Italian Licensee for E-Cat is Prometeon S.R.L.

After the teasers Daniele Passerini’s blog is reporting that Prometeon s.r.l is the exclusive Licensee for Leonardo Corp. products in Italy and San Marino. A web address has been reserved, a site is in preparation, and will be available at in three months. The commercial director and managing director of Prometeum is Aldo Proia, someone we learned a little about a few weeks ago when Rossi accidentally leaked his name on the JONP site. According to the press release about the partnership, Proia has been previously been a project manager for several Italian companies and has been involved with the installation of photovoltaic systems.

The press release also states in part,

“Our company – said Proia – is ready to operate throughout the country, but at first we turn especially to businesses in North and Central Italy, especially for medium and large industrial companies, making the E-Cat heat, the energy source of very low-cost process heat and heating, our core business. The machine, in fact, it generates heat in the form of hot water or steam and can also develop high temperatures.”

Passerini notes that on the background of the temporary web site is a logo which he states is the official E-Cat logo:

E-Cat Logo from Prometeum s.r.l. web site

So following the launch of the E-Cat Australia company, we have one for Italy now. Rossi has said that the globe is covered by licensees now. We’ll keep an eye out for more to be revealed.

  • Lord Fairhead

    There seem to be a lot of rumour fuelled speculation from non-scientists in this forum, which is fair enough, that’s what the internet is for these days. Now, about this E-Cat confusion – it all appears chaotic and secretive, but my wife is Italian, from San Remo, not too far from Bologna, and according to her, this is the way Italy works. Plus we have Rossi, an ageing engineer who may have stumbled upon a revolutionary new energy source, who simply wants to protect his invention from outside exploitation by better funded rivals who could, perhaps, get their own version up and running before Rossi. I think Rossi is just being careful and following the money. Good luck Signor Rossi!

  • Chris

    I took a new look at Passerini’s blog today and, whaddya know? An interview to Proia has already been published! It is in Italian of course and came out yesterday on an online newscaster’s site:

    I’m willing to give a translation but I’m not sure if I would run into copyright issues; I likely would need to get their clearance.

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      [deleted – Sorry, I was wrong]

  • Joseph Fine

    Andrea Rossi
    January 15th, 2012 at 9:55 AM

    Dear Carloluna:
    what worries me is that Prometheus had liver problems.
    Pre-order accepted.
    Warm Regards,
    Andrea Rossi

    January 15th, 2012 at 7:09 AM

    Dear ing.Rossi

    I also want to order two e-cat. I’m happy with this historic opportunity.
    to which scientist of the past I could you compare? Prometheus?

  • I’ve heard that Aldo Proia’s Italian lineage goes back many generations…

  • georgehants

    As usual it has not proved the E-CAT, that would be asking to much, but it adds another group of people to an already large number of possible fraudsters.
    When one of the skeptics on page give some Evidence or even a good hypothesis of where all these people are going to financially gain from their efforts, then their detractions may be looked at more seriously.
    Business people have a strange habit of not wasting their time on ventures with no profit.
    It is no good just assuming Rossi is unreal, one has to explain how all the other supposedly rational individuals are taken in.
    To just say they believe Rossi’s immaculate patter and reach into their wallets is I think, untenable.
    If this company is genuine, then one can understand the excitement of those close to the E-CAT, of an opening in Italy and a super new Logo.

    • (playing the skeptic)
      ah ah !
      You only use weak evidence…

      However they are the least easy to fake.
      Much better than visual check.

      So defkalion have replicated the fake e-cat, then National instruments after participating the scam and not denouncint it, bet it’s corporate credibility on LENR delusion and lie about their own tests, then this company declare that they participate the scam.

      about defkalion the vice-president instead of quietly waiting for the scam to gather cash, talk of why they should get to a safer country, yet they stay in a European tax haven, where they can be put to jail, yet they can keep the benefit if honest.

      all those people are not rationally doing their scam, yet the size of their organization is fantastic, yet
      nobody in the mainstream seems to accept it…

      (end of irony)

      for me the most rational is simply that it work, that the mainstream (except the few who see it work) live in a comfortable collective delusion, and that the believers simply fight hard against mainstream that block every try to break the delusion.

