E-Cat Videos and Documents Made Public [Update: Rossi Comments, Videos Removed]

Two videos and some documents have been published on Gary Wright’s Shutdownrossi.com site that were apparently shot at Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat factory in Bologna during a visit of Roger Green from E-Cat Australia in February of this year. Gary Wright has also published a copy of the license between E-Cat Australia and Leonardo Corp which covers the licensing of E-Cat sales and distribution for the Indian subcontinent. In addition, there is a copy of an NDA published by E-Cat Australia, and mention of some emails (not posted yet).

After a review of the videos, I don’t see anything that could be considered damaging to Andrea Rossi or Leonardo Corp. here. Most of the video time is taken up with Andrea Rossi talking to visitors from Australia and India about the E-Cat, along with a tour of the factory and an examination of an E-Cat unit as well as a 1 MW plant. Rossi’s discussions in these videos seem to square very well with his many other public statements.

A couple of interesting details that come out in the videos are that Rossi states that William Donovan, who is listed in E-Cat Australia publications as their technical adviser, is working on a system for converting heat directly to electricity. Also, Rossi shows his visitors a ‘black box’, which Rossi states records everything that goes in in the 1 MW plant and makes phone calls to security if anything is tampered with.

According to Wright, the information seems to have been provided to Gary Wright by someone described only as “Robert” who apparently received the documents from Roger Green of E-Cat Australia. Wright states that “Robert” refused to sign an NDA (listed on the site) with E-Cat Australia, and that Green allowed him to take the documents.

The documents can be seen at the following links:

http://shutdownrossi.com/?page_id=779 (1 MW Manual)
http://shutdownrossi.com/?page_id=768 (Emails — none listed yet)
http://shutdownrossi.com/?page_id=771 (NDA from E-Cat Australia)
http://shutdownrossi.com/?page_id=775 (Contract between E-Cat Australia and Leonardo Corp)

UPDATE: The videos have now been taken down from the hosting site.

Andrea Rossi made this statement today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics.

I received some emails asking what can I say of a site of a guy who says his name is Gary Wright, who is an appassionate attacker of the work of mine and of our employees: as most of you know, we have very good intelligence, for obvious reasons, therefore here is the information:
Gary Wright is not a person, it is a pseudonym of….THE SNAKE !!!!
This coward knows that we are preparing a suit for him, therefore has invented the pseudonym Gary Wright to continue his work, which consists in getting money in change of the attempt to discredit out work. If you search Gary Wright, you will easily discover this, as our intelligence friends did. He is paid full time to discredit our work because his puppeteers are strongly worried about our work.
And they are right. Their mistake has been to pay an imbecile like this: there are around much better puppet-snakes. For a fee I could suggest tens of them.
Andrea Rossi

Another comment from Rossi on this matter:

Andrea Rossi
July 31st, 2012 at 8:03 AM

Dear Giovanni Guerrini:
Now I explain a tragi-comic behaviour of the Snake: since now everybody knows that “Gary Wright” is the Snake, he changed mask: now he is Charles Branson !!!! With this name he contacted a licensee of us and saying he was making a due diligence to buy a plant, he obtained instructions manual and various information: basically, he is making espionage for the company that pays him, using the name of Charles Branson !!!! Of course all this magnificent s**t has enriched the Attorney Docket we are preparing. We have been able to bind the name of the snake to this operation , we got evidence of it by means of our intelligence system.
Warm Regards,
p.s. Maybe Charles Branson has to be informed that the snake is using his name to make industrial espionage. We can give to his Attorney the evidence of this.

  • Max S

    the uploading of e-mails has started: http://shutdownrossi.com/?page_id=759

  • John W. Ratcliff

    Just a brief comment about this Gary person. When the shutdownrossi site was being created, the person behind it sent me an email about it. I have written articles critical of Rossi in the past, even though nothing would make me happier than to learn that his device actually does work.

    This Gary person assumed that I was a Rossi ‘hater’, and therefore a potential friend/supporter of his cause.

    I am not a Rossi hater, what I am is a Rossi skeptic. As I am generally skeptical of all claims when sufficient proof has not been provided. Rossi talks a good game but, to date, has provided nothing even remotely close to convincing evidence for his claims. But, I really do hope that his device is real and works. I’ve even wondered if the fact that he comes off as such a giant flake is working in his favor. Since no one is taking him particularly seriously he may just manage to get a product to market before ‘the powers that be’ can shut him down with FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt).

