Video of Panel Discussion on LENR at NI Week

I may be a bit slow here, but I just came across this video of the interesting panel discussion that took place at NI Week in Austin, Texas about LENR (or what Dr. Rob Duncan likes to call “Anomalous Heat Effect”). On the panel are Rob Duncan of the University of Missouri, Andrea Aparo of Ansaldo Energia SpA, Dr. Akito Takahashi of Osaka University, Frank Gordon of the US Navy SPAWAR Systems Center), and Dr. Michael McKubre of SRI International.

In the first part of the video, the panel members discuss the work they have been involved in and comment on the future of the field. In the second part there is a question and answer session which includes remarks from Francesco Celani, Alex Xanthoulis of Defkalion, and Peter Hagelstein of MIT.

The video is made by an audience member, and in places the sound quality is not the best, but most of the time it is not hard to follow. I think the exposure that was given to LENR during NI Week has done a lot to generate new interest in the field, and there could be far-reaching effects from what was discussed during the conference.

  • GreenWin

    Any updates or parts list for Athanor Hydrotron??? Replication team waiting.

    • Francesco CH


  • hammerskoj

    Big problems for e-Cat developement in Italy – See Cobras – Use Google Translate and … good luck.

    • Andre Blum

      I’ve read the transgoogled post (by Cures) three times, and I still have no clue whatsoever what it is about. Enlighten us, please.

  • Dr. No
    • K

      Too bad for her. A good engineer is not for sale.

    • GreenWin

      Tell her…No, no, no, nononono no…

  • Red_Baron

    For over two years I subscribe LENR technology. Always with positive expectations, today we are sure that there is a real phenomenon going on, I am very happy because we are very near to overcome the paradigm of scarcity, which imprisons human beings. But it worries me that this technology holders fail to provide knowledge on LENR for everyone openly. What I realize is a constant preoccupation with patents and intellectual property protection. There will be full freedom and factual, if knowledge about LENR is available without restriction to all the people, if the devices for power generation are available so decentralized. But what we have seen is a constant search for restrigir information about the devices in operation, while the prevailing sense of individuality over collectivity no significant advances for real freedom paradigm of scarcity. I hope that the mentality of the holders of knowledge about LENR change, they openly share what they know so that everyone can benefit.

    Greetings to all.

    • Kim

      Thanks Red_Baron for the diatribe.

      Money filter in action

      Not sharing information taught at birth.
      passed from generation to generation.

      Its no ones fault, its an agenda

      Every thing has to go through the
      money filter, and what cones out
      is gross distortion. ect…

      Wake up people.


      • dragonX

        Start with charity …continue with more charity… and then make a grand move involving huge charity.

        • And for almost 20 yrs Rossi was allowed to go on with his job thanks to dragonX charity funds?
          Or not?

    • Barry

      Good words RB. Some have been open and sharing. Prof Celani and Mitchell Swartz to name a few. Peter Hagelstein open the doors to the NANOR at MIT and hardly anyone showed up.
      It seems, some take the attitude of teachers and others take the attitude of capitalist.

    • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

      I think the whole patent system is killing innovation and competition. Just look at the Apple/Samsung court cases to see why the system doesn’t work.

      Openly sharing knowledge and abolishing the whole patent system would give us more freedom and possibly a much better future.

      If we cannot abolish the patent office, then at least a lot of categories should be exempt from patent registration to make sure that we as a species grow and prosper instead of the wild patenting that mostly the big boys such as IBM/Apple/Microsoft/Samsung/etc are doing nowadays. Firms have way too much influence on our society as it is already. It does makes you wonder what would have been achieved if the patent office was never invented…

  • Fisher

    If LENR is such a simple thing that highschool labs are doing the basics then it will trickle down to the public and people will start making some money on the black market, if nothing else, in selling the LENR “kit”:

    A LENR reactor, 6 mo supply of fuel and a sterling engine or something.

    I doubt the government will be able to keep this tiger held be it’s tail if it is truly a tiger. Plus, other 3rd world countries and perhaps China will be jumping on this cheap fuel and the tech will become common to other nations not supressed by ‘big brother’.

    If it works it will be used and used a lot.

  • georgehants

    Follow Reuters
    Siemens seeks thousands of job cuts – paper
    Siemens AG
    FRANKFURT | Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:26am BST
    (Reuters) – German engineering conglomerate Siemens (SIEGn.DE) is in early internal talks to cut thousands of jobs in response to a weakening economy, particularly in Europe, a German newspaper reported.

    • Fisher

      Europe is on the skids.

      • Andrew Macleod

        If the European economy falls so does the rest of the world. It’s a giant house of cards all built of borrowed money. The big question is how is everyone in debt? Who is the lender?