      • Tyler

        nicely put. I agree there is a lot of good circumstantial evidence out there if you are just willing to look and discern from the noise.

        The NI stuff for me is the most compelling. So also is Siemens unexpectedly exiting Wind (last year) and Solar (this summer) and now proceeding with the purchase of an Italian Energy company later this fall that specializes in building and installing thermal energy plants for Industrial and Government folk in Italy. Ansaldo Energia, who also attended Rossi’s demos btw. I see something interesting in those actions and a pattern emerging that supports commercial LENR being close. The sale of solar/wind could be attributed to many things, but the Ansaldo energy purchase is especially telling IMHO.

        If the only remaining problem really is control/scale, then it certainly makes sense that NI and Siemens would have much, perhaps the most, to gain and be leading the LENR charge.


        • Ged

          That is really interesting information, Tyler. I hadn’t heard that about Siemens. Hard to say what they are doing, but the circumstantial evidence on face value looks very much like posturing to take advantage of a hitherto new heat source, such as the E-cat.

          • Omega Z

            Why do these large Corporations not Publicly report what they know???

            1 answer. If it’s not real, they don’t want to be associated with it.

            Most likely ANSWER.. Being ahead of the competition when Product Confirmation comes…

            Kind of like insider Trading.

        • GreenWin

          Interesting Tyler. To juice it up a bit note that Ansaldo Energia’s “observer” at the Oct 28th demo Senior Research Scientist Andrea Di Vita, commented that he was charged with following cold fusion. When asked if Ansaldo would negotiate with Rossi – he said the technology would need to be proved first.

          It is also interesting that as of last year 45% of Ansaldo Energia is owned by First Reserve Corp. – a private equity fund invested exclusively in big energy. First Reserve has a right to buy the other 55% if partner, Italian defense giant Finmeccanica elects to sell. As you have indicated, Siemens appears interested in making a bid for Ansaldo which would add a dozen new markets for its gas turbine business. Analysts say it is a very small deal for Siemens – but their offer is too low for First Reserve to accept. (IMO)

          Now here’s a wild card: guess where First Reserve’s global HQ is?? Greenwich, Connecticut USA. What other energy giant is headquartered in Greenwich, CT??? General Electric.

          • Omega Z


            Thought I had it tagged, Maybe not.

            I think Siemens was pushing an offer of 1.2 Billion. Don’t recall if Dollars or Euro.

            • GreenWin

              Correct. That number is about what First Reserve paid for their 45%, or less than half the value to FR.

              BTW, Greenwich, CT is a tiny affluent town – bedroom community to New York City. Everybody knows everyone else there.

        • PersonFromPorlock

          The Seimens repositioning is interesting, but it has to be noted that wind and solar are high-priced energy sources that depend on government subsidies that aren’t likely to survive Europe’s budget problems. Seimens, in other words, may simply have decided to get out while the gettin’ was good.

    • Alex

      These first e-cats can be used in solar thermal power plants.

    • Stanny Demesmaker

      People give to much weight to the sceptics, most sceptics here are ignorant. I think most “informed” people are tired to give the same answers over and over again.

      There is enough validation if you want to see them.

      Example: Andrea Rossi collaborated with National Instruments, do you really think that NI will work with a scam artist? So they give credible to him without being sure. And suddenly after their collaboration they are investing heavily in LENR. (surprise surprise)

      I can give 101 examples of the same weight.

      For most people the valiation they seek, is when they can read it on the CNN/CNBC website.

      • Jack Henry

        As an informed person, you should be able to answer why NI did not include Rossi or DGT in their list of LENR researchers with who they do business.

