Athanor 2.0: The Hydrotron [Update: Video Posted]

It has not been very easy to find out what has been happening with the Pirelli High School’s cold fusion reactor (named the Athanor) which was introduced earlier this year — at least English language sources discussing it have been hard to find. A comment today from Ugo Abundo, the professor who leads the research, on indicates that there has been considerable work going on with the project, and it’s now to the point where the second generation reactor — the Hydrotron — has been launched. Abundo writes:

Today we assembled and turned on for the first time “Hydrotron”, the post school heir of Athanor, faithfully replicating its predecessors’ inspiring principles, but reinterpreting them towards a simplification of both design and operation in order to make measurements easier, main purpose around which it’s been built. It will therefore become easier for us to validate the principles on which the Anathor design was based on, over which there are ongoing “efforts” toward difficult measurements according to the common protocol [we’ve agreed to, as you know].

As soon as we’ll have some free time we’ll send Daniele (who will be able to publish it if he will find it interesting) a photo comparison between Athanor and Hydrotron, and the “live” file of today’s first ignition. The new reactor kept working continuously for about an hour. The reason for turning it off? It was boringly stable and we wanted to go back home. Have we taken measurements? Not yet, we expect to make some experience with Athanor’s [testing] protocol first, which will obviously be transferable to Hydrotron. But do we already have first impressions? The same you’ll have yourself after watching the video (so that nobody will hammer at us… ).
All the best.
Ugo Abundo

From what Abundo wrote it seems that he has sent photographs comparing the Anathor and Hydrotron which may be published soon. They are not recording or reporting any measurements — the reason being, it seems, is that they want replicators to do that work. The whole idea behind the Pirelli project is that the plans of the reactor are made public so anyone with an interest can build a reactor and test it themselves.

UPDATE: Here is the video of the Hydrotron:

If anyone reading here is involved in replication it would be nice to hear how things are going.

  • News coming from Italy, or better say from Italians (scientists), show that the LENR technology is going on very quickly: Rossi, Celani, Piantelli…
    Very soon new working products should be ready for the market, here and there, not only in the states.
    Obviously validations/certifications are needed and necessary, but IMO in this time of global competition there should be a limit of time more reasonable to get things done.
    For Rossi’s domestic e-cat, how long to wait? 1, 2 or 3 yrs?
    And in the meantime the competition, say Defkalion or others, could they get the same goals in other countries and in a much shorter time?
    IMO Rossi is very very cautious in his job (COP 6 … but we’ve heard time ago that during early torture tests that explosions occur around COPs of 350-400! – and this just to render the idea): COP6, absolutely stable, non probs at all and easy to be shielded. In a few words, Rossi has given the UL certificators the simplest, the most economic, the most tested domestic appliance to be approved/validated ASAP.
    For said reasons, it should be expected a short time of validation before putting the domestic E-Cat on the market in the states.

  • AusonicMan

    Situation about LENR is paradoxical in Italy. From one side italian free-thinking scientists are in pole position about research in LENR phenomenon and industrial groups are approaching with pragmatic mind this new frontier thinking like a pioneer that heads for gaining a new territory; from the other side there is a, somehow primeval, hostility from main stream italian scientific establishment that border on fanatism.

  • hammerskoj

    Old but VERY interesting video:
    See DUNCAN at University of Missouri, too.

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      Haven’t Energetics Technologies moved to the USA recently?

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    It looks like Ugo Abundo now has a Twitter account:

  • I’m convinced that cold fusion/LENR developers are among the most naive people in the world when it comes to publicity. They simply don’t realize how much good it does them, how many investors and sales it can bring and how much the public wants to hear about their achievements. When their great day comes, they may find that science editors ignore them because there has been nothing written about them in major news publications before. In this case, they have not primed the pump. For me, the validation by six science teams of the BlackLight Power hydrino devices and theory was earth-shattering, but I am unaware of a single publication of national repute that wrote a word about it. Will that happen to AR, Brillouin, JET Energy, Nanospire, DGT and the rest? I would not be surprised. The lack of fresh news on this site – which is not the fault of Frank, whom I am sure scours the Internet for news – is indicative. As a newspaper editor and a journalist for 44 years, I think I know whereof I speak.

