Rossi Talks About “Momentous” Happenings This Week

Andrea Rossi is sounding very excited these days about something going on with his work. It’s just a pity for those of us who are anxious to know what is going on that he won’t let on what that is just yet. Some quotes from his Journal of Nuclear Physics Site today and yesterday indicate that something important seems to be going on at Leonardo Corp.

“Important information about the high temperature E-Cats is on its way, after that applications will follow suite.”

“In this week we got momentous events. We are working very, very hard and not to displace air and we are making plants, not chatters.”

“It will take some more time to arrive to the electric power production. But after the tests of this week we are accelerating. Sooner or later you will know that this very week we made history for what concerns our work. It has been the most important work after October 2011.”

The impression I get about Andrea Rossi is that he is extremely committed and dedicated to his work and loves to discuss it with people who are interested in it, and that he values the input and ideas from others. He said today, “I learn something from every comment.” However, despite the openness he displays in one way, in another sense he is extremely tight lipped about those things which from his business point of view need to be kept confidential. When I have talked with him in interview settings he seems happy and enthusiastic to talk about many aspects of his work, but he will politely and apologetically decline to discuss certain topics. The quotes above show that he wants people to know that good things are going on, but he’s not going to reveal the details just yet for whatever reason.

So for now we can only guess what these momentous happenings might be. Hopefully it won’t be too long before they will be revealed.

  • psi

    Not bad for idle speculation. It would certainly be one explanation for Rossi’s comments.

  • Marc

    Hmmmm,I have thought about what this might be,and this is just my head rattling, complete conjecture.


    He says “applications will follow”…”momentous”…”It will take some more time to arrive to the electric power production”…”made history”.


    Rossi has always said that he is just making the e-cat, that someone else will make the steam generators that produce electricity. Now he is talking about “electric power production”?

    Again, just my head rattling and we will probably know tomorrow anyways. But maybe he has figured out a way to get a thermo-electric effect straight from the e-cat…or somehow incorporated a thermo-electric generator into his e-cat. Instead of heat out…maybe you can get direct electricity out? Just a theory…idle speculation.

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      Thermoelectric generators have low efficiencies, even the best laboratory prototype ones. Should a TEG E-cat come out, to produce usable electricity it would also make a lot of heat as well.

  • artefact

    The intro video from e-cataustralia is now linked to youtube to a different account. It was e-cataustralia and is now on the account of Edward Coram-James who is CEO of Go Up Ltd. London, United Kingdom Marketing and Advertising.
    So now we know who made that video.

  • I’m in Bologna Italy today. On a trip through Europe. Greetings! I’ll be back to criticize Rossi’s constant chatter with nothing tangible to when I get back.

    • daniel maris

      Make sure you call in on Brussels – the EU’s Directorate of Research and Innovation – and tell them how wrong they are in concluding from three separate research projects that LENR is real and not a figment of the imagination of deluded losers.

      • Methusela

        LOL 🙂

    • Luca Salvarani

      To Charles Ponzi:

      Let me give you an advice: forget Rossi and enjoy our great cuisine! Bologna in particular has a strong tradition in this field. Expecially “pasta alla bolognese”… you would love this!

      • Renzo

        and Lasagne or Tortelli

  • Ivan Mohorovicic
    • AB

      It looks like an ecat logo. The leak2 picture has part of “cat” next to the red circle. The leak1 picture has what could be part of an E to the other side of the red circle.

      PS: admin you can remove my yet to be approved post containing the same links to these pictures.

      • Ivan Mohorovicic

        It might be something like this, then:

        (of course, with different fonts, stylization, etc)

        • AB

          More like this “e*cat” with the asterisk being the circle.

          In leak2 you can also see the tip of the “e” in the upper left corner (only on if the picture is on a white background)

    • artefact

      where do you have them from?

      I tried but the images are too small.

    • barty

      the second one looks like the bottom right edge of the defklaion logo:

      Maybe has something to do with defkalion?

      • Ivan Mohorovicic

        I hope not! That would be ridiculous for both Rossi and DGT.

  • georgehants

    The Guardian home
    The Observer home
    Arctic wilderness faces pollution threats as oil and gas giants target its riches
    Melting ice caps, the influx of trawlers and tourists, and Shell’s £4bn investment to drill for fossil fuels in the Chukchi Sea all raise fears
    Robin McKie
    It is home to a quarter of the planet’s oil and natural gas reserves, yet humans have hardly touched these resources in the far north. But in a few days that could change dramatically if Shell receives approval to drill for oil in the Arctic.