        • Ivan Mohorovicic

          They did include prof. Giuseppe Levi from the University of Bologna. Rossi is not a scientist/researcher.

    • Josh

      Call me a skeptic until it’s proven otherwise – anything else seems silly to me. I agree that this news should generally be viewed as positive, though it adds very little to evidence of Rossi’s claims.

      A couple of your statements make very little sense to me though. These other companies don’t need to make money. They could very well be the dupes who lost their money. A lot of otherwise smart people lost a lot of money chasing impossibly high returns with Madoff (just one example). Your statement “Business people have a strange habit of not wasting their time on ventures with no profit” is true… sort of. Most businesses fail. Are they not run by business people? Many new ventures of existing successful businesses fail. Not run business people? Good ideas fail to be implemented well. Basically, lots of things don’t work out as planned. Business people don’t like to be wrong or lose money, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to them all the time.

      • Ged

        There was a time a few months ago when people were clamoring to see just one licensee, to back up all the things Rossi was saying about having them. And now we’ve seen two licensees.

        From a business point of view, this is massive. It means he’s thoroughly convinced these people to invest and put their reputations/resources into this technology. That’s no light matter. It also shows Rossi’s been telling the truth all along in this.

  • Pete

    OMG this Daniele is such a clown. Run skeptics, run! Prometeon is here.

    I really hope Aldo Proia has properly tested what he is paying for. But then it is his money, so why should I care…

    • Francesco CH

      Disgusting comment.

      • Andre Blum

        I disagree. It is not disgusting at all. Calling someone a clown is a relatively mild thing to do and it makes some sense in this context.

        Passerini knowingly gave the impression that he had something really substantial to announce, as he tried to do on some occasions earlier. To most of us, he did not deliver. That is partly our fault, we expected too much, but the performer should scratch his head too, now that the applause is not overwhelming.

        • daniel maris

          I think it was a substantial announcement. This is Italy, home of the E Cat where they can expect a lot of scrutiny.

          If it’s a scam it’s a very complex one but yes, of course, this is not definitive proof. I agree with Rossi that only E Cats running in people’s homes or factories will constitute “proof” – the sceptics will never accept anything less in my view, since they already denounce peer reviewed LENR papers.

          If Rossi’s genuine, he’s a mercurial genius with a frustatingly obscure method of operation. If he’s a scammer he’s the strangest combination of incompetent and fiendishly clever. There isn’t much between.

    • Giorgio

      I think this comments should be moderated, to avoid troll

    • un passante

      well, actually Daniele announced a “vernissage”.

      it’s not his fault if we all are eager for confirmations and expectations grow high whenever one says that news are coming.

      when he was speaking about something that will give “hard times” to skeptics he was referring to the official international logo.
      if all goes well we will get to know it very well, skeptics included.

      it’s a beautiful logo, methinks.

    • Chris

      Daniele is not a clown, he is a poet. Which means of course he is not a scientist.

      He’s just a blogger that took fascination in this matter, due to its possible importance for the future of mankind. He has contributed to making things known, acting as a reference even for folks outside Italy, as this site shows. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Chris

    What’s all this got to do with the topic?

    • georgehants

      Hello Chris have you not noticed that, Big money determines what is and what is not allowed in this World.

      • Chris

        I got the nexus George but it didn’t seem to justify the stuff I remarked on, which I get the impression is no longer here. 😉

    • Lu

      I agree, there is way too much off-topic discussion on this board. Fortunately it only one or two people that tend to use this site as their personal soapbox. I hope more discretion is used in the future, and if not more moderation by the site administrator.

    • Ged

      A lot. Seeing licensees is a huge step for us. Now it’s not just Rossi here. The network of people involved in the E-cat is growing rapidly; which means more opportunity for leaks and finding out important bits of info.