    My point about Gary is this. After he sent me his ‘join my cause’ email I replied by cautioning him about what he was doing. I pointed out that, to date, not a single person involved with Rossi has claimed they have been defrauded. I also pointed out that things he was stating could easily be considered libelous and he might be headed for a lot of lawsuits.

    Here is the exact text of the email I send him:

    “Yeah, I really do not support this. Has Rossi taken your money? He hasn’t taken any of mine. Nor do I know of a single individual or company complaining that he has committed fraud in this venture. And, even if that were the case, it’s up to the courts to decide.

    You also might consider that your efforts could be construed as libel; you might want to consult an attorney.

    While I agree that Rossi appears extremely suspicious, there are still a lot of open questions. The biggest one being that he has not, to date, nor to my knowledge, defrauded anyone.

    I really would caution you. The last time I made a post on the internet accusing someone of fraud it cost me thousands of dollars in legal fees.

    I’m not sure this is really *your* fight.

    LENR is doing just fine, and Andrea Rossi is really just a sideshow at this point.”

  • Francesco CH

    Here you can find the complete video:


  • hammerskoj

    Gluck [a supporter of Defkalion] writes:
    … Rossi has tried a demo for PopSci and it was not a convincing success.
    [http:[email protected]/msg68168.html]
    Today is truly a bad day for eCat …

    • Ged

      “Convincing success”? So it was a success, but not convincing? Sounds like rumor mill, and don’t see anything at all to substantiate it.

      • hammerskoj

        “not a convincing success” = “failure”, as euphemism

        • Ged

          Not a success would be euphemism for a failure. Not a convincing success is not a normal euphemism in the science world. It would imply success but with doubts.

    • Lu

      I’m in a conspiratorial mood today.

      Jim Dunn mentioned in his report on the LENR conference at Williamsburg (www.pesn.com) that Pop. Sci. will be writing an article about LENR and will be visiting Rossi, Dekalion, and others.

      Jim Dunn works appears to work for Defkalion.

      Peter Gluck talks to Defkalion.

      Peter Gluck is reporting that Rossi’s demo didn’t go well.

      Connect the dots as to the source of Peter Gluck’s information?

      • Ged

        Defkalion has a lot to gain by sinking Rossi. He’s their real main competitor, taking all their thunder. And considering their technology is based on his, they are direct competitors indeed.

        I would never trust a rumor from Defkalion (which this certainly is); I think they’ve lost their right for that sort of shenanigan.

        • Lu

          The rumor came from Peter Gluck but maybe come from Jim Dunn who would have spoken to the Pop Sci reporter. Just conjecture. So this is more like heresay if I’m correct.

          • Ged

            I completely agree with you. It’s like that old telephone game children play.

            • dragonX

              Still. It will be interesting to get close to PopSci and asked them directly if they are going after commercial LENR in their next issue or not.
              If they watch a E-Cat demo or even a Hyperion demo, I will be very curious what the PopSci editor has to say about these demos.

  • well, the website shutdownrossi.com is interesting, to say the least.
    One should deal with the facts and arguments if there are any facts and argument. I don´t like when critics are killed without serious debate.
    However, in this case I am still waiting to see what is the smoking gun. No video, no e-mails.
    From the contract revealed we can see that Rossi is asking for real money along with placing an order. 400 tsd USD for the 1MW unit. Here is the danger. You don´t know when it is supplied, and if the seller is still solvent to pay back if it doesn´t work. Here is the trap if it should be a hoax.

    • AB

      I have put serious thought into the possibility of a fraud but the story is too complex and the circumstantial evidence too much for it to make sense at this point.

      A hoax like you describe is actually unlikely. Promising to deliver a system with certain specs, taking the money for it and not delivering would be a criminal act. It also makes little sense from an economical point of view. Rossi can earn a good salary with his experience and patents in other areas. He is not poor and desperate. The price of the 1 MW unit isn’t worth the risk to become a wanted criminal for the rest of his life. Furthermore, he’s been making and developing ecats for at least two years which means he already has invested a significant amount of money into this venture.