        • Francesco CH

          Usually the lender is the government itself, so there is no real problem. Professor Stephanie Bell Kelton explains that:

          Unfortunately, it is not the same in the eurozone – in that case the lender is the banking sector. The real essence of the euro-fraud (i.e. the fraud of the euro) is all here.

          As Italian, I do hope Italy exits the euro as soon as possible.

    • GreenWin

      IF Siemens has seen the high temp e-cat and predicts its entry into the energy market – their big power systems, solar, and wind divisions will be hard hit. There will be no need for these engineers and technicians. Of course if Siemens were to enter the LENR market they could transition these jobs to productive new, LENR jobs.

      • Sanjeev

        On the contrary, if they enter the lenr field, they will need many more employees, including engineers.
        The reason is that they will be a monopoly (I see no other big player at this time), demand will be very high. They will mostly likely take up this opportunity for expansion.

        The lay-offs are most likely due to bad economic conditions in Germany and probably their CEOs do not like to cut their own salaries or are too incompetent to find an elegant solution.

  • georgehants

    Science News
    … from universities, journals, and other research organizations
    Self-Charging Power Cell Converts and Stores Energy
    ScienceDaily (Aug. 21, 2012) — Researchers have developed a self-charging power cell that directly converts mechanical energy to chemical energy, storing the power until it is released as electrical current. By eliminating the need to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy for charging a battery, the new hybrid generator-storage cell utilizes mechanical energy more efficiently than systems using separate generators and batteries.

  • Jim Pelsor

    Unfortunately LENR won’t be ready for public use until the government has figured out how to tax it and make its cost as much as oil. Mark my words.
    The five largest corporations in the world have way too much at stake to let LENR loose as a very low cost alternative. If MIT and the patent office can keep it from public knowledge for 25 years without just a couple of articles and bogus studies imagine what the concerted effort of billions of dollars can accomplish!

    • Chris

      Which government?

    • Fisher

      The “billions” will accomplish nothing vs the internet if the tech works. Just ask any dictatorship. With the internet it will be impossible to keep the tech hidden if it actually works.

      • GreenWin

        Doc Celani has proven it actually works. Now it is an engineering issue to scale up. Just as with the BLP CIHT fuel cell. Both technologies will hit the market about the same time. Along with whatever the Papp effect is.

        There is an abundance of abundant energy on the way. Thank heaven.

    • Sanjeev

      Fortunately, USA is not the only country on the globe. 🙂 and most of the world population has never heard of either MIT or USPTO to be influenced.

      And lenr is now bigger than any one government to handle.

      Again, fortunately, the governments of many countries are incompetent enough to suppress anything. E.g. air-flight, telephone and radio, internet, fission power and bombs, space technology and a long list of things which could have made the suppressing govt a super-superpower. All they can suppress is their own people (TSA?).

      Its just our habit, that we give more weight to govts then they actually deserve. All these politicians/rulers can do is play dirty tricks, like threat of a war and terrorism, and they will do it as long as it keeps them rich and powerful. But they cannot suppress anything, and not surely something which is so simple and worldwide, as lenr.

    • No need to tax energy.
      Oil was taxed in europe to dissuade people to use it, because it is killing commercial balance.

      LENR raw material is only WORK…
      LENR will save more that 10% of all cost, including cost of the government. imagine that you save 10% of government budget , don’t you think that the budget problem is solved?
      and in the budget there is much money used to manage problem caused by current energy sources, renewables, pollutions caused by non LENR, military force required for oil, gaz and coal…

      this is a non problem that is repeated since long, because you don’t take the problem globally.

      In fact LENR is the exact opposite of renewable, it reduce cost does not increase it. It does not create green jobs, at the price of wealth, but create LENR wealth and LENR vacation, that you have to share.

      anothe myth is that LENr will kill job. It is the exact symetric of Renewable create jobs.
      in fact LENR increase productivity, and reduce work, but not salaries… thus is does not reduce jobs. with experience on medium term increase of productivity reduce unemployment, increase wealthe and increase vacations.
      The only reason no to thing that green jobs migh have existed is that some wer imagining that those jobs woul be localized in the OECD countryes where unemployment is high. but China proved they can catch the green jobs too… and the results is more coal used and more unemployment in OECD, with more expensive goods and energy.

      there is nothing new under the sun : if you increase productivity, on medium term it is better, for wealth, comfort, leisure, humanism.

      the reason why people would imagine that degrowth, or productivity decrease might help on people life or unemployment, is only incomplete reasoning, and wishful thinking.
      It is also because OECD people don’t realise how fantastic is the trajectory of emerging countries population compared to before, just similar to the one of our parents and grand parents have.

      read the next convergence book to understand.

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    It looks like Cobraf forum, for those interested in following Cures, is back up. I had problems accessing it since yesterday.

  • Filip47

    I like this video very very much.

    Anyway, this is gonna end or begin at 9/9, that’s up to Mr Rossi, I hope he understands the gravity of the situation.