  • georgehants

    Jul 23, 2012 – 11:00
    The growing potential of solar energy
    Solar energy gets southern boost
    by Andreas Keiser,
    Solar power could play a central role in Switzerland’s future energy mix by partially replacing nuclear energy which will be phased out in future. The solar industry has requested more subsidies to fund accelerated expansion.
    The Swiss parliament decided in 2011 against the construction of new nuclear power plants in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan and a wider shift away from atomic power.
    In the coming months Switzerland’s new energy policy must be fine-tuned and agreement found on the substance and framework of how to exit nuclear energy.
    At stake is how this can be achieved, finding potential energy saving mechanisms to cushion the blow and financing the exit from nuclear power.

  • Renzo

    “Tax Justice Network”? Nice oxymoron. There are no tax heavens but only places that are not tax hells. Thank God those people can save their capital, we’ll need that to rebuild our economies after governments, public debts, fiat money and central banking have completed the destruction

  • durmishi



    Daniele Passerini (22passi) ha detto…
    Incazzato nero nero nero… però gioco con una palla arancione!
    Questa è davvero criptica, me lo riconosco! :)))))
    22 luglio 2012 03:15
    Daniele Passerini (22passi) ha detto…
    È un’altra tappa verso il lieto fine…

    Grazie, sono sempre un distrattone! 🙂

    Considerato che in Italia è coperto da brevetto e che il cliente tipo è una grossa industria… penso che Rossi abbia fatto i conti per minimizzare il rischio d’essere copiato. Inoltre, da quel che so sta un po’ facendo come Apple: vende prodotti “vecchi” rispetto al suo potenziale tecnologico essendo già in vantaggio… appena i concorrenti lo avranno copiato uscirà con l’innovazione successiva spiazzandoli. Questo se tutto va secondo i suoi obiettivi naturalmente!

    NO! 🙂
    22 luglio 2012 14:52

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      I think you’re reading too much into his comment. He’s not saying that Apple is involved.

      • Chris

        Definitely not, he just conjectures a similar market strategy.

  • The fact that the wealthy elite have as much money between them as the US and Japanese economies combined is staggering, but the fact that they pay no taxes on it comes as absolutely no surprise at all.

  • georgehants

    As usual it has not proved the E-CAT, that would be asking to much, but it adds another group of people to an already large number of possible fraudsters.
    When one of the skeptics on page give some Evidence or even a good hypothesis of where all these people are going to financially gain from their efforts, then their detractions may be looked at more seriously.
    Business people have a strange habit of not wasting their time on ventures with no profit.
    It is no good just assuming Rossi is crazy, one has to explain how all the other supposedly rational individuals are taken in.
    To just say they believe Rossi’s immaculate patter and reach into their wallets is I think, untenable.
    If this company is genuine, then one can understand the excitement of those close to the E-CAT, of an opening in Italy and a super new Logo.

    • georgehants

      Frank, moderate please. Ha.

  • “The machine, in fact, it generates heat in the form of hot water or steam and can also develop high temperatures.

    Grasping at straws here but might this be a reference to a ‘new generation’ of industrial e-cat boilers that use the high temperature cores (and thus would be suitable for replacing fossil-fueled boilers?).

    On the downside, from AR’s recent comments about certification, it would seem that the ‘home’ e-cat is once again receding into the distance.

    • georgehants

      Morning Peter, must be fair to say that an unknown technology, that when the certificaters try to get advice, they find that science does not have a clue how it works, may just force them (without the intentional delay they may be under pressure from higher authorities to introduce) to take a long time to clear all possible safety issues.
      Everybody likes to pass the buck but as their is no precedent who can the certificators blame if they clear the technology for public consumption.

      • All true George. Sadly as months become years we’ll never know when/if necessary caution has become unnecessary delay or blockage due to outside interference.

        • timycelyn


          • Sorry, Tim! It’s being so cheerful as keeps me goin’.

