Italian Magazine Interviews Aldo Proia of Prometeon

Thanks to ECW reader Chris, who provided me with a muchbetter translation than Google or Microsoft. For copyright reasons I can’t post the whole document, but his translations are in the excerpts quoted below.

The Italian news magazine Il Democratico has conducted an interview with Aldo Proia as a follow up to yesterday’s announcement that his company Prometeon s.r.l. would be the licensee for Leonardo Corp. in Italy and San Marino. A Google translated version of the article in English can be read here

Proia states in the interview that he will be involved initially in selling to industries in Italy, and that “currently a product is already available to order in Italy, which is the 1 MW thermal E-Cat”, and that the price of an E-Cat is priced ‘in part’ based on the savings the customer will realize its use compared to other energy sources. He doesn’t get much into the technical side of the E-Cat which he says is Rossi’s domain, but does mention that the thermal plants operates with heat output of around 120 C.

He also warns that people out there who make slanderous reports with the purpose of damaging his company (or Rossi’s) will be met with legal action and will be sued for damages.

Regarding the impact that E-Cat technology will have on the current energy industry, Proia states:

“. .. that the various actors on the energy market shall have to come to terms with the existence of a sharply cheaper and cleaner way of producing thermal energy and, in a near future, also electric. A wise stance, if I were an electric company, would be to cooperate with who holds the know how or, alternatively, conduct basic research in the field. Many companies are springing up in the world concerned with LENR, the reactions which the E-Cat’s operation is due to, and a number of multinationals, having consulted the world’s leading LENR experts, are stepping into the field to avoid getting left out of the game. But when a product exists already on the market, what’s the point of taking the longer route?”

It’s interesting that in the interview, Aldo Proia is addressed as ‘Dr.’ — I am not sure of his academic credentials, but I would expect that an academic title like that would tend to give him a little more weight with those he deals with.

Again, I am trusting in computer translators for the meaning of this article — all and any corrections from Italian experts are welcome!

  • e-dog


  • AB

    An Italian newspaper (Il Sole 24 Ore, the 4th biggest in Italy) has an article on Siemens interest in Ansaldo Energia:

    The following part stands out (loosely translated):

    Ansaldo Nucleare is the only Italian corporation which still employs nuclear engineers working on third generation reactors and cold fusion reactors.

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      Maybe they got that confused with hot fusion? I think I’ve read this happening relatively often.

      • dragonX

        Hot Fusion or Cold Fusion is the same when we talk about reactors… I am not aware of a third generation Hot Fusion reactor. The first Generation Hot Fusion is to be build in the future (ITER).
        So the article must be correct about Third Generation Cold Fusion, since Rossi says he is working on a 1000-1200C reactor, after the 120C and the 600C versions.

    • AlainCo

      note that they were present at “the atom unexplored” conference, presenting subcritical accelerator based fission reactors.
      There was LENR session in that conference, but not from them.

    • Chris

      A man from Ansaldo Energia was present at Rossi’s big Oct. 28th demo, the only one of the several “interested parties” who did not decline to identify his employer to Passerini, journalists and the likes. He did however state that he came personally and not on mission for his employer. Off hand I can’t remember more details.

      All in all, this (rather poorly written) article doesn’t have so much to do with Rossi. It seems more like Siemens is concerned it would become a strong competitor, so their investment would be in a monopolistic sense. It strikes me only Siemens would stand to gain from this acquisition; it would scarcely serve the interests of customers in general.

  • georgehants

    Ruby has another lovely article, while some deny others just get on with the work.
    Getting the new house ready for LENR: Owen Geiger on natural building
    July 24, 2012 Ruby Carat.

  • Francesco CH
    • Chris

      Gee, looking especially at the larger photo, at this point I could almost guess which factory made those letters!

      • Ivan Mohorovicic

        I’m actually serious: it could still be just a 3d render at this stage.

  • Omega Z


    Daniele Passerini (22passi) Has hinted/Implied more info to be released in August.

    Also has anyone calculated the 67 or 8 days on the Italian site. Is it September 29th or 30th.