    • Omega Z


      9/9 isn’t going to shake the World. It’s more for the peeps following the story.

      Mid October will be the Big Event if Bologna produces validation. More so if a 2nd University comes forward. At that point you may get MSM attention.

      • Filip47

        I hope so.

  • georgehants

    JET Energy, Inc.
    No one can dispute that energy is a major part of our healthy future as is the need for critical thinking and openness.
    Therefore, additional sources of energy are urgently needed, and worldwide, the fast-paced race is on for a clean energy source. So at JET Energy, Inc. we have been spending our energy and time exploring, researching and developing newer, more efficient, cleaner and cheaper ways of energy production, energy efficiency, and energy cleanliness. The result is a ‘game changer’. That answer is the development of quantum optical electronic components using lattice assisted nuclear reactions [LANR]. These have the ability to generate unlimited amounts of energy from water. It’s cheap and clean — without any environmentally destructive products. It is a new and challenging technology that offers much hope.

    • Kim

      Great Comment Georgehants.

      The American people have been fed
      bologna about energy scarcity for
      so long and so many generations,
      that to present the concept of
      unlimited energy for ever and
      ever is very very difficult.

      A bold face Lie.

      People wake up!


      • georgehants

        Kim. Thank you, I am sorry but I did not write the comment.
        It is the header from JET Energy.
        Hopefully they are also on to something.
        I have put up a link.

        • Ivan_cev

          THE NANOR is a great device, it has a COP 16 but only produces miliwatts of energy the device has the size of a normal resistor.
          I wonder if this could be mass produced and maybe put 1000 devices in a small area so test could be done en the watts range as most people are not interested in the miliwatt range.
          or even better if 10 000 ths devices are put together and produce 100ths of watts.
          JET has not said much, the website is a bit dull, and a bit obscure on the future of JET.
          Some one please comment on the Scalability of NANOR.

          • Andrew Macleod

            Higher wattage is great an all but without the amperage you have nothing, and I believe this is where they are having problems scaling it up.

  • Mark

    Is it possible to get a transcript of
    that remarkable discussion ?

  • Kim

    We are in the boat.

    We are passing the Rubicon.

    For a while longer we will be ignored.

    Then the flood gates will open.

    They want to start the war… so we will


    • Andre Blum

      I envision you standing on a rather empty marketplace, on a wooden crate, shouting out these words with your eyes staring in the distance. your arms wide out.

      [ …ermm…, do you notice people walking in a wide circle around you and avoiding eye contact? ]

      • Kim

        Yes I do.

        Its wonderful.


        • dragonX


        • Andre Blum

          Then maybe we should
          all do it and feel
          that wonderful feeling
          you feel

          I am still trying to
          learn this semi poetic
          stuff but am reckoning I
          am at least half way if
          I keep my lines short
          like you do.


  • QC-JYM

    Here’s all the videos available from NIweek2012 regarding LENR. I’v attended all those speaches!

    Celani presenting his prototype.

    Panel of 5 experts.

    Defkalion’s presentation.

    Alex of Defkalion making a marketing push.

    Robert duncan during keynote day 2.

    Dr Truchard at 15:15 stating NI implication.

    • admin

      Thanks, JYM!

  • georgehants

    Andrea Rossi
    August 21st, 2012 at 10:39 AM
    Dear Martyn Aubrey:
    The orientation of the E-Cat does not affect its efficiency. Our thermodynamics experts are designing the best possible configurations to have the maximum efficiency in the heat exchangers.
    About the media: sincerely, I do not think our convention of Zurich will raise any interest: as I always said, what counts are not chatters, what counts are working plants.
    Warm Regards,

    • cx

      that doesn’t sound good.

      • The e-cat works in any orientation and is under development. Rossi expects the MSM to ignore the Zurich convention. All as might be expected, so what doesn’t sound good?

      • clovis

        Hi, guys.
        Come on CX, have’nt you heard the ole saying.
        A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush,
        This is a stroke of brilliance,this man is creating things, shut up and open your ears,the e cat is changing right before your eyes and your are privileged my friend to be a in the know.
        Mr. Rossi has been very forthcoming with information about his discovery,—

  • Jorge

    I hope this is the start of more conferences of this kind. Specially with scientists and companies accepted in the mainstream.
    In my view there’s the need to bring LENR from a fringe science to mainstream. This sort of events should help in that.

  • AB

    Andrea Aparo (senior adviser at Ansaldo Energia) seems remarkably optimistic, almost cheerful.

    • GreenWin

      And one must wonder… WHY so much enthusiasm from a large $1.8 Billion nuclear and fossil fuel-based energy company? Ansaldo is jointly owned by Finmeccanica, Italy’s major defense contractor and a large US energy holding company.


