Video of Celani and His LENR Cell

This video has just been brought to my attention. A visitor to NIWeek who goes by the name of ‘bluesmovers’ has uploaded a video of Francesco Celani’s LENR Cell (not sure it has a name yet) to YouTube and includes Celani himself talking about his machine, and showing data related to it. Celani is a bit difficult to follow with his Italian accent, but one can make out most of what he is saying.

  • Happy to see my video posted here… as a correction to the article above, my username is “bluesmovers”, not “bluesuser”… The username is indicative of the music I play as a trumpeter (an old band from the 90’s called The Movers) and the phrase “Move your blues, DO SOMETHING”… I’m an interested engineer with an undergrad Physics background, who attended NIWEEK 2012 and was quite excited to see Cold Fusion highlighted so prominently. I did aspire to be a Nuclear Engineer at one point in my college days in the ’70s, was accepted into WPI for a Nuclear Engineering major. The “Clamshell Alliance” was marching around protesting the Seabrook, NH plant at the time. The employment environment didn’t seem favorable, as well as other factors, so I didn’t attend. This is an exciting time, as progress in this field seems to be happening.

  • Lu

    I’m very happy to see Defkalion presenting information about their Hyperion product. Hard to believe that Rossi, Celani, and Defkalion are all doing the same thing–LENR. Like chemical reactions LENR may be a whole family nuclear reactions waiting to be discovered and used. The prospects are very exciting.

    Three things jump out at me after reading Defkalion’s PDFs. One, they’ve done on the face of it an amazing engineering and scientific feat. Quite remarkable really and it will be interesting to hear any scientific reaction to their claims.

    Two, there still is no independent third party identified which will vouch for Defkalion’s results. Enough said on this one.

    And third, their laboratory prototype, while impressive in the engineering and scientific realms, is operating in the less than kW range and I have to question whether they will be able to scale this up to the kW range as indicated in their specifications for a commercial product. They say they will be introducing their industrial prototype in the next few months so we will have to wait for this I guess. It seems they have a long way to go and they are now saying next year for “production lines and support networks.”

    Very exciting all around however.

  • Ivan_cev

    Thanks for your answer, so resistence drops but isotan 44 wire is not active. (not connected to electricity at all? or connected in one terminal but not the other?)

    so where is the voltage dropping in the platinum active wire?

    Where is the source of the anomalous heat? the isolated isotan 44 and hydrogen interaction?

    same as Rossi but in less scale?

    • Ged

      Indeed, the platinum wire actually doesn’t have any voltage/resistance drops whatever the conditions, only the Isotan when loaded does that, nor does the platinum wire generate anomalous heat; have to have the hydrogen loaded Isotan for that as well. Part of what makes it a good control. It’s pretty dang cool.

      Most of this is all from the written report though.

      It seems to be along the same vein as Rossi, but in wire form, and with a nickel alloy. Rossi might be using a similar alloy, but we haven’t heard exactly. This at least gives us a known baseline reference.

      • Ivan_cev

        I have a idea for Mr Celani, could He add a second isotan44 wire, not connected!
        with two wires, will the anomalous heat ouput double?
        could we scalate this reactor by adding more isotan44?
        10 to 14 watts is a fantastic achivement.
        using 10 wires, you could get 100 to 140 watts?
        the dream is becaming reality.

        • Peter_Roe

          There seem to be many possibilities for scaling up output, but the simple ‘test bed’ used by Prof. Celani is probably best used in an ‘Edisonian’ manner to gather data on best wire compositions and pretreatment, effects of pulsed and AC currents through the wire, possible effects of external RF and EM fields, and so on. Not only will this kind of data point to the best power generating possibilities, but it may also provide data useful in formulating a theoretical background, predictions from which might in turn be tested on the apparatus.

          Celani’s experimental apparatus is practically an exact parallel of the glass, brass and mahogany devices used by late Victorian and Edwardian scientists to elucidate theory on electricity, electromagnetism, cathode rays and similar fundamental phenomena. The truly amazing thing is that if anomalous heat can be produced so simply, how come it appears to have escaped notice for so long? It also begs the question of what else might have been missed along the way, as scientists consolidated their exclusive models of reality.

          • Robert Mockan

            You asked: “ come it appears to have escaped notice for so long?”

            In the whole of human existence, that can be said about EVERYTHING! It just seems like a long time, but in the big picture of thousands of years that people have lived, without being any different today than they were thousands of years ago, clearly time is not the issue. Let us face facts. People really are not very bright. Not their fault really, and to borrow vernacular from computer science, it is just that the processor element in our brains, the nerve cell, SUCKS as a processor! Even with so many of them in our brains, people are born dumb as dirt, and most stay that way.

            “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”

            ― Winston Churchill

            “Everything we discover, existed before us.”

            _ Unknown

            • NJT

              “people are born dumb as dirt, and most stay that way.”

              Apparently most of these seem to end up in Wahington DC!