        • Sojourner Soo

          And you can bet your last dollar/Euro/pound that those months will most definitely turn into many, many years. I’m reading Daniel Yergin’s “The Prize.” If you want an eye opening experience, read his books, The Prize and The Quest. It’s a wake up call written by a fossil fuel energy insider. You will soon understand why Rossi’s E-Cat and LENR in general, don’t have a hope in heaven, or hell. Rossi should have gone to China, is all I can say. There will be NO revolution. Whether LENR is real or not, it doesn’t make a difference. This technology is not going mainstream in my lifetime…

    • Chris

      I quite agree with the caution about use by non professionals. Rossi himself has said many things hinting it will take a while before any Tom, Dick or Harry can flick the switch off and on, in his family home. Those Aussies are definitely overstepping with their advertisement.

      But Rossi tends to get overoptimistic, as his record shows. He could have avoided the serious trouble with Petroldragon by simply not producing too much stuff while he wans’t managing to sell any of it and, primarily, it seems he had overestimated its industrial value. His “improvement” on a previously known process yielded far greater quantities of oil that was next to useless.

  • andreiko

    Siemens; explosion of vacancy ,widespread.

    • andreiko

      Siemens;Snel toenemend (wereldwijd) vacature aaanbod.

    • jaco

      Peter come on,this is a world wide site,and I don’t think andreiko is joking around,even though I speak 4 languages,english is my leading technical language,to each their own.

    • jacob

      Peter come on,this is a world wide site,and I don’t think andreiko is joking around,even though I speak 4 languages,english is my leading technical language,to each their own..

  • Sanjeev

    Good logo. Old news.

    Hows this going to show white mouse to enemies ?
    A working and fully validated plant would be a better attack.

  • Rafi

    Did anyone seen this?:

    Welcome to the website of the LEONARDO partnership project PROMETEUM – Professional Methods to foster EUropean Mobility
    We would like to invite you to contribute…”

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      I believe this has no connection at all with Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation and Prometeon s.r.l. They just happen to have similar names. Odd, though.

      • The Project (Projekt) Prometeum site is so stuffed full of eurobabble it is very hard to tell what it is all about. I’ll read some more to try to ascertain whether it is related (Leonardo Corp does not seem to be among the ‘partners’) – it appears to be some kind of talking shop.

        Edit: No it’s just some kind of bureaucratic exercise I think. No energy connections I can see. Whover put it together deserves an award for sheer inpentetrebility.

        • artefact

          the project is from the past (Aug 2008 to July 2010). Should not be related

  • AB

    And there I was hoping for actual data and credible third party validation.

    • Martin

      At least something solid…

    • Ged

      Another group with vested interests means that has to be coming sooner than later now.

  • Jack Henry

    I give up. It is a theological argument based on beliefs, not facts.
    Take care, Kim.

    • Jack Henry

      Oops, wrong place. I didn’t mean to start a new thread.

  • wonderboy

    Alright my internet friends, what do we know about Prometeon S.R.L?

    Is it incorporatged, private, public?

    who is Aldo Proia? What is his backround, other business ventures? work history?

    • AB

      He runs a company that installs large photovoltaic plants.

      • daniel maris

        But does it? No evidence on the internet that it does, only that it offers to do so.

        • Francesco CH

          He does. About 20 days ago someone deleted many of the references concerning Aldo Proia from the internet. But I had checked before it and I confirm that he is a specialist in installation of large photovoltaic plants.

    • Chris

      Since it is an Italian company, you need to ask these questions according to Italian legal matters and not those of your own country.

      The srl in its name is quite like the ltd. in many companies of English Language countries. It means that a specified sum is in custody of the courthouse of jurisdiction as an extra guarantee to creditors, but these can’t seize personal assets of partners. This of course does not relieve anybody of any criminal responsibility, it only limits civil cases. The partners are presumably private individuals and I get the feeling Proia is a single partner, else the main one.