  • Pachu

    General question: At the cop’s and powers showed but not demonstrated by different papers, theoretically can D/C/B/A/AA/AAA batteries be made of “anomalous heat effect” ?

    • It is not already engineered, and todays reactors are much more powerful, but you can compare with existing plutonium RTG used by nasa for probes.

      I imagine that you could use Seebeck TEG (thermo electric generators) to produce small quantity of electricity, for decades.
      the problem will be to evacuate the heat generated by the LENR cell.

      anyway if the design is adapted to that problem (heat evacuation, size), maybe some devise needing huge autonomy could use LENR “batteries”…

      the big challenge of today LENR is evacuation of heat, because like electricity, or compressed air, you need to adapt the world, the house, the street, to that.

      maybe one day there will be a cooling water wallplug, like you find electric plug, or compressed air plug (in some workshop)

      also there might be new breakthrough with direct conversion to electricity or chemical, and less heat. I don’t imagine how, but who knows yet.

      • Last spring I remember seeing some Japanese presentation (one of those that were rather widely discussed in ecatnews, I think) where they showed data of some endothermal nickel-deuterium reactions. If true, that would provide some rather interesting engineering possibilities if coupled with a nearby exothermal cell… it might eventually enable a pure electric source which produces no waste heat at all. I don’t remember seeing others report about such phenomena though.

        • An extremely interesting possibility. If reliable endothermal LENR reactions can be identified, they may prove to be almost as important as exothermal reactions, for exactly the ‘heat sink’ purposes you suggest (and perhaps in refrigerators/cooling systems).

    • Andrew Macleod

      If your looking for over unity batteries take a look at the Hutchinson effect….

  • Barry

    off topic, ICCF-17- no videos???

    • GreenWin

      Sanjeev’s comment below is right on mark. Indeed, NI Week and ICCF17 have raised the bar significantly. Mainstream media and science is fuming, stewing, roiling at the fact THEY have not brought this world change. As LENR takes hold and products appear with no media fanfare, people will wonder… WHY??? What is government, academia, media hiding from us?? And if they have hidden low cost energy – what ELSE have they hidden from us???

      • Omega Z

        I hope your right GreenWin.

        Especially the people asking what else they’ve hidden from us.

  • Sanjeev

    Sorry a little off topic. DGT has answered many questions here:

    It looks like any qualified person who can sign an nda can still test their prototype.Second, they have moved to Vancouver but the Greek factory will remain operational. Plus some more info there.

    Now on topic, NI has changed the lenr landscape completely and permanently. I’m extremely pleased with these guys. The revolution will not be brought by govts or “organized science”, but by industries who are willing to venture into new areas, in association with rebels with brilliant minds, who do not care about the status quo.

    So I will suggest that all those who are still expecting that (so called) mainstream and politicians will do something for the humanity, should see that it is a waste of time and will lead to anger and emotional disturbances instead of hope and peace of mind. It is exactly opposite, they will try their best to kill lenr. Focus instead on those who are on the bleeding edge and try to help them.

    • dragonX

      I see the utterly useless discussions already started at Defkalion’s forum. As with last time, from January through February 2012, there is no point in discussing technical issues when nobody got to see a Hyperion test yet. Where are the results of the 7 international tests? Are those people that discussed technical issues 8 months ago more knowledgeable about Hyperion true specs now? NO!

      Never mind looking at Defkalion statement from middle of last year (2011) regarding Greek government tests and so on and so on.
      Defkalion is saying even now that they will answer only after October to the simple question of when you will you show your product. They cannot answer now and put a date. If they tested the reactors in 2011 and beginning of 2012, how then it is possible that they don’t know the answer on when they can show the product (even as prototypes) to the general public?

    • Kim

      I believe you are correct about having to
      build it our self.

      The government is shaking in their boots.

      It would take away their ability to control
      the populace.


      • Paul Stout

        The government will control the people the same way they always have – through taxes. Income taxes, property taxes, sales tax, road use tax, etc… none of these will be affected by LENR.

        • GreenWin

          One hurdle at a time Paul. IF government attempts tax to compensate for lost energy revenue – they will run into resistance. LENR shines a very bright light on the misdirection and corruption in government and academia that enabled white collar welfare and continued the addiction to fossil fuel. There is much to answer for.

        • Sanjeev

          Even at present, you can always move to a place where there are not many taxes, or taxes are nominal. It is only your insecurity and dependency on the system that is making your government rich and powerful.

          With lenr source in your hand, you will be self-dependent and can settle down anywhere in the world. You can choose to not to pay taxes or elect a govt in the first place.

          I can understand that people do not realize the full potential of an abundant energy source. In short I can say only that it will overthrow all systems, including tax eating govts and capitalism.

      • Miles

        Tax = Financial Control. If you live in Australia, there are a multitude of taxes on everything. LENR technology wouldn’t be any different.