  • Ivan_cev

    Celani and is Nicrom wire is very interesting, a nicrom wire, constantan is just the element in most electric heaters.
    Now some thing I have not heard:
    constant electrict power input!
    for anomalous heat to be produced the input has to be mantained constant
    watts=voltage * Amps
    and amps= voltage/resistance

    so resistance=voltage*voltage/watts

    Celani shows a graph there is a point in which the resistance falls.
    is this because he messures the resistence, or is he calculating the hypotetical resistence for anomalous heat.

    I want to see the graph where voltage and amps remain constant, otherwise a drop in resistence will consume more watts, the is no anomalous heat, but anomalous resistence, for anomalous heat the power input has to be constant.

    • Ged

      The input is measured and fixed at 48 W; it doesn’t draw more power. So your concern is already addressed by the very experimental setup and monitoring.

      The voltage is obviously dropping. Notice how voltage is being monitored, as stated in his video. The wire is basically becoming a better conductor it seems while saturated with hydrogen–likely this is due to ionization of the hydrogen.

      Edit: Should also point out, this resistance drop is ambiantly measured even while the active wire is not the powered wire. Recall there are two wires, a platinum heating wire called the inert wire, which serves as a blank control as well, and then the active Isotan44 nickel alloy wire. When power is applied to the platinum, inert wire, to cause heating, you still get a resistance fall of the active wire, even though power is not supplied to it. The same occurs when the active wire is actively powered; except in the latter case, the anomalous power out is doubled. In either case, the fall in resistance of the active wire is tired to tempertures rising above 125 C, or so.

      This is my understanding of the video and the report document.

  • Hampus
  • GreenWin

    “Hey, it’s Project Paperclip (mit out Nazis) all over again…” Yogi Berra.

  • s

    Defkalion seems to claim their prototype produces 16 to 92 Wh per pulse. They claim to send 10 energy pulses per hour in the document from their website. So, this works out to average power of ~ 160 to 920 watts. The staircase increase in temperature/ internal energy of the flow fluid duirng the pulse is also visible on the chart from their website. If a reputable independent third party can verify these results, I will believe them.

    • I guess that Vladimir Vysotskii and maybe others are going to do that in ICCF-17, is he reputabl enough?

      (i really dont know)

    • Supervisor

      Xanthoulis publicly alked about 5 to 6 kW output from reactor, what is slightly inconsistent with above mentioned 92 Wh from one pulse

  • Supervisor

    Folks, I am pissing blood by laugh.

    At page 33 of Technical Presentations there is visible that
    Hyperion reactor in fact is PRODUCING Nickel, Cobalt, Zinc and other.
    NME Norilsk is awaiting crushing times !

    • artefact

      That was to be expected. Other LENR devices showed similar results.
      (for example: )

      • Supervisor

        Yeah, folks here and on others forums was half year ranting on theme: “In world is XXX million tonnes of nickel, when 4% will go to LENR reactors for what years is this sufficient”

        and bum, nickel is no problem, Defkalion another plus X months delay from real serial production

  • h_corey


  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    DGT’s latest technical presentation makes Ni-H LENR reactions seem much more complex than Celani’s demonstrative reactor makes it look.

    • Ged

      Seriously. Plasma ignition? Solid nickel foam? They are on a different path from anyone else, that’s for sure. Guess we get to see where it takes them; nice to have such a different approach in action for comparison sake.

      • Robert Mockan

        Actually they are on just a slight branch off the main path.
        They focus on one of the Rydberg based theories, that has been in competition for many years with RT, or resonant transparency, theories being proposed by other researchers. Both theory types however have much in common.

        The plasma ignition would be simply using a spark plug to ionize some hydrogen, and then they may or not supplement that with external excitation RF power. Upon the hydrogen atoms reforming, some Rydberg states occur with (quantum number) n>>1.

        Once formed they suggest that electric fields guide the Rydberg atoms to the catalyst. The nickel surface morphology still has all the functions associated with a catalytic surface, with special emphasis on making defect ridden exposed crystal faces of the lattice cells that helps generate large electric fields. The dipole nature of the Rydberg atoms interact with the large electric fields, and whatever “activation” method applied causes oscillation in the lattice cells (although this can also be just thermal excitation), and also enhances high diffusion across cell boundaries. Also note that oscillation in the lattice cells could also form hydrogen Rydberg atoms. In Rydberg theories these atoms need to be moving around fast to interact before they decay.

        The morphological structure of the catalyst also needs to hold the hydrogen atoms in their Rydberg states until they interact either with another, or with adjacent nuclei. The only time that can happen is while in their “virtual” neutron (charge neutral) configuration, with the electron close to the proton.

        The question is does the math support the model? What they describe is similar to other related LENR theories, but the problem has been, for a long while, is that so many of them make superficial sense, but when you run the numbers they fall apart. Also usually only some, not all, of the experimental measurements are accounted for with the model.

        What caught my eye is that they still claim COP up to 22 at over 800 C. If true, then Rossi should also be able to operate at that high COP, if his catalyst is as efficient as theirs.

        • ChemE


          This same effect will work in environments such as excited noble gasses, steam, air, and high velocity particle accelerators, it does not need a lattice although the voids amplify the reaction. You are whitnessing black hole creation, expansion and evaporation!

          • Robert Mockan

            Are the observations and measurements accounted for by the model?