      The only way a fraud would make sense if BIG investment money was involved because one could take the money and feign that things didn’t work out as planned. Nothing illegal there (unless it can be proven that it was all made up). Rossi is past the investment phase though. He has received money from AmpEnergo (200 million US dollars) in late 2010 and didn’t run away with it. He’s still here and has made visible progress until October 2011 where he stopped releasing material and perform demos.

      To this add the circumstantial evidence in favor of the ecat and it appears more likely that the ecat is genuine (at least to me). With circumstantial evidence I mean for example Prof. Focardi stating in a TEDx talk that he has personally participated in early stages of ecat R&D back in 2007 or so and measured gamma emissions himself. There is a mountain of this sort of circumstantial evidence (too much to list).

      • Ged

        And then NI’s involvement, the licensees, and the growing interest of other corporations starting to leak out from behind the scenes. The cast of this show is exploding exponentially at the moment; and still Rossi remains in the center actually working away. Every leak we get is just a picture of a corporation being hard at work developing and releasing technology.

        Be extremely difficult to be a hoax now.

      • Being a scientist myself, I am not convinced. The technical explanations are so absurd, the patent description so vague, that nobody should buy in without convincing scientific evidence. Circumstantial evidence is not good enough.
        Here is what Wright has to say in this context
        “….Rossi will send out purchase orders to everyone on his buy list. After a short period of time after taking the money, with no e-cats being shipped of course, Rossi will leave the USA and go into hiding. Just like he ran from Italy and went into hiding in the USA after his crimes in Italy. Maybe Rossi will go into hiding with his friends in Greece, Australia, or Sweden – all those who helped him make millions off of this e-cat Farce?” These are his words, not mine. But fact is we cannot be sure before 3rd parties have verified or real users give testimonials after using for a while and provide evidence for excess energy.

        • AlainCo

          “just like he ran from Italy and went into hiding in the USA after his crimes in Italy. ”

          not a good criminal… he was working for DoD in US (not very protective for foreigners), then get back in vacation in italy… stupid or moderately honest(he seems that he just tried to avoid bankruptcy after a backstab of government, remoted by green and maybe waste Mafia).

  • hammerskoj

    the “SNAKE” shuts up, withdraws videos and holds back the promised emails.
    An [auto-inflicted] flop or the silence before the blast?

    • Ged

      Considering the things he released help Rossi’s case, not hinder, it’s kinda hilarious.

      And obviously, this subterfuge has stirred up a nest he wasn’t prepared to deal with. He’s in potentially real trouble now.

      • hammerskoj

        Rossi quotation:
        “Their mistake has been to pay an imbecile like this”
        The fading quality of today’s felons ….

        • Ged

          I swear it’s like watching some sort of British comedy.

          • hammerskoj

            Yes, but now I am waiting the blood.

    • GreenWin

      Heh heh… not just a guy shooting himself in the foot. This is a full-on head shot. A candidate for the Zarcoff Island Hunt.

  • GreenWin

    BUSY day in LENR world! Putting the snake drama aside, I have found interesting reports of Mizuno/Abundo/Hydrotron-type cold fusion from US High School students going back to 2003! Dr. John Dash of Portland State has had summer students doing Pd/D2O experiments:

    ““Our experiment is very rudimentary electrolysis of palladium in a D 2O and Sulfuric Acid electrolyte, running under modest current (from 3-4 amps) with a non-reactive identical control cell for comparison of heat flow. So far, we’ve analyzed temperature readings and found that the cells used so far produce on average 0.5 watts, and as high as 0.9 watts as excess. Also, we’ve analyzed the palladium cathodes of similar experiments and found anywhere from 2 to 20% of unaccounted for silver with an SEM after electrolysis from cathodes that produced excess heat.”

    Excellent photos, links and background. Gotta love the sign above the experiment: “Resistance is Futile.” Nice work guys!!


    • GreenWin

      Here’s a slideshow of the kids’ experiment in 2003 demonstrating excess heat and Pd–>Ag transmutation.


      Anyone wonder why it has taken so long for these results – done by high school kids have not resulted in public funds to further investigate LENR???

      • Barry

        Great slideshow! Thanks GreenWin

        • John Dash is still to this day mentoring high school kids. They are running an experiment right now.

