LENR Education — Slideshow by Tyler van Houwelingen

I was very impressed with this recently updated slideshow entitled “Is Commercial Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) the Real Deal?” created by Tyler van Houwelingen which presents a comprehensive overview and analysis of the current state of LENR. Lots of details are packed into a well organized presentation here.

  • Gregory Lee

    I have been following LENR process for last 2 years. Most specifically Nickel+Hydrogen=Copper process. Tyler has presented in short format most of reports eschewed by believers/hopefulls and discredited by shills/doubtingToms. I think he did mighty good job archiving history of Dr. Rossi for the most part.

    But I do think he is not well informed on behind stories and reasons why those other exclusively individualistic inventors were lelegated to ” Scam” section. Just because they didn’t make it to commercial market doesn’t mean it was scam. I for one also have few inventions albeit none caustic towards existing power as those , nonetheless they didn’t make it to market.

    Only reason Dr. Rossi is still alive and well is becasuse he played it super smart after having leanrt the brunt hell of brushing off wrong side of those powers be in his earlier enterprise. Not only that. He made sure that his technology would be non-stoppable by introducing parallel entity such as Defkalion and other possible information sources of his secret formulae in case anything should happen to him and make it known to “snakes” as he calls them, in black in white . This created feeling of futility of efforts on the part of demonic powers that might be interested in extinguishing his creation so soon. Lucky for us all. When dealing with powers that be with game changing new source of energy such as this one must be not only adept to technical knowledge but also be wise in politics and stealthy moves.

  • Richard Wells

    I thought the slideshow very good. I have been watching developments and reports of Rossi’s work for a long time and thought them likely to be genuine despite doubts by many.
    Yes some people make quibbles about a few details, (perhaps rightly so), but the overall method and assessment shown in the slideshow, I am sure is sound.
    The development of electricity generation as well as commercial heat generation awaited with excitement.

  • Ville

    Very interesting slides, thank you.

    However, do the slides really contain correct information on slide 13, where it is claimed that Siemens sold its solar investments in June 2012 ? I googled and found no news about this. I checked Siemens Press Releases from their web site and Siemens Q3 2012 Earnings Release Report released on 26th July 2012, nothing there either. What is your information source on this?

    • Tyler


      I am looking for this data about siemens/solar, but so far no luck either. This was discussed a few times here in comments from users, but I can’t find a concrete source anymore. I will keep looking, if I cannot find anything in the next day, I will remove it. Good catch, thanks.


  • Barry

    Good work Tyler!

  • Lu

    Well done Tyler. I will recommend this as a valuable resource for anyone new to these developments.

    • Miles

      Well constructed document 🙂 Good work Mr. van Houwelingen.

      You can download a copy at this URL: http://lenrnews.eu/ Click on Slideshare to download a copy in Microsoft PowerPoint format (*.pptx).

      Nickel is the NEW GOLD!! Should I buy stocks? Is nickel an unlimited natural source? Anyone?

      • Ivan Mohorovicic

        Nickel is a relatively abundant metal in the earth crust, and the fact that we’re speaking of using it in a nuclear process means that its global consumption for energy use would be irrelevant.

        • Miles

          Thanks Ivan.

          Source: http://renewable.50webs.com/fusion.html

          “Fortunately, the earth has enough easily mineable nickel to supply all of our energy needs for millions of years.”

          • Miles

            “Using nickel as nuclear fuel for all human needs would only consume about 1% of the Earth’s yearly nickel production. The Earth will be consumed by the Sun before we run out of nickel”.

            “Rossi claims that LENR can give the world electricity at a cost of just one cent per kilowatt hour when produced by large scale LENR power plants. ”

            It also appears that stock levels of Nickel are increasing.
            Source: http://www.kitcometals.com/charts/nickel_historical_large.html

            • joe j

              Using hydrogen as nuclear fuel for all human needs is more realistic than nickel, which isn’t even a fuel. There is no free ride to be had here, no magic in the world.

  • dfnj

    Page 6 is a stretch. Just because one scientist accepts the existence of excess heat does not mean NASA as an organization has a policy confirming the existences of LENR.

    My problem with all these published materials is the amount of opinion expressed as if it is fact. LENR is like the UFO phenomena. People who say they seen it are “convinced” and the rest of us are just not listening.

    Please, stop censoring my comments.

    • Filip47

      I don’t think your comments are being censored unless they are insulting, were they?

      • Filip47

        I supose that was irony?

    • John W. Ratcliff

      My personal opinion is that when the chief scientist at NASA Langley (Buschnell), and one of their other top scientists (Zadowdny) is filing a patent and, also, NASA has released official videos on the topic targeted at the public then, at that point, it becomes valid to state ‘NASA as an organization says..’


  • Obumba

    Folks, July 27th is fast approaching, only to remember:

    PESN was spreading scam about NOBLE GAS demo at conference in Albuquergue July 27.

    What excuse this will this time ?

    • Filip47

      Are they running out of farts? 😀

      • Sarath

        Filip47 & obuma,

        This forum is to discuss the future of LENR.Please stop making unnecessary comment about other. PESwiki publishing ColdFusion/LENR from very long time way before than others.

