CNBC Commentary on Cold Fusion

CNBC has published a commentary article written by James Burgess of entitled, “Is Cold Fusion Finally Being Accepted by Scientists?”

It’s a fairly short article in which Burgess touches on the history of cold fusion research since 1989 and looks at some of the activity going on today. He states:

“Following recent LENR demonstrations at reputable institutions such as MIT, the University of Missouri, and the University of Bologna, as well as presentations by the world’s largest instrument companies, National Instruments, a report by the European Commission’s research and development center that suggests LENR has its place in the future of renewable energy, and most impressively of all, the fact that NASA is interested and reportedly filed two LENR patents last year; serious companies are now considering the possibilities of LENR and investing in certain research projects.”

Much of the information in the article has been touched on here and in other specialist web sites, but it’s significant that CNBC has chosen to feature the topic again after a rerun of the 60 Minutes cold fusion segment a few weeks ago. It seems that little by little, cold fusion is making an entrance into the pubic consciousness via sources outside the blogosphere where most of the coverage has been up until now.

  • Shows how far behind the times they are.

  • Tom

    “pubic consciousness”. Funny, funny.

    It’s a downright mystery why this hasn’t happened sooner. I guess we still need solid, irrefutable, hands-on proof to go viral for the public consciousness to take real notice. I believe Rossi holds the gun there and is ready to pull the trigger soon. Then again, if Michael Moore or Al Gore did a movie on it would fire up the couch potato majority of the population.

  • Ron

    I watched a program on the new Curiosity Mars rover called Martian Mega Rover (Nat Geo). Amazingly, the rover launch had to wait another 26 months until 2011 because of all the problems found in testing that could not be solved in time. Remember this was not the first rover. All went well but cost about $2.6 Billion with around 1000 people working on it.

    Do we expect that a new form of energy and its evolution should move much faster? We all want it to be released now but Rossi and others don’t have anywhere close to the resources of NASA. I was an engineer at Dell and it was almost impossible to get a new server designed in the 9 months we typically had and Murphy’s law was always present. I am amazed at Mr. Rossi’s team progress.

  • Omega Z

    It’s mentioned in the Report that Spawar was forced to shut down their research because of unwanted attention.

    I recall another report that the research had been transferred to the NAVY which seemed credible, Thou Specifics were withheld.

    MY Opinion is it was consolidated to work with the E-cat purchased from Rossi, Involving continued work By Rossi.

    The Navies heavy dependence on Energy & their History of working on energy solutions along with Congressional mandates of recent years would be supportive of this possibility.

  • GreenWin

    Pleased to see CNBC leading the mainstream introducing the coming sea change. As predicted here, it will be very slow and ordered, to avoid sudden panic and chaos. Which IMO is an overblown fear anyway. Take for example the introduction of nuclear energy, more abrupt and shocking than LENR could ever be. The entire world learned of fission energy literally overnight. It did not cause panic. It did not collapse the fossil fuel market (95 percent of energy in 1945.)

    LENR will make a far LESS dramatic appearance. The commercial transition will be about as disruptive as fission. Major difference is LENR is benign. It can be adopted everywhere at low cost. No State secrets. No special agencies required. Just manufacturing and economic opportunities for everyone.

  • Robert

    The mainstream press is a joke! I hope they do ignore this the industry needs to fly unde the radar longer that’s all we need are the powers that be to f**k this up. All this garage science reminds me of the way this country was made great at the turn of the century once larger entities get hold of this stuff it seems to bog down or get lost think “starlight” regulatory hurdles especially in the US will be difficult because big oil and gas will try to minimize or kill the potential damage that this “will” cause.

  • K

    This is a very positive article.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Yes indeed and the word “reputable” sweeps a thing or two under the carpet.

  • georgehants

    Andrea Rossi
    August 11th, 2012 at 3:35 AM

    • barty

      He also should show an domestic ecat at zurich!

    • AB

      The happy end is approaching as foretold by Passerini.

      The last days have been very interesting. Celani’s demo spurred Rossi into releasing some information (notice how Rossi keeps making comparisons to 14W results, which is what Celani reported).

      • barty

        Competition is good for business. 😉

    • Robert

      I think he wanted this leaked it’s too convenient.

  • stellio rugelli

    sono solo un italiano orgoglioso di ciò che potrebbe succedere…. sono con il fiato sospeso !!!

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Gee whiz, Rossi’s reactors are only up to 1200 degrees C but let’s be brave and jump on the bandwagon.

  • Andrew Macleod

    Although there is no new information for the “informed”, it is a publication in a major media news outlet hopefully informing the oblivious masses.

  • This CNBC article is a lot of crap. There’s absolutely nothing new, and it’s really uninformed.

    • Sanjeev

      It’s not targeted to close followers of cold fusion, obviously. It’s for people who have absolutely no clue of cold fusion.

      It is a very good thing and it will also clear the conspiracies about mainstream media knowingly hiding the CF news. All it takes is a good public demo by reputable people under a reputable banner and most of the media will be glad to publish it. imho.

    • Gerrit

      most mainstream science reporters are scientists who were trained to believe that “cold fusion” was the victory of true science over crackpot science. They will be the very last to admit that everything they held true was a results of ignorance and science politics.

      I think that open minded reporting will come from non-scientific trained reporters and that it will be not very in-depth and prone to have an error here and there, but it is those reporters that will educate the masses, which is all I ask for.

    • GreenWin

      Joe is making the point that we have seen this information before. One of the changes resulting from the successful transition to LENR will be that it has been catalyzed by the New Media. That is the new way billions of people LEARN. The irony is as LENR grows so too does the power of the people’s news network.

      Not in a purely socialist way, but in the spirit of the internet at its inception. A network to keep interested parties connected and informed in detail unavailable from mainstream.

    • Omega Z

      @ Joe Shea

      Your Right. For us keeping up on the subject, not to much is impressive. Even NIWEEK, other then being part of accumulative evidence.

      For the masses, most of this is unknown to them. Talk to the average Joe on the street.

      Mention LENR & you get a blank look. Refer to Cold Fusion & Pons & Fleischmann & you get a blank with WHO? They don’t have a clue. These are people who were around in 89.

      The Suppression has been near total & complete. If at anytime someone had mentioned P&F since 89, I would have known instantly who you were talking about. SO, I have found it very surprising that so Few have even a clue. Maybe 1 in 10 has responded & then it’s I vaguely recall P&F. To be fair, about half of the people I’ve mentioned this to were to young in 89, But it shows how uninformed the younger generation are as a whole. Enough on this…

      Note that: Jed Rothwell(VORTEX) has concerns about MSM Articles on LENR/CF. Reason being that those who do the articles are usually Grossly uninformed on the subject & could do much more Harm then Good.

      He may have a good point. The Only good MSM I’ve seen on the Subject has been the 2009 60 Minutes Review….

      • Omega Z

        Should Mention that some of the Blogs mess up the facts also.

        Frank has done an excellent job of keeping it straight & quickly corrects errors. He also welcomes posters pointing them out & even asking posters to vet things that may be of question. This is 1 reason I keep coming back here.

        Excellent JOB Frank.

  • daniel maris

    Little by little! You can say that again!! Still if we are making some progress – great – let’s press on.

    • Kim

      Yeah, Ive seen glass drip faster.