire in the cell plus hydrogen gas. There is
    no doubt the heat originates at the wire. There are no chemical changes to
    any of the materials in the cell. So once you eliminate all doubts about
    the calorimetry, by making it self-sustain, any measurable amount of heat
    is anomalous.
    He plans to let it run for a week or more. That is thousands of times
    longer than you need to make the case. Why not go for thousands? — good
    If Celani can make it self sustain, this will be as conclusive and
    irrefutable as the Fleischmann and Pons boil off experiments of 1992, which
    produced massive heat after death. It was easily measured and far beyond
    the limits of chemistry. See:
    These 1992 experiments did not convince any prominent skeptics, because
    those people are pathological skeptics who have abandoned the scientific
    method. Or because they are scientific illiterates such as Taubes, the
    Wikipedia editors, or your typical mass media “science writer.” They do not
    understand middle-school level science. They have no idea what “the limits
    of chemistry” or “4 eV per atom” means.
    A self-sustaining gas loaded experiment by Celani will not convince
    these people. They will:
    1. Ignore the results OR,
    2. Misunderstand the results.
    2. Come up with absurd reasons to dismiss the results.
    3. Accuse Celani of lying.
    >> You must ignore such people to preserve your sanity. Dealing with them
    is a no-win proposition. Never try to address their concerns. They will
    only invent one crazy objections after another. Like the people who
    claimed that thousands of thirsty rats invaded Mizuno’s laboratory every
    night to drink the hot water in the bucket during his heat-after-death
    event. Or this nutcase Rep. Akin — a member of the House Committee on
    Science, Space, and Technology committee no less! — who imagines that
    women’s bodies have a magical ability to avoid pregnancy after rape.
    If Celani takes the right steps he can easily convince a hundred
    thousand sane, professional scientists and engineers. The right steps
    1. Allow independent observers to confirm the result.
    2. Present the results in a properly written paper with lots of details and data.
    3. Allow me and others to upload the paper, the full dataset from the
    instruments, photos, papers from the independent observers, and other proof of the claim.
    As I said in presentation at ICCF17, addressing the researchers, “[if
    you will only do this] you will be believed, you will be funded, and we
    will triumph.”
    Whether Celani or any of the others will follow my advice or not I
    cannot predict. So far, every cold fusion researcher who has had the
    opportunity to convince the public has failed to do so.
    People such as Patterson and Rossi failed deliberately. They went out
    of their way to avoid convincing the public, because that is their market
    strategy. Patterson told me so. Rossi has not told me that, but it is the
    >> only explanation I can imagine for his “no tests!” policy. I mean the fact
    that he refused to let me and many others spend a few minutes confirming
    his claims with proper instruments. We offered; he said no. Emphatically
    no. There has to be a reason. Since he *did* allow other highly
    qualified to people to verify the effect independently, but only under
    NDAs, I assume he doe not want people to know for sure his claims are true.
    That is not an unusual business strategy.

    • Sanjeev

      I completely agree with him. Just as I said in my other post, its a waste of time. We give undue importance to fanatic skeptics. Converting them will not benefit humanity even a tiny bit. Its wise to simply ignore them and focus on developing the tech further.

      I also think Rossi did a good thing by not wasting his time, but he went to the extreme. Because a validation would have helped a lot to convince the open minded people and it could have accelerated the lenr research around the world. It can also make the believers more confident and would not leave them hanging and clinging to straws.

      • dragonX

        In a world that think Cold Fusion is impossible, Rossi did not had to go out of his way to make us believe he does not have something. If he truly did not want attention from public, then why not promote his ECat silently, with tests done in secret only to the big decision makers of the Industry, instead of doing it with his public show in January 2011?
        Fact is Rossi wanted attention and still wants a lot (that is why he is trying to diminish Celani’s experiment in his JONP diatribes).
        Fact is also that Rossi does not want to show a conclusive test (never mind sharing his secret catalyst).
        Fact is that Rossi is not backed up by any big industry name he throws at us.
        September-October will be make or break for Rossi. No more delays.

      • GreenWin

        Jed makes good sense. Just watch how mainstream science ignores the astonishing validations of Randy Mills’ CIHT water fuel cell. He has SIX highly qualified, irrefutable verifications of his hydrino-based fuel cell. It makes electrical energy directly from water vapor. It is highly scalable and next year we’ll see 100s Watt output, followed by kW output.

        Will the “science” journals write about it? Or Mills’ theory?? No. The old school is far too self-absorbed and terrified of humanitarian technology. Why introduce something that might actually benefit all mankind??

        • Sanjeev

          The fact that these 6 validations didn’t have any effect on the mainstream or the skeptics, supports Jed’s view totally.

          They should have caused a hurricane of activity in media, govts and universities all over the world, and all I hear is crickets.

          • Robert Mockan

            I hear crickets also. It is hot outside and they are trying to get inside where it is cooler.

            I have bug spray.

            If the CIHT were to be accepted, Mills would be vindicated. He has more skeptics about his theories than Rossi has about the E-Cat!

          • first there are some startup. call that crickets.
            second incumbent industrial wait and see, and hide to the shareholders. tiger are waiting in silence (lurking on my forum).
            third licensee keep silent no to wake up the tigers. Coyots ar discreet.

            did you notice in the mainstream,, on the markets, that the subprime were ready to kill the finance.
            there was few clear books about that incoming crisis in 2005-2006, by Roubini, Atalli and many others…
            did you even hear about it before Lehman brothers ? In finance every body was aware of a drama, but not the mainstream…

            delusion is common in mainstream.