  • georgehants

    Have a terrible confession to make today, man came to service our 25 year old central heating boiler, and said cannot now get the parts.
    I have arranged for a new condensing boiler to be fitted.
    My reasons–
    Rossi’s E-Cat is unknown to me as to the suitability to fit into a central heating system.
    I cannot wait into the winter for what is still only an unproven possibility.
    I hope that very soon I shall regret my decision, but needs must.

    • Jim

      Well, not much you can do. At least you still have the boiler type, which will make switching easy next year. It’s just a shame the boiler didn’t break next year instead of this year.

  • Roger Bird

    What is “not to displace air and we are making plants, not chatters” to a person who can see it is “hot air” to those who cannot see it. When I can see it, then it will be real to me, not just words from someone who has delayed openness for many months and even stretched the truth at times.

  • vbasic

    Amazing days ahead. I think I should put e-catworld as one of my home pages. Also, the comments today from most everyone here deserve ‘thumbs up’ especially kwhilborn, georgehants, s, Omega Z and john29302. (I wish they have the ‘thumbs up’/’thumbs down’ feature here like in comments section).
    So the countdown begins again. 5, 4, 3, …….
    I hope it’s not a scrubbed launch or the asymptote y=1/x. No matter how big x gets, y never hits 0.
    But I think with all the buzz in Italy and elsewhere, Rossi may not be overstating things.

  • georgehants

    A very long and psychological look at global warming propaganda from the New York Times.
    I can only say I agree with the post.

    “Right, especially if we carefully protect what is so good and demonstrably beneficial about our mental processes against attempts to turn us into irrational brainwashed obedient animals.”

  • I think most customers would be satisfied with just heat.

    As for the large industrial boilers the could be fired by any
    number of heat combustion sources including various gases.

    To tske the coal example for illustration a plant usually
    has one boiler manufacturer one or more turbine manufacturers.

    So perhaps he is talking about high heat, that is all that is
    required to be needed for existing older infrastructure with minor adaptation.

    Only the small units will bring real independence from energy
    moguls and the stifling effects of political economic control.

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    It seems Passerini will post tomorrow a teaser (actually a cropped image) for what will happen Monday, whatever that will be.


    • daniel maris

      This is for the Athanor – the Pirelli High School project, yep?

      Imminent testing it seems. Presumably nothing to do with Rossi’s “momentous week”.

      Could be interesting/embarrassing for official science.

      • AB

        It’s for the e-cat as far as I understand (even when the comment is in a thread about the Athanor).

        • daniel maris

          I’m confused…can you give the quote where it refers to the E cat??

          • Ivan Mohorovicic

            Quoting from the link above:

            Daniele Passerini (22passi) ha detto…
            Daniele, come anticipazione e scherzo – posto che non puoi pubblicarla ora – non ci puoi far avere una aticipazione della “foto storica” ritagliandone un frammento dove si capisca poco o nulla, ma scatenando la fantasia di credenti, scettici onesti, moviolisti, telefonisti, complottisti e -isti di ogni genere ? 🙂
            Ok, domani pomeriggio sarà fatto.

            In bold, Passerini’s reply to the request by the user called “rict”, who is referring to the surprise event (possibly Rossi-related) supposed to come Monday 23rd. He doesn’t mention the E-cat directly, but that’s what is implied, I think.

          • AB

            I deduced this from the posts made by piero41 and Daniele here:

            Piero41 asked what was up with Rossi since the last 15 threads by Daniele haven’t mentioned the e-cat.

            Daniele responded with “let’s talk about this again on monday 23rd ;-)”

            Thus the news coming on monday are about Rossi.

            • daniel maris

              Thanks –

              Sorry I thought you were talking about the article referring to the testing of the Athanor – which is just as interesting in my view!

      • Ivan Mohorovicic

        The Passerini comment I linked was offtopic to the thread, which was indeed about Athanor. The comment is about a teaser that will be posted tomorrow, The blogpost about Athanor news. Here’s a translation of the blogpost by daniel marris from

        After an exchange of emails earlier tonight, I can give a progress report on current developments on the Athanor, now being analysed in three different laboratories, which will lead to some concrete results.

        In summary:

        1) On 14 July, in Caserta, Domenico Cirillo, Ugo Abundo and others met. Here they discussed in detail and agreed the experimental procedures to be undertaken by Cirillo. There is complete agreement with Cirillo on how to proceed. Abundo has left a version of the machine, especially designed for his (Cirillo’s) use, with him.