    • georgehants

      Joe Shea, do you not think the fault lie’s with the journalists and editors and more likely their paymasters.
      If we forget the methods used by Rossi et al, who are quite entitled to handle the situation as they see fit and just look at the published papers and now the open announcements of the Italian school, silence.
      It is very difficult to shy away from the Evidence of a clear conspiracy of silence, as any journalist worth his salt would be all over such a breakthrough in technology.
      One does not take notice of premier scientific journals etc. as their incompetent bias and establishment following are well recorded and recognised.
      One need only look at the 23 year history, to recognise that something out of the ordinary, like with many subjects in science, has and is occurring, with a clear campaign to hide and cover-up Cold Fusion in general.
      If you where, with your 44 years experience, editor of say the guardian, would you consider the proven cover-up and current Evidence for Cold Fusion to be a subject that you should publish, or what reasons would you give for not doing so.

      • A case in point may be ‘Brown’s gas’ welders, which are now becoming widely available commercially (, principally in Asia There is even a UK-made ‘oxyhydrogen’ unit with CE certification (HFlame® by ITM Power of Sheffield) although the maker is very careful not to mention anything beyond oxygen-hydrogen on-demand electrolysis. Despite this, nary a word in MSM.

        This is a technology in some ways similar to LENR that ‘can’t work’ according to conventional physics, and the concept of low energy electrolysis is still regularly ridiculed by mainstream science, even as welders are being sold, and other applications such as fuel saving are found. This technology is revolutionary (the flame characteristics are very weird), information is widespread on the web, yet as far as I am aware there has never been a word about it in the press or on TV. I’m sure all the manufacturers must have tried to get some free publicity with press releases and demos – but nothing.

        This story could presage the way small-scale LENR rolls out, with (as some commenters here have predicted) early adoption in Asia where the hand of TPTB is weak, and only gradual leakage back to the West.

      • Filip

        Denial of CF by of the scientific community is probable.
        There’s credibility at stake.
        When it comes to general media: Supply and Demand.
        Media delivers what sells, nothing more.
        What John Doe needs is: a change of mentality.
        CF-news doesn’t sell, it’s boring. Untill it’s on the market and people can save loads of money.
        No consperacy for me, newspapers only want to survive. The competition is fierce.
        Scientists also have morgages, wifes, children, mistresses, diseasses, ego’s, doubts, it’s al a matter of survival. There’s no: one for all all for one.

        • Filip47

          That’s me.

    • Visitor

      I would suggest everyone to do what i’ve done – I’ve posted a direct request to the Israeli prime minister on his Facebook wall, asking him to order his relevant peoples to look into the new enrgy technologies. I’ve worte an article, Summarizing all new developments and companies including BlackLight, Energetics, Rossi Etc. This Facebook wall is monitored 24/7 by dozens of jurnalists and by his own chamber. No one can ignore it now.
      Do the same with your countries and together we will force them to act.

      • Filip47

        Is a copy of your article available?

        • Visitor

          Of course but it’s in Hebrew:

          פתרונות אנרגיה חלופיים – למה ישראל לא שם?

          כאדם החוקר את נושא ייצור האנרגיה מזה זמן רב, הנני פונה אליך על מנת להפנות את תשומת ליבך לפתרונות טכנולוגיים מתקדמים בעלי פוטנציאל עצום לפתרון בעיית האנרגיה והנסתרים, לעת עתה, ממודעות כלל הציבור ואף מגורמי מפתח במשק האנרגיה בישראל.
          זה לא סוד כי בעולם כיום נעשים מחקרים רבים למציאת מקורות אנרגיה ירוקים חילופיים לנפט, פחם וגז.
          מה שכן לא תופס את עיני כלל הציבור ובעלי ענין היא העובדה כי ישנם כבר לא מעט גורמים שהצליחו במשימה והעומדים לקראת יצירת מהפכה עולמית שתיטיב עם האנושות בקנה מידה המשתווה להמצאת הגלגל.
          להלן סקירה קצרה מאוד של חלק מהגורמים הללו והישגיהם. על כל אחד מהגורמים קיים הרבה מאוד חומר ברשת הניתן לאיתור בקלות רבה.
          Energetic Technologies
          חברה אמריקאית/ישראלית שפיתחה טכנלוגיה מהפכנית לייצור אנרגיה ב”היתוך קר”. החברה הייתה ממוקמת במשך שנים רבות ביישוב עומר ולאחרונה עברה לאר”הב תוך שמירה על חשאיות מירבית. החברה מורכבת ממדענים ישראלים מובילים בתחומם.
          Energetic עומדת בזמן הקרוב להתחיל בייצור והפצה של המוצר.