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    More “semi-speculations” from 22passi blog that might have some truth, from the same user “in the knows” (not Passerini) I previously mentioned:

    – Since Stefano Concezzi (NI) said during the Rome LENR meeting that prof.Levi is Focardi’s successor, could it mean that Levi is more deeply involved with the E-Cat development than we think? [rhetorical question]
    – Validations from Italian universities incoming. Among them, the Politecnico of Torino [btw, this is where “Cures” from that other forum, a professor who is supposedly testing or anyway having access to e-cat modules, comes from. Makes sense]. Also from two other universities soon.

    Again, let’s not take these tidbits too much seriously, but more like “plausible” speculations. That user himself claimed he’s drunk, and I’m not sure how serious he was about it. We’ll see soon enough, I think.

    • Omega Z

      Someone very recently asked Rossi how Focardi is doing. Rossi said he is well & still working with him.

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    My posts keep getting removed or not posted at all. I guess e-catworld lost their balls somewhere along the way. I will be looking for another site that has a little backbone.

    • GreenWin

      What in the world did you write Roger?

    • georgehants

      Roger, I think there is a glitch in the system, I have a very ordinary comment from yesterday that is still waiting moderation.
      Don’t worry am sure Frank will sort it out.

      • artefact

        me, too. But no problem.

        • e-dog

          Me too! But I think I actually wrote something offensive! 🙂

  • artefact

    AlainCo made a wonderful comment on nextbigfuture and I hope he doesn’t mind my putting it here:

    if you see a planet in orbit around a point where there is no star … do you say that there is nothing in the middle…

    The only real proofs of Rossi and Defkalion are indirect, and claims have few values.

    NI/concezzi, DGT/xanthoulis, prometeon/energaya, are the orbiting planets…
    then you can more easily understand the asteroid called NASA, EU, LENR Cars SARL, and understand that their strange trajectory might be because of the same dark mass.

    of course you can say that if you don’t see it it does not exist…
    and be fooled by a cloud of plasma of no mass…

    stay tuned to the evidence, but all evidence, and mostly the indirect and more robust evidences.

  • giuliano bettini

    Rumors about Cipriani Giuseppe, CIPRIANI PROFILATI S.R.L. owner of domain
    Rumors about CIPRIANI PROFILATI sponsor of Prometeon.
    Rumors about CIPRIANI PROFILATI first customer of 1MW plant
    MISTERO said …
    AC / DC
    “Then the Cipriani Profilati s.r.l. could be the sponsor of Prometeon s.r.l…..”
    -It may be, repeat may be, the first customer of the MW.
    -May already have it installed and be running.
    -May soon make public the features and performance.
    -Could once and for all silence a lot of people.
    The clues:
    1) Daniele (Passerini) avoids answering on ^ __ ^
    2) At least 3 separate and distinct sources have suggested to me that perhaps the sale of the first reactor was made in Italy to an Italian industrialist. (…)
    July 24, 2012 16:38

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      Try doing a WHOIS lookup to the CIPRIANI PROFILLATI S.R.L. website as well. You might end up surprised.


      • daniel maris

        Well interesting if it was them – a nice legit middle of the road company…

    • AB

      It could be a coincidence. Giuseppe is a common name and Cipriani isn’t an uncommon surname either.

    • Lu

      Cipriani Giuseppe would be the second customer after the military? Bought one to kick the tires and see if it works. Will turn around and sell it slightly used!

    • Chris

      Interesting work Giuliano but can’t you strip the link from a google search?

      Anyway, I was just about to post saying “Yeah! Definitely the same dude blah blah blah…” but then I though “doh, numbskull” and took a better look into what I had found about the metalworks industry. Yes, according to Confindustia it is owned by Giuseppe Cipriani but they also describe it as being “of family conduction” and say this family originates in Rovereto where they have been running various industry since the early 1900s. On the restaurateurs’ side, Giuseppe the Elder, grandfather of the current Giuseppe, was born in Verona in 1900 and his family moved to Germany when he was four years old, then returned to Verona where he, in his very ealy youth, worked as an apprentice at one of the best pastry shops in town and then became a waiter.

      Now, Rovereto is just a stone’s throw from Verona, I onced risked missing it because it was the first train stop and I didn’t think I could already be there till I saw the sign in the station, but despite this if the families had common roots they would likely have been less in touch since about the Vienna Congress and I don’t know how strong ties they would have now. I dunno, just blathering, but I doubt it is one and the same Giuseppe Cipriani; the grandfather’s history doesn’t quite match up with it.

