Post: Defkalion GT Leaving Greece [Update: Confirmed]

A post on the LENR Forum site in Greek appears to be an announcement from Defkalion Green Technologies that they are leaving Greece and moving operations to a yet undetermined country. The person who posted this said they received the information from George  Alex  (‘George’ according to Google translate) [wrong interpretation by admin] Xanthoulis, board member of Defkalion.

A Google translation (edited) of this post reads:

Defkalion Green Technologies has been working hard and continuously for two years to achieve a huge usability problem of cold fusion (LENR) that has the potential to positively change the global energy environment, putting Greece at the center and giving our country a new dynamic economic growth. Similar noteworthy research efforts go on around the world, creating a race where Defkalion seem to lead.

Our company is located at the gates of the most critical decision so far.

Having spent our own resources, having created a group of believers in the Greek project professionals (engineers, scientists, professors, economists, etc.), while it received no state support of our efforts, so far as our vision was Greece first.

Many claimed that cold fusion (LENR) is something impossible, let alone achieved by a Greek company. The reality has shown otherwise. Organizations such as the European Union (European Commission and European Parliament), NASA, US Navy, publicly traded companies from America, Canada, Germany and England and universities abroad have visited us and have turned their attention to our achievements. We believed that we will succeed and ultimately be vindicated.

Trying to ensure that the international prestige in Greece for innovative technology, the last three months communicating with investors with “We Live in Greece.” Unfortunately the difficult and unpleasant situation that our country is undergoing finds investors negative. There follows the most critical in our decision there. To have to leave our country so that benefit another country of the world first discovered us.

We have very favorable proposals from Australia, Switzerland and Canada where the study.

Thank those who believe in change and a better future.

Defkalion Green Technologies

While there is no confirmation as yet that this is an authentic statement, it could be a genuine announcement. Trying to get a business such as DGT’s off the ground must have been very difficult, trying to do it in Greece would be almost impossible if one is trying to attract foreign capital. It has been speculated that Greece may eventually leave the Euro and go back to the Drachma — something that could cause a huge devaluation of Greek currency. It’s interesting that the most favored proposals mentioned are coming from countries outside the Eurozone — all of which are doing relatively well economically.

Making this announcement at this time would be quite surprising, however, since there have been hopes that DGT would be reporting third party testing results soon. Defkalion are scheduled to present at the ICCF 17 Conference in South Korea in August. Recently the company released photos of a factory they were building — if they were to abandon it at this point it would mean a great deal of lost time and money.

On the other hand, if they can be successfully established in a country with a more stable economy they could be in a much stronger position to receive the investments they are seeking for. Impressive date from the testing they have been doing will go a long way to secure the funding they seek.

We’ll be looking for more information on this story, and confirmation that this is indeed authentic.

UPDATE: I received information today from someone I know and trust who is close to officers of Defkalion. This person was contacted by one of the officers and was told that the email above is indeed authentic.

  • Jacob

    Defkalion wants to hide from the eyes of Rossi – because they copied his technology.

  • Roger Bird

    A freaking tsunami of LENR and energy production change is coming. I am not going to lose any sleep over Defkalion.

  • Italo R.

    from the blog “22passi”
    It seems that Defkalion has been bought by American big societies after having positively tested Hyperion reactors.
    And that is why Defkalion is leaving Greece.

  • jacob

    administration ,my identity was hijacked,could you please check it out,have not posted for about a week,like to know if some one is using my e-mail,thank you Frank

  • CIHT fan

    This is good news in a way. If they find a more resourceful investor, their time to market will shorten.

    • Ged

      So this is confirmed, as of the update. I dunno, CIHT… It seems like business suicide to me.

      It has happened before with successful companies in the past, but still. I guess we just have to watch and see. Greece is, as a country, teetering on the brink, so I can’t blame any company for trying to get out. It’s just LENR is a more sensitive topic, and there are competitors who can pounce on this opening.

  • Sarath

    I am praying lord Jesus to be Mercy towards humanity by helping these companies to provide the Holy Grail [LENR] to people in the third world countries ASAP.It will be a great boon to the people in my country india and the neighbouring countries like Bangladesh,Pakistan,Afghanistan,Srilanka. It will definitely help us to drink the desalinated water at affordable cost like the same people in US and other european countries.


    • Ged

      Here here, praying right there with you for those places.

      Just for purifying water in those third countries alone (heck, even Mexico needs this) makes this an important technology. Such an immense need for it, in those easily forgotten areas of the world.

      • Rockyspoon

        You’d be surprised how difficult it is to get clean drinking water in many places here in the US.

        We should all contribute what we can to the cause of LENR.

    • Ron

      While I agree with your sentiment, praying and god have nothing to do with it. It will be humans that discover and produce this and other wonders.

      • Barry

        Einstein was not an atheist. He didn’t hold to the Judeo – Christian God, but believed in Spinoza’s view of God (Deus sive Natura) which does not differentiate God from Nature.

        To Einstein, as well as Newton before him, all that they were exploring was not cold random dust, but divine substance. I know a lot of this gets down to personal belief, but I find it difficult to put my hope exclusively in humanity.

  • chris robinson

    IF true,I can only assume that no one was prepared to put up the 40,5 million euros for a licence after the recent trial .I thought the licence fee would be a problem as every man and his dog is trying to market some form of LENR tech at the moment. From a buisness perspective it makes sense to sit back for and see who comes up with the superior product over the next 12 months.

    • I really don’t think investors care so much that it is Greece.

      I think they really do care about delivering the goods.

      The 40 m licence is for manufacturing in their territories

      • SH

        I can assure you that you are mistaken.

        The fact that DGT resides in Greece have been a dealbreaker for many potensial investors. Take it from someone who have tried.

  • Lu

    It’s also interesting that it just recently Defkalion posted jobs looking for a good number management level employees with relocation requirements: “Relocation to Xanthi region for factory and laboratory positions.”

    Kind of makes you wonder what is going on. The skeptical side of me wondered if this was just posturing in order to lure investors.

  • The communucation is not that they plan to move from Greece but that they have received offers for investment elsewhere.

    They may or may not want state support of some type depending on their profit or parnership strategy or they may just want recognition for their contribution with coperative effort near their founding base.

    As usual from the source the style of the message implies rather than confirms.