Teasers from Italy

I am not sure what any of this means, but Italian blogger Daniele Passerini of the 22passi.blogspot.com web site has posted some some cropped images on his web site today which are hard to decipher, along with this rather cryptic statement (cryptic, that is, when translated by Google: Thanks to reader Hammerskoj for a correction):

NOTICE BOARD: I smile, because few worldwide known the image proudly displaying right now on my desktop, but is designed to show the white mice to many diehard enemies of historic cold fusion!

Original Italian: SORRIDO: perché l’immagine che da oggi fa bella mostra di sé sul mio desktop, la conosciamo in pochi al mondo, ma è destinata a far vedere i sorci verdi a tanti irriducibili nemici storici della fusione fredda!

To me, the images seem to be from some kind of graphic which includes text, but they are so small that it’s impossible to construct a larger picture from them. I have noticed that there have been some posts here lately saying that good news will be released on July 23 (Monday) in connection with the ecat and Italy, but I have not been able to get any more information about what that might be. Passerini is in Bologna and is close to Guiseppe Levi and others at the University of Bologna, so there may be some connection there.

So, just for a bit of fun and intrigue I thought I’d make a post here if anyone wants to engage in wild speculation! Also, if anyone has a better English translation of Passerini’s comment, it would be welcome.

UPDATE: Daniele Passerini says on his site (courtesy Google, again) “Tonight however, appointment of this blog to 23.59 for a major openings …”

So it looks like the news that Daneile has will be released at midnight Italian time, or 6:00 p.m. US Eastern time.

  • Got to love the logo but!
    Thumbs up

  • Miles Sims

    “White mice”. Could this be reference to scientists dressed in white lab coats?

    • Chris

      No,it’s GREEN, not white. Google Schmoogle.

      See the translation I gave last night, “fargli vedere i sorci verdi” is an expression along the lines of “show’em” meaning to come out victorious (literally: show them the green rats). I forgot to say the guy’s words were adopted as the logo on their planes.

  • Loop

    Mamma MIA what a worthless news!

  • s

    Also, admin, be sure to make a new discussion topic about the ecat logo as that is big, important, technical news that many are discussing already.

  • cx

    Well i feel trolled was expecting something more… How is this different than the reveal of ecat Australia. Another seemingly unknown company. The logo is nice :/
    Maybe more revealed tomorrow

  • Jack Henry

    Thus ends another episode of the sitcom.

    • Hank Mills

      This is not a sitcom. It is very serious. The E-Cat technology is about to change the world.

      • s

        We all indeed hope that LENR will change the world soon. However, we need more than publicity to really believe this. There have been many articles about energy companies that claim their technology will “change the world” in the past. Almost none of those companies delivered on their claims. So, we need a lot more than a new logo and licensees to believe that LENR will performed as claimed. If you know of such info, let us know about it.

      • I hope but really looks like a sitcom up to now.