            And the big question is (always) does the math support the model?

            There seems to be little, if any, evidence to support the black hole explanation for LENR. But there is a large, and growing, body of observations and measurements supporting alternate explanations.

          • GreenWin

            Should not nano-singularities essentially consume matter yielding energy (heat or otherwise?) Here we see over-unity up to 22 COP. How would a singularity access and radiate excess energy?

            • ChemE

              A quantum singularity converts mass to energy. In this case it is consuming h+ and ni and emitting a radiactive emissions spectrum which in turn creates transmutations of h, h+ , Ni and anything else it comes into contact with. They will evaporate in fractions of a second

            • GreenWin

              Yet we count no gamma/alpha/uv/xray… Our counters not fast enough??

        • GreenWin

          I find this presentation uber-awesome. Three HUGE evolutions:

          1) Catalyst morphology i.e. foam and high temp nano structure

          2) Fractional Rydberg as predicted by Mills forming virtual neutrons
          3) Dudes are breeding Ni in their reactor! And Zr, K, Co, Zn!

          This thing’s an alchemical miracle! Awesome. As for the math, the little I actually understand of Mills’ math would indicate a complete prediction of these observations. But I intuit math rather than calculate it.

          At any rate, this presentation suggests IMO that everyone, including Rossi is working together on this project which itself is cool. Doc Melich’s presence on many teams kinda confirms this. And it looks like we’re well on way to building high output reactors and with the Obama Admin support, should see certification of industrial and small format i.e. “home” systems – by November in USA.

          Truly stunned at this progress. Ni foam – great materials idea!

          • Robert Mockan

            GreenWin, the following might be helpful. What they say in the reports and videos, and what they mean in the reports and videos, can easily lead to confusion.

            In catalyst science vernacular a metal “foam” is a skeletal catalyst. For example an alloy of 50% aluminum, 80% nickel, 10% copper, and 10% iron, when leached with sodium hydroxide (or other alkali), will result in a highly active skeletal catalyst (open pore structure like in the pictures shown by DGT) with composition Ni80:Cu10:Fe10:Na (slight amount less than 1%, mostly as sodium aluminate). The aluminum in the alloy is removed by the alkali solution (this reaction happens in water solution of the alkali). This kind of catalyst can be purchased in ton lot quantities off-the-shelf from manufacturers for the chemical industry. From what DGT is saying they are using something like this composition, then modifying the exposed surface so Rydberg atoms can enter into the skeletal structure without contact with the metal until exposed to the active interior surfaces of the tubular morphology, where they can be influenced by the lattice cell electric fields. Coating the catalyst particles on the outside in an energy mill with ceramic particles (zirconium oxide dust perhaps) would prevent any Rydberg atoms from contacting the outer metal surface, that would begin the conversion back to normal hydrogen. The Rydberg atoms need to be inside the lattice cells where they can undergo oscillation (movement) to increase number of instances they are in close proximity to adjacent atoms, where, according to the DGT theory, they would fuse as “virtual” neutrons, with either other Rydberg atoms, or with nickel nuclei or other alloy elements.

            Mills theory is based on “fractional” 1/N Rydberg hydrogen atoms, not the same as “higher quantum number” 1*N Rydberg atoms that DGT is talking about. The Mills atoms he calls hydrinos are “collapsed” hydrogen atoms, of form R=1/N, with N>1. The DGT atoms are “elliptical electron shell” hydrogen atoms of form R=1*N, with N>1.

            It is fascinating that both forms of hydrogen may lead to the equivalent of a neutral charge particle, the “virtual neutron”, that may be able to fuse with adjacent nuclei. Mills calls his fusion theory CAF, for Coulomb Annihilation Fusion, and that is different from what DGT is describing using elliptical electron shell theory and higher quantum number Rydberg atoms.

            Finally the DGT reaction, according to their theory, is not making nickel, but they are seeing fission (and fusion) products from the reaction of hydrogen (in the active form) with the nickel (and also with other elements in the catalyst alloy they are using).

            • GreenWin

              Robert, thanks very much for this helpful detail. I did realize the “foam” was a skeleton structure but am impressed with the materials thought that’s created it. I do not have any background in catalyst preparation as clearly you do. It strikes me we see this structure in nature – in ocean corals and sponges particularly after death.

              I have also thought some kind of ceramic treatment would extend the lifespan of nuclear active areas – had not considered need to prevent H1 conversion until deeper into the lattice cell. This seems to conflict with the plasmon theory where most nuclear action takes place on lattice surface.

              It seems that an even an elliptical orbit would have to approximate a 1/N Rydberg state (at its closest approach) in order to create a phantom neutron. Classical atomic H does not make such a particle without some external influence. Point is these two theories appear to tap a similar vision of a modified hydrogen atom resonating with other such atoms and then fusing due to Coulomb elimination.

              How is the doubling of elemental Ni, Zr, K, etc. in the XRF results NOT “making” these products – either by transmutation or other means??

            • GreenWin

              BTW, your alloy sums to 150%.

            • Robert Mockan

              The Test ID they reported on before the reaction was #25. But the “immediately after” reaction results was for Test ID #23.