          BlackLight Power
          חברת BlackLight הנה חברה אמריקאית הקיימת שנים רבות שהצליחה לפתח טכנולוגיה לייצור חשמל ממים.
          החברה עומדת לפני ייצור מסחרי של מוצריה לאחר שעמדה במבחני גורמים מדעיים בלתי תלויים.
          אתר החברה:

          חברה יוונית שעברה לאחרונה מיוון לקנדה. החברה הצליחה לפתח טכנולוגיה ליצירת אנרגיה מ-“היתוך קר”. החברה עומדת לצאת בקרוב עם מוצר מסחרי.
          אתר החברה:

          E-Cat Leonardo Corp
          החברה מבוססת על טכנולוגיית “היתוך קר” שפיתח המדען אנדריאה רוסי. לחברה כבר מספר זכיינים ברחבי העולם המקבלים הזמנות למוצר המיועד למפעלים.
          אתר הזכיין באוסטרליה:
          כתבה בכלכליסט:,7340,L-3567899,00.html

          לכל החברות הר”מ וחברות נוספות קיים מידע רב נוסף באינטרנט אותו בוודאות ימצאו הגורמים עליהם תטיל את משימת המחקר.
          ידוע לי כי רבים מסובביך, בעלי אינטרסים וגם כאלו שלא, ינסו למנוע העמקת חקירת הנושא והבאתם לישראל של פתרונות אלו, אולם בטוחני כי בשימת ידך ומעקב צמוד עד הצגת הפתרונות, תצליח לדלג מעל משוכות אלו ולהביא מזור לבעיות האנרגיה של ישראל.
          אנא דרוש מגורמי משרדך לחקור את המידע ולהציג בפניך את האפשרויות ליישום.

          בטוחני כי העם בישראל יודה לך במשך שנים ארוכות על כך שאתה הוא זה שהרים את הכפפה והביא ארצה את הפתרונות שישנו את פני המדינה.

          • georgehants

            Of course but it’s in Hebrew:
            , Alternative energy solutions – why Israel is not there? A person who studies the issue of energy production for a long time, I am asking you to turn your attention to advanced technological solutions to solve a huge potential and latent energy problem, for now, awareness of the general public and key factors in the energy sector. It’s no secret that the world today, many studies are done to find alternative green energy sources for oil, coal and gas. What did not catch the eyes of the general public and interested parties is the fact that there are quite a few factors that are managed the task and toward creating a global revolution to benefit humanity scale comparable to the invention of the wheel. The following very brief overview of some of these factors and their achievements. On each factor is a lot of online material that can easily detect. . Energetic Technologies An American / Israeli developed a revolutionary Tcnlogy cold B”hitoc energy production. ” The company was located in the community for many years and recently moved Omar Lar”hb while maintaining the utmost secrecy. Israeli society is composed of leading scientists. Energetic is soon to begin production and distribution of the product. Taste:

          • Filip47

            THX to you and google!