  • Sanjeev

    So we have Sweden, Australia and Italy covered and Rossi himself is taking orders for 1MW cats since 6 months approx, still there is no sign of a single customer.

    The buying conditions with tests and escrow are fair. This thing should be selling like hot cakes. What’s wrong ?

    • admin

      I think safety authorizations have been the big hold-up, Sanjeev. I think that is solved for the 1 MW plants now, and from Proia’s statements it looks like Italy will have the first plants in operation.

      • artefact

        Daniel Passerini wrote today (translated)

        ..because in reality the Prometeon in its present form was founded five months ago and is coming down the field when the certification process for the industrial plant of 1 MW is coming to an end and the commercialization of technology Rossi becomes possible in all respects

        • Ivan Mohorovicic

          AFAIK (“Cures” info + other close sources confirming), Rossi only very recently obtained the necessary authorizations to sell his thermal plants. I think that’s the “momentous” breakthrough he talked about some time ago after which he “will accelerate”.

          On 22passi there are rumors that a company named Cipriani Profilati srl [link] might be the first italian customer. One of the reasons is that the Prometeon domain registrant (try checking its WHOIS information) seems to be affiliated with that company. The second reason is that a “sort of insider” (he was at ILENRS-12 this month – he even was featured in the attendee list), knows some of this stuff and talks more than Passerini and is hinting this from what I understand.

          Not sure how much serious they all are about this, though. But it’s still worth speculating about.

          • artefact

            Thanks! I appreciate such interesting speculations.

            • Ivan Mohorovicic

              And this (separate post to avoid moderation):


              Seems too much to be a coincidence, but still could be one.

            • Ivan Mohorovicic
            • artefact

              Do you hint to:
              Giuseppe Cipriani
              “the grandson of the founder of the Hotel Cipriani in Venice and the former London restaurant of the same name”?

            • Ivan Mohorovicic

              @artefact: I don’t know if he’s the same person, but it’s surely weird that the same name appears in and whois information pages. I’m just saying that this might give some credibility to the ongoing speculation that the latter will be (or is?) the first italian Rossi customer.

            • Iggy Dalrymple

              Looks like they own a restaurant or club in Miami.

              Cipriani Miami
              Opening in Fall 2012.

          • Lu

            Makes a lot of sense, Ivan. A bureaucratic victory is certainly a momentous breakthrough!

            • Chris

              Especially here in Sunny Italy har har har…

    • Richard Hill

      The price is too high.

      • jacob

        what,Richard? take your calculator and push the buttons on your calculator as follows;
        24 times 365 times 1000 times = 8,750,000 KW’s of thermal energy per year,at the current rate of electricity at around 12 cents a kilowatt ,total $’s compared to electrical thermal heat would be
        $ 1,051,200 per year.

        so it is save to say,a factory who uses 1,000,000 $ to heat with electrical heat will pay for a 1 megawatt plant in a little over a year,including electrical power to run the E-CAT

        but if you consider a 1 megawatt plant to heat your average home,I agree with you.

  • s

    To lighten things up while we wait for any technical news, I saw the following video below. Been awhile since I laughed so hard at a video.

  • I do find it very odd that many orders for the 1MW have not
    been placed even for the first generation e-cat.

    1 million dollars for a 1 MW plant is very economical. I suppose
    at 30% efficency this would dampen the effect of savings but still
    very competitive.

    The full superheated steam turbine heat is a boon to the cost of implementation.

    Please note that hundreds of co-generation facilities each costing tens of millions of dollars have been built around the world to reheat much lower than turbine temperature waste heat for use.

    This proof that the money is there if the savings are there.