      • Barry

        Good words Sanjeev. The ones I admire are the open-minded skeptics. Like Gorbachev said, “Trust but verify”.
        The opinions of closed-minded skeptics are a waste of airspace. They are like negative critics who are actually happier to see you fail.

        Their shadows are fading as everything is coming to light where the open-minded skeptics realize the impact and celebrate all the successes along the way.

    • Robert Mockan

      When Rothwell said “[if you will only do this] you will be believed, you will be funded, and we will triumph.”, he might be underestimating the influence of the many forms of cognitive bias.
      To say, “If Celani takes the right steps he can easily convince a hundred thousand sane, professional scientists and engineers.” neglects the point that if those same individuals would simply study the existing thousands of well written experiment reports, they would be convinced long before finishing them all. The problem, as I see it, is few individuals understand or address the limiting effects of bias on their ability to access and process new information. It can be such a powerful influence that even for people who believe, the structure of their belief may be derived from bias, rather than from intellectual rigour.

  • sebastian

    For the next videos they should try to use a tripod and a better microphone if they want to be taken seriously.
    Anything else would only be counterproductive.

    • georgehants

      sebastian, It you had two scientific reports one from an academically superior individual, written in gold leaf and one from a student written on toilet paper, which one would you believe.
      Only a true scientist would take no notice of where it came from, but investigate with a truly open-mind the Evidence and research both.
      What possible value is a report wonderfully written by scientific elites, if like Cold Fusion it is incompetent and biased rubbish.

    • dragonX

      A GeorgeHants said above, good info might come from anywhere.
      But you are right in asking for some quality in delivering the message, especially in this modern world that looks at all the details.

  • Tony76

    Q:What has been the response of the scientific community?

    A:Based on the direct communications we created and maintained since NI week and ICCF17 with important members of the active LENR research and scientific community, we feel that there is a positive perception on our released paper, both on what we reported and on what we proposed for “an industrialization path of LENR”.
    We hope that this will be concluded into fruitful co operations in the near future.

    Thank you

    PS: As for a negative non-scientific reaction of prof Stremmenos released in 22passi, our crew and the Hydrogen nuclei inside our reactors, respond to prof Stremmenos such reaction with

    • Blanco69

      I wish DGT would post a link to a YouTube clip that actually showed something worthwhile. I’m struggling to take these guys seriously when they post crap like this on their forum. I hope mr rossi’s Zurich report has a bit more substance when it comes out.
      I watched the video clip of the Defkalion presentation at NIWeek. Did I fall asleep or did nobody ask a single question at the end? Were the delegates so on-the-page after that detailed, concise and technically perfect presentation that all their LENR questions were covered? I’ve got to say guys that, after 18 months of LENR, I’m still looking for a little spark or a little nugget that makes me jump down from this fence I’m sitting on.

      • GreenWin

        Blanco69 – stay where you are. It’s safer.

      • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

        I also went through the whole video clip and wondered the same thing.

        That was quite a dull presentation so maybe nobody had the guts to extend it by asking questions? (Not saying the actual subject was bad, just the presentation)

        It does make you wonder how serious the guys in that room took DGT…

        The Celani demonstration and PDF should make a nice case to jump down from your fence. You can at least say that the LENR effect is real.

        • Blanco69

          Thanks ZZZ,
          You’re correct in that 18 months ago I’d have been blown away by the Celani set up. It’s just that there’s been sooo many things that don’t make sense. I will however, sit on the fence with a half full glass of something.

        • Barry

          Sometimes ZZZ I wonder if DGT is waiting for A Rossi to come out with a product so they can examine his catalyst which is probably a common element(s) that has no copyright.

          • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

            Hey Barry, Rossi himself said this: “In this monent there is also a pending situation regarding the Intellectual Property and there are around clowns ( think to the ones that claim to have been able to copy us) that have just mock ups (empty boxes) which they will inmmediately fill up with our technology as soon as cheap E-Cats will be in the market: this has been their strategy from the beginning.”

            I personally feel that DGT do not have a stable product yet. They seem to have some great COP, but it is probably not stable at all. Rossi does not have a great COP but the process seems rock stable. I even suspect that DGT are further behind than they would like us to believe. No hard data though.

            Without conclusive evidence nothing is certain, but I have a feeling that Rossi currently knows more about the process than all his other competitors. Remember he has now 63 people working on his e-cat. That’s probably the biggest R&D department on LENR on the whole planet. And since the discovery of the whole LENR process is in it’s early stages, big progress can be made in relatively short time.

      • remember that defkalion have an a reactor that break down in few days, they admit it, they hope to solve it soon. It is public.
        They cannot make a half-finished reports, otherwise the deniers would toast them.

        So they simply publish results useful for researchers, so they can share, be recognized, and get help.

        meanwhile they can be ignored by the big sharks (maybe not so true be cause there are many lurkers, who don’t talk…).

        also real life is slower than internet buzz… it takes years to industrialize a device. e-cat is 20 month old, and hyperion is 13 month old…

        There is no doubt LENR is real. with Celani, knowing LENR is real, you can trust his claim than powerfull LENR exists.
        Rossi have a bad credibility, but Xanthoulis and his friends cannot be rationally a scam team. So both shoul have started something real… the question is how far they are, and how far they hide us their problems. Defkalion admited credible problems that explain their behaviors. Rossi previously admitted stability problems that explain hist past behavior (added to his paranoid personality), with more recent behavior compatible with a successful teamwork with partners…
        Nothing sure, but only credible alternative is that they both have deeper intractable problems, yet a real device.

        about clip it is as boring as what you can expect from a corp in their situation. This is not a scam artist video, not a marketing video, not a Hollywood film… just a public talk by moderately experienced speakers.

        I’ve done that younger, and I imagine how you would have commented my show. yet it worked.