              Maybe they explained that in the video and I missed it, but my guess is they had multiple tests and got the data files mixed up. I based my statement about the nickel from my understanding of their theory.

              If it is the same test they are reporting on, and they just mis-reported the different test numbers, then the data would seem to indicate more nickel than when they started, IF they used exactly the same sample from before and after the reaction. But often these kind of tests are made using adjacent regions for sample analysis, and there can be large percentage variations in elemental composition point by point on the surface of a sample. So in any event I would view that data as unverified.

              About the alloy percentage you are right. I meant 50% Al before leaching it out with alkali, then after leaching it would be Ni80:Cu10:Fe10 (with less than 1% alkali contaminant).

            • Robert Mockan

              The plasmon theory (Widom and Larsen) of neutron synthesis might still apply to interior surfaces inside the skeletal catalyst, but there is still the heavy electron problem. Although now that you mention it might be interesting to calculate the electron mass energy at the closest approach to the hydrogen proton in a higher quantum number Rydberg atom. It would be a probability function that might have some electron mass variable in it dependent on location relative to the proton while still in an electron shell. The mass average would remain constant, but at the position boundaries there might be some position dependent mass effect in the electric field. Just speculating, but It might help form the charge neutral particle that behaves like a neutron, even if not a “real” neutron.

            • Peter_Roe

              Irony – the precedent for this ‘foam’ structure would appear to be ‘Raney nickel’, so beloved of certain skeptics as an ‘explanation’ of how excess heat could be generated!

              As Raney nickel is a widely used industrial catalyst, I suppose that (with the benefit of hindsight) this would have been an obvious way to go – especially if you were trying to avoid any patents or ‘prior use’ on nickel nano-powder preparation for instance!


            • Peter_Roe

              Whats the betting that Rossi is also using Raney nickel in one form or another!

            • GreenWin

              Doh! I totally MISSED the test run number error explaining the “doubling” of elemental mass. I am open to almost any oddball reaction and incorrectly assumed the numbers were from a single run.

              It does appear that Mills’ fractional Rydberg H atom at its most “shrunk”, H 1/137 would assume characteristic of a phantom neutron. And perhaps at a far higher number.

              Looking further at Mills, if the H1 shrinks to either H 1/3 or H 1/4, we should see continuum bands at 10.1nm and 22.8nm at energy of m2 x 13.6eV. His hydrinos are stable and would emit signature soft xray readily detected. An LENR H atom might be unstable (an elliptical orbit suggests this,) and simply oscillate at one or more resonance.

              If Mills is correct, a spectrum analysis of visible and short wavelength light (~10-50nm) emitted by the lattice – should help define what’s happening.

  • Peter_Roe

    Sorry to break from the great news that seems to be coming from many parties just now.

    Since Rossi’s e-Cat emerged as a possible cheap new energy source, any blog mentioning the topic has been targeted by apparently professional ‘skeptics’ using a range of tactics including ridicule, accusations of deception, ad hominem attacks, half thruths, diversions and so on to attempt to derail discussion of CF. The ECN site is testimony to the success of these tactics when uncontrolled. At the same time the media have maintained a total ‘blackout’ on all news of developments, up to and including Celani’s presentation at NI Week yesterday. However it is now pretty clear that the shills have failed, and CF is heading rapidly towards public disclosure, probably from many directions simultaneously.

    Does anyone else see it as extremely curious that at his time a ‘paper’ appears by an obscure researcher called Fran de Aquino of Maranhao State University, Brazil, with the title “Engineering the Ni-H Bomb”. The paper’s thesis appears to be that a cannister of nickel powder of unspecified grain size or surface preparation is gas-loaded with deuterium (not hydrogen as specified in the title) and then becomes a potential bomb waiting to be set off when ‘activated’ by the natural magnetic field of the Earth, which resonates at 7.83Hz. Aquino’s ‘bomb’ (basically just a pile of nickel dust in a deuterium atmosphere) is then supposed to detonate by total fusion of the protons in the nickel, the yield apparently being calculated on the basis of the total number of nickel atoms in the heap of dust. It is prevented by doing so by a mu metal magnetic shield, which when destroyed by an explosive charge in turn allows the ‘bomb’ to explode.

    My impression is that this whole ‘paper’ is complete hogwash – not intrinsically any more convincing than the rubbish posted by someone calling himself ‘Chan’, about CF powered explosive bullets and similar, but I am not qualified to properly assess it and I would be very interested in the opinions of those who may be.