  • Jack Henry

    Kim, there is no such thing as free lunch, not to mention free energy. No one is to give away anything for free, because there is cost incurred in production. Rossi priced his megawatt Ecat at $1.5 million, which is rather ridiculously expensive.
    Unlimited abundance is an irrational concept. Energy is just one of many limitations to unlimited growth. To simplify it, we will run out of space to live, even if we find a solution to other future shortages, like oil, metal ores, phosphates, etc.
    Get real and think how to save rather than consume.

    • Kim

      I respectively disagree.

      We live in a sea of energy…

      I’m sorry.

      Scarcity is a conditioned into us from birth.

      Its a lie. Someday we will all know this to be truth.


    • jacob

      Jack,don’t limit yourself by your own understanding,if you stand in the sun you get warm,make your own solar panels ,free,used panels of glass and free wood,from trees,you get a free lunch.

      Now apply this to the big picture. free energy is all around us,but knowledge how to tap into the wheel works of nature is almost non existent ,use your own hands to build in your free time,and it will not owe you anything.

      Kim is right we live in a sea of energy

      Just because the aether remains unseen ,a simple magnet alines it’s force, and having worked with neodymium magnets ,this aether force is very strong,then rotate a magnet in mid air ,in the aether field and you will have free electricity,with no resistance,except from the slip rings.

      soory dude

  • s

    Can someone point me to a reference where Rossi stated he is using UL as the certifying agency? I can’t seem to find that reference.

    • Jack Henry

      Dear s:
      Warm Regards,

    • Omega Z

      If you look you’ll find it.

      Most of these tests are contracted out to companies & corporations with expertise in the product being tested. UL does the final paper work & approval process based on documentation from these outside entities.

      There are 10’s of millions of UL certifications Every year. No single entity could do this job alone.

  • Roger Bird

    Aldo Proia is going to look really STUPID if the E-cat is not for real. This is what we call social or soft evidence. Not definitive, but important and meaningful.

  • Miles Sims

    This technology is like a science fiction movie coming to life. It is both evolutionary & revolutionary. The implications are yet unknown but no doubt far reaching. I’m thinking space travel & a new frontier in technology.

    The mind boggles with the potential of this technology. I’m reading up on the webpage. This is a sit and wait game. I have not made up my mind if I am a believer…I will give it 12 months.

    Is Andrea the new Einstein?

    • R. Feynman

      No. But he’s a good entrepreneur.

    • Kim

      We will know by Sept/Oct.


      • s

        Then, we will know by Nov/Dec then by Jan/Feb then by Mar/Apr… for the next few years possibly.

        • Ged

          We’d been told important news was coming sometime in July, and news just has. The public display of another licensee is indeed big news.

          So, what complaint do you wish to make? Hopefully we’ll also get those data tests this week too, from the sound of it.

      • Miles Sims

        Please update me on the specific dates on what will happen in Sept/Oct of 2012?

        • Kim

          Andrea Rossi has taken this as far as he can
          take this.

          He is really pushing his credibility.

          He needs to… or get off the toilet. (as the expression

          There are forces gathering that will force his hand very
          soon, he knows this.

          Very Respectively


          • Miles Sims

            Thanks Kim.

            I want to believe this technology is true so badly but I’m not conviced to fork over my hard earned money just yet, only because a study paper he wrote claims so.

            To set up all these website, engage University academics, publish documents on LENR and the effort on pre-ordering this technology “without” any concrete evidence, makes me wonder if he is truly either gifted or just a mad-scientist who suffers from Bipolar disorder to financially abuse the small minded believers.

            Personally, momentum is building, something has to give way. Is this all Hype? Blind leading the blind or are we on the verge of a breakthrough. Time will tell.

            • Gregory P

              When you pre-order. no money exchange is required. No small minded believers are getting hurt. The onlymoney being exchanged is through the licensees, and they should be smart enough to know what they are doing to avoid being stung by any problems.

          • jacob

            He is off it already,their is much more going on behind the scenes .

        • Kim may be referring to the 70-day “likely countdown” timer on the site. So nothing specific and only a ‘likely’ date anyway. This announcement might have had more impact if expectations of something rather more substantial had not been raised, although these expectations can’t be entirely laid at Passerini’s door.

