Request to ECW from Tyler van Houwelingen — Off to South Korea!

I just received this message from Tyler van Houwelingen. Let’s see if we can help him out — I’m sure we join in a hearty congratulations to Tyler!

I was just asked and will be attending ICCF-17 in S. Korea next week to give my presentation, “Is commercial LENR the Real Deal”

Thanks ,Frank for finding/distributing the doc, albeit a few weeks earlier than I had expected :).I need inputs from all here to make sure I have all the facts correct and up to date. Also any tips on South Korea would be helpful.

I created this doc to offer a reference point for the facts and provide value for this discussion. Thanks for the corrections (jami, dfnj, AB, daniel, ville, methusela, etc.) I have incorporated your changes and will continue to update. If you believe I have made a mistake, please let me know what is stated incorrectly and include a source and I will change it. If you want me to add something, let me know what and the source. I want this doc to be as accurate, fact based and credible as possible.

It should be an interesting week in Daejeon and perhaps I will glean some more facts about what is really going on with higher power LENR. (Hopefully I’m not just filling in for Defkalion, I really hope they show up and have something worthwhile to say finally.) I will be speaking there for all of us, well at least most of us anyway, and will certainly share what I find.

For easy reference/sharing, I posted the doc at:



Below is an embedded version of the presentation:

  • artefact

    Page 18 3:
    “for past year or so” does not sound good to me. Maby just “during the last year”

  • artefact

    Page 3:
    “use Ni Nano powder” -> Rossi states he uses micro powder (3 – 8 um)
    Maby write “use Ni micro- and nano-powder”

  • artefact

    page 3:
    were vey unreliable -> very (missing r)

  • artefact

    Slide 4:
    Athanor … by 22passi -> Daniel Passerini is only reporting as far as I know. Ing. Ugo Abundo is the developer

  • Barry

    Very concise, thank you Tyler. Page 4, There is no longer an open demo at MIT. The NANOR is no longer there.

    Wish I was going to Korea, sounds like the chance of a lifetime. Of all the CF conferences this one seems the most pivotal and jam-packed. History in the making! Hope someone takes videos. Take care, Barry

  • artefact

    page 16 title:
    large firm -> large company ?

  • This is my first crowd-sourced presentation but the concept seems to work surprisingly well… This is great feedback, thank you all.

    I just uploaded the latest version. I do plan on creating a 2nd, shorter version for the conference, stripping down text and increasing font, etc. once I have all the facts and message in order. Please, keep the feedback coming, I want the facts to be very solid. People tend to jump on any error, no matter how minor, as a reason to discredit the whole presentation and message.

    My goal at the conference is to gain as much as I can about Fact #2 (e.g. DGT, Brillouin, and maybe a bit on Rossi, etc) as well as the theories behind LENR. Should be a fun meeting many of the people we have been talking about and I will share what find out.

    Does anyone know yet what the power output of the Hydrotron reactor is, the one from that recent video by Ugo?


    • georgehants

      Go Tyler, Go.
      Best wishes to you.

    • artefact

      the first version hat a claimed COP of 3 – 4 I think. But it was not very good to measure because the reaction could only last 15 minutes. The new version could last much longer but tests are ongoing.

  • Pachu

    Page 16, i think the rigth name is Hydrotron, (missing r in slide).

    I would put pressure to others LENR scintist rigth there and put a slide saying that definitive 3rd party with mainstream scientist and peer reviewed test publication in a big science magazine is the next step to shock the world.

    1 definitively reproducible test for everyone who wants to try it.

  • GreenWin

    Tyler, please see Sandy’s comment and link below (Sandy on August 2, 2012 at 5:27 pm ) re James Patterson and his patented Patterson Power cell. This is NOT A SCAM as you have listed in your supporting info page! Jim Patterson is a pioneer in nickel catalysts and electrochemical cells. Attempts have been made to suppress his work (his US patent disappeared from the IBM patent database) but most LENR researchers acknowledge his work especially George Miley who based his own research on Patterson’s discoveries.

    Very good job in your presentation. Remember, brevity is key to comprehension.

    • Barry

      Hey GreenWin,
      From what I know, Patterson produced some very effective nano particles but when he tried to make more the result was quite different. He also made some very high claims about his COP that seemed a little off the charts. Unfortunately his partner/grandson died, I think in his thirtys, which seemed to take a lot of wind out of JP’s sails (rightly so). It’s good to know George Miley has picked up Pattersons torch but it is to bad a lot of secrets died with J Patterson.

  • Mark

    He needs to do some better thinking about the drawbacks
    of LENR so we don’t get into a another one of those
    “non free energy” scams. We already know all about those.


  • georgehants

    venerdì 3 agosto 2012
    Yesterday, August 2nd, in the evening, news came in that GreenStyle the weekend of 8 and 9 September 2012 will be held the long awaited Congress where Andrea Rossi will participate publicly.
    Technopark Zurich Where the Congress? In Zurich, at the auditorium of the Technopark. Andrea Rossi U.S. 2012 There are the licensees of the European revolutionary device that will relate to the end and there will be a panel discussion with the Italian inventor. To organize the congress are just the licensees of Germany and Switzerland. Andrea Rossi reports that will come with a flight from the United States in time for his first speech on Saturday 8 September and will restart as soon as the round table Sunday, September 9. The association attend the congress in Zurich and coworkers report to the European situation and sales organization for assistance. The meeting with the Italian coworkers (but not only) will be held September 27, 2012 in Alexandria. The Energy Revolution has begun! And it is a cheap energy and clean and very important fact .. with network communication .. not be stopped! Vivì Bertin IF President and coworke

  • Renzo

    New interview with Aldo Proia, he says he’s already in talks with some industrial clients.

    • georgehants

      Good link Renzo, worth a new topic page.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Eugene Mallove thought that the Papp noble gas engine might be real (although it’s listed as a scam on slide 29).

    • Alan DeAngelis


      Just a crazy thought.

      Ar(38) + Ne(20) > He(4) + Fe(54) + 12.0668 MeV

      • GreenWin

        Hmm… lots of energy there. Gene Mallove is smiling these days. Thank you Gene for the courage of your convictions.

        • Alan DeAngelis

          I should have used the most abundant isotopes of neon and argon.

          Ar(40) + Ne(20) > He(4) + Fe(56) + 16.0943 MeV

          • Alan DeAngelis

            One last obsessive thought:
            Ne(20) + Ne(22) > He(4) + Ar(38) + 17.2 MeV

          • Alan DeAngelis

            And more:
            Kr(80) + Ar(40) > Fe(56) + Ni(64) + 14.8 MeV

            Xe(128) + Ar(40) > Fe(58) + Pd(110) + 25.6 MeV

            Et cetera…

  • Anders

    This is simply brilliant! Fantastic job.
    However i think the first impression was not a neutral analysis because of the pictures in the first slide. I suggest something more neutral. And watch out for several different misspellings of joseph zawodny’s name.