    Lets for a moment assume that we are now heading for a situation where corporate energy concerns will adopt LENR technology in order to increase profits and remove dependency on oil and gas, and the military will likewise use it for their obvious purposes. In this case it seems to be essential for TPTB to ensure that CF remains out of the hands of others, as this would cut off energy revenues to governments, destroy the profitability of the energy and oil companies and allow the technology to be transferred to rival state militaries. The what better way of ensuring this than by creating a fake case for ring fencing the technology on the grounds that it is ‘nuclear’, and worse that it could be used by ‘terrorists’ to build ‘hydrogen bombs’. Aquino’s paper even spells it out (although in the guise of a ‘great leveller’ that would ensure peace forever!):

    “Basically, these bombs are made of Nickel powder (99%), liquid deuterium and Mumetal. These materials can be easily obtained. Due to the simplicity of its construction, these bombs can be built at the very location of the target (For example, inside a house or apartment at the target city.). This means that, in most of cases missiles are not necessary to deliver them, except for launching the Ni-H bomb at the height of explosion (<1Km ‡ ) when necessary. Thus, the Ni-H bomb so far seems to be the simplest atomic bomb ever to be built. It can be made by every nation, in such a way that, peace in the World will be reached in the future due to the equilibrium of forces among nations."

    Am I being paranoid or is this just too convenient for a fake fear agenda?

    The paper seems to have been disseminated widely, and there are many pages of entries in Google. A convenient PDF version is available from this link:

    • AB

      My gut reaction is also that it’s a non-serious paper, for whatever purpose.

      He writes that anti-gravity could explain LENR and that anti-gravity can be created and used to make a Ni-H bomb. The article is remarkably short.

      • Ged

        We could make bombs if we change the constant of gravity? I think that goes without saying, for any material. I guess he’s just trying to claim that LENR is the method by which we change the gravitational constant. Would that mean if you dropped a working LENR reactor off a building it would have a different fall acceleration from all other mass?

        • jacob

          talking about making bombs can get you also arrested really quickly.

          • Peter_Roe

            Curiously De Aquino seems to have published his scare piece with University sanction, and had it spread around widely without any apparent problems.

    • GreenWin

      I will give this ZERO mindshare – thereby annihilating its preposterous premise.

    • jacob

      Peter why would you drag a bunch of crackpot papers from a pothead onto this forum,don’t you know you are giving the wrong people ideas how to control the sale of nickel and could be added to the 8 restricted components ,like ammonium nitrate and hydrogen peroxide,please give us a break.

      • Peter_Roe

        Jacob, the paper is already widely published. I have no idea about the background of the author, but he is an accredited member of the faculty of the Physics Department of Maranhao State University, in S.Luis, Brazil, and his status could be used by others to propagate fear, if that is their intention.

        Actually the link had already been introduced into this forum by others and my intention in highlighting it is to try make readers aware that just possibly a new attack on the proliferation of CF may be under way. It is only by being aware of such possibilities that we can all help spot such potential attacks, and if seen, do what we can to make their purpose clear.

    • Of course it is hogwash but hogwash mixed with an ample dose of fear will sell very well. Fear always sells. I am sure the author is simply someone very hungry for attention of any kind, be it good or bad.

    • Robert Mockan

      I believe TPTB have already taken control of those technologies they perceive as dangerous enough to them to warrant being controlled. For example, the company Nanospire is no longer funding their energy research. Is this article on their web site a hoax?
      Then there was research on making hydrogen base Rydberg crystals, as reported here:
      That was 10 years ago.

      Both research groups state they achieved extensive transmutation of elements and excess energy. More important, the technology described in both have definite military applications, from bulk precious metal and diamond synthesis, to enriching uranium with the 235 isotope in a relatively simple and inexpensive table top apparatus.

      What Rossi and Defkalion are doing compared to the more advanced energy technologies is still remarkable, and I agree TPTB want to control LENR. The insane oligarchs always try to stay several steps ahead when they fear that someday people may learn enough to destroy them, and free themselves from debt slavery to build a sustainable society, without destroying the ecology, but with a high standard of living for every person. Energy technology is one way to achieve those ends. Rossi and Defkalion, and some of the other companies, will have imposed upon them controlled product marketing enough to assure TPTB can maximize their profits, but we might still see some progress if it is consistent with their maintaining control and assuring profits.

      • GreenWin

        Yeah. Or TPTB could move on to greener pastures on other planets.

        • Robert Mockan

          No loss there. But long ago they passed the point of ever being absolved for their actions. Just like NAZIs who tried to flee and hide in South America after WW2, they would be followed. And certainly where they finally end up will not be greener pastures.

  • artefact


  • artefact

    So much information. Still reading the technical PDF. Wow. .. This week was (and still is) one of the best since Jan 2011. And next week will be very interesting again.
    Taylor has to add some things to his presentation for next week.

    • Celani did more for LENR with this one demonstration at NI Week than Rossi did with all of his pipe dream promises.

      • artefact

        I did not talk about Rossi.

      • Peter Poulsen

        well until rossi have something to show exept talk then yeah, i consider Celani’s presentation more important atm.

        I dont think many deny LENR anymore, but it is still up to discussion, if this technology has the possibility to be a alternative to fossil fuels.

        • > I dont think many deny LENR anymore

          If you had all of the money in the world and your life depended on it could you buy a LENR reactor TODAY?

          • Carlos

            if my life depends on owning a LENR reactor for whatever reason, and I have all the money in the world, I would buy it.

            Unless you meant buying a LENR reactor instead of any other alternative that would also save my life, but could only do so if it works.