        • Ged

          The convention of the licensees is happening in October (when they will all be gathered to display the technology and start their sales). No more doubt one way or the other will exist after that.

          I don’t remember the exact date that was said, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that landed on the 28th again (I think it was said to be sooner, in the 1x date range, though. It was months ago, so forgive my memory)

        • Omega Z

          I’ve been watching this E-cat story since about June 2011. Checking back occasionally. I’ve been watching closely since October of 2011.

          Something of this nature takes on a life of it’s own after a while. Blogs, postings & facts get intertwined. Misstatements by Rossi & Language differences by all cause confusion.

          I’ve recently done some reviewing & to my surprise, I’ve found statements to the effect that September/October 2012 would be a major information roll out period much longer then most of us have been aware of. Since prior to the October demo in 2011.

          September 2012 has been part of Rossi’s timeline since the falling out with DGT from what I’ve seen.

    • zvibenyosef

      I think he is more like a Thomas Edison, he looked at the results of Pons and Fleischmann’s experiment and was intrigued. He spent years experimenting with various combinations of materials and conditions until he optimized the effect of heat production to a practical level. Sometimes there is genius in perseverance and hard work.

      • Kim

        I Agree.


      • Miles Sims

        “There’s a fine line between genius and insanity” – Oscar Levant

        • daniel maris

          “Great wits to madness are near allied.” Dryden.

        • jacob

          if you are very intelligent,they call you a genius.

          if you break the barrier, what normal people believe is impossible,you are a nutcase . – Jacob

    • jacob

      E-cat is reality.

      Us being fooled that oil ,coal ,natural gas is our only hope is fiction.

      Even with current Science it is possible to get along just fine with out to above.

      60% of electricity produced in my country is from hydro/water pressure.

      just from the power of waves it is possible to produce the energy to power the world,same with solar,same with wind.

      There is no energy shortage,but there is a shortage of infrastructure to harness them.

      So the question to all the sober minded people here ,why has it not been done ? already ??

  • Karl

    Rossi is stressing quite clearly that the certification of home cats will take a long time to finalize. This is bad news for many of us that already pre-ordered home units. Rossi/Leonardi is dependent on UL of course but I wonder if there could be any other reasons behind this statement. Of course most of us that have followed this thrilling story are naturally very satisfied if Rossi/Leonardi or perhaps Defkalion now finally can quiet the pseudo sceptics for good in the coming weeks. I believe that many of us would like to see the final cat emerge in self supplied home energy in whatever form needed, electricity, heat or cooling etc. There could of course be several others reason like business tactics, preventing and delaying competitors in copying of the actual process. Or simply the certification is less complicated for industrial use. Another reason might be to make use of the latest development which course natural delays. Regulators may also play with governmental, financial or similar interest to enable control of the roll out process and invent the financial innovate tax solutions and similar social precautions. If that’s the case and we have to wait much longer for the delivery of the home cat, I think it is bad for Rossi and his competitors as once CF/LENR process and its practical usability is virtually already verified or hopefully it will finally be so in the coming weeks. The nature of this innovation is deemed to be used by anyone anywhere and once the knowledge is spread how to build these catalysers it will be spread any way if not legally I think these kind of products will find its way out illegally anyhow.

    • Kim

      The UL Certification is a control point\valve.

      Pretty Obvious.

      The Libor scandal will make the bankers go away.

      Then Certification.

      Be Patient.

      The Game is on.

      See Reuters/AP … Libor Arrests are imminent.


      • Jack Henry

        After the bankers go away, will we pay for an Ecat in sea shells and beads?

        • Kim

          Please do not mis intpret this.

          Bankers/Gangsters and Cold Fusion/Free Energy can
          not co exist.

          At first they will, and very abundantly, everyone
          will make money.

          In the final analysis with time…

          The bankers and money will go the way of the dinasaur

          I believe that to many people have been taken by
          the cabals scarcity programs.

