New Interview With Aldo Proia

Another Italian web site,, has conducted an interview with Leonardo Corp.’s licensee for Italy, Aldo Proia. Of course the interview is in Italian, and so a clear translation of the interview is not readily available for English speakers — but with the help of Google and Bing, I have gleaned a few points made by Prioa.

He made contact with Leonardo corporation following changes in the law in Italy which negatively affected the large scale photovoltaic installation business he was previously involved in.

He became impressed with E-Cat technology after visiting Rossi’s workshop and witnessing experiments done with the high temperature (600C) units. He was particularly impressed after seeing an E-Cat run for at least 12 hours without external electrical input.

Proia says he is not afraid to go up against the established industrial powers because in the world of the Internet, he believes it is impossible to stop a revolution. He states that large multinational companies (not naming any) are investigating LENR, and it seems that even in Italy the opposition towards LENR seems to be decreasing.

He sees no real competitors to Leonardo corporation in Italy in the medium term future, and considers competition is years away in other countries.

Proia states that the low temperature plants are already available, and high temperature E-Cat plants can already be ordered, with materials becoming available about them this fall.

Any help from our Italian speakers would, as always, be gratefully received!

  • Craig Binns

    It’s rather surprising that changes in the law have made Proia’s PV business go to the wall, and I would be grateful for an explanantion. It seems to be a booming business in Italy, and there are plenty of solar farms. See wiki: “Italy ranked among the world’s largest producers of electricity from solar power with an installed photovoltaic nameplate capacity of 12,750 MW at the end of 2011 and 263,594 plants in operation as of 18 August 2011. The total energy produced by solar power in 2011 was 10,730 GWh, about 3.2% of the total energy demand of 332.3 TWh. The installed photovoltaic capacity, compared to the previous year, has tripled in 2010 and almost quadrupled in 2011.” Indeed, three years ago Proia was actively seeking investors in his business, part of the booming PV industry. “Collaboro con una società di sviluppo e progettazione Parchi solari da 1/2 e 3 MW in Emilia Romagna per un totale di 11 MW, cerchiamao investitori.” I hope that these “investitori” didn’t lose too much, a hope which I extend to anyone adventurous enough to put money into the Rossi e-cat!

    It will be recalled that changes in the law are given as the cause of the failure of Rossi’s venturesome Petroldragon project back in the seventies. These changes seem to dog the footsteps of Italian energy pioneers. Another similarity is that both Proia and Rossi have uttered stern threats to pursue slanderers with great rigour. These men have much in common, and must surely be able to collaborate to great mutual advantage.

  • LCD

    I agree with George, very quickly it will spread out. The application of the technology will be the money maker long term. Who integrates it into cars, airplanes, boats, cell phones, etc.

  • Jacob

    Is the Roman Empire era coming back after long absence ?

    • dragonX

      What exactly do you mean by this?

      • Jacob

        I mean Italians dominating all the cold fusion activities.

        • georgehants

          Jacob, I think Cold Fusion will become universal very quickly but if Rossi comes across it must help Italy, (the Romans) but against them will be how they have hounded and failed to back his endeavors while he has struggled to succeed.

          • Jacob

            Well, that the bad human nature we received from our falling big grandfather “Adam”, maliciousness from any successful person even he was relative or brother.

            • georgehants

              Jacob, you only have to look at how the Brits treated Alan Turing and many other poor souls who don’t “fit”.
              There is a campaign here to get him a pardon for the terrible injustice to such a genius.



    Cold fusion, Proia about the E-Cat: ‘We are not afraid of the energy lobbies’

    Cold fusion. Andrea Rossi has now revealed the name of the Italian licensee of E-cat: it’s Prometeon Ltd., whose Commercial Director and Chief is Aldo Proia. The company will handle sales, not production, but certainly Proia knows the secrets of the device and believes in it. So much to invest in its technology. The brave Italian who will bring the E-cat in our country (Italy) has answered to some our questions.

    NM. Dr. Proia, how did your interest in the technology realized by Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi?