            • Can’t buy Defkalion’s unit before year end. I wouldn’t bet my behind on that date. Can’t buy Rossi’s ecat right now either. Celani is not in the business of selling. He’s a scientist. Brillioun is brilliant and you’ll just have to wait. And the list goes on…

              Come to think of it. Not one single demo or production unit is available anywhere in the world as of right now.

              > I dont think many deny LENR anymore

            • Peter_Roe

              This kind of rearguard nonsense is getting really tedious. LENR is coming quite soon, even if only in industrial form for the time being. Learn to live with it.

          • GreenWin

            Seriously Chuck? Skeps? At this stage it doesn’t take a soothsayer to recognize a coordinated effort. I think we can drop the “Attack Rossi” scenario – it has served its purpose.

            • No need to attack. The LENR folks do their own dirty work. Take a look at the NI Week youtube video of the Defkalion presentation. Starts off ok but then goes into LENR explaining away why the center of the earth is hot molten lava and why stars are the way they are. Sounds really looney.

            • GreenWin

              No more idiotic than THIS bit of “education:”


              They discuss the anomalous heat effect. The solar coronal paradox is anomalous heat. Mainstream is stumped – about most of life turns out.

          • jacob

            1 megawatt units are already for sale ,just buy one

        • Andre Blum

          This Celani demo really means a lot to me for my belief in Rossi. Let me explain:

          Rossi is very secretive, but he has been claiming practical levels of very reproducible excess heat with H2 and Ni since at least early 2011.

          On a 23 year timescale that may not seem long ago, but try to imagine what the CF landscape was like at that time that he first made those claims. Almost everyone was working with Pd and D2. They were getting very low power levels and suffered bad reproducibility. True, there were promising reports about Ni and H2 at that time, but that too was all milliwatt stuff and troublesome.

          In no way was it very likely at that time in January 2011 that H2 and Ni would very soon lead to a substantial increase in power levels and reproducibility, and so would make *practical* use and commercialization of LENR possible.

          So at that time, the probability and credibility of this all was considered very low. It was all just… insane.

          Now, this setup by Celani at NI-Week is in many ways a summary of all the progress made within the much more scientific (and open) part of CF over the same period of 18 months. And – lo and behold – as one of the few following the H2 and Ni path, Celani has now apparently completely solved the reproducibility issues and is getting power at orders of magnitudes higher than what was usual. He has a portable setup that he can pick up and demonstrate at a conference, no sweat.

          With that we are very rapidly closing that credibility gap Rossi left. It is not so very far stretched anymore to believe that there may be this extra small trick we have to add to get that power up those one or two orders of magnitude to where Rossi says he has it.

          The improbability that Rossi is a scam, but picked exactly the right description for his setup in early 2011 is now getting higher and higher.

          It find this very, very reassuring stuff.

          • Robyn

            Excellent point. Thanks.

      • jacob

        all you see is some printouts with ink, how can that be firm proof to you ?

      • What is it that you don’t like about Rossi’s demonstrations? Are you angry that you were not allowed to attend and have to look at the data available to all of us groundlings, or is it that you don’t have the ability to understand the data? You sound very frustrated.

  • drew

    In DGT’s post
    “This forum will be open for discussion on August 20th, 2012”

  • artefact

    From the technical PDF:
    “We realized that 58Ni, 60Ni, 62Ni and 64Ni stable
    Engineering LENR as a geometrical problem
    The Nickel shape in a LENR reaction
    • isotopes where “willing” to participate in a LENR
    reaction, whilst 61Ni was not. So there was no
    need for any costly enrichment method”

    I now think that Rossi wanted to point us to a wrong path with his enrichment or he uses a very different reaction method 🙂

    • Supervisor

      I detected that Rossi used during 18 months at least 150-200 specially designed purpose lies/disinfo. I most love his spec disinfo about “we will web cam streaming October test” followed with “publicity is last thing what I need”.

      • artefact

        I do not treat that as lies. Disinfo is more appropriate. With defkalion you see that there is very good competition.

      • jacob

        why should we believe anything you are saying,we don’t know you from a hole in the wall,did you add up spelling mistakes?

        we should all get together and present you with a well deserved sticker or star for your sticker book.

        • Robyn


          • Peter_Roe

            Not unduly so.

      • Omega Z

        You confuse 2 different time lines.

        The Web Cam Demo went with the Defkalion partnership Time line.

        The October test continued under new agreements & became semi private.

  • barty
  • Niklas
  • artefact

    interesting. Another dot connected.

    in the video _ttp:// at 0:53 you see the hexaflourid _ttp:// again.
    in their last presentation _ttp:// on page 4 it was visible on the first chart top left.
    I’d love to know what atoms are connected around it…

    • artefact

      I answer myself. It should be the nickel lattice which is drawn on the same chart. So the sulfur hexaflurid is embedded in the nickel lattice.

  • artefact

    Akira Shirakawa on Vortex:

    Videos (direct links)

    Alex Xanthoulis in LENR panel discussion

    Technical presentation
    Part 1 – _ttp://
    Part 2 – _ttp://
    Part 3 – _ttp://

  • It’s nice to know DGT is still with us, esp. since they never acknowledged theior move from Greece to Vancouver, BC. I really wish Rossi was there! He may be too hot on the trail of the 1,200C reactor to stop doing what he’s doing, though.