    • Mark

      The probability is that *IF* the Ronher Engine is operating
      then it is operating based on LENR principles and eventually
      this will impact Rossi since the Ronher Engine uses plasmadynamic
      rather then thermodynamic energy conversion principles. Rossi
      can patent any final product he wants but he *failed* to
      clarify the scientific operating principles of his device
      when he had the chance. This was a *necessity* for him to do
      to get a more in-depth patent. He will eventually find out that
      the LENR field was actually broader then what he wishes to now
      admit and that he discovered only a small and possibly a less
      competitive part of it.


  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    It looks like important information has been posted here on 22passi:

    Can somebody translate?

    • Iggy Dalrymple
      • Luca Salvarani

        He adds that all those reports agree that the machine works! He adds that a lot of information hasn’t been made public and that there will be a revolution at the gate! Something big is developing right now, just in these very days.
        He states that things are far more “interwined” and developed than how they appear on the net; he writes that things appear strange and confused but they aren’t. He specifies that there’s a great work behind all things and it doesn’t appear to the public.
        His primary goal is to chear up the believers and not to disclose particular information. He finally states that the scientific establishment opposes the research in this field because of power (the establishment fear to loose its academic prestige and prominence) and simple ignorance. Sorry for my imperfect english but the bulk of the message is correct.

    • Luca Salvarani

      Quick translation:

      The writer “Vettore” (a researcher with a deep technical knowledge) states that he has inside information and that Rossi’s statements are genuine! For example he points out that afther october demonstration there were multiple reports and not only the hand written shown to the public. He states that many experts whow attended that demonstrations turned from skeptics to believers…. Developing

    • Renzo

      It is quite long so I make a short summary:
      1) All of you who follow this story on internet know very little of what is really going on. A revolution is coming.
      2) I, Daniele and other people know a lot of confidential informations about the E-Cat. It works and there are big companies and people working behind the scenes with Rossi.
      3) The report you have seen of the october 28 demo is not the “real” report, there were many other reports, some by the companies attending.
      4) I have been involved in LENR experiments myself, beginning a few months ago. And a new group of university researcher is being formed for LENR experiments.
      5) The scientific community in general is very hostile towards LENR both for stupidity and pride. They will be put to shame at the right time.

      • timycelyn

        Admin – this seems quite interesting and the points this blogger is stressing are cental to our understanding of these events. Is this worthy of a separate thread?

        Ah – I see it’s there already! (Note to self, try to keep up!!)

  • g.Luca from Italy

    Very nice article.
    I agree.

  • Nice work, who is Tyler van Houwelingen ?

    • Filip47

      His last name is Dutch from the Netherlands.

  • AB

    Some points of criticism (borne out of optimism with feet on the ground):

    Page 4. The University of Bologna has not officially announced that it is conducting LENR research. This is only a rumor.

    Page 5. I’m not sure if all the researchers can be considered as affirming with 100% confidence that LENR is real. I do not recall Essen and Kullander making such definite statements and the same might be true for other people on the list. Being optimistic and engaged in research doesn’t necessarily mean that they are 100% sure.

    Page 7. The European Directorate General report should not be seen as the position of the agency but as the position of the team of experts that created the report. The report only serves as recommendation to the agency.

    Page 8. In my opinion, the Romney quote is a bit out of place. He isn’t an expert and barely knows anything judging from the video where he said this. I think he just said the first thing that came to his mind and sounded smart.

    Page 10. Nanospire should not be in a list of companies working on LENR technology because what they describe is a different phenomenon.

    Describing the existence of commercially useful LENR devices as 80% confirmed is not an accurate representation of reality. No finished commerical LENR device has been made available to independent examination as far as we know. It is more correct to state that in the last few years, the number of companies working on this has grown to a dozen and some claim to be very close to success. There is a definite trend towards commercialization.

    • AlainCo

      Nice remarks. i agree.

    • Ged

      The beauty of published research is the data can be viewed by anyone. So, I must disagree with your Page 5 assessment. Other than I do not know the specifics of Essen and Kullander’s work. Science doesn’t make definitive statements, it presents data: the data is the definitive statement, so you’re arguing in the wrong direction here.

      I also must disagree with your opinion on the European Commission’s report published by the European Union. If the position was not supported nor backed up, then it would not have been published in the first place (remember, this is going to be edited by others before publication, and heavily reviewed, as with all official releases). The publishing is an endorsement, and is a recommendation for funding.

      The rest I fully agree with you on.

  • Paul Stout

    This should be a wake up call to the rest of the world.

  • daniel maris

    Wow! Tyler has done well with that. One of the best summations of “where we are” I have ever read.

    That deserves to be shared across the globe.

    Just one thing, if he’s reading this,not that it’s really important, but it should read “peer reviewed” not “pear reviewed”! Though sometimes it might as well be pear reviewed, given what some scientists get away with, especially in the field of medicine.

    • GreenWin

      daniel, “pear review” is the apple of every skeptic’s eye.

      • timycelyn


        Developing the fruit theme further, together with a large basket of sour grapes…

    • Ged

      Pears are delicious, I certainly enjoy reviewing them from time to time.

      This slide show is indeed a good read, and jam packed with information. A few leaps of logic here and there, but otherwise great.