        2) In Rome other replication experiments will take place in an independent laboratory made available by an important hi-tech company. The company also has allowed an employee (which I called [XXX] in an earlier post) to deal with test: the person who is an expert in electronics over the past couple of months has already given many tips to the Pirelli Group IIS on the development of measurement and control systems for the Athanor. The tests have not yet started due to some urgent orders received by the company which they have had to deal with. However, during this weekend, too, according Abundo will deliver a reactor to them as well so they can begin working on it.

        3) Of course there is a third laboratory that is studying the Athanor, that is Abundo’s own lab.

  • Ecat

    “But after the tests of this week we are accelerating”. By saying this, I guess Rossi mean, “But after the final tests of this week we got certification for Ecat and we are accelerating production process of Ecat”.

  • Robert

    The photos and time line of the meeting with roger green have eased some misgivings about Rossi. That Rossi was doing what he said at the time is a nice glimps into a very secretive business. We know he has something if dgt does and it seems we’re just waiting to see the real mcCoy. Hope it’s soon! I hedged my bet and ordered 2 cats. I think the real value here is not what Rossi has but what he’s brought about he had single handedly created a race to the moon like fever to produce a working product. I believe all his chatter will actually push other competitors to speed up come out of research mode and into trying to produce a competitive working product. Remember it’s not always the guy who talks the loudest that is first to market.

    • s

      I think we all hope LENR works as it should. The problem is that it is still possible the claims are being exaggerated. For example, say an LENR device only works properly 1 out of 5 times but only the one run where it works is shown. Or hypothetically, one has to build 2 or 3 reactors in order to have 1 that works properly but this fact isn’t mentioned. Since demonstrations have been done before and since test data has been released before, I dont see anything stopping a single long duration test to prove LENR works as claimed.

      Already, from my analysis since Jan 2011, it seems possible that at least half a dozen claimed deadlines involving LENR devices from various companies have been missed. In the real world, missing a claimed deadline can have huge financial impacts. In the alternative energy world, it seems like missing deadlines and pushing them back months to years constantly is acceptable as long as there is a good story and plenty of hype. That way it’s possible for alternative energy websites to keep people interested in the company until the new deadline approaches and the company has another story and more hype to push the deadline out more months or years.

      • Sorry, I can’t see the point of your exaggerated pessimism, or the rather desperate-sounding ‘theory’ that even if Rossi can demonstrate a working technology, then it is ‘possible’ that most of his devices don’t work and he has just picked a few that do! The fact is that if he has just one that incontrovertibly works, then the ‘skeptics’ game is over. I think such comments may look rather ridiculous, very soon.

        • Andrew Macleod

          Yes, time is running very short for the sceptics. However I’m sure some will hold on begrudgingly to their outdated views and find excuses to root their beliefs in the tiniest of cracks.

          • joe j

            I don’t think the skeptics have anything to prove. I don’t think anyone is hoping that ecat does not work despite the usual irrational paranoia that surrounds the coldfusion crowd.

            Proper science welcomes skeptics but coldfusion “science” only permits unearned mindless devotion.

            • georgehants

              Hello joe, do you mean scientific skeptics such as at MIT who change the Evidence and incite debunking and denial of a then proven phenomenon, are welcomed by science.
              Are you agreeing that closed-minded irrational scepticism is unhealthy and has no place in science.
              How do you view the Evidence for UFO’s do you think that like Cold Fusion they should be professionally investigated, or do you think the Evidence should like Cold Fusion be denied and debunked.
              Do you agree that any sceptic who is not willing to say, do the research and follow the Evidence is not talking science and has another agenda.

        • s

          I was speaking in general and hypothetical terms as I didn’t reference any LENR device specifically. Everyone wants LENR devices to work and start replacing fossil fuels but, since there might be investment money involved, someone needs to play devil’s advocate also. I still stand by my prediction that it will be 2016 at the earliest before a consumer scale LENR device is available that delivers >1Kw at a COP of 6 or better. I hope I’m wrong and it makes it to market before 2016.

          • psi

            Are you offering investment advice? Do you personally know anyone who is considering investing money? Then why in bl**dy *ell do you *care*? Look, I really think most of the people who are able to invest money in LENR at this point in time have more information than either you or I have got. If they don’t they should. That would be only advice to such persons. Personally, “s,” I wouldn’t presume to backseat drive on this one….just saying. I’ll raise you on your bet, give you two for one. You buy me one beer if it is before 2016 and I buy you two if it is in or after 2016. That’s all the money I’m willing to invest in suggesting that your pessimism, however reassuring to many, appears misguided by any number of available indications.