  • hammerskoj

    Last news form Cures on e-Cat, via Google Translate, slighty edited:
    … “The current stability has been validated with test of hundreds of e-Cat for tens of thousands of hours. The gained experience allows to adjust the output power with ease. But there’s only the mere evidence to prove it. If you switch to a production of millions of pieces, the most unlikely events could occur. Not to mention the incidents created on purpose. So, if you don’t have behind you a sound theory allowing you to show that the project meets basic criteria of maximum safety and practicability, you risks to be involved a lawsuit, without the means to defend yourself.” …

  • hammerskoj

    Last post of “CURES”, very interesting:
    Use Google Translate

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      I think there’s no such a thing as “zero risk”. It’s all a matter of how serious are the worst case, risks, how probable they are, and how fault safe is a device in the case of malfunction.

      I find it peculiar that for new and revolutionary products unreasonable amounts of safety are needed, yet you can hurt or get hurt very easily with many other ones that have been sold for decades.

      • Ivan Mohorovicic

        The message of “30 Luglio 2012 12:54” is extremely interesting, we need a professional translation for that.

        Anyway, hammerskoj, maybe we shouldn’t expose that user too much to the public? He’s telling people things Rossi wouldn’t never say in public, even though they aren’t that critical for him.

        • admin

          Another post today from Cures:

          “Remote monitoring is good but not enough against tampering. The reaction stops automatically when the nickel is melted and this is a very firm security guarantee. But there are phenomena in nature is not so quick to give time for the material to melt. These phenomena, never occurred during the tests, can not be excluded from the theoretical point of view because there is no accepted theory and evidence that describes exactly what happens in the crystal lattice

          As for doubting that I hope will gain adherents Pana so lets time fix things, Rossi has very recently allowed to make independent and objective measures in front of guests who fear the publicity like the devil. During all the activity was kindly invited to do the background noise.

          For the first time ever on the analysis on the data measured, very laborious, have confirmed beyond doubt that the presence of a power generator similar to a source Nuclear. And it is a generator powerful, stable, and that you can turn on and off at will but the confidentiality imposed by the guests completely eliminates the validity of the measure. As well not exist. I’m pressing Rossi because they do make Unibo measures to put an end to having to jump through hoops to regain credibility and product placement in big business without the hassles of marketing against which slams. It seems that consideration of the marketing has convinced It will be seen”

          Not a great translation, but it seems that Mr. Cures is pressing Rossi to make more data public, and maybe that is the reason why the big report is going to be released.

          • hammerskoj

            A bit ‘massaged’ text:

            … “Remote monitoring is a good defence against “final owners” tampering but this, from a strong security viewpoint, don’t suffice. It’s true that the reaction stops automatically when the nickel melts and this is a very firm security guard, but there are phenomena in nature so quick that the metal has no time to melt. These phenomena, although never occurred during the tests, can not be excluded in principle from a theoretical viewpoint because at the time being there is no theory of that happens EXACTLY in the crystal lattice” …

            • hammerskoj

              A note:
              If anything go wrong, a blast would occur both in industrial and domestic eCat (the speed of process is exactly the same). Why industrial eCat is judged safer? In both case, we are speaking of an out-of-control NUCLEAR process.

            • Ged

              If the crystal lattice is destroyed in any sense, the process cannot continue (there can be no blast, except for over pressuring of steam from sudden heating, which could lead to a steam explosion if there are not good enough safety valves to vent). So you can’t go out of control other than make enough heat to melt nickel. Which, is still a dangerous amount of heat!

              The industrial version is in or on a container, and probably has better measures for dealing with such a heat overload. A home unit, rated for only 120 C if it spiked to 1500 C, could indeed be more dangerous to normal residential occupants, as there’s probably less ability to cool and deal with such a heat source.

            • hammerskoj

              Without a valid theory it is very difficult to foresee all failure modes of a Ni-H system. In the past have take place several sudden explosions in Pd-H electrolityc experiences, with energy density presumably lower that Ni-H “dry” system charge.

        • hammerskoj

          Obviously Cures is well aware that he is speaking in an open forum …

          • Ged

            I wonder if he does it on purpose to try to push Rossi forward.

            • hammerskoj

              May be, anyway he [CURES] appears to me very authoritative, I would say with a military bias.

      • Omega Z


        Yes, there’s many products in homes that can be dangerous. But many of these were in use long before we had the regulations we have today. Though many are relatively safe today due to modern technology, many were very dangerous in the past.