  • hammerskoj

    From Rossi blog:

    … basically, he is making espionage for the company that pays him, using the name of Charles Branson !!!! Of course all this MAGNIFICENT s**t has enriched the attorney docket we are preparing …

    • hammerskoj

      … Sir Charles Branson chairman of Virgin Group Ltd!

      • GreenWin

        Do not mix up Charles Branson (fictitious serpent) with Richard Branson, adventurer and Virgin Chair, and Charles Bronson, action movie star of the “Death Wish” films.

      • Ivan Mohorovicic

        So was he actually impersonating that guy? I figured the “Charles Branson” name he used was some sort of parody of “Charles Bronson”, the actor who usually impersonated the lone gunman seeking justice in Western movies. That fits Wright’s “mission”.

  • hammerskoj

    Why eCat Australia post a paper:
    demonstrating that in a Pd-H electrolytic system: “the
    hypothesis that transmutation phenomena could be
    responsible for the detected impurities is not supported”?

  • Ivan Mohorovicic
    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      Admin: it’s becoming more and more difficult to post comments since it appears they get rejected without further notification or reason why (comments used to be put in moderation when more than 2 links were added, but it appears this is a different problem). I couldn’t manage to quote here Rossi’s further comment about Wright, most of my comments attempts disappeared into void.

    • Andrea (The Mongoose) Rossi recoils when THE SNAKE strikes but when the opportunity arises THE MONGOOSE attacks with deadly force.

  • Pachu

    After reading several pags of that website, and since im not english native speaker i can recognise the “way of write things”, and i think this:

    1) Its the same person Rossi says (aka the clown).
    2) Cant find any hard evidence of it been a scam, going to keep reading but i already know Rossi talks a lot and hasnt yet much done…

  • Andrew Macleod

    I knew long ago he was on some ones payroll…. Anyone who claims to have spent $50k investigating(discrediting) someone to save some “poor” investor some money has other motives. I hope he has been paid well, in the end he will have only discredited himself and destroyed his career.

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    Here’s a new interview to Aldo Proia (Prometeon). It’s in Italian, so translators please step forward!


    • Francesco CH

      He says something which is verrrrry important: he saw the E-Cat working in self sustaining mode for more than 12 hours!!!

      • Lu

        Rossi says that running in prolonged self-sustained mode is dangerous but under his watch he has done so and has achieved COPs of 300 or so. I think he says that a normal E-Cat runs in self-sustained mode about 1/2 the time (correct me if I am wrong) for a COP of 6.

        I used to believe that the COP of 6 was fixed but it appears that is not the case. Rossi throttles things away from prolonged self-sustained mode for safety reasons. In the video he says he needs to be present when running during these times but I do not see why he cannot put that knowledge into the controller and thus improve the COP.

        The other point I want to make is that if it is dangerous at some point then Rossi has to show that it is not dangerous when running in normal mode. It seems to me that he can only do this with theory and/or many, many hours of operation. This is why the certification may take a very long time.

        • Robert Mockan

          We need “dangerous” defined. Rossi has only said the catalyst may destroy itself from high temperature. No mention of things blowing up. My take on this is that once loaded with hydrogen and reacting, there must be a point when the activation method he is using to control the reaction can be removed, and the reaction will continue at least for a time. That would be self sustaining as is commonly understood in the LENR field. So what does that mean? To me it means the reaction may generate enough heat to damage the catalyst before it begins to decrease in intensity, once the catalyst is charged with enough hydrogen in a reactive state. The solution to the problem of running the reactor at peak power and peak temperature may be as simple as having a fail safe to shut it down if sensors indicate it is about to go critical. The object is to remove the heat and stop the reaction. Perhaps flooding the reactor chamber with liquid nitrogen could do that without damaging the catalyst. At least something to think about when designing a LENR power system for personal submarines.

    • AB

      Proia once again comes across as sensible and intelligent person.

      • Ged

        You know, Proia is probably the strongest supporting evidence for Rossi’s case now. A guy like that means business, is no stranger to investments, has a sharp mind, and has a good sense of vision (able to get out of a market as it starts to tumble and find a new one as it begins to emerge).

        Convincing a guy like that to get on board means you’ve gotta have something tangible he feels confident enough will earn him a huge return for his efforts.

    • I’ll try to put down an english trans ASAP.