    • Richard Hill

      A. Shura said that $1 million for 1 MW of heat at 120 degrees is very economical.
      That is quite wrong.
      You can get 1 MW of heat at 120 degrees as waste heat from a 300KW Diesel genset.
      You can sell the elec power for about $30 per hour and this will pay for the diesel fuel.
      The heat is then free.
      You can buy the genset for about $300,000.
      The alernative is to spend $1,000,000 on a plant from Leonardo.
      For your 1 MW ecat heater at a COP of 6 you have also to buy about 150KW of elec power from a local source at about $15 per hour.
      The only place where a Rossi 1MW plant would be economical would be where low grade heat is needed and there is a surplus of elec energy. Eg growing tomatoes in a greenhouse in the mountains near a hydro plant. Perhaps that is why there are not a lot of sales.

      • admin

        I think we’ll find that the price of these 1MW plants will be quite flexible, in order to be competitive. Aldo Proia mentioned above that the cost of the plants will be partially based on what organizations are currently paying for energy.

      • jacob

        Richard 30$ and hour will not be enough to run a 300 KW Diesel genset,try instead 120 liters of fuel per hour under full load,that according to your calculations would cost 25 cents per liter of diesel?

        where do you get cheap fuel like that.

        your math is really not that good,I hope you are not an engineer.

        120 liters an hour costs $144.00 to run the genset per hour,not less that $30 dollars an hour,in Canada

        • Richard Hill

          The MAN S80ME-C7 low speed diesel engines use 155 gram fuel per kWh, that is approx. 60 Litres/hr for 300KW. You can use low grade fuel in large stationary diesels, even bunker grade if you wish. $30 per hour for fuel is not unreasonable.

          • jacob

            the old ones run 120 liters per hour,the new ones around 60 to 90 liters an hour at full load,but the fuel delivery system is never the less good for up to 160 liters an hour on a lot of them.

            when I bought a brand new F-150 the EPA listed 25 miles per gallon,it never did better than 18 mpg.

            that is my point,and who gets a 300kw gen set to run on bunker oil anyway.

      • Omega Z

        That’s 120`C or 248`F

    • The waste heat for these co-generation units comes from industrial operations such as refineries, plants etc. that would be lost the
      the atmosphere or go to the cooling towers.

      The remaining heat may be recovered but the point is there is a huge capital investment where there is a savings.

      Diesel fuel is expensive and polluting and the price is uncertain where with the e-cat the fuel cost is certain and negligible by comparison.

      Most of the co-generation units use natural gas to reheat the waste heat and that costs a lot but it is still more economical.

      In any case this is in the context for adapting old infrastucture.

      Fukishima and other fission type nuclear plants do not use high heat only boiling water to run the turbines.

  • GreenWin

    A Mighty Wind – Won’t Blow

    Looks like Aldo Proia has gotten in on the ground floor of a far more prosperous opportunity than EnerGaya’s PV business. Which signals the next step in the cold fusion drama.

    What has become far more interesting (por moi) than the day to day “Rossi-this, Rossi-that” squabbles, is to follow the big energy players stumbling all over themselves trying to fathom their future. Savvy banker/investors and market specialists do this for a living and one thing is abundantly clear – there is a growing panic in big energy sectors.

    Let’s take a look at EU’s energy leaders, UK and Germany. Germany has by law shut the door on fission nuclear power. Its PM Angela Merkel has ordered Germany to supplement lost nuke power with wind. But the Mighty Wind blows cold in Europe these days – and here’s why:

    “Shares of Vestas, the world’s biggest wind turbine maker, have fallen 80 percent in the past year, underperforming the 56 percent decline in the Bloomberg Industries Wind Turbine Pure- Play Index (BIWINDP) tracking 14 companies in the industry. Siemens, which with Vestas dominates the offshore business, dropped 27 percent over the same period.

    ‘The major hindrance from 2013 to the sector will be reducing investor uncertainty that is stalling the development of the sector,’ said Fraser Johnston, a wind analyst at New Energy Finance in London.”

    Siemens has quit nuclear and some solar energy. GE is contemplating the same. Hot fusion is a 60 year $250B global failure. Wind energy has collapsed. With remaining solar on global life-support via government subsidies, a HUGE question arises. What will supplement energy loss from all these declining technologies???

    It is fairly apparent that Rossi’s “invention” is the work of a dedicated team of government and private sector developers. And that there is already a real product line developed. One can wait weeks for proof that where there’s smoke there’s fire… or you can have a LOT OF FUN following the titanic competition of big energy trying to get in on the paradigm change.