    I hope some of you will enjoy my novella, ‘POWER: A story of Cold Fusion,” at http://www.american-reporter, which mentions this site and most of the main players in cold fusion technology. There are several other articles on cold fusion and hydrino reactors on our front page, too.

    • jacob

      DGT moved to Vancouver? eh, they better watch out for OIL workers from Alberta CAN, maybe DGT might as well have moved to Saudi Arabia, unless they are fresh on the trail of Rossi who holds some key information they havn’t been able to get their hands on.

    • GreenWin

      Joe, read quickly – good story. Two comments: US Constitution remains the world’s oldest commissioned vessel afloat (in Boston Harbor) and is as strong a vessel today as when launched in 1797. And unlawful detention of citizens is only unlawful if undisclosed. Full disclosure as in a writ of Habeas Corpus, protects a President and Congress from violation of Constitutional law.

  • Ivan Mohorovicic
    • barty

      WOW, didn’t see that!!

    • Ged

      Oh wow, they are returning to their forums? This is a big change.

    • artefact

      DEFKALION is back!

      • artefact

        “if you thake a list with the 100 biggest companys in the world half of them we are talking about joint R&D in order to see for their views how they can use this technology”

      • artefact

        “The simple reactor goes up to between 5 and 8 KW and I repeat the cost is less than half a cent per KW/H”

      • georgehants

        Hope this time they moderate the comments as last time it often was just chaotic nonsense.

  • Nono

    Presentation of Alex Xanthoulis from Defkalion at NIWeek

  • Pachu

    LENR keeps getting “applications” O.O

    🙁 Disclaimer: i read some other papers of this guy and i dont think he is rigth…

    • barty

      Bad application.

      But it shows (theoreticaly) how much energy could be released at once.

    • Ged

      Increasing gravitational forces? Yeeeeeeaaahhh… I’m not so sure about this idea.

    • How timely. After scam accusations, ridicule, and media silence, next comes ‘danger’ to ensure that the technology stays safely in the ‘right’ hands.

      Without even any tested theory of how CF works, or a single piece of evidence to support the proposal, we get some unknown researcher claiming to show how to make a cold fusion bomb? It may not be too long before this story at least is picked up by the popular press, as is presumably intended.

      Edit – just checked on Google – it’s all over the place (100 results)

      • Robert Mockan

        Aquino is not exactly unknown. It is just that his name is mostly associated with gravity control theories. He is a fringe science researcher, but is a real physics professor at an accredited university in Brazil. The article about the nickel hydrogen bomb is a bit over the top even for him, especially since the LENR process has a stochastic nature that makes it difficult to initiate nuclear reaction of all the fuel at once. Even his “increasing” nuclei gravity effects would not positively affect the stochastic nature of LENR, given current LENR theories, but it might be useful to LENR in some way if the effects were real.
        On the other hand, if his gravity theories are correct, one would not need nickel and hydrogen. One could use any of a large number of “hot fusion” nuclear fuel candidates, and such nuclear devices would be lightweight, and would not require any uranium. Just materials like lithium, boron, beryllium, hydrogen, and so on. In fact, such a device could be held in the hand, and when detonated could destroy any large city. A LENR bomb would be a very weak and primitive device by comparison. He describes a 20 kiloton device weighing tons. If his theories are correct, they would enable multi megaton devices.

    • Robert Mockan

      Fran De Aquino has published much about his theories, but I’ve never seen independent successful replication of his gravity experiments.

      There may be a way to demonstrate the effect he is talking about, that of increasing gravitational force so it exceeds electrostatic repulsion, to enhance LENR, using one of the Celani wires pre-loaded with hydrogen gas.

      See this article:

      If the “ultrathin wire” in Fig. 2 is replaced with the Celani wire, and ELF current is sent through the wire, then according to Aquino that should reduce the presently stochastic nature of LENR, and increase, perhaps greatly, the thermal power output.

      One might call it the ultimate “activation method” if it works.

      Thank you for your link. I’m putting this idea into my notebook for when I have funding to pursue it. You mentioned you work in cyber IT. It might be interesting to insert the Aquino equations from his web site into a math spread sheet and chart some of his functions with a variable range spread to see if the gravity control equations are valid

    • Robert Mockan

      Correction: “.. to see if the gravity control equations are valid” s/b “.. to see if anything unusual turns up.”

      Successful experiments are needed to confirm the mathematics.

  • barty

    National Instruments is currently uploading new videos on youtube.
    I think this one with the Defkalion presentation is coming soon 😉

    I’m polling the site now 😉

    • Ged

      Didn’t someone in one of the earlier articles imply there was going to be a kW heat power LENR demonstration? Was that the DGT stuff, or something we have yet to hear of? Or just hearsay?

  • ChemE

    Hydrogen absorbs into the lattice voids, gets excited by electrical charge, ions collide at high energy, collapse into a quantum singularity, evaporate a nuclear spectrum of quantum radiation and goo, mostly appearing as heat, and then evaporate. You are witnessing the process God used to create our universe (or at least possibly the first one…)


    • Ged

      It’s a curious hypothesis; but we would need to find ways to test and attempt to falsify it before we can go any farther with it. Unfortunately, I do not see how we can do so. On the other hand, anomalous He4 and H3 production occurs along with the anomalous heat when deuterium is loaded in palladium. These are fusion products which support the fusion hypothesis strongly.

