What It Will Take

I was glad to learn of the initiative started by the attendees of the ICCF-17 conference regarding the replication of a cold fusion cell that will show once and for all to the world that we are dealing with a new reality in terms of energy production.

The lament of many of us over the last months and years is why so few people are paying attention to this phenomenon when it seems to many people who have looked into CF/LENR that there is clearly something very important going on that can be of benefit to the whole world.

My conclusion is that most people are not interested in science experiments — even if you can show something very interesting and “impossible”, the majority of people won’t pay much attention until you can show them how it can benefit them. People get excited about the latest electronic gadgets, even if they are not particularly revolutionary (compared to an earlier model) because they can buy them, use them, show them to friends and family, post them working on Youtube, etc.

My guess is that most people who hear about LENR may give it a passing look, but when they learn that at this point it’s mostly experimental and lab-based activity, they move on. I don’t find this particularly surprising. I have looked at many interesting science stories over the years and had exactly the same response — interesting, but nothing is going to happen in the real world for years” — so I move on, and in most cases after a time I forget what the story was in the first place.

So coming back to convincing the world that there is something important going on in the LENR field, I think that an obviously convincing demo is very important, and a necessary first step. There are people who will pay close attention to a convincing prototype demonstration, and that can spur interest, investment and product development. But For there to be a widespread acceptance of LENR, having products on the market is going to be essential. I think that as with any technology, early LENR products will be expensive and primitive, but with continued R&D, and economies of scale, over time that will change.

The first steps in any kind of technological revolution are always the most difficult — but the most important. Once working products are on the market I believe the momentum will start building, and will be difficult to stop.

  • clovis

    Hi, EVERONE.
    patients,guy they must have Due diligence.
    This is too important to mess up.
    I’v been following the new energy field for a long while,
    And of all the people i’v came in contact with it is my believe that Mr. Rossie is well capable of pushing back enough to get his machine out there,

  • Andreiko

    For stabilisation of the H + Ni response I see 2 striking possibilities or a combination of these 2.

    1) Constantly keeping the response surface.

    2) Regulation of h.

    It seems to me that with this technique 1 large reaction vessel is possible, resulting in a significant reduction of material use. Both 1 and 2 are feasible.

    Like a response from experts.

  • Munga

    What about Defkalions forum?
    I thougt it would be open today…

    • Veblin

      It is open.

      • Veblin

        I should have said that they seem to be working on opening it.

        • you nee to re-register with personal data.
          moderation seems to be the new rule.

  • AB

    I’m very interested in what the korean television reported about Celani’s experiment at ICCF-17. Is there anyone here that’s able to gather some information on this?

  • Julian D

    Most people don’t have time to waste keeping up with the exponential growth of technology. Life is all about simplifying and eliminating most everything except the stuff that puts food on the table or develops the personality. This guy Rossi is not an admirable person. If he has truly discovered something, then he is keeping crucial information to himself that could massively aid the entire world economy. This is not the latest edition of Windows or some advanced battery technology. This is the solution to virtually every major problem that is facing the world today. Fleischmann and Pons put it all out there from the very beginning and never gave a second thought towards protecting their secrets or building a highly lucrative business. I don’t trust him for a minute.

    • Andrew Macleod

      And what happened to them…..?

      • Julian D

        They did the right thing. Their main problem was that others could not initially replicate what they had achieved. By contrast, Rossi makes it sound like it’s a very simple and easily replicable process. If that’s the case, then I’m sure his achievements will be honoured in every corner of the globe.

        • RGCheek

          Ponns and F did what was right for them, and Rossi is doing what is right for him.

          I am glad that all three did what they did for whatever reasons floated their individual boats: dont look a gift horse in the mouth.

          • flo


        • Ville Kanninen

          I don’t think Rossi has claimed things to be easy to achieve at all. He has worked several years hard before the final breakthrough.

          Rossi is an extremely talented and creative engineer and also an entrepreneur. Right now he is exactly the right one to give LENR the boost to start large scale commercial production which makes the real difference for mankinds future.

          As soon as his commercial success is spread and noticed in wider audience, goverments in USA, EU, China, Japan, Korea, etc. start to pour billions of dollars to LENR research. Future will be bright.

    • GreenWin


      “Fleischmann and Pons put it all out there from the very beginning and never gave a second thought towards protecting their secrets or building a highly lucrative business.”

      If you actually KNEW anything about the evolution of cold fusion, you’d know that the University of Utah, forced F&P to announce the discovery which belonged to the University. University Utah filed patents and defended them with the full intention of generating revenue from licensing. As do most patent holders in science including NASA for their cold fusion patents.

      • Julian D

        Did they get those patents? Remind me. If Rossi has something he can patent then good for him. However, every day he’s tinkering in his little lab while the rest of the world is struggling with high energy prices and insufficient clean water is a day that could have been used by 100,000 scientists to develop the technology at double quick time. Shame on him.

        • dragonX

          Totally agree. Sometimes it is all about moral values and in this case, they are totally lacking.

          • LCD

            Yes but in his mind he must also answer to his investors. So that may have ben an option early on, but not anymore.

        • GreenWin

          Yes, Uni Utah obtained and defended the F&P patents for nearly a decade. And Rossi is building commercial products. So is pharma testing cancer, malaria and heart drugs. They are tested on a LONG timetable to make sure they have a margin of safety. Same with any consumer invention.

          Patience children.

    • If e-cat could be compared to Windows – e.g. the “new fire” and the OS – it was really at the beginning the one big corporation power which brought the computation to the masses in an affordable way. I do have a great respect for Bill Gates for what he has done with his business and foundation. The fact is that without the financial resources he would not have had the ability to do all of the great things he has done.
      The rise of Google and Apple on the OS markets proof that the free market economies work – e.g. “one cannot monopolize the fire” …

  • georgehants

    Questions from Rossi’s page, he does not answer a) but what does his answer to b) mean, is he saying that the output exceeds E=mc sq.
    August 19th, 2012 at 3:23 AM
    Dear dr. Rossi,
    last few months I carry in my mind this question:
    a) A sum of output energy from E-Cat is equivalent to sum of all transmuted materials plus all energy inputs ?
    b) A sum of output energy from E-Cat is many times bigger then equivalent of all transmuted materials (in fuel) plus all energy inputs ?
    I have this heretic hypothesis, that b) is in order.
    Andrea Rossi
    August 19th, 2012 at 5:57 PM
    Dear Guru:
    b) is better.
    Warm Regards,.

  • Omega Z

    Wandering Minds

    Rossi builds 1Mw Hot-Cat, 1000’s watching…

    Parks Speaks: Do not worry my Scientific Friends.
    It is but 1 Hot-cat.
    Our Science is Strong.
    The Suppression Complete.
    ITER Researchers- HOLY CRAP!!!!!

    Man climbs up & pulls a brick out of the Wall, 1000’s watching…

    Gorbachev Speaks: Do not worry my Comrades.
    It is but 1 Brick.
    Our Wall is Strong.
    The Suppression Complete.
    The Politburo- HOLY CRAP!!!!!

    • flo

      If all in all turns out to be true, ITER team & co physicists must be looking like a bunch of dummies, not that they don’t already.