    Either way, it’s far better than TV;)

    • daniel maris

      I wouldn’t say wind or solar are declining – though a lot of the manufacture has moved to China and elsewhere.

      Let’s not run before we walk…let’s see Rossi give a convincing demonstration that he is indeed selling the 1MW. Let’s see it installed and working somewhere and let’s here from the people where it is installed.

      • GreenWin

        Read the news daniel, the global wind turbine industry has tanked – China included. Those are the facts as of last week. This is what makes it fun.

        • Lu

          I don’t know GreenWin. This article predicts global wind power to double in the next 5 years, lead by Asia.

          The article you are referring to is for offshore, European wind power. There is a lot of uncertainty now in the markets, in the US and especially in Europe. Capital markets are what drive these projects and fears of recession are keeping players from making any moves. When there is a recession or fear of recession all capital intensive projects suffer.

          • Don Witcher

            Keep the spin going till you can dump the stock. It worked for Edison in the DC vs AC fight.

          • GreenWin


          • GreenWin

            To repeat the sorry news:

            “Shares of Vestas, the world’s biggest wind turbine maker, have fallen 80 percent in the past year, underperforming the 56 percent decline in the Bloomberg Industries Wind Turbine Pure-Play Index (BIWINDP) tracking 14 companies in the industry.”

            See for yourself:

            The “recession” is in confidence that wind energy is a prudent investment today. And the European Wind Energy Association is unable to face facts. As Don W points out… spin only delays the pain. Far better for alternative energy investors to open their eyes and embrace the inevitable.

            BTW, Audubon is smiling.

            • 10% cut in wind turbine subsidy announced by the UK govt today.

        • daniel maris

          Not true. The global capacity continues to grow exponentially each year. That’s the definition of an expanding industry. Same goes for solar.

          But obviously the advent of commercialised LENR energy if it comes will slow down and probably eventually stop that expansion.

          • Iggy Dalrymple

            What’s killing wind in the US is natgas…..and natgas will be hurt worst by LENR.

            • GreenWin

              Iggy, at the moment with the NG glut and cheap prices in NA, they should hang on for a while. But you’re right, combined cycle NG turbines outperform wind economics and enviro-damage.

    • Sanjeev

      “It is fairly apparent that Rossi’s “invention” is the work of a dedicated team of government and private sector developers.”

      Rather unbelievable, but I wish it were true. But the govt and cos do not work this way. They are just a big mess of selfish people with much different goals than invention of a free energy source for mankind and saving the earth.

      Germany has set a world record in solar power, it can cater to 50% of nations electricity needs.

      I do not know the figures for US (and would not believe the official ones), but the alternative energy tech is on rise in rest of the world. Fission power plants are also growing day by day.

      Energy is such a big thing that all techs can boom here, if not actively suppressed. LENR, if the products start coming out, will not completely replace old tech for many years.

    • Karl

      It is certainly entertaining but still I imagine that the absolute majority players in finance and the energy sector do not consider CF as a real threat as yet. In case of Germany they are lucky to have made a wise decision quite recently in closing their nuclear plants. However, I believe that they did not take that decision based on what was going in in Barcelona Uni a couple of years back. I believe at least a major part of their decision was based on the recent development of the gas pipe from Russia.

      • GreenWin

        Karl, big players don’t wait for threats.

        • Karl

          You are of course right here. There should certainly be at least some actions taken to destroy or the delay the emergence of this new energy source. When quieting, delaying, foolish the actors in CF does no longer work, the question is what will be the next step?

        • GreenWin

          What makes this SO entertaining is – forces bigger than the “big players.”

          Better than TV x 10!!

      • MK

        Our Kanzler (chancellor, and Yes I´m German) Angela Merkel and her husband are both physicists. I expect that she has informations that are more substantial than ours. Seen from this angle the decision to close the fission plants might have been a wise move according to (LENR?) facts… least thats my hope.

  • Jack Henry

    Let’s wait for Prometeon to sell an Ecat first, before making bold assumptions. Hopefully the customer will not be “secret” this time.

  • Jack Henry

    Thank you, Renzo, but I find Dr. Zawodny’s evaluation of commercial LENR a little bit more convincing.