      Again, we will need a way to directly test the singularity hypothesis before we can begin investigating its validity.

      • ChemE

        The hawking radiation emitted from the singularities create additional condensed matter by-products after interacting with the lattice, hydrogen, vessel and atmosphere

        • Ged

          So, we’d have to know what byproduct particles to expect, and try to detect them? That could be a valid test. Do you have further ideas for testing this hypothesis?

          • ChemE

            All OF THEM given enough time, these singularities are basically a nuclear furnace consuming particles and evaporating/radiating a full spectrum. THE ENTIRE PERIODIC TABLE could be created thru transmutations

            This is a universe creator.

    • Allen McCloud

      “You are witnessing the process God used to create our universe (or at least possibly the first one…)”

      Can we keep this science based and not fantasy?

      • ChemE

        It is not fantasy, our universe began as a singularity @ the big bang. Deal with it. We now have a way of studying it

        • ChemE

          God is a fitting name for that which we don’t know and bow down to for the gift of life. You are welcome to believe what you want and I respect that.

          I have been researching cold fusion/LENR for the last couple of years along with my interest in quantum mechanics and the universe/Hawking/LHC in general. There are too many variables reported from this radiation to fit a simple set of fusion reactions (hot or cold). W&L attempts to cover all of the pathways, yet falls short in my humble opinion. The wide spectral release of nuclear radiation, fleeting and in relatively low energy spectrum correctly fits with singularities, black hole evaporation and quantum gravity. It is the wicked gremlin in the lattice.

          • jacob

            still can’t figure out why people are hellbend on finding the cause of LENR reactions,with known parameters it will not work.

            A completely different approach is needed,and it starts with how the universe functions,and god yes,for everything is created for its purpose to cause abundance and working with universal laws,not Newtons,with are a bunch of guesses until corrected by some advanced minds.

            It may help to use Walter Russells periodic Table of Elements,which explains a whole lot more than we know now.

            Just for starters.

    • Wes

      Going with Occam’s Razor (simplest explanation is likely accurate): high-velocity hydrogen atoms (motivated by heat) penetrate “nano-tunnels” in the craggy surface, effectively surrounding the atom, resulting in sufficient cancellation of the Coloumb force, allowing proton capture. If true, optimization comes about by firing hydrogen atoms (ions) at the tunneled surface, rather than heating the loaded surface which only results in random movement/captures

      • Ged

        Would love to see that directional bombardment idea tested. Since electro-migration seems to play an enhancement role, your idea is certainly supported from the experimental evidence we have so far.

      • ChemE

        That sounds complicated and makes a leap of faith you can penetrate the Coulomb barrier efficiently at low energies, which they have spend $20B+ trying to do.

        A quantum singularity generated from an atomic hydrogen gas particle colliding with another particle in a void while excited sounds simpler. You let quantum mechanics and quantum gravity do the rest for you. This happens everyday on earth in lightning, lightning balls, lithium batteries (that catch fire), probably cracks in granite/rocks. These are all micro/quantum singularities that release Hawking Radiation and create condensed matter and then evaporate. They also exist as black holes at the center of galaxies and universes. There is nothing simpler in the universe than a singularity

        • MK

          Your hypothesis and Widom-Larsen-Shrivastava theorie are my top two for the moment.
          A brilliant idea of Yours, ChemE.

          • ChemE

            Thank you for noticing!

            Hug your loved ones, humanity now has a tool that makes us a creator. As i look into the heavens i am concerned though…

  • daniel maris

    Great to see up close!

  • Ged

    Any news on the two presentations by Kobe-Technova and Brillouin?

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      They will be posted at a later time by National Instruments. The guy who posted this Celani video also filmed them.

      • Ged

        Excellent. I saw that mention in the other thread after posting this. Surprised DGT was there, as I didn’t notice them on the itinerary (but neither did I notice Celani). Can’t wait to see all the videos and the LENR goings on — so many more than expected!

  • AB

    It’s fascinating how the wire “remembers” its conductivity (see 3:36). What does this mean exactly?

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      Maybe it’s got something to do with free hydrogen atoms slowly penetrating over time into its nuclear active small cracks? That is, the wire structurally and permanently changes. Just speculating, I don’t really know many technical details about this stuff.

    • Ged

      Just seems to mean that hydrogen impregnation into the wire changes the conductive properties; and once the hydrogen is used up or gassed out, the conductive properties return to normal (which means the wire lattice was undamaged in any significant, conductive, ways). You can use this to actually measure the hydrogen loading process. Interesting how hydrogen changes the wire’s properties temporarily; definitely implies some sort of functional interaction with the lattice.

      That’s what I read in his report at least. Can’t watch the video yet.

  • mcloki

    It’s getting more and more difficult to be a sceptic. Now comes the improvement phase.
    Living in very interesting times.