        • psi

          Peter, couldn’t agree more. No one could be talking reasonably about a fast track for commercialization (and several orgs *are*), if these scenarios were even remotely a description of current test protocols. It seems reasonably clear that at least some individuals or organizations can operate LENR reactions on demand for extended periods of time with high reliability. I believe we will shortly — maybe even later today — see proof of this generalization.

          And to George — good reply.

  • Joseph Fine

    Here’s a link to the shooting of Roberto Adinolfi, head of Ansaldo Nucleare.

    • Luca Salvarani

      Here in Italy the police thinks that this is connected with terrorism (left-wing extremists)… so apparently it’s not connected in any way with what Rossi has been doing so far.

  • Jerry P

    Frank you are all over this and we thank you, I can not miss a day here these days, Rossi is just about ready to make this all happen!

  • Omega Z

    Note #1

    GreenWin pointed out a while back that Siemens had sold their interests in a photovoltaic Company.

    Now Siemens interest– ansaldo energia an energy company
    It’s a Company that specializes in setting up Power Generating plants.
    I appears as if Siemens is positioning themselves before E-cats that produce 600`C steam come to market.

    Note #2

    Rossi is very good about Responding to questions. He seldom skips any. I Find it interesting that so far he has skipped over this one.

    Marco July 19th, 2012 at 2:47 AM

    Dear Andrea,
    Siemens, that produces also steam turbines, is trying to buy Ansaldo Energia from Finmeccanica… This could have something to do with your (industrial) E-Cats? If it succeed in this acquisition, do you envision a better collaboration with it?

    • georgehants

      Omega Z, well noticed, I have been waiting for an answer as well.
      Maybe because it is in an old string he has missed it, worth somebody repeating the question on the current page.

      • Francesco CH

        As I wrote about one month ago, the head of Ansaldo Nucleare was shot in the leg in Genoa. While he was walking, someone shot him.

        There is a strong push now in order to sell Ansaldo Energia (Ansaldo Nucleare is part of Ansaldo Energia), and it is not a “squeaky clean” pressure…

    • AB

      He also refused to answer (and actually deleted) my question whether UniBo was working with Levi on validating the e-cat.

      By the way, Ansaldo Energia had a physicist attend the 1 MW e-cat demo.

      • daniel maris

        Now that’s interesting…

        • psi

          No kidding. The tea leaves just keep arranging themselves in ever more interesting patterns, huh Daniel? AB- nice find, keep them coming. Gentlemen and Ladies, we are approaching liftoff…..:)

    • Pachu

      Siemens and NASA build together the Curiosity Rover….

  • georgehants

    Just like to thank Frank again for giving us all a place to watch the Rossi, Cold Fusion saga, free from the very unpleasant people unable to tolerate open-minded and fair comments.
    Much of science unfortunately is so immature that it has not cleaned itself from these negative “opinion experts”, who’s sole purpose in life seems to be to spoil progress and fair debate.
    We have fair negative views on these pages that are needed for fair skeptasism and abuse of their views is also wrong.
    True or false every subject (even UFO’s) must follow the Evidence, fairly, unbiasedly and professionally, any deviation from this is not science but childish, unprofessional, churlishness and incompetence.

    • NJT

      I second that – thanks Frank…

      • Barry


    • Yup – great job! Cheers, Frank.

      • psi

        Count me on that. This site, both the posts and the discussion, is among the most interesting that I know of anywhere on the internet.

  • Bernard PIRE

    The only important about e-cat thing would be a convincing test, by independant specialists !

    • cx

      same here or a partnership with some big respectable company.

  • I’m happy to see excitement from his front, and have been rooting for thee Rossi camp to win the LENR (or whatever it is) race. It was Andrea Rossi who started the movement imho. I added whatever it is in case it is a result of magnetism the way Brian Ahern conveys it.

    If electricity becomes possible could the units not produce and pressurize the ecats with homemade hydrogen? Then Nickel/Carbon/catalysts would be the only required replacements.

    I have given up on the hope of seeing the tech for a long time although I check daily like following a soap opera. I really would like to see the tech adapted to my boat so I can drive it more and use it as a cottage less.

    • daniel maris

      You’ve been a loyal supporter – you’ll deserve full credit if he pulls it off. But we’re not there yet are we? Only real machines working in real factories and homes will resolve this one.

    • “I really would like to see the tech adapted to my boat so I can drive it more and use it as a cottage less.”

      I’ll keep my 65-year-old diesel ‘thumper’ in my narrowboat whether or not e-cat power becomes available. It drinks less than a pint an hour and boating just wouldn’t be the same without the steady rhythm of the engine and the occasional whiff of diesel exhaust!