    • T Lee Buyea – Fla. News Service Miam

      YES but is it too much to ask to have a pannel of neutral engineers measure the power output of a basic 5,000watt home heater version of an C-Cat with their own measuring equipment and then disasemble it to prove to the whole World that it works so the 100 largest corporations on Earth can start building them ?

      Tom Buyea 1 mile from Mr Rossi here in Miami, Florida USA
      (still waiting to see the 1,000,000 E-Cats a year factory here? )
      I hope to work there!

  • Chris

    I noticed Frank cites Proia as saying the output temperature is 120 °C but I’ll add that he states this for the ordinary use version and says 600 °C can be reached by the special one. This of course was before Rossi’s announcement of yesterday, claiming stability at over 1000 °C.

  • Pachu

    One thing bothers me is, while in blogs there is assertions like “”the role of the in human evolution (?)” and when you go to the sales sites its says things like “attach to you existing boiler” to save some bucks, like if the thing cant do the job by himself alone…

    You get it? there is a dimension problem of what is said in blogs even by Rossi and what he is (not yet) selling…

    • Edwin

      When Rossi uses the phrase “attach to you existing boiler”, it should not be taken too literally. Rossi’s English is not too good. My understanding from what has been explained in the past is that he means it can be attached to your existing central heating system, and is a replacement for the central heating boiler. It could be even connected in parallel to your existing boiler so you have a conventional boiler as a backup.

  • Chris

    I found the link to the Greenstyle interview in one of the previous posts here, thanks Ivan Mohorovicic. In it Proia says a thing or two more but I won’t be translating it ATM.


    I’ll mainly say that he has had good opportunity to make sure of the product he will be marketing. Prometeon will be offering highly customized solutions, according to the needs of individual customers. He also talks about the coming of an electric e-cat. Reading his words, he strikes me a quite competent professional.

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      Customized solutions = not necessarily 1MW plants?

    • “a quite competent professional.” And quite a tough one too, from what he says. He is aware of the nature of the opposition and seems prepared to face it head on – ‘join the revolution or get out of the way’ would seem to be a fair precis.

      • Chris

        Yeah, he pretty much says that about the revolution.

  • Jacob

    Is stirling cyclic engine that was used on the old steam trains ?

    • Chris

      You’re probably thinking of Rankine cycle. The Stirling cell has nothing to do with cycles, it is basically the same principle as a pair of thermocouples.

    • Steam engines use high pressure steam generated in a boiler to push pistons, which is then vented or condensed, while stirling engines use low pressure hot air (or other gas) to push a piston in a heated cylinder, and the air is then cooled and recycled. Both could be used with Rossi reactors, but in general only the stirling type is suitable for relatively low temperatures. Because of the relative pressures used, steam engines tend to produce far more power than stirling cycle engines.

      • Jacob

        I would like to see soon the trains with steam engines back on the tracks

        • Chris

          More likely turbines with condensers.

  • Chris

    Well, I just submitted my translation of the whole interview by email, leaving it up to Admin to judge.

  • The Google translation is a bit imprecise, like the Microsoft translation:

    a 1 MW unit “could be ordered” by now, not “was ordered” or “was shipped”.

    If there is any interested customer they can ask Prometeon for the price and the time of delivering and other details. 1 MW units are surely built when ordered and fitted as the client request.

    Proia is addressed as “Dr.” because, in Italy, all people completing a 4-5-6 (depend on the course) are “Doctor” in their respective field. He could be Dr. in Law, Engineering, Physics, Math or Philosophy, History or another field.

  • Francesco CH

    Apart from the interviews, you have to keep in mind this: THERE IS NO WAY TO CHEAT A BIG COMPANY.

    Big companies arrive with a bunch of scientists and experts to check everything – there is no damn way to cheat the industrial customers. Hence Aldo Proia would be very stupid to acquire a licence aiming at selling the industrial version of the E-Cat to companies if the E-Cat cannot work, because he would not be able to sell a single E-Cat.

    • Pachu

      Hi Francesco, how big is Prometeon, how many years of existance has, how many employees? last taxes declarations are public?