          Un limited energy equates to unlimited abundance

          Us your imagination

          It will take time… but the worm is turning.


          • freethinker

            would you be able to spell dinosaur in, say, Korean or Vietnamese? In German? In French?

          • daniel maris

            This is an international site but with the medium of communication being English – spelling is not an issue! – especially since we can all make the wrong keystroke in any case as I did with Proia before, giving him an o at the end of his name. 🙁

        • There are the “high street” banks who store your money, make small loans, process credit cards and cheques etc., and there are the “casino” bankers, aka ‘banksters’ who deal in complex artificial ‘debt’, steal taxpayer’s money, fix virtually all indicators and cream off the profits, manipulate governments and businesses and claim to be ‘too big to fail’. I think we could fairly quickly learn to live without the latter.

      • jacob

        Reuters are controlled media, controlled by the elite,if the Elite wants LENR,then we will get it.

    • daniel maris

      But Rossi also claims the 1MW industrial are available for sale and indeed have already been sold. What is important at this stage to have proof they have been produced, have been installed and are working.

      The odd thing is we have no such proof yet. If we do get that proof, then one can be assured the 10KW heater will follow in time.

      • dfnj

        If you give Rossi a million dollars he will sell you one.

      • jacob

        contact Rossi and buy one,and once you have purchased it,you better hide it away from the public,or you will be as popular as Brad Pitt and Lady Diane,and have paparozzi following you around,and when you are heating your factory with it,you will have people come up to you,to tell you,it is a scam,and it doesn’t really work.
        Then you will doubt and wonder,even though it heats your factory very well,and you will marvel the complete ignorance of some people/
        Brainwashed by Schools and Universities across this Globe is the SCAM and HOAKS,based on that,gives people their srewed up opinions about everything,and they really believe they are right,so it is really not their fault for having a distorted view of reality.

    • jacob

      It is obvious,E-CAT LENR is going to be regulated and one will probably need a license to own one,and it is going to cost you money,yearly.
      the government is always on the lookout for extra income,as with everything else,a cash cow.

      licenses and registrations for everything with yearly recurring costs;

      just add them up,E-cat is going to be regulated and that explains the delays in UL,CSA ,I am sure it is going to take a lot of time

  • Shane D.

    Lesson learned today… never leave it to a poet to announce “big news”.

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      To be fair, he did write that it would have been a news “for Italy” in a comment that was even reported here. I guess we should have paid more attention and take that more literally. As a side note, I don’t think this has anything to do with Rossi’s recent breakthroughs / incoming tests reports, though.

      BTW, by Whois information, the domain was registered back in February. Clothing of people in photos featured in the .pdf press release appears to be consistent with this.

      • Shane D.

        Sorry Ivan, I missed that in the translation.

        So allow me to rephrase:

        “Don’t leave it to an Italian poet to announce big news to anyone but… Italians!”

      • Ged

        Very interesting, Ivan. Keep up the detective work you do on the Italian side! As more connections reveal, the easier it is to dig deeper now.

  • Jack Henry

    Is that Shrodinger’s cat in the logo?

    • Martin

      Yes, before measurements are being made, after…its dead.

      • Francesco CH

        § :- )

  • daniel maris

    Didn’t you spot the connection earlier this month Frank? Aldo Proio is associated with EnerGaya.

    Does anyone know if EnerGaya is a successful company?

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    The company is called “Prometeon”, not “Prometeum” … important if you want to search it up on the Internet. A Google Translate artifact?

    Anyway I hoped for more concrete news this time, TBH.

    • admin

      Thanks for the correction, Ivan.

      • Ivan Mohorovicic

        There’s still a typo in the name!
        Prometeom -> Prometeon

  • Kim

    Andrea Rossi
    July 22nd, 2012 at 5:05 PM

    Dear Paolo:
    The certification for the domestic apparatus will take much more time.
    Warm Regards,