    AP. I’ve heard about the E-Cat and the fact that it was presented in Bologna, my hometown. For many months, I did not think about it.. Then, however, the new )Italian) decrees on photovoltaics have penalized the business of large systems of which I was responsible for investments, so I decided to contact Rossi and I’ve presented some investors: by this way, he knew and appreciated me.
    NM. Andrea Rossi has performed, in the past time, demonstrations of E-cat for potential investors. Have U been present at one of these events? What was your opinion on the

    AP. No, at the time I had not yet known Rossi. However, later on I’ve often seen the E-cat running when I visited him in his workshop where he is developing new products, the most immediate of which is a version of 600° C of the thermal E-Cat. I was very impressed by the fact that during the experiments carried out by its employees, the E-Cat worked for at least 12 hours in self sustain mode that is without the need of external electric energy supply.

    NM. We know that your’re coming from the photovoltaic sector. It’s supposed that if U have decided to invest in E-cat, this should be more profitable in economic terms in the long perios. What have been your assessment on that? Why did you decide to leave the PV industry, certainly problematic in many ways, but more safe for others?

    AP. Already, more than a year ago, legislative restrictions have been introduced that have crippled the business of large photovoltaic systems on agricultural land, and the recent Fifth Energy Bill (in Italy, of course) is likely to do the same with other types of plants. But even without these events, the thermal E-Cat is a totally new system and not in competition with PV, while in the future the electric E-Cat could produce electricity at a much lower cost than competing systems.

    NM. Andrea Rossi has repeatedly contradicted himself in his statements, especially when the questions that were raised were purely scientific, related to the mechanism of the device (reactor) potentially revolutionary. U certainly have very detailed information on its technology that for obvious reasons can’t be disclosed. As per your knowledge, what’s your opinion on the indecision of the of E-cat inventor?

    AP. I do not know what are the indecisions U refer to, to so I can’t give a specific answer, but there are already at least 100 possible theories that attempt to explain LENR, i.e. the low energy nuclear reactions, which are believed to be the basis of E-Cat. The theoretical explanation of the phenomenon would thus put in trouble even a scientist, and I think that sometimes Rossi has made some claims based on the idea that gradually was having, based on his experiments. However, knowing him quite well now, I have no doubts about his seriousness.

    NM. There is no doubt that a technology like this could become a true revolution and then the lobby of the energy sector could be “bothered” by a possible success. Not afraid to go against such powers?

    AP. In the era of the Internet it’s virtually impossible to stop a revolution, technological or social, especially when if you don’t make it, the neighboring countries will do it, gaining a competitive advantage potentially enormous. The descent into the field of multinationals now to jump on the train of cold fusion, is a clear indication about the direction taken. We have the perception that even in Italy the awareness of ‘top’ companies is changing.

    NM. There are several E-cat’s potential competitors. Do you think such competitions are concrete and fearsome?

    AP. For Italy, I think not, even in the medium term. In some other countries there might perhaps be a competition in a few years. However it comes to competition for now only on paper, since I am not aware that currently do exist, on the market in the world, other devices except the E-Cat, which generate energy at a very low cost using LENR.

    NM. Many of these competitors, BTW, were early allies of Rossi, Defkalion Green Technologies as initially interested in the production of the E-cat, and Francesco Piantelli, a former colleague of prof. Focardi j on cold fusion. How do you explain these “divorces”?

    AP. With Defkalion I believe it’s has been a failure to comply with the terms of payment, or something so. This should make it clear why now Rossi is trusting very little the others and does not choose rashly his partners and on the basis of purely economic criteria. About Focardi and Piantelli I don’t know, I do not know them personally.

    NM. Among all these divorces, perhaps the most dramatic has been with the University of Bologna, since, while for the others you can think of a purely economic reasons or “personal glory”, this turnabout feeds the doubts of those who think E- cat a technology with little solid scientific basis. What do you think of this story?