      Just curious, i dont see difference with Ampenergo for example wich i dont know if still exists…

      • Ged

        That’s a diversion. Francesco is right, you aren’t going to dupe an industrial customer. They will verify everything from top to bottom. And if you try to pull a fast one on them, things will get ugly quick.

        So if an industrial customer picked one up and displayed it, we’d know for sure it worked. And if the E-cat doesn’t work, we’d also hear that from an industrial party, oh yes. There would be plenty of fireworks.

    • s

      Have you heard of a company called Solyndra which made easy to verify items called solar panels?

      • Lu

        Solyndra went under because of China dumping solar panels into the US below their cost. The technology Solyndra had was very good.

      • Ged

        Solyndra didn’t lie about their tech. They just weren’t very good at business; and were way overly optimistic at how much people cared about solar power versus cheaper alternatives. Oh, and the whole making off with 500 million tax payer dollars.

        • psi

          An interesting form of argument by innuendo that is hardly more persuasive by comparison with Solyndra. You have no convincing evidence that Rossi or anyone else in LENR has “lied” according to any reasonable application of the word. It is on the other hand evidently the case that opponents of LENR have lied, often and with great impunity.

          • s

            My post above does not say anyone lied. The point is that it is not easy to make decisions concerning energy investments even when all the technical data is known. It is difficult to make decisions concerning LENR right now because detailed, verified technical data to back up the claims (20kw+ power for some home models, continuous COP of >6 at power >1kw for 6 months, very low cost per kwh, etc…) has yet to be released as far as I can tell. Hopefully by September data will be released which will allow decisions to be made.

      • s

        The two articles below show that Solyndras manufacturing cost per watt was possibly about 4 to 8 times higher than competitors. Yet, they somehow still received the money. I’m using this as an example that when even all the technical data is readily know, large scale malinvestment can happen and does happen all the time. So, when you have situations where alternative energy companies in general do not allow comprehensive tests where all the technical data for their product is shown, it makes it even more difficult to make a financial decision about them.

        • Ged

          They received government money as a talking point (really, as a consequence of the new alternative energy initiatives). I think I remember that one of the conditions for Solyndra to receive tax payer money, was that they had to lower their cost per watt. Strangely enough, they didn’t, and still got the money.

          Because of this, when they went bust, there’s been a number of inquiries into the government about how this 500 million dollar loan came to pass, when the conditions for the loan were flagrantly not met.

          That’s government business for you.

        • Lu

          This is becoming off topic but while the cost per watt (presumably manufacturing) was more, their installation costs, because of the tubular nature of the panel was much lower. (In fact both of your articles mentions this). So the relevant price comparison is not 6 to 8 times as you imply.

          Solyndra was not the only company to fail. Much of the German solar industry failed as a fall out of pricing drops. I just think your example was a poor one. There were many respected investors backing Solyndra.

          • s

            You need to check the math in the first article. System costs are additive. You don’t subtract $3 from the manufacturing cost (lol) because the installation cost is $3 lower. System cost = manufacturing cost per watt + install cost per watt. A poster on that site also pointed this out.

            Hopefully, these hypothetical arguments will become moot in a few months once some real, independently verified data is released.

  • Raul

    It would be great to know how many E-Cats for industrial heat have been sold or ordered around the world (Europe, EEUU and Australia)

  • Francesco CH

    Today Aldo Proia was interviewed also by Greenstyle:

    An interesting part:

    GREENSTYLE: Quali motivi l’hanno spinta a un accordo commerciale con Andrea Rossi, test alla mano l’E-Cat è davvero rivoluzionario?

    ALDO PROIA: La tecnologia alla base dell’E-Cat è potenzialmente rivoluzionaria, non credo che ci sia da spendere molte parole su questo punto, per cui ciò è sicuramente uno dei motivi che credo avrebbe spinto chiunque potesse “permetterselo” – in termini economici e di affidabilità dimostrata – verso un accordo di licenza con il suo inventore. Se noi non ritenessimo l’E-Cat realmente rivoluzionario, ovviamente non saremmo entrati in questo business. Naturalmente, noi abbiamo da tempo informazioni privilegiate e facciamo valutazioni più approfondite rispetto al comune uomo della strada e a tanti aficionados dell’argomento, ma per evidenti motivi non posso entrare in dettaglio. D’altra parte, è abbastanza ovvio che lo stesso Rossi sia primariamente impegnato a proteggere determinati segreti industriali e militari, e quindi può rilasciare in questa fase solo certe informazioni. L’importante per chi ci legge, però, è che l’E-Cat termico industriale sia già disponibile in una versione commerciale, e che il cliente sia tutelato sotto ogni aspetto.