  • AB

    Dear eernie1:
    I wish you are right, but, honestly, it will take some more time to arrive to the electric power production. But after the tests of this week we are accelerating. Sooner or later you will know that this very week we made history for what concerns our work. It has been the most important work after October 2011.
    Warmest Regards,

    That sounds pretty positive.

  • Jacob

    God bless you Rossi.

  • john29302

    Electricity? steam woould be just fine. Electricity means more time. unless you like to wait knock it off about the electricity. first things first, heat is energy and if its COP is 6 and is clean and green…just a buncha windbags talking smack. so heat or steam first then the turbines, the cars, the rockets, the stirling engines, the peltier devices, the ammonia refridgerators that run on natural gas, the hydrogen from natural gas, these things are already here and we dont need a bafoon like rossi messing with anything else. he has shown to be so incredibly incompetent to master even the most trivial aspects on the business end. as a matter a fact you would be an imbicile to project past ” ok…enuff! show the device and verify the energy claims, times up.”

    • Polite way to discuss someone who may save thousands of lives and possibly reverse global warming.

      To be fair he did spend over 1 year giving public demonstrations to all whom requested invitations.

      Andrea Rossi is a renowned chemist who has owned 3 chemical companies, and has had dealings directly with the president of the United states (at the time was Jimmy Carter).

      Andrea Rossi could command a 6 digit salary if he worked in the public sector, which means the 5 years he has invested in this project has cost him a half million dollars in lost wages plus expenses.

      I doubt there is a scammer in history that has invested so much into a scam, so I think a scamming scenario is very weak.

      Andrea Rossi led the way with Ni/H reaction LENR, and this has now been a plausible and verified means of achieving excess heat according to Brian Ahern, George Miley, NASA, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Arata, Piantelli, and more… This also seems to detract from the scam scenarios plausibility.

      If you are in some city a decade from now and can breath deep fresh pure air it will be because of Rossi.


  • jazz

    It boils down to economics if he can generate steam at 1.5 cents per KWH or less he can compete. If not its a nice science experiment. There is no conspiracy just economics, economics.

  • s

    I fully expect the big announcement to be yet more unverified claims, grander than the last ones possibly. Also, what is the purpose of having “pre-order” lists 18 months or so before the product could be ready for market? Personally, I haven’t signed up for the pre-order list and have no plans to do so

  • Robert Mockan

    I will celebrate when Rossi says COP=10 (or more) at 400 C (or higher). Everything else is just hot air (sorry, I mean hot water).

    • Dave

      Even a COP of 6 as has been claimed would be world-changing. Of course it doesn’t actually work, but if it did it…

    • Barry

      Robert why not a COP of 6?

      • Robert Mockan

        In a practical affordable design (with emphasis on practical and affordable) a low power electric power generating system based on a LENR reactor with COP=6 and producing steam at 400 C, will still be a net user of electric power. Low power defined as a few electric kilowatts. In other words, with COP=6 you can have a water heater (booster), but it will still need external power to operate. It could not power itself if it needs electricity input into the reactor.

        COP=10 is about breakeven using the kind of simple, inexpensive, uniflow steam engines that one can make in a home workshop (that have efficiencies of about 10%).

        • Barry

          Oh. Thanks.

          • psi

            Yes Robert,thanks for that clear explanation. But don’t you think that if Rossi has even stable COP of 6, given that the race is now on, that 10 is just around the corner? I mean, barring some actual physical efficiency barrier, it does not seem like that great an engineering leap….

  • Lu

    I noticed this too. Rossi likes to tease us I think and to play coy except when it’s in his interests to disclose something. 90 days of high temperature testing will be next week, Thursday, I think so that shouldn’t be the momentous event. Maybe it has to do with certifications but he does mention everyone is working very hard so who knows.

    • Lu

      The most momentous event I can think of would be to start the E-Cat up while connected to the grid until the E-Cat generates electricity, and at that time disconnect the E-Cat from the grid running thereafter self-sustained using it’s own generated electricity for say 24-48 hours.

      Actually just generating electricity with say 25% efficiency over a period of 24 hours would be momentous.

      • daniel maris

        True, there is a gap between the rhetoric and the reality, but nevertheless I feel happier these days that Rossi is communicating a consistent and coherent message: 1 MW exists and is for sale, 10Kw heater close to certification and electricity generation close to being perfected.

        What we need, as you say though, is a real and incontrovertible demonstration of the technology.