    AP. With Rossi we never talked about this “divorce”- as called by the news media, but I do not know if it really was that-because we don’t believe we can quickly formulate a scientific explanation of the technology the E-Cat is based on, and even the validity of the invention is in question. My opinion is that Rossi has simply delayed to give the E-Cat to researchers because of delays with patents and certifications: a university, in fact, objectively, is not the safest place to park an object that contains a trade secret of this relevance.

    NM. We know that for now only the industrial devices are ready for sale and the press release issued by your company shows that the website will be active from autumn to coincide with the official start of activities. Does this mean that industrial E-cat will be sold and physically delivered to the companies concerned? Will both version, low heat and 600°C be available immediately?

    AP. If you order them, Rossi is committed to deliver, at most, within a few months, and the timing also depends on the ordered quantity. The E-Cat for industrial heat at low temperature is already available, while the one at 600 ° C can be already ordered, but it should be available for sale this fall.

    NM. For the home version of E-cat we know that the certification process is longer. Could U predict the timing of this procedure?

    AP. No, it does not depend on Rossi, but on the certifier, which is among the most scrupulous. Moreover, they can be different from country to country, for which a forecast is really impossible.

    NM. One more question: it’s known to the E-cat has got an Italian patent, while the European one is still is still under discussion. Supposing that also the last one is granted, is it possible that trade agreements between you and Rossi could change? If so, how?

    AP. No, for us Italians licensees no change at all.

    Roberta De Carolis

    • Ged

      So he expects the 600 C hot cat to be ready for sale in Autumn? Interesting indeed.

      Thanks a lot for this translation! The guy sure is serious. Too bad about his PV solar panel endeavors.

      • GreenWin

        He’ll do far better with a revolutionary low cost technology than 13% eff intermittent PV. Thank you Captain for the xlation.

    • Aldo Proia comes across as serious, tough and pragmatic. He seems to be exactly the kind of individual that is needed at the moment to take e-cat technology into the marketplace effectively, and to deal with inevitable government and corporate opposition and interference. Rossi should probably consider taking something of a back seat when CF marketing leaves the relatively forgiving environment of the internet for the ‘real world’. I hope that a few of the other European licencees are like Proia – this will not be an arena for amateurs or those who are easily intimidated.

    • Sanjeev

      [i]the one at 600 ° C can be already ordered, but it should be available for sale this fall[/i]

      [b]This is a big news[/b]
      Once this is available, electricity production is a piece of cake.

      • “…while the one at 600 ° C can be already ordered, but it should be available for sale this fall.”

        There is something not right about this translation. Would an Italian be calling Autumn the “fall”?

        This is obviously a USA centric translation.

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    Sort of off-topic in this thread, but this might be new information, although it’s unconfirmed at the moment (can’t verify the source either):

    cc Open Spaces Society,
    Rt. Hon. Martin Caton, M. P. Gower.

    In a message dated 30/07/2012 11:14:25 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

    Dear Kerry,

    the most known development of LENR is the E-CAT technology of Andrea Rossi. I have registered for a conference in Sept. in Zurich where this technology will be presented. This probably is the most promising alternative energy technology being ready for market. Several pilot installations do exist.
    The LENR is a significant example for failure of standard theory of physics. Billions have been spent to develop high temperature nuclear fusion, but none of the theoreticians seems to have realized that there is a much simpler mechanism which is not covered by their models.


    Could anybody help finding more background information behind this?

    • artefact

      I read that blog nearly dayly.
      Horst Eckardt works with Dr. Myron Evans on Dr. Evans theory.

      • artefact

        So this “conference in Sept. in Zurich ” is nice new news

        • Ged

          This may be the September report Rossi eluded to?

          • Ivan Mohorovicic

            I’m starting to wonder if Siemens AG would be more than just a simple “customer”. Apparently according to Cures, Rossi can’t disclose much about current tests because of agreements with the mysterious customer.

            • Ivan Mohorovicic

              Until September, that is.

            • Lu

              Well what will Rossi publish?

              “Dear Francesco Toro:
              In September we will publish a sinthesys of the validation report. The work is going on very well.”

              Does he mean synopsis?

            • Ivan Mohorovicic

              I think he means a summary of the report, not the whole report.

            • Lu

              Well not much difference between the two? I was hoping for the entire report, not an edited version or a report on the report. Will have to see what get. The more data the better.

            • Ged

              All the signs are very much pointing to Siemens as being the other non-Military customer who is doing the third party validation. Meanwhile, Siemens is making move after move that gives them ownership of more Cold Fusion research and assets.

              Considering the economic value of working cold fusion, I can understand why Siemens (or any corporation) would want to only have a synopsis of the report released to the public, and would try to keep up NDA on the more sensitive information. They’d want to keep their economic edge for as long as possible.

            • Iggy Dalrymple

              All the signs are very much pointing to Siemens as being the other non-Military customer

              GED, are you saying that you think Siemens has purchased an E-Cat?

            • Ged

              Maybe, but there’s no way to say for sure yet; I’m just speculating. Could have been Proia, or something totally else we haven’t considered. On the other hand, if Siemens is working to generate electricity from the E-cat, as has been alluded to, then they might want their own plant to do with as they please. So many Siemens coincidences lately, it’s starting to look like they have more of a hand in things than we’ve noticed yet (just like NI had a massive hand in the LENR pie which we never knew till the Rome conference).

              Then again, supposedly 13 1 MW plants were purchased, so… plenty of them to go around to all sorts of people if that is the case.

        • Visitor

          Does someone know which conference he is talking about?

          • georgehants

            From —
            Dr. Myron Evans
            Thoughts on Science, History, Poetry and Politics

            Explanation of cold fusion (exp. by Andrea Rossi) by Sapogin
            To Dr. Horst Eckardt
            Many thanks, if you think that this work is interesting eenough you could invite a review. In “Modern Nonlinear Optics” there are reviews of nonlinear dielectric theory, my Ph. D. supervisor Mansel Davies was working on this type of theory in the sixties, and it was initiated by Piekara and Kielich in the fifties.

      • Ivan Mohorovicic

        I found out that Horst Eckardt also works for Siemens. Coincidence?

        Look at this:

        But other links seem to confirm this too.

        • Ged

          Sure are a lot of Siemens coincidences lately.

        • GreenWin

          This is very interesting. Looks like Eckardt is a ECE unified field theory supporter. This theory completely undoes the Standard Model providing a far simpler approach to electromagnetism, gravity, nuclear strong and weak.

          All this is well known, and billions are wasted on CERN because it is based on a theory that is not only incorrect but one which is full of unobservables such as the Higgs mechanism and boson, and full of adjustable parameters.”

          • GreenWin

            Goodness, this is getting to be more fun.

            • artefact

              thats why I read that blog 😉

            • georgehants

              Are we seeing the beginning of the end of the beginning.

            • artefact

              slightly OT:
              there is a 50min film: The Universe of Myron Evans where Dr. Horst Eckardt is also speaking. Have not seen it, will do it now.

          • AB

            I wonder if the standard model will crumble once LENR becomes accepted as fact.

            • Ged

              I think most of the Standard Model is reasonably shown. What would happen is we’d add an extra layer/dimension to the Model, and it would change.

        • artefact

          That should be the reason of his attendance. In the blog, even related, Rossi was not (often) mentioned. So his work for Siemens is a better reason

          • GreenWin

            Eckhardt is very much involved with promoting ECE Theory. It is interesting in that it adds spin resonance or torsion to the standard model. There is little mention of how this affects the nuclear forces – but I have not read the 130+page paper.

            I have watched the film posted by artefact. Very cool, but one item pops up as problematic. They challenge the veracity of red shift observations, suggesting it possible for “interstellar matter” to be slowing the movement of light – not the speed of the star moving away from us. OK. Blue shift supports this. As do quasars with zero shifted light.

            But they go on to question dark matter. OK. But they have yet to describe the “interstellar matter” that is slowing light. Perhaps they do in the papers – this is new to me. One thought, light in BECs slows way down…

            Jeremy Dunning-Davies who speaks well at the end of the film evangelizes for OPEN-minded science. He and Georgehants would make fine friends. There is a hint Davies sees the opportunity for energy from neutrons – like we are seeing in LENR. With Ni-H2 systems producing commercial heat – only an astonishingly ignorant media and science community will continue to play dumb.

            • Joseph Fine

              Have you considered the possibility that there actually is an astonishingly ignorant media and science community?

              “Do you know the difference between ignorance and apathy?” “No. I don’t know and I don’t care.”

            • GreenWin

              No Joseph, fifty years of human experience confirms not everyone behaves ignorantly in the same manner. A real press ALWAYS has intrepid investigate journalists.

            • Joseph Fine


              Of course, Santilli is controversial, but so is Rossi. The truth is controversial sometimes.

    • GreenWin

      The Open Spaces Society or OSS… Is Britain’s oldest conservation society:

      “Our aim is to protect, increase, enhance and champion the common land, village greens, open spaces and public rights of way in England and Wales, and the public’s right to enjoy them.”

      Rt Hon. Martin Caton, M. P. Gower – 2012 House of Commons

      • They (OSS) tend to be very ‘anti’ anything visible in the countryside, such as wind turbines and pylons, like several similar groups such as the Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE). Perhaps they are looking for a viable alternative energy source they can lobby for that does not involve either. LENR correctly implemented would foot the bill rather nicely if that’s the case.

        • GreenWin

          Probably why many wind farms are proposed for off-shore. I do love the right of way across the UK countryside. Makes hiking wonderful.

          • I thought that until I wrecked my ankle while climbing over some rocks a few years ago!

    • hammerskoj

      For Deutchland und die Schweitz google “Inge und Adolf Schneider”. Die beide haben einen Besuch bei Rossi gleichzeitig mit den Inder gemacht. Ich habe auch einige sehr schoene Bildern gefunden [zum Beispiel von remote control module], dann habe ich sie verloren. A pity!

  • dragonX

    670 Million people in India are now without Electrical power for almost a day. I urge the LENR inventors and companies to put on the market immediately a Cold Fusion device linked to a thermo-electrical device or a sterling engine, so we can buy it and donate it to people in India/Africa/South America and provide those people with cheap power.
    No? Well, it was worth trying to ask for it…

    • Hampus

      With future cold fusion home devices being soo cheap they can buy their own 🙂

  • Filip47

    Good heavens, would I like to see that Ecat running in self-sustaining mode.

  • Barry

    “…in the world of the Internet, he believes it is impossible to stop a revolution.”

    Love it or hate it, the internet is a tool of empowerment that we are just beginning to use. We hear so many paradigms but everything is changing faster and faster making it hard to predict where we will be in five short years.

    The time has come for (peaceful) internet revolutions.

  • Francesco CH

    More about the snake:

    Andrea Rossi
    July 31st, 2012 at 8:03 AM

    Dear Giovanni Guerrini:
    Now I explain a tragi-comic behaviour of the Snake: since now everybody knows that “Gary Wright” is the Snake, he changed mask: now he is Charles Branson !!!! With this name he contacted a licensee of us and saying he was making a due diligence to buy a plant, he obtained instructions manual and various information: basically, he is making espionage for the company that pays him, using the name of Charles Branson !!!! Of course all this magnificent s**t has enriched the Attorney Docket we are preparing. We have been able to bind the name of the snake to this operation , we got evidence of it by means of our intelligence system.
    Warm Regards,
    p.s. Maybe Charles Branson has to be informed that the snake is using his name to make industrial espionage. We can give to his Attorney the evidence of this.

  • Jeff Clark

    Why is he wearing a winter coat?

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      Photos were made back in Winter (February?).
      The MW plant wasn’t running, if you managed to see the latest videos from Wright you would understand that’s because at that time it was still being worked on before being shipped to its customer.

      Proia’s agreement with Andrea Rossi has been disclosed only recently, but it all happened earlier this year.

      • Ged

        Wonder of Proia bought one himself.