    GREENSTYLE: What reasons led her to a trade agreement with Andrea Rossi, to test hand the E-Cat is truly revolutionary?

    ALDO PROIA: The technology behind the E-Cat is potentially revolutionary, I do not think there is to say much on this point, so this is definitely one of the reasons that I would push anyone could “afford” – in economic terms and proven reliability – into a license agreement with its inventor. If we do not deem the E-Cat truly revolutionary, of course we would not have gotten into this business. Of course, we have some time sensitive information and do more extensive evaluations with respect to the common man in the street and many aficionados of the subject, but for obvious reasons I can not go into details. On the other hand, is quite obvious that Rossi himself is primarily committed to protect certain industrial and military secrets, and then can release at this stage, only certain information. The important thing for our readers, however, is that the E-Cat for industrial heat is already available in a commercial version, and that the client is protected in every way.

    • Renzo

      translation for pseudo-skeptics: Proia says he’s done his due diligence and tests and it does work

      • AB

        Yes, this interview means a lot more than the press release.

    • Lu

      It’s important that this is no longer “Rossi says.” Aldo Proia is another person who is now saying that the E-Cat works. More importantly he is someone who is willing to invest into this. Not that investors never lose money but it says something.

      Of course this person could be working in collusion Rossi but on the face of it that is unlikely. Someone may want to comment on this person.

  • giro

    Could you please add the link to the original article in Il Democratico, please?

  • Nixter

    It is good to have confirmation that the original news article was accurate. Skeptics are on firm ground wanting to have solid evidence of functioning LENR hardware. It’s interesting to see that these small news releases are going in a mostly positive direction concerning the overall reality of Rossi’s claims.

    On the web site of “El Democratico” in the photo we see Rossi. Is that a cigarette in his mouth? It looks like there is a glass ash tray on the table.

    • georgehants

      Nicotine boosts attention,
      precision, motor skills,
      speed and memory.

      • Nixter

        Nicotine addicts also have higher productivity rates, even after additional smoking breaks are factored in.
        A childhood friend of mine who smoked recently died of a heart attack, so we pay dearly for our addictions.

      • Omega Z


        I’ve been aware of this for years. There’s also research to develop Nicotine tablets for this very purpose. Of coarse they have to get cigarettes banned first so they can charge ridiculous prices for the Meds. Can be marketed for OCD among many other things.

        Not promoting smoking. Just indicating another form of information suppression & Misinformation.

        Also agree with Nixter about productivity.

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      I think it’s a pen, not a cigarette.

      • Omega Z

        It’s a Pen or maybe an E-cig.

    • Jack Henry

      It’s a mini-cat.

      • Filip47

        for crying out loud 😀

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    New interview to Aldo Proia by It looks new, different from the Il Democratico one. Prepare your Google Translator again:

  • georgehants

    Is – El Democratico – a large circulation publication or a small fringe outfit.

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      I think it would be a a small fringe outfit.

      Btw, it’s “Il Democratico”, not “El Democratico”. The latter would probably be a spanish newspaper.

      • georgehants

        Hey, I copied admin and he has changed his, sorry Ivan.
        Is it a large or small publication.

        • Ivan Mohorovicic

          Definitely small publication from what I see. It’s online only, not printed. Still, it appears to be more reputable than which most of the time just echoes news from other websites (this new interview with Aldo Proia is one of the few exceptions, I guess).

          • georgehants

            Great interview by Greenstyle though, another group of people just confirming everything that Rossi has said.
            No full proof but the elastic holding up the fraud hypothesis is getting very close to breaking point.

        • Omega Z


          Remember the Marco post on Rossi’s blog About Siemens/Ansaldo. Still no response. I also made a post. Not answered now deleted.

          As I see it he can’t give a positive response for obvious reasons & a No could come back to haunt him later if there is a